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Yes. It’s a shame because I really feel like if bnb hadn’t dumped, wynaut could’ve hit $1

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serves you faggots right for so defiantly breaking copyright laws

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No, I have faith in the project.

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i sold at 0.2 feels so fucking goooooooooooood

maybe ill buy back when it hits 0.001

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im still holding

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my bags have tripled with a discount
new 200k+% APR farm coming monday
much more to come

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All BSC coins are getting spitroasted. Already too deep to pull back.

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I was just about to buy in too. Welp, good thing I didn’t.

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man, i put in like $500 bucks at .05 and sold at .10, felt nice but then saw it go up to fucking .40 and I fucking FOMOd back in like 300 bucks which is basically worthless now kek.. ah well no real loss

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Yikes. The pajeets and the genuine retards on Telegram. The state of crypto.

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Yup, this shit is bleeding to death.

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Lost so much money...

The whole team wasn't even bad just one bad apple.

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Then Wynaut started to pull everything.
Is over.

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>from 0.5 to 0.039
Holy shit, what happened?

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Admin "Saint Trick" posted this:

We got fucked by a bad vote in the inner circle (I WAS NOT INVOLVED AND I WOULDVE SAID FUCK NO)

To give the WYNAUT DEV full wallet control.

He is dumping on us. He’s fucking it all up.

Got mad that we went in the teamrocket direction.

Not sure if we can recover. I’m talking to firekid about what to do.

I just found out. I wanted this to succeed. I put 16 hours in every day this week trying to make it real.

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every scam token has the same sad story

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It was literally a nigger song. I fucking told you redditors it was a nigger song, but you were all
>nooo we like the nig nigs here
This is what you get. I hope all of you die

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I got out with a decent profit

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yes and ur going to get financially ruined even fuirther if u keep holding onto this obvious pnd

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We get it you hate black people

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fucking sucks, it really was a fun project.

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Yep, the Wynaut developer is dumping on everyone.

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What the fuck

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millenials are just going to have to get over fucking pokemon I swear wtf is wrong with this generation

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Wynaut telegram is on fire, 2 admins are panicking and Wynaut developer is running away with everyones money.

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who was it?

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I wanna see some screenies, never got into wynaut but I can imagine it's a bloodbath in there if so/

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im still holding, dont leave

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and his just hatred guided him to the right decision as usual. never relax

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I made a x2 and walked away a week ago, and now need to go back in the archive and find the retard that said "I'll see you in a week" at 30c.

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I was gonna buy this shit too. Good thing I didn’t. Government is gonna regulate crypto with all these rugpullers i swear to god

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Well it was 0.5 after a week.

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It hit 50 cents you retard. But this is an important lesson for everyone. 2x or 3x your shit early and GTFO

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dev rugged

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..are you ACTUALLY retarded?
I said a week ago. and a week after that is now. At 1c.
Jesus, how many chromosomes do you have?

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post the tg i want to see the bloodbath

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Meant .1

Are you illiterate? That's LITERALLY what I did you single digit IQ cunt. Doesn't matter if it went to 50 if it crashed all the way back down again.

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Chew on this

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>Devs sold
>Everyone except devs got scammed
>The tg is on fucking fire
Good thing I only put 10 bucks on this

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Well, that's so true. First time I managed to 10x, but I did not get out.. At least I got my initial investment out

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I made like 600+ usd

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Based. Can you teach me how you catch these shitty coins really early?

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I made 400 bucks then lost 300 after going back in lol
yay i made 100 bucks off wynaut

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>tfw i invested in meowth, farmed within minutes of it opening, swung traded the shit out of it and literally turned $400 in $10000

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>imagine buying a token that could get rugpulled by the developer at any time

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I believe the original developer. He was salty that he wasn't getting a Binance listing. Lol. After 1 week of it all. Guess he was a literal kid,

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>tfw i invested in meowth, farmed within minutes of it opening, swung traded the shit out of it, literally turned $400 in $10000 and got the fuck out unscathed

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I made seventy fucking grand on this. holy shit I feel like the luckiest person in the world

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Wynaut may be dead but there's tons of other projects that could moon. SWOON, Community Token, GOAT (which is even now near ATH), etc.

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yep that was a great lesson for me. I got lucky and ended up making $2500, but was up 40k at one time. Ah well, live and learn. I feel bad for the people who lost $$thousands

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reminder: any coin that blatantly violates copyright is a pump n dump or a rugpull
i said it 8 days ago with wynaut, i said it with mcdc, i said it with every other shitty altcoin, and I'm always right since it's such a simple rule

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^ thats the kind of lessons I'm talking about

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Lesson learned.

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Already happened. It dropped from 0.45 to 0.01

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rugpulled anons. how much did you lose

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And now it's going to drop to 0.

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All of these are pump n dumps, it just doesn't matter if you get in early and pull out at the right time. And these definitely have room to grow still.

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It was shilled here and I bought, keep in mind I have been rugpulled on like 3 other coins in the mean time.
big if true

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>Bought at 0.012 and sold at 0.024

Feels like a loss bud

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Only $100 luckily

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I made it out more or less even on my original $400 ape panic selling a bit ago. I don't know if you're allowed to put a price on the week of stress and panic from the ups and downs.

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Why did he not like the team rocket idea? It’s just a name change

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yeah but by the time you see people posting about it on /biz/ you're already too late
there are inner circles where people make shitcoins, get their friends and close cohorts to presale and buy super early before shilling it. Most of them intend to pull out entirely, handful of them end up being slowly rising coins with bad whale situations
I would know since I'm part of such a group

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I broke even but I was up $8k at one point. The reactions from the pajeets in telegram almost make it worth it.

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Why rug after 1 or 2 weeks though? This thing could've hit a $1 or 2 easy. I think the highest I saw it was 0.68 at one point.

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I got in at 4.5 cents. I sold half my stack at 40cents. Then I sold half of that half last night when I noticed the price dipping.

Protip for all the newfags, NEVER believe a dev when they say something like “it’s gonna moon as soon as we get listed on coingecko”. That literally never happens

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I wanna become a rugpuller. Sounds like easy money.

>> No.29252900

dunno, there are many possibilities. the team's story is that they're incompetent and gave wallet access to some guy who gave up on the project and dumped everything. very well could be a ploy and that was a team member's alt acc so that people don't go hunting for them (dunno if the team provided their real life info, i didnt give a fuck about wynaut)

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If you join during the early /biz/ shill phase you can still make it, or at least get a nice 2-5x out of it, unless it never reaches beyond that phase. If it reaches reddit or gets listed on coingecko (like GOAT) everyone who got in on biz makes gains.

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coingecko listing basically never does anything to the price, stop believing lies moron. dext automatically lists hot coins and has a better interface, plus it's used by actual altcoin hunters.

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It was a rug, because it literally died. Rug was just the consequence of cashing out.
10000million% apy is what killed this, not the rug now.
Whales came in, took their 100k profits and dumped. It couldn't have happened any other way. It was too good to be true.
It was printing me 1k $ a day. It made no sense.

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that wasn't what happened... wynaut dev was barely around and didn't do shit. the devs who actually did anything at all were the ones keeping things going and wanted to rebrand. at first wynaut dev and his bffs were on board with it, then after a bunch of work went in to it they changed their mind. so the group actually doing anything were frustrated, then wynaut dev + his friends voted to give him control of wallet, the people doing any of the work voted against it but lost so they quit. then wynaut dev dumped while acting like he wasn't and blaming shit like "the team left me".

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the price impact value is bugged with low values, try putting 100 wynaut

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People are still buying :P

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wtf there are actually human beings behind those shitty scamcoins, that "put 16 hours" of work everyday in those? hahahaha what the fuck is there to do, make a contract set up some shitty website and then? i can only imagine by 16 hours of work he means masturbating to cukold porn 16 hours

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When I pull my meowth out of liquidity, do I get back the exact same amount of BNB I put in? Or does it depend on the price of meowth. If the latter I'm completely fucked

>> No.29254412

They make a doctors salary in a month dude.... ynot dev literally cashed out 100k

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You can't. The dev got access to the Meowth wallet. You can't unstake it.

>> No.29254460

I'm sorry but yer fucked mate

>> No.29254547

Oh shit it's going back up buy the dip guys.

>> No.29254555

wow, thank fuck I sold once I noticed the meowth rewards slow down last night

>> No.29254621

how fucking retarded are you? i never said that the devs don't make a fuckton of money on their rugpulls. i said there is no fucking work involved in this rugs besides setting things up, shilling a little and then just waiting for the price to go up so you can dump.

>> No.29254660

what the heck is happening, the price is actually going back up lol, was 0.008 just a moment ago, now at 0.018

>> No.29254677

LOOOOOOL I didn't realise how bad things truly were. Everyone made liquidity pooling sound so safe - I didn't spend much on wynaut, but lost a lot of BNB from staking meowth ffs

>> No.29254759

how retarded do you have to be to think a 50000% apy farming pool is safe

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lul ppl fomoing in again, back to 1.9 cents

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so was this just a smalltime rugpull in the grand scheme of BSC, or would it be big enough to hurt BSC's reputation? I think it go to a 15mil market cap, which is small compared to others, but big enough to generate buzz

>> No.29254854

you can still get your tokens and sell them if you want, they're just not worth much anymore. Might be a better idea to hodl since the price seems to be recovering a little, maybe the dev team can figure out a way to fix things and reboot the project.

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>> No.29255102

Pulled my wynaut/BNB out of the pool, but yeah probably should have waited and hodled

>> No.29255109

post em

>> No.29255184

Thread from earlier this morning


>> No.29255453

It wasn't a rug pull, inherently. A rug pull would be if they removed liquidity/minted gazillion coins and dumped them to 0, etc.
Here price collapsed naturally, because of retarded 100000000000% apy and then dev cashed out team pooled coins at the bottom, after the price dumped by 90%. He made very little money, in grand scheme of things.
He could have stolen the tvl for example, at the high was 20m+. That would have been a rugpull. If anything, it's the random whales who rugpulled the coin team, but it's the team fault for allowing this to happen.

>> No.29255610

In this type of scenarios is where HEX shines , HEX penalizes heavily if the whales dump.

>> No.29255613

interesting and good to know. i got lucky coming out $2500 ahead but lots of people lost their ass. no long term damage to BSC (rep wise)?

>> No.29255681

copy pasted a few
>U deserve fucking covid. Your family deserve to die
>Son of a bitch Scammer
>I hope devs die. Motherfuckees
>7k gone thx guys i hope u die soon
>Where does he live I'm gonna fuck him up. The dev
>Shitty ass rap song, shitty ass coin, shitty ass team. I hope teamrocket all Burn in Hell
>Its time to literally kill someone o_o

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DEV made loads of money

>> No.29255962

Probably from Indians lol

>> No.29256066

The state, it's back at 2.2 cents. Literally why

>> No.29256111

Maybe a few hundred k, yes, but it wasn't inherently a rug pull. Coin simply died because of retarded team. It didn't matter.
Tvl, wynaut, meowth all is safe and still good even right now.

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Please don't be racist. They're called niggers

>> No.29256232

Dude congrats. I can only dream of these kind of profits.

>> No.29256322

ty, my biggest win of all time. keep trying anon, they're out there

>> No.29256455

I'm already up 50% AGAIN lmao I love you guys

>> No.29256467

How much did you put in to start?

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>> No.29256808

found the dev

>> No.29256879

tell us @ which price you bought, at which you sold and of course how much did you invested

>> No.29257028

It was the meowth that got rug pulled, even so, reputation got fucked to the ground, wynaut will never go up to what it once was.

>> No.29257087

Because you can easily 1.5x or 2x your money right now in a matter of minutes

>> No.29257088


>> No.29257154

average price under a penny, sold at 20 cents, put in 3k. sold two days ago so I could have gotten another 2x, but I've held past the peak more times than I can count and I didn't want those gains to vanish

>> No.29257223

320K wynaut was like 10BNB at launch or at least when it was being advertised here

If that's all that the dev could dump, this is a shitty rug pull

he could have preferably bought 10 BNB worth wynaut secretly and later sold it for more profits without rugging it

>> No.29257246

>got mad that we went in the teamrocket direction

Ayy lmao, he thought the shit RFI clone was gonna survive without an extra token to support the initial ponzi?

What a seethingfag.

>> No.29257339

That's not the dev that just one anons profits

>> No.29257352

Haha it's actually pumping again when I already sold at .02 fuck my life.

>> No.29257402

Top kek

>> No.29257477

was this some kind of reverse rug pull FUD? why are there so many 5k, 10k buys coming in?

>> No.29257492

damn it's pumping again, was 0.8c at the lowest, now at 5c, could have got 6x buying at the very bottom

>> No.29257498

Unironically it is what killed it. The farms and meowth token.
1000000million% apy. Do you even comprehend? People doubled their money in hours. I was one of them, fuck.
I've made a lot on this shit, but this was so retarded. Whales rugged such a nice project.

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>> No.29257640

plus all this is burning the token supply like crazy

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>> No.29257680

I was staking around 20 MEOWTHs for the memes, but this was more than expected.

>> No.29257726


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>> No.29257841

The "admins" are telling people to keep buying and the sheep are listening. Admins are gonna drop their bags lol

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Why does Biz keep falling for these fake projects? It ends the same way every time.

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25k buys coming in now jesus is it gonna break ATH

>> No.29257962

It wasn't fake. Stop spreading fud if you have no clue.

>> No.29257992

one last pump and dump for good measure

>> No.29258034

>9 cents
What the fuck

>> No.29258039

you're so fucking naive

>> No.29258042

How can you look at all of this evidence and not see this was always meant to be a rug pull? Come on Anon..

>> No.29258053

LMAO go go go go

>> No.29258069

can someone post the tg

>> No.29258088

Wynaut Dev did nothing wrong. If you guys were paying attention, his dev team sold their bags secretly last night then announced they were quitting during his sleep. That firekid guy made tons of money while the dev held legit zero coins. I don't blame him for running with what he could. What would you do?

>> No.29258091

t me wynautmoney

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>> No.29258108 [DELETED] 

t dot wynautmoney

>> No.29258148


>> No.29258173

It wasn't a rug pull though, ffs. Apy is what killed it, not the rug. Jfc.
Wales were making 100k in hours, apy crashed, everyone dumped, because it stopped making money. It was simple accidental ponzi, due to apy.

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>> No.29258336

Are you one of the admins? Are you just trying to shill more so it'll pump and you can dump your bags, fucking nigger

>> No.29258387

this is fucking absurd, why are people buying this shit?

>> No.29258454

sir, when coingecko sir?

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>> No.29258475

they're being being coaxed by the "admins" in the tele.
>oh don't worry, we can make it work
they're bleeding the simps dry

>> No.29258500

One of the admins said it was a fucking rugpull you dumbass.

>> No.29258534

>all in'd $1000 at $6
>went up to $7 then down to fucking 8 cents
fuck it im so broke now i have no reason to pull out. might as well keep farming and go back to pancake with my next wagie check

>> No.29258560

If you have bought 20 minutes ago you could sell at 10x right now.

>> No.29258586

where did you hear this?

>> No.29258600

anyone got the tele link?

>> No.29258634

Well, not anymore. Kek, still 3x from the gigarug.

>> No.29258644

I've cashed out at 30c. Just telling the truth. I like truth.
Dev dumped assets at the bottom, yes. But price crashed because of apy. Who the fuck gives a fuck about dev dumping at the bottom? Jfl.
Wynaut pumped hard, because if you put 1000bux of wynaut into a farm, it printed you 2k, so everyone was buying wynaut to print free money. Apy crashed and stopped printing money = everyone dump their wynaut, because people only bought to farm with it.
People shper low iq in this thread.
This was 100% unsustainable and what happened was the only logical conclusion.

>> No.29258686


Meowth got rugpulled, meowth was shaped differently compared to wynaut, wynaut devs couldn't rug wynaut cause initial LP was burned

>> No.29258849
File: 25 KB, 619x325, wd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this. Meowth wallet got dumped but not wynaut

>> No.29258875

I've explained this in many threads many times. If you can't understand, then you're simply a sheep with room temp iq. Good luck in your life.
I'm taking a week of, I'll go blow all this money I've made from wynaut on something nice. Maybe will go to thailand or something. I'm happy af.

>> No.29258948

so does this mean theyre gonna drop MEOWTH and just focus on wynaut?

>> No.29259063

I made 7 grand on this project scam lol.
Although I got in early.

>> No.29259264

i just drop my bag as the team bought 10k in wyanut lol bought in at the 0.008 dip

feels good

>> No.29259445

If you're still in it, this is your best swing chance. They say swingers get the rope but retards are still pumping it.

>> No.29259582

how do I buy/sell? how do I check the price? I'm unorinlcally willing to go all in right now

>> No.29259644

>Dev spends 1 million dollars to save projects for pumping and burns
>Team leaves him and sells their bags while he sleeps
>Dev ended up with only 30k usd for making a 15m marketcap coin
>Takes the dev fund because thats the least he can do.

How is he wrong?

>> No.29259688

>how do I buy/sell?

how do I check the price?
set the other token to USDT and set WYNAUT amount to 1, you'll get the price in dollars

>> No.29259792

I just got back home, if I buy now can I still do a 2x?

>> No.29259808

bought back at 4 cents
have a feeling this is going to rebound like sushi

>> No.29259848

Yes, even 3x

>> No.29259863

i love seeing indians get butthurt
someone should make a shitcoin that caters towards retard indians and their religion
call it the dot or something

>> No.29259871


tell me about sushi

>> No.29259908

>t. dev

>> No.29259914

Go to their telegram check the stickies they have a dedicated pricebot channel

>> No.29259958


>> No.29260067

link? can't believe I'm considering catching the knife but oh well yolo

>> No.29260072

what are some coins that WONT fucking die the moment i start staking?

>> No.29260477


>> No.29261096



>> No.29261157

Literally look at timestamps of price dump and dev sleeping, then firekid announcing he leaves the project right after he sells. The dev did not rug wynaut at all, meowth simply rug pulled itself because the devs did not work on it and the apy fucked it. Not to mention the devs leave.

Be you, your coin dumps 90% and your team leaves and u have access to a dev wallet. what the fuck do you do? seriously? let him go

>> No.29261158

cake, actual bnb bluechip just stake cake-bnb

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>> No.29261369

fucking KEK

>> No.29261397

this is so fucking over if you're buying into this you're sub 50 IQ

>> No.29261517


>> No.29261551

Holy shit is that the dev that pulled the rug? Kek.

>> No.29262614

i still 4x'd off this
i hope more dumb fucking incompetent millennial zooms make more scam coins for dumb fucking incompetent millennial zooms to baghold so i can ride their waves until they force the government to regulate this shit cause their parents couldnt

really funny how much of a shiyshow it all is even compared to the usual pajeet/eastern euro scams
back to roblox and tumblr undertale memes you go

>> No.29262807

inspect element, it's just a joke, check the site.

>> No.29263729

This actually checks out when I think about it.

Can't really trust the team either at this point.

I will forever hold my wynaut though.

>> No.29263743

lol thats the same guy who told me to hold lol KEEEK