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I have 185k LTO stack and almost nothing else. Ama

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Currently 75% LTO. 25% other shitcoins. What made you go all in on LTO

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For me it was the math.

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the guy who runs lto is a proud coomer (literally look at the ama where he promotes porn stars). he also killed vidt for no reason other than he's stupid. lto has shit volume. you're pretty stupid for investing in it no lie

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I think in about 5 years, LTO will make it so I will be able to retire on just the amount of LTO I get from leasing it. I see it being worth around 10-15 Billion market cap CONSERVATIVELY in the next 3-5 years. I also think the more crypto gets adopted worldwide, the higher price LTO will go to. I also think it is severely undervalued because 1. Its hard to get in America 2. It isn't flashy because it is business to business 3. Many people aren't aware of it and the future use cases of it yet.
Another reason why I went all in on it is because it is incredibly safe and could no way be a scam since the United Nations are using it. I also like the tokenomics of LTO about how it is a deflationary system, as well as, how the token actually has uses. LTO also is currently being built in a way so that ANY company could easily and seamlessly integrate LTO in without having any technical issues. What Rick is doing is creating a platform where LTO uses blockchains to solve real world problems.

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Nah, look at the porn star. She has been promoting crypto for years. It is called humor. It also has shit volume because half of the circulating supply is being staked.

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Based and richpilled

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Unironically LTO is the BTC of the business world. The math makes it so.

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lol so delusional
name one unique feature that no other blockchain has

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Fucking based YGMI

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1. Average buy in?
2. Are you going to swing at the end of btc halving bullrun?

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You're just seething cuz vidt recovered after you sold at a loss, you're irrelevant

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1. .23
2. No

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This shit had its moon, it's not gonna move except for downwards when BTC crashes

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fantastic. so it's nothing unique except you have a tax lawyer in charge instead of someone who knows anything about blockchain. smart investment.

btw i sold vidt at .55 and i bought in at .10. i put all of my money into coins that have outperformed both lto and vidt...so ya im really seething hard right now.

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1. $0.068
2. No

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Imagine thinking that some Computer Science Beta would run a successful company. You need business people and leaders to run a company. Not an engineer.

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lol retard it will just completely bleed sats because rick is a moron who has no PR skills

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name another successful coin that has a tax lawyer making all the important decisions lolololololol

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Exactly! That's why crypto is so unknown in the world outside of BTC/ETH. Engineers don't make good marketers.

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lololololololololol ok retard

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you are a great investor

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except between being a tax lawyer and founding LTO, he was a scrum master and founded a management software dev company. keep fudding faggot

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>implying being a scrum master actually takes any talent at all
>implying any muppet can't start a company and run it into the ground

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My bags are heavy - but still I hold. I hold it all for you, Rick.

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>that pic
Fuckin Saved ahahahahaha