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25.6m SLAVE coins

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Some guy from the ethereum foundation got busted providing technical expertise to North Koreans about how to mine for coins

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Where can I get those? Are they on uni?

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You have to make it happen with real people. Either take over a country or kidnap people and hide them

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passive income from fentanyl exports

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Was it ever 100% confirmed this nigga is still alive?

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>25.6 SLAVE coins

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100% gfarm2, that nigga is a degenerate gambler and is prolly one of the swinging whales watching dexcharts all day with me because he can't wait for the site to launch fully, I can feel it.

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Why hold anything when you have one of these?

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Glorious leader has the best portfolio!
If you think yours is better, news for you.
It is his now.

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I hope he's dead so his sister can fuck me without worry. Imagine Kim's sister whipping you with horse hair while NORK patriot radio plays from a loud speaker in the valley over. She's wearing all leather and stuffing her military medals in your mouth one by one. Goose stepping over you with high heels and spanking you. Man, if I make it, I'm flying to China and hopping that border with a USB of South Korean propaganda. They'll arrest me and after 4 months in a work camp, KimYoJong will sit on my unshaven face and pull on my balls with slip knot made of her own hair. I need to make it so I can have this.

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Shame he's probably an awful person, he looks chill and happy.

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