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I have reserved my rights to be financially ruined. It was the plan all along. I didn't invest to make money. I invested to help the poor in LATAM

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i'm still 6x up.
not feeling ruined at all.
top 100 wallet.

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>I have reserved my rights to be financially ruined. It was the plan all along. I didn't invest to make money. I invested to help the poor in LATAM
You could have 20x with any other shitcoin instead

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I kek’d

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Tokenomics for this coin in 2021 look pretty bad in case you're not aware. The foubdation is going to sell of a metric shit-ton of coins plus dev coins, which make up a huge part of supply, get unlocked. It looks fucking bad and they don't care at all what the coin is worth. They literally tell you that if it's used as a financial instrument it should be from the arbitrage opportunity not from appreciation of the value of the token. They warned you it's a bad investment, now you're going to find out.

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any fucking coin that wants to save a country or change the world and has nothing to do with just directly making you money or being a piece of tech that helps facilitate making money or building money making infrastructure or some kind of lucrative infrastructure not SAVE VENEZUELA WE ARE GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD THIS IS THE NEXT CURRENCY OF THE ENTIRE PLANET. WAIT 5 YEARS TO ARB is a joke a experiment at best and will run soley based on hype and memes until it fails

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if youre not a retard and you actually hold for 10 years, accumulating it as much as possible, youll be rich

if you think this is a pump and dump then yeah, prepare to be ruined

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this is not about saving the world its about gaining monetary dominance and replacing sovereign currencies that are mismanaged

to be a little less cynical tho, its a huge boon for those brown people with shitty currencies. We burgers cant imagine how fucked it is to live with 5 mil% inflation rates

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I need a bear market so that RSR's price goes down and I can increase my stack size.

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you may be getting your wish here soon

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I’m up too but I’m tired of you stupid faggots. We’re at rank 98 about to fall out of the top 100 because everything else is out performing us. 2 fucking years and mainnet nowhere in site. I unloaded 500k and getting ready to unload the rest of my 1.5m stack.

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yeah and you think that venezuela and all these other bannana republics are just going to lay down while this happens lol. Things NEVER go smoothly on the world stage. EVER. Betting on this is a sad joke.

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I didn't invest in RSR to make money. I invested in this project to slowly bleed my wallet until I rope. I wanted a project that would leave absolutely nothing in my wallet by the time I end my life. I don't WANT to make money. I also don't WANT it to bleed another 75% I want it to bleed below zero. I want to lose money I didn't even know existed. I want the bottom to go so low that I actually owe Nevin money from the grave.

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kekerino. you have 10m+ RSR and youre only up 6x? i dont believe you.

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All this shitcoin does is crab and then have an underwhelming pump.

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