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Who is ready for hyperinflation
They are asking for $250000 for every black citizen or $800000 for every family

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Fuck paying taxes then.

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>800,000 for every nigger family

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it will not happen

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Nice, I'll just identify as black and collect my $250k. I suggest everyone here do the same.

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well my 23andmeme said I'm 1% black so I'm a descendant, can't wait for my gibs

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they are "studying" it because it will never happen. they are devising a carrot for black voters and white libtards to continue voting Democrat.

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>$250k for foundational black Americans with no strings
>won’t happen

The reality is that you’ll see an inflationary blip that lasts 18-24 months, and then a collapse of subprime lending as the rush of consumerism will celebrate “the niggah rich” right up until the harsh realities take over and we’ve reset to a pre-reparations economy. Except this time, they’ll continue to cry about systematic racism, but have literally nothing more to ask for.

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I'm for them giving niggers money since they just print it and niggers will just spend it on useless garbage.
But they said reparation, so since they're going to repair that, they need to remove BLM, black history month, diversity quotas, niggers in movies, decriminalize racism or hiring based on skin color, etc...

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Create propaganda to convince more blacks to buy crypto

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just leave america bros
its over

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It'll never happen. And it shouldn't. But if it did, I'd throw 250k on XMR and use my existing gainful employment to buy a house outright.

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is the idea of making poor/working class latinos pay reparations for slavery not amusing to you

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Trying really hard to
Hoping next year or two
Before hyperinflation, total collapse, or civil war begins

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sheeeit we be kangz
ima bring dat wheel barro fo dem bills
gibs me dat do cracka

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>but have literally nothing more to ask for.
Oh my sweet summer child.

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The platinum plan devised by none other than trump, the king nigger himself.
>let's fucking goooooooooooo

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The gibs never ends.

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All that money will be blown in 6 months absolute tops. Looks like the kikes will be receiving another massive cash infusion.

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Just open a tire shop selling spinners and 21" rims.

You'll be raking it in.

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where should i go? i want to take my guns

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Why do this when the easiest thing to make things fair would be to forgive student debt for all black people?

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based and opportunistpilled

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why bother?
>your vote never counted anyway.

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It's amazing the great lengths these cucks will go to just to SJW Ns. At what point do they tell themselves that Ns aren't people

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Paid to be black? The movie Get Out finally makes sense to me...

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Whatever they get, it won't be enough. Ever.

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Why wouldn't it happen? Think about it, they need to introduce more taxes, why not tax whites only? What are they gonna do, hold white only rallies to defend themselves lmao? They'll do nothing and they'll pay up. Just escalate that bit by bit until whites are the underclass. That's what I'd do, that's just smart

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>calling for study
Oh wow I can’t wait for that to take 10 years to amount to nothing

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White people have been paying a race tax since the civil war.

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It will never happen
How do you determine who gets the reparations?

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White people need to stop working if this shit happens let society collapse

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Where would be the best option to form a microstate?

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Who cares let it happen. We do a simmaler thing to natives in canada. Just open a liq store or sell blow in the areas that get the money. Like taking candy from a baby

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This is even more stupid that repatriations for Israel for WWII when Israel did not even exist back the

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simple - every nigger gets your money wait boi

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>A state commission would study compensation like free college tuition at Maryland schools, low home mortgages and business loans without collateral.

where are you guys getting these hundreds of thousands figures

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What’s a good way to incest in spinny rims, swisher sweets and grape drink?

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Faygo stock and open up a dispensary/convenience store.

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>he thinks they wont ask for more
back to r*ddit retard

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>implying the Demonrats are even leftist and not just a puppet for the banks like the republicunts
Remind me, how did that student loan forgiveness go? Oh right, it went nowhere... Real leftist of Biden...

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I literally would not ask for a cent more

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They'll claim the systemically racist system took it from them and demand a re-do. Don't ever underestimate Marxists.

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But that's it don't you get it
>marry a black qveen
>your kids are still gonna be 50%+ white
>you get the $800k
>all in on chainlink

So you get a black qveen, you become rich af and your sons will be BBC chads. The fuck? how do I move to amerika?

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It’s been pushed hard the last several days

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>implying it all wouldn't go straight back into the economy within weeks

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>The bill does not call for monetary compensation directly but instead for a study on how to make appropriate reparations.
>A state commission would study compensation like free college tuition at Maryland schools, low home mortgages and business loans without collateral.

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>what is the expat tax

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This desu. I love how people on the right cry about the stimulus as being handouts while the left cry about corporate bailouts. In either case, line go up and I laugh all the way to the bank!

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government spending is a policy decision.
inflation is a citizen's decision.
you either pay your taxes, or risk experiencing inflation.
you either elect officials that enact justice, or live in tyranny.

in either case, it sounds like you're operating under the assumption that increased money supply creates inflation, when really it's when commodity supply doesn't keep up with demand.
there are ways to mitigate this.
if you truly wanted to keep prices down, you'd enable more competition in the market place.

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you can move to SEA and buy guns once you get your citizenship.
On the mean time you can just go to the shooting range.

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Repatriation you say?

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time to marry a black girl

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How do they determine who is black? U have .5% on 23 and me. Can I qualify under for one drop rule.

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>business loans without collateral
Maybe it'll come just in time for 2029 and we can celebrate the 100th anniversary of the worlds worst stock market crash with an even bigger stock market crash.

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>admitting to being a nigger

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Biden and all House democrats support the op

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kek are you really a nigger :Ddd

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Will people ever realize that money will never solve this issue? Where’s eugenics when you need it?

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Jews decide.
Divide and conquer.
You must be new, wake up from a coma?

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Cool, let's do it, sick of white CEOs ruling the world

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Southern Africa is basically lawless, you can do whatever you want but there is the spectre of the EEF or a repeat of Mugabe. Everywhere else is going to be pretty tough.

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It would just be on paper, then he'd get free schooling at all levels and a bunch of other free shit.

Better education would be better. Black people I've met that were total bros were properly educated.

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They don't get it from conventional taxes. They just print it and devalue whatever you hold in your bank.

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Time to invest in malt liqour, weed, and Cadillac

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You'll wish they did this with money that actually existed.

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>holding any significant amount of money in a freakin' bank
Might as well keep it under your mattress or just use Gamestop as your bank at that point...

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Better education is a fool’s errand. Those that have the ability to properly utilize it are a tiny minority of the black population. Inner city schools get tons of additional funding particularly from the Feds and it doesn’t fucking matter. A bunch of Koreans with $0 learning inside a barn would have better outcomes than a school in St. Louis with millions in funding and state of the art resources.

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Invest in Nike

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It will lead a mass exodus of what is left of un-mutted white America. Really I almost hope they do it, put this country out of its misery. Though I doubt it happens this time around it seems like its basically inevitable during Biden's second term.

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Not long now until the back finally breaks and total collapse.

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>A bunch of Koreans with $0 learning inside a barn would have better outcomes
To be fair though, that's down to both parenting and also the culture of Korea. They push you to be a doctor or an engineer, same as Japan.

So actually the answer is better parenting than it is better education now that I think about it.

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Exodus to where?
Everywhere is fucked

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How do I short the US?

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it will be $50 direct cash + a 4.1% tax credit for opening a small business in an opportunity zone you know how these fucks do it

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Don't forget half smokes, bowls of chili, and moonpies

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wont happen, although i'd support a $100k sterilization program

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I'm Irish. Does that mean I get reparations too. There were 300,000 Irish slaves.

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if this happens im unironically becoming a pajeet.

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Convince them they're trans, it's cheaper.

If Brits still haven't cucked out for us then the US sure as hell won't.

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People who think anything is actually going happen and it isnt just for the media.
Joe already rejecting student loan help and bigger stim checks.

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nope and no one cares whitey

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If you're actually white you should have verifiable European ancestry and squeeze a European passport out of it. There are ways if you have money too. Singapore is a very achievable passport. Oceania will be a decent destination the same way it has been for South Africans. We'll be fine, it'll be sad to leave America but its not our country anymore.

If you're mutted and/or not white then fuck you, stay in the mess you and your shit-tier races created for themselves.

>> No.29254698

>rejecting student loan help and bigger stim checks.
He did? Absolute mad lad. I haven't seen any reports on it however but I have a good guess why.

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I already am in Europe I just don't think you realise that Europe isn't much better.
The grass is always greener. There are plenty of Europeans who think the US is better.

>> No.29254773

No it's due to fucking genes

>> No.29254808

>verifiable European ancestry and squeeze a European passport out of it
Lol what? I don't think it works that way dude. I have European family I have 0 contact or even know how to contact and that won't get me in there. And Europe is worse off than the US right now anyway.

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Finally all those hispanics need to pay for slavery

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Europe has been through so much worse than this and bounced back. Even France and the UK, by the far the worse off countries, are over eighty percent white still. Germany (at least before the coof, I dont know what they've been up this past year) was sending back more refugees than they were taking in. They fucked up letting all those people in these past twenty-ish years but the amount of self-inflicted damage Europe has done to itself through its history and bounced back from makes a few sandnogs and quadroons seem like a quaint problem. Especially compared to America, a country that has maybe thirty million actual white people left in it.

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Where do we go though nigga?

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This is another political non-solution. An hour of reading would show you they don't intend to solve the problem; if they did they would be out of a job.
Every time any person anywhere receives a tremendous windfall they spend it and quickly return to their normal standard of living or worse. If this goes through, you'll just have blacks that blew through their money asking for more money. This is how you start a proper race war.

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Hes put a suspension on interest and loans having to be paid. But I suppose that is fair enough, considering a lot may still be in lockdown and unable to work (are they? im not american)

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I’m 100% serious in that the only way to fix black education in America would be racial and gender segregated schools where teachers had full discretion to be as severe and strict in punishment as reasonably allowed. You’re not dealing with Asians and whites. Blacks respond to a different environment than they do. Might makes right with them, and education would basically have to be military tier to make up for the lack of steady parenting at home.
The current situation of tax funded day cares clearly doesn’t fucking work.

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My ancestors were put on a ship as convicts and sent to Australia. Now I have to live with dirty aboniggers. Where the fuck are my reparations?

>> No.29255075

Then figure out another way. You've got probably about five years before it all starts really falling apart.

>> No.29255091

pretty sure I can get my blood right citizenship in Italy and that’s my plan to escape this hellhole

>> No.29255196

You cant compare war to demographic change
Europe has never seen demographic change like this

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Buy stock in LVMUY

>> No.29255255

Post nose

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Don't pretend white americans haven't had a hand in the creation of the muttening
Mega cope. The parts of Europe that is right on the edge of niggerlands and mudkike lands are bad off, they're almost like how it is in the more nigger infested parts of America. Also Paris, fuck that place. Just look at it, looks like america

>> No.29255337

“Hey there’s this population committing disproportionate amount of violent crimes with little educational background and limited knowledge of wise investment. Let’s just give them cash payments to spend on anything. If we throw money on the problem, that will solve everything!”

After the drug binge come down the violent surge would be unprecedented. I would care less about the value of the dollar and more about my own safety. You can’t just throw money at a broken community and expect change. Subsidizing education and business tax breaks seems like a better model.

>> No.29255377


This is 2003 comedy sketch one day it could be reality .Reparations 2003 sketch.


>> No.29255474

Why are you comparing government handouts to government taking your money? You'll be paying those reparations through taxes whitey

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We all have to start calling our politcians and explaining statistics to them, in light of them ignoring statistics we have to start threatening their families and friends with violence, because they are actively trying to genocide white people with this shit. I come to /biz/ so I can acoomulate resources so I can "escape", but what's the point of escaping when the world is fucked, stand and fight against demonic retardation and sin.

>> No.29255554

The Great War was way, way worse than this. Trust me, Europe always bounces back. The whole demographic crisis that let them fling open the refugee doors has a very convenient new source of working age people what will soon be tens of millions of Americans looking to gtfo of 56%land. I know you dont like Americans, I am one and I don't like em either, but after one generation you wont be able to tell the difference.

And then you can ship out all the dune coons and assorted other lower races that you've accumulated. Europe certainly has a proud history of that, and you were actually doing a decent job these last couple years at getting started.

>> No.29255653

ready for the afroholocaust

>> No.29255701

Poor/working class latino dont pay taxes,
t. construction worker

>> No.29255703

Politicians don't give a single solitary fuck. They're all getting rich selling off what's left of America while buying boltholes in New Zealand to escape to when the country finally collapses.

>> No.29255771

NZ closed this years ago. You have to be a citizen or permanent resident now.

>> No.29255797

Exactly, this is why the Founding Fathers dictated the the government should fear the people. There are currently 20k NG in the capital right now defending a foreign agent (biden) from the American people. They are scared shitless, all it takes is us holding them to their own standards and they start dying, real fast.

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>> No.29256068

>thinking rules apply equally to the rich and the poor
oh sweet summerchild

>> No.29256286

These people dont need to flee to New Zealand, they have their yachts and their compounds already. That's why New Zealand closed it, it was a politically popular move in what is a pretty high-functioning democracy and the demand for those doomsday hideouts was always overstated. Most of them have been sold off back to ranchers.

>> No.29256302

Why is this fundamental truth so hard for everyone to accept? I believe deep down the liberal retards realize this more than the conservative retards.

>> No.29256369

Trust you? You don't even know Europe is not a country. That to one side. Americans are generally soft and would find it impossible to integrate in rural Germany, Poland, France, Ireland etc. They behave offensively and crassly and have only the most primitive knowledge of these countries, or their languages,religions or history

>> No.29256404

This is why I'm burning my money on shitcoin rugpulls

Good luck getting it back from india

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That's Paris? What the hell man that looks like actual africa or somewhere in south america from a glance

>> No.29256575

Lefty retards talk about how the average black family has a tenth of the net worth as the average white family. However, when it comes to income blacks arent earning a just tenth of what whites make. At worst, their household income is a little more than half than what white households make. How do you go from having 50% less to having 90% less? It just tells you that they are abysmal at handling money, not that they arent getting any. And if they are that abysmal at handling money, it also explains why they have little value to bring to the job market on average. Its almost like having an average IQ of 85 is going to hamper your success.

>> No.29256675

I agree, people from my country are ignorant and stupid. The actual white ones are marginally better but they've spent a few too many years in decadence and have developed one hell of an entitlement menality. Both genetically these people aren't any different than their ancestors and give it a generation and they'll be reassimilated. Would you really rather have a horde of unwashed filth from the Maghreb, Syria, sub-Saharan Africa etc?

Unfortunately European birthrates still aren't what they need to be. They've improved but not by enough. Some countries have done better than others and maybe with some widespread adoption of the policies that have seen some success in Hungary and the Czech Republic you'll see things improve in Germany, Scandinavia, France etc. That or you devise an economic system that isn't an eternal population growth bubble, that'd be the ideal solution but I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.29256699

because liberals tend to be idealists and the idea that people are predestined to be a certain way at birth due to genetics is pretty depressing and hard to grapple with. it goes against american freedom and work ethic ‘you can make it if you work hard no matter what’

>> No.29256756

Yes. Monigga is an accurate term of endearment for me.

>> No.29256783

Whites are already the only net tax paying group.

>> No.29256825

Meant for

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When it comes to the economy, instability is much worse than inflation. So if checks to black people stops instability than so be it, but it should be a UBI to everyone instead because that is so much better.

>> No.29256902

Seethe i want my Goddamn Money , pay up for 350 years of forced labour you inflicted on my people

>> No.29256955

You have no idea what you are talking about. You are dribbling american shit about being 'white' from pol. Major European cities have always had alll sorts in them for the last 600 years. Europe's native population has never been larger. Just fuck off and don;t fucking come to my country with your whining yank accent and pol buillshit or I'll rip your balls off. America is Europes dna wastepipe, the descendants of insane cultists, thieves, illiterate economic failures and failed english thirds sons. We don't want you back

>> No.29256962

Does it include a 1 way trip back to Africa? If so, we need to take this discount price.

>> No.29256991

good education credentials especially amongst blacks are mostly a proxy for IQ, so yes eugenics is the only solution

>> No.29257016

No they are "studying it" to plant these ridiculous amounts in your head so when they come out with "studies show black families only need $10k in reparations" all the IFLS fags will jump on it faster than they jump on tranny cock

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>> No.29257151

I dont like us either but unfortunately your economic and political systems require population growth by any means necessary.

>> No.29257192

>Major European cities have always had alll sorts in them for the last 600 years.
They had small populations of other Europeans.
They weren't >50% turk, arab and nigger like today

>> No.29257254

the dollar is already dogshit muh black people

>> No.29257349

Its like Katrina all over again. Why do whites bring this upon themselves

>> No.29257373

Europes native population has never been larger you retard. We don;t need you, want you and unless you are interested in continuing the role you insisted on having on being world police and dealing with the ccp and russians we will fuck you off in a heartbeat and reestablish colonies by what we do best. Ruthless military force.

>> No.29257453

Unfortunately you have to get our mutted troops occupying your soil out first. I don't know how you plan on doing that tactfully.

>> No.29257623



People have no idea how significant it is to have any under the table wages. It's not just the effective 30% you lose on each additional dollar, it's the disqualification from torrent of gibsmedats currently on tap.

It's also where Rothfags miss the mark. Traditional contributions lower your AGI and can allow you to claim gibs.

>> No.29257638

bullshit, shakespear was writing abvout moors, go look up the chavallier chevalier de orlon, london was full of french hugenots, poles, jews, arabs, even russians so was Paris and Vienna and Rome, so was Madrid. You're just a fucking simpleton. The vast majority of the Native European nations population owns everything, lives rurally only spending time in cities for government, career or education and controlls the militaries and police and money. You have no idea what you are. You're not a Dutch Protestant, a German or Finish Lutheran or an Irish opr Italian Catholic. You are nothing and have no place here unless its competing with other thrash for toilet cleaning jobs in cities

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File: 305 KB, 960x952, 1422153698823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any american politician who pushes back on this by arguing against new reparations is a fucking idiot. these people have always and will always ask for a mile and take a yard. it's almost a motte and bailey approach

the correct response is to say "we should stop paying the reparations which we currently pay, in the form of endless welfare. these people take far more from the system than they put in. that is exactly the proposition of reparations, already in place"

normalfags splitting the difference on 'reparations vs no reparations' see the middle ground as things like biden's "help BIPOC businesses first"

normalfags splitting the difference on 'reparations vs stop the handouts' see the middle ground as the status quo. and that's literally as far as right wingers are allowed to push

>> No.29257772

the American phenoma will die in time as all things do, the Poles, Germans, french, Irish, Spanish, Greeks have all been nations for five times longer than America has even existed and will be in another thousand years.

>> No.29257784

look at lifetime difference in net taxes for whites vs blacks, it's already like $750k a head
they already got their reparations

>> No.29257802

>claim african american ancestry
>claim family records were destroyed by racist plantation owner

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>PM, BUD, SNE, WFC all up 4000%
Extremely bullish.

>> No.29257938

>descendants of those who were enslaved
Could they pull that off? Imagine the infighting with families not entitled to any gibs because they didn't descend from a slave.

>> No.29257978

can you source that any of these places were more than 5% foreigners 600 years ago? I'll give you Jews in Vienna but they're gone now lol

>> No.29258077

You are incredibly stupid, sorry, you are. Dim beyond recognition

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Must be fun rewriting history.
I never denied there were small groups of foreigners like French Huguenots in London, doesn't mean its in anyway comparable to today's demographic change.

>> No.29258162

im down to put my gains towards /biz/ private island if i make it

>> No.29258168
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1000 years like 2020 and all north western european ethnic groups are gone

>> No.29258196


For many people it's because they find a contrary example. There's that famous story about the black guy who befriended and de-radicalized KKK members; the one counter example was enough.

Parenting does matter, but only as long as you maintain control of the subject. Asians are beholden to their parents until they die.

I raised my niece from 14-18 as a foster. Meth addict teen pregnant mother, absolute deadbeat dad. I turned her from an F student to a B student. She decided to move out, got pregnant and became homeless in a span of 6 months. I put in a ton of effort and gave her every advantage I had and more. I had been saving the foster care payments to cover a down payment when she graduated from, which was also free and paid by the state.

Genes are everything, but culture can control people and force them to do the right thing. Not upset about my niece, it's the exact outcome I expected.

>> No.29258250

The Bell curve is a fact of life. The blacks on average score 85 per cent on IQ and it is accurate, nothing to do with culture. The whites score on average 100. Asians score more … the Bell curve authors put it at least 10 points higher. Ths are realities that, if you do not accept, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and the results cannot follow.
… Supposing we had hidden the truth and taken the American approach and said, all men are equal. Then they (The less able or well-off) will demand equal results.
-Lee Kuan Yew
(Today we are seeing the demand for equal results accelerate into overdrive, of course this can only be reached through unequal standards with lower qualifications for blacks)

>> No.29258288

So you remember Outreimer and the flow of ottomans back and forth and the roman empire back and forth and actually think like some disney movie that 18th century Paris or London oir Imperial Paris or London or Amsterdam what some mythical ethnostate even though they were the capitals of vast empires (as was Vienna). Keep pol retardation off this board. Stupid does not last here. There has never in history been so many natives in European nations

>> No.29258354

London slums were full of east europeans, irish, scots, jews and the dregs of the empire and before that the holy lands

>> No.29258426
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1. I'm not White but I'm rich so yeah I guess I will be paying them
2. When was the last time the government had to introduce more taxes to cover their spending? They don't give a shit about debt. They just print more money and avoid raising taxes because taxes don't get you re-elected.

>> No.29258596

Seriously. There's major sections of many European nations now where the majority of under 18 residents is non-white. The math is fucking simple.
>There has never in history been so many natives in European nations
The only thing that matters is their percentage of the population. If 50% of your nation is arab or sub-saharan African, you're going to have a bad time.

>> No.29258609

you're some kind of diaspora yourself aren't you. look I don't hate you on an individual level and I'm happy to make gains with my biz frens regardless of their background, but you have to understand that migration like this has never been seen before.
or you are the most cucked europoor I've ever met in which case you deserve what is happening to your country

>> No.29258744

You know its not something new, look at ancient Rome or the contents or the roman legions. You're just stupid. Europe eats minorities religious or ethnic, digests them and shits them out and has for 2000 years without pause. I hope I have given you a clear understanding of how retarded your infographic crap is.

>> No.29258746

In both of my posts I had made it quite clear that I agreed that there were small groups of other Europeans in European cities.
I just want to strangle people like you honestly.
You're so smug as the continent goes to shit around you because of your retarded policies and ideologies.

>> No.29258774

Funny right, how most leftist are for the worker but then gain power and enrich banks. No way reparations happen, its just gonna be continuous bait every 4 years.

>> No.29258824

No I am an old family and old money. You Americans are pathetic, all of you genetic waste from Africa and Europe and Asia wasted up like a empty beer can.

>> No.29258844

>east europeans
yes but not in big numbers
yes but also rather small numbers plus they didn't really intermarry
>dregs of the empire
if by that you mean blacks then no, even in the 50s they were still an absolute novelty to Londoners

>> No.29258882

Rather life in Japan with little economic growth than get stabbed and raped

>> No.29258900

Of course you want to strangle me, your a descendent of some criminal/economic failure/illiterate. Take a look at the size of European nations populations in 1900 and now. You are wrong, simple as.

>> No.29258909

nigger :)

>> No.29258968

You are incorrect, the eugenicists of the 1900 where obsessed with the vast number of east europeans, hindoos, jews etc in Londons slums. You are just wrong

>> No.29258973

White "people" will literally ask for it. Especially politicians and other "leaders"

>> No.29259025

>Europe eats minorities religious or ethnic, digests them and shits them out and has for 2000 years without pause.
>you genetic waste from Africa and Europe and Asia wasted up like a empty beer can
The fact you fail to see the irony in your posts is hilarious.

>> No.29259035

Anon have you ever been within 100 feet of a black "woman"?

>> No.29259097

the native people of england are now a minority in london. 60% in 2001, 45% in 2011, probably now 25-30%. do you contest that london has a native ethnic group?

>> No.29259144

Asian century
EU can have fun getting beheaded by Muslims
USA can have fun turning into south africa

>> No.29259172

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