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Unironically going back to 300 easily today. The pullback was expected, if anything it was good to have the pullback, if it kept only going up then we'd be seeing a hard blow off top

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I bought 15% of my stack each $10 below 280 down to $220, ez money

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I bought

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It’s a centralised chink scam
This retard craze is going to end the whole bullrun when it comes crashing down

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Yup 2017 fags know this, ETH had some gnarly dips back in 2017 before going lunar

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its not too late to pack your bags little guy

see you at $450 on tuesday

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bought at 255
we are all going to make it bros

thank you chink king!

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b-buy my bags after the pump a-anon, w-we’re going to the moon

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>angry skeleton repeats himself for 23423432493th time

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I sold for 265 and cracked under pressure, made only a $30 gain and I'm genuinely upset. I wish you all luck anons, I know you will make it and have finanicial freedom sometime.

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I bought the dip across the board and going long.

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I bought the dips since yesterday! Nothing has changed fundamentally. Only TA Fags, newfags and paper hands have sold

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Fuck me made a buy order 0.05 fucking cents too low and missed out. I'll never make money

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