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This thread will likely attract zero interest, but don't be too surprised when Bancor joins the top 10.

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Cool story bro

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>bancors when the market is dumping
>bancors when the market is pumping

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BNT is my comfiest hold by far

Best devs
Best community
Best AMM and it's becoming increasingly clear, especially to whales (look at the pools!)
Best upcoming roadmap

$100 EOY

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where the fuck have you been, retard

BNT has generals now

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>dumped all my LINK into an exchange to get 2.5% APR
>find out about Bancor
>now stuck withdrawing my LINK out of this shit exchange that only lets you take out $25k a day and each withdrawal could take 24 hrs or more to complete
>see giant amount of space open up in LINK pool

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What do you guys think the chances are of a Bancor black swan event happening?

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i knew staking link on these LPs was trouble. i'd be freaking out if i were you man

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who the fuck did you trust with your link under those conditions?

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the same thing happens to all these defi turds they reach some point and then they stall and begin a downward trend maybe there is one that hasn't but I don't know of it I guess the are good when they are pumping but who knows how to time it

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Zero percent.

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If you don’t want suffer IL your link is locked for 100 days on Bancor, too

Just a heads up

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is it true that the protocol can just print BNT for no reason if it needs to, thus hindering the value of the token

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> for no reason
>if it needs to

Which one is it, retard?

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impossible, mommy protects us

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>me on the left
love my staked bancies

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>the same thing happens to all these defi turds they reach some point and then they stall and begin a downward trend maybe there is one that hasn't but I don't know of it I guess the are good when they are pumping but who knows how to time it

bro bancor INVENTED defi. No joke, go look up who made the protocol that became the AMM. Their #1 goal is a sustainable protocol that can keep this up for years.

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well if it's printing tokens to depress the price then why should i buy it, faggot

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Crash-proof coin desu, no other alt seems that resistant

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how many beautiful bancies do you think I need for staking to be worthwhile?

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everything dumping, bancor chads pumping

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I don´t know Anon, you probably pay 100 $ for staking right now, I would say something like 1k to make it worth

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Exchange is Voyager.
Not in a defi platform now, it's a cex.

I just dumped 1000 BNT in the LINK/BNT pool, how fucked am I if I need to withdraw it before 30 days?

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why the fuck does it cost me $350 in gas to stake my LINK

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cuz bancor is run by jews

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Lol, just another 2017 scam coin nothing to see here

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>To depress the price
Literally what? God damn, keep reading dude

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cause eth is gay

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don't bother with brainlets

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Why are you even arguing with some idiot who hasn't even heard of punctuation?

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Ok, so it looks like 1 vBNT is .72 BNT so I guess I'd take a 28% hit if I had to withdraw before 30 days right?

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>42,000 LINK open in the pool
>42,000 LINK open in the pool
>42,000 LINK open in the pool
>42,000 LINK open in the pool
>42,000 LINK open in the pool
jam em in if you've got em! opportunities at 20%+ gains off your LINKs don't come often!
>mfw just put in 15k LINK

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>t. when you wanted to add your 5k stink stack to the pool, but don't want to spend $350 to vitalik's MLP fundraising event

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is it even worth doing if i only have like 300 link?

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check out bancor's twitter

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did you buy your shirt already?

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I really wish I knew about this 2/3 months ago.

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What’s the minimum Male it stack for this coin? I only have 21 so far.

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delete this thread right fucking now

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>bancor's twitter
what am i supposed to be seeing here?

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>Price: 3146.74 USD

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is anything more dump proof than bnt boys?

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>35k left boys

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kys shill

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how much bancor do i need to make it

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1k sui
10k make it

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suicide stack?
How much do I need for rewards and fees to be worth it?
Is just buying some BNT (10k USD worth) and putting it in the ETH/BNT pool a good move?
I could be storing my ETH in there too right?

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zero, buy silver retard

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how much money is a suicide stack supposed to get to?

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$500k @$65B mcap end of 2022

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Why should I choose bancor over uniswap? Serious question. No tranny responses

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Enough that you don't want to rope whenever you see the coin/token on coingecko

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Better fees, cheaper gas once arb launches, much better rewards as liquidity provider, IL insurance.
Also to piss on trannies and minorities.

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So what happens in 17 days when most of the pools lose that bonus thats going on right now?
We only collect BNT on fees? Because Im not making anywhere close to enough to make this worth it from fees.

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should be good enough. I put 1000 and very happy with my decision. And yes you can store both bnt and and eth.
oh boy the nobanc cope begins
uni token has no value

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how much bnt do i need to cancel out my nucypher holdings?

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i'm looking at defi for the first time, can someone explain why a token going up in price and shifting the weights of a pool while increasing the pools reserves isn't bad?

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this 2017 dinosaur coin only came back to life cuz of /biz and the link marines. its just another shit coin.

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how much bnt did you stake??

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Maybe you should try doing some research. I'm feeling generous tonight so I'll help out a fellow bancorian. Governance will vote to extend LM rewards and if you're in a big pool like LINK, ETH, WBTC, it's almost a guarantee they'll be extended until April 2022.

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It gets renewed, also its beneficial to wait intil l2 to withdraw

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and w current mcap nearly 1/12th of tranniswap your ceiling is nearly untapped at this point

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pic related

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am rarted, why does it cost $350 to stake on bancor when it only costs ~$40-70 for an ETH stake transaction on UNI according to etherscan?

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Holy based

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It won’t go that high.

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because bancor unironically solved the impermanent loss problem

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I'm a retard, the 20% comes in BNT right?

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Have you guys even considered what is going to happen when Arbitrum goes live and Bancor puts it on their main net? I mean it has been consistently performing at 50x savings on gas cost on their test network.

I wonder what that will do to the volume of one of the first projects to launch Arbitrum? I wonder what is going to happen to TVL on Bancor when all of a sudden it costs 5 bucks to stake....

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yes but you also get swap fees in link

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Going to 20 dollars ez

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So you're telling me to all-in on BNT?

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I have 7k bnt and I keep buying more. It’s incredibly addictive even with these gas prices.

>> No.29260539

So that's additional 3,6% earned in link yearly on top of BNT?

>> No.29260550

anyone? it seems that they are putting a lot of work into preventing slippage. wouldn't this be fixed by token redistribution? They cant print bnt to keep the weights even otherwise that would create a loop.

>> No.29260685

why is your screenshot askew.

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>They cant print bnt to keep the weights even otherwise that would create a loop.

they can because the bancor used for balancing never touches the market (its poolside only) and is 100% burned when the other side of the pair is withdrawn. It's genius, really.

>> No.29260831

based on the current number of transactions, yes. They are still not listed on many DEXes and their fees are the lowest when compared to the competition. So when they do get listed they will most likely grab all of the transactions there.

>> No.29260835

It is genius

>> No.29260854

so they do rebalance on their side. when/how does it happen, on price adjustment?

>> No.29260859

LINK pool is open. Still too much risk for me to deposit my precious LINK though.

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current crypto mcap is $1.5T, double 2020. Barring a 2017 crash, what do you see as a realistic total mcap for crypto entering 2023?

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it happens on the backend, yes, and it has no effect on price because the balancing involves 0 actual buying/selling

read this lad:

>> No.29261224

Just move some to a different wallet and stake part of them. That’s what I’m doing. 25%

>> No.29261245

Would 3-5k bnt be worth to stake?

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Can I get a qrd on the benefits of the token specifically? I guess one can make the argument that because it btfos uni it should be worth more but seems there could be some good staking benefits with liquidity? I honestly ignored it when Americans were shut out for a while and I really regret it.

>> No.29261322

Yes. Current yields are like 100%

>> No.29261342

Wish I could buy into something like this right now for 5 cents

>> No.29261394

When this goes to $100 you are going to say you wished you got in at $5

>> No.29261472

Token is used to weight the pools and as payments for swaps. Also used to vote if you want to get involved with governance

>> No.29261529

how does 3-$500k eoy sound

>> No.29261566

excuse me how is this any different than just staking 25% from your normal wallet? Even if your problem is metamask perm. you can just revoke.

>> No.29261680

they mention co-investing, which I assume is matching what you add to a pool in value. they don't directly address the ratio change, only attempt to mitigate it. what am I missing?

>> No.29261774

$50-100 eoy
$200+ end of bullrun

>> No.29261880

complexity of the contract due to rewards structure and IL protection

>> No.29261922

honest question do you mean to imply this hits 200 sometime this year and then drop down to ~100 by EOY

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I wish you and your countrymen could clean up the ganges

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Fucking kek

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funny but also sad

>> No.29262128

You think the bullrun won't end this yr? Interesting m8. Hope you're right!

>> No.29262249

this bullrun will last for years
if you don't get it, banking has already been replaced. defi is literally superior to financial services IRL. we've already crossed the point where it's more valuable to keep assets on-chain than offchain. all people are lacking is the knowledge, because literally just holding USDC or BTC in some random yield contract is leagues ahead of the return you can get in actual banks.

>> No.29262429

>9k LINK left in the Pool
>9k LINK left in the Pool
>9k LINK left in the Pool

it's not. i just put in 25% of my link. enough for mad gains without roping myself if the .000001 happens, which it won't. it's in God's hands now (guided by my jewish bancing overlords)

>> No.29262478

i may not be articulating it well, but the simplest way I can boil it down is that the most sophisticated and richest crypto users know their money is better off on-chain. the idea of a crypto loan is still fucking crazy/incoceivable to people who barely understand bitcoin, but to those who do, and are willing to learn, we're basically still insanely early. I'm not on some hopium here, it's just obvious. more money is going to go into defi than traditional banks, because in 5-10 years (whatever fucking timeline you want) anyone that's new to investing or making money will have all this defi shit appified and all the carded/mobile payment integration will be there. once it's safe, secure, and easy, banks will have nothing to offer. we're already there functionally. banks just cannot compete with smart contracts/dapps when it comes to money management.

>> No.29262537

This is all assuming people don't pullout and crash the crypto market as a whole right? All the yields will tank with a mass drop in liquidity wont it? I feel like there isn't enough "value" on chain to actually make this viable IF there is a major shift in market sentiment. Thanks.

>> No.29262579

>defi is the future
>bull run will last for years
definitely not

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2017 bull was pure speculation, aside from cryptokitties/shrimpfarmponzi, there was no real functionality, just hopes and dreams. now in 20/21, people are making real money off these coins. Not just the protocols, but the users. Huge difference. I hadn't considered a multi year bull, I imagined it as a much weaker bear. Only a 40% pullback instead of 80%, and the money making protocols will not even dip that far / bounce back in 3 months not 3 years.

>> No.29262806

Started in crypto less than 2 weeks ago. After wading through an ocean of shit, this just looked so obvious, so I went all-in. 4k BNT stacklet, all staked. AIGMI?

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>> No.29262945

try pooling it and you won't need to ask

>> No.29263009

didn't read till the end nvm

>> No.29263061

Ratio change is handled through minting/burning BNT tokens as appropriate, same as matching the initial values. It can co-invest but in the hypothetical situation that there was no user BNT in a pool, the system would put up all the BNT. These are of course closed BNT held by the system and users are heavily incentivized to take up those positions (burning the systems BNT).

>> No.29263081

Bros, whats the total fee to stake? Don't have time to transfer more eth...

>> No.29263104

In a digg maximalist myself. Soon as they voted bdigg for single side asset. I was sold. I can get returns on my bdigg with no IL. And bdigg gets me more digg. And digg is pegged to btc. Its a no brainer. Just wish the gas wasnt so high. 200$ just to deposit into the pool. Eth really became a whales game. When will bsc get bancor and digg?

>> No.29263171

And the pool keeps filling up really fast.

>> No.29263227

just bought a bit more BNT, been stacking patiently while this thing crabs, hopefully I don't regret this

>> No.29263237

I just don't see any incentives to pull of crypto this time around
last cycle stablecoins and fiat gateways matured into something really usable, so it was like one last shakeout of people still motivated to cash out and make real money
but today, those holding the most crypto have crossed a line where it's clear that they'd rather keep their money on-chain and simply keep re-investing into crypto

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no need to rush into financial decisions anon. It's something along the lines of the current gas price + tx price. Just get 2x gas price and you will be fine

>> No.29263505

Im staking both BNT and LINK
and I really fucking hope you are right.
This will would be life changing for me

>> No.29263515

Well, never mind, it's full lol. Spent last 2 hours researching, didn't wanna rush.

>> No.29263563

Why not? Contract has been audited 3 times, and there is no IL. Just earn BNT from the liquidity mining

>> No.29263745

just to be clear and sure i'm asking about the price change. Every time the price rises and falls of the other asset is there bnt printed/burned to reflect that? can I get a link to anything that mentions that?

>> No.29263873

Shut the fuck up nigger don't tell these faggots


>> No.29263878

no need to rush, friend. the pool opening today was just for whales to have a chance to get in. The last space opening was last Thurs (9 days ago), then clear up space *no less than 5 days* apart, and there will be some more opportunities. On top of that, some space opens up (1k-2k) randomly if you are a shrimp stack. Gas cost is about 250$ when fees are average/normal. Best time for low fees is approx 11p-12am PST (before youpoors wakeup, after most amerimutts in bed)

>> No.29263933

is link pool closed? i just woke up and it says 0.18xxx link
god fucking damnit

>> No.29264137

you just kind of have to watch it. Space opens up all the time but not for long. I suspect that once the normie tubers start making videos on BNT there will be a large influx of BNT being bought and poured into the LINK pool so there will be space.

>> No.29264234

imagine being a dumb fucking biztard seeing 100k+ LINK get swallowed up in hours on bancor and still missing out

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So they periodically expend the pools? Haven't looked it up before since the pools were full. Guess i'll keep mining link the old fashioned way till then.

>> No.29264303

it can't be this easy, right? a fucking monkey could look at the TVL right now and realize we'll be at 1B in less than a week, guaranteed

>> No.29264333
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Some of us are expected in the wreckage brother. Until then, maybe a lucky chap will happen upon our comfy convos.

>> No.29264352

gonna make it.
How many BNT have you gotten in rewards so far?

>> No.29264409

I hate to say this but you are one lucky fuck to all in bnt after two weeks

>> No.29264448

Very good dev team but thorchain will kill all these amms

>> No.29264549

Only have 700 bnt so not enough to stake yet. Its a start at least

>> No.29264611

By the time it goes live bancor will be in the top 10. What's better on thorchain anyway?

>> No.29264614

>tfw your money printer sucks you into a money vortex

>> No.29264619

Why did it pump so much that fast? I'm suspicious

>> No.29264646

Just had a look how much it would cost in gas to stake 900 BNT. $164!

>> No.29264764

You will make that back in a week or two

>> No.29264768
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eth pool sooo juicy

>> No.29264776

That’s good, I paid $200

>> No.29265194

>poorfag switching from UNI to BANC
lets hope this works out /biz/

>> No.29265202

Not much, only been in for like 3 days, multiplier hasn't built up much. I think 20 BNT so far.

I started 2 weeks ago but spent most of that time researching before I found a move I wanted to make.

>> No.29265216

does it cost that much to swap between bnt and vbnt as well? i want to trade that at 0.65 and buy back when token burn comes in, but don’t know how much gas that will cost. i think its a better short term return than just staking, at least for now

>> No.29265311

What is this? Sorry, I'm an idiot.

>> No.29265344

Swaps are like 30 dollars tops anon don't worry

>> No.29265362

what is the ratio of link spots opened to new bnt spots filled? i might just fill both sides of the pool

>> No.29265439

Current pool design is 50:50, 10k worth of bancies makes space for 10k worth of linkies

>> No.29265490

5k link and 4k bnt in this shit will I make it

>> No.29265556


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Comfy time

>> No.29265880

This is returns per day?

>> No.29265931

Con judio tu ludio

>> No.29266088

SHHHHH. Dude, Bancor is my pocket pick. I legitimately need to get my staking reward multiplier going a bit higher before this shit is shilled again.

People don't understand AAM and Vortex yet. They just understand Uniswap.

Just let them learn more liquidity gets locked up against new tokens added into the liquidity pools first.

THEN shill this shit.

>> No.29266234
File: 235 KB, 750x747, 166325651212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whale in the making

>> No.29266258

Nobody is shilling this. We're just having fun, shitposting, helping anons, watching our little reward stack grow every time we f5.
Save the shilling for pajeet scams and retarded bsc foodcoins.

>> No.29266458

newfag here trying to stake my BNT but the mining fees are rape, anyone knows how to dodge this ?

>> No.29266547

Wait for Arbitrum in March/April. That's about the only chance you have.

>> No.29266589

Unless you have over 1000 BNT I wouldn’t even waste your eth

>> No.29266821

its like getting paid to shitpost
theres no comfier general on biz right now

>> No.29266926

I'm already allin but seriously want to dca in more.

I'm working on getting a checkbook ira setup so I can hold in my roth. Will be about 3 weeks to put it all together. Hoping this stays quiet until then but with multiple daily huge threads on it, doesn't look likely.

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Just went all in on BNT less go

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arent you traditionally required to provide pairing of the tokens regarding liquidity? i dont see pairing anywhere, it just says stake link or bnt. Also what do these percentages mean? thanks

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>> No.29267484

Welcome brother

>> No.29267512

single sided liquidity. You're welcome

>> No.29267563

no way around it. You can save a few bucks if you wait for times that the ETH network is less congested but not much in savings. look up gas fee heat maps.
I ate the gas fee. Im in it long term and the sooner I can get the multiplier the better.

>> No.29267601

is your reward less when you provide single sided liquidity compared to double even when you put in the same $ value?

>> No.29267607

bros would you pool your link if you only had 1k?
have some bnt in already, the risk seems low and that 25% is enticing

>> No.29267661

this is a selling point of the network. single sided liquidity.
The kicker is there needs to be a certain amount of BNT staked to open room for its pairing.

>> No.29267941

oh i see thank you. I thought your rewards would be less if you provided just one asset. Could you explain these rewards to me? in my post above? under rewards there are percentages next to coins, what do they mean?

>> No.29267974

I wonder how quickly the GRT pool will fill up.
if it fills as quickly as LINK I am going to be so fucking bullish

>> No.29268032

it costs fucking 6 link to sign the contract to deposit, probably just as much to go back through with it, fuck this shitttt

>> No.29268056

i have 5000 BNT. Is it worth it to stake and whats the best pool to stake them too? I was thinking eth/bnt or aave/bnt

>> No.29268229

its the current rate of rewards you can expect with the multiplier if you were to stake for 1 year this shifts from day to day though.

>> No.29268264
File: 78 KB, 786x618, 1612841636403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. Eth, LINK or wBTC.

>> No.29268308

confident that whales will fill it up. it seems a good bit are in the know.

>> No.29268310

When grt pool

>> No.29268433


>> No.29268539

let's face it, bnt is a scam

>> No.29268586

why those pools and not the aave pool for example. thank you in advance for answering my questions. I am lubing up my ass for the assrape eth gass fees.

>> No.29268588

The only thing I hate is just how stagnant it became after the last pump. When do you guys think the next pump will be?

>> No.29268677


>> No.29268791

voting ends in a day. not sure how long after the pool will open but its passing with 100% acceptance.
2 million vBNT staked in the vote

>> No.29268827

What are your targets for this coin?

>> No.29268942

I bought sub $2 and probably the reason why the $20 dollar meme is happening in these threads.
but my conservative target is $20
I based this off looking at UNI and AAVE.
There is no reason why this shouldn't be $20

>> No.29269389

>300m marketcap token does a 2.5x over a few weeks
>goes basically sideways while the market dips
>already coming back strong

wtf do you people want?

>> No.29269492

Riding MOD right now. May join you guys later.

What are some milestones that are coming up and when?

>> No.29269540

go back to plebbit for instnat gratification

>> No.29269756
File: 99 KB, 600x506, d06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't care about instant gratification, I just wanna go to sleep without the fear that some whale that gets tired of it will dump this shit to the ground in one night

>> No.29269763

since the vBNT pool is full whats the next best one to join

>> No.29270085

Idk but BNT has only been good it has allowed me to leverage on a gamble something UNI would never but I am grateful for the UNI airdrop it brought me to Bancor ultimately

>> No.29270309

the rewards have to be voted to be renewed after the timer on the bottom of each one expires (17d for most, 62d for aave). ETH/LINK/wBTC are guaranteed to be renewed due to their size. AAVE & other coins could be renewed, but not guaranteed. Rumor on the street is that stablecoins could lose the rewards first. So the big 3 are the safe bet.

>> No.29270456

I can see REN being renewed too its been a solid performer this run

>> No.29270524
File: 78 KB, 800x1024, 1613677987109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I just wanna go to sleep without the fear that some whale that gets tired of it will dump this shit to the ground in one night
Same fren but BNT is one of the most undumpable alts, the pumps take a while to wind up but on the upside they don't tend to fall down far once they reach the top.

>> No.29270840

thanks famalam. time to pay my tribute to the money skelly and spend $350 to stake my stack.

>> No.29270925

link/bnt pool says 3.24% currently, but it was higher the other day. how often does it change?

>> No.29271139

this shit wont be adopted, until slippage is correctly fixed, the band aid solution they have now isn't enough.

>> No.29271284

ok NOW it looks like it's ready to blow past 5.70

>> No.29271788


>> No.29272047

Why isn't BNT 2B market cap yet?
Serious question.

>> No.29272086

Should I liquidate 3k worth of EGLD and SNX for BNT? Currently have 180 BNT

>> No.29272176

It’s only at 16% Quorum though it needs 40%

>> No.29272588

cuz bnt=jewscam

>> No.29273892

We're edging, gotta really build this load up and blast it all over DeFi faces this summer once Arbitrum and the bridge with Polkadot is what everyone is talking about

>> No.29273960
File: 95 KB, 670x424, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 3.48.30 pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29274030

whale staking?

>> No.29274099

You have zero fucking idea what you've bought. For you this is just a random set of letters that went up, and you want it to go up again.

>> No.29274363

Just staked another 12k$ of BNT in the LINK/BNT Pool. I am at almost 4k Bancies now.

>> No.29275185

>top 10
It can’t, because xrp is going to be top 10, all positions from 1 to 10. The shitcoins can fight over top 11-20

>> No.29275263

He's a big guy....

>> No.29275602
File: 1.82 MB, 1170x2532, 58362D17-6038-4B73-88F8-38FAEA2D9F07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You were told to buy

>> No.29275691
File: 452 KB, 606x604, 1613353320979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw i had the chance to buy sub 100 but i didn't know what an NFT was and thought it was an actual overpriced shirt