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Tell me why I shouldn't stake all my Link on Bancor.
Is there a chance all my linkies will disappear?

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Smart contract risk always exists but then again would the big link whales gather at an unsafe protocol?

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IL is real and you have to wait 100 days to gain protection. i have over 20 eth in the pool and it gets less and less every day

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Because you should split between bancor and Celsius so as not to place all your linkies in one basket.

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At 4.51% apy it'll take 16 years to double your stack. What are the chances of nothing bad happening in that time given that Celsius is custodial while Bancor is non-custodial?

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Nobody is putting link on Celsius to double their stack.

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You can up your rate a bit if you put in some USDC as well or take payment in Celsius instead of Link. I’m too paranoid to do anything with mine right now in case the bull run falls apart and there is a run. But mostly, it’s for easy passive gains if you’re in for the long haul. If you want to double your stack you gotta keep playing the game.

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Bancor got hacked before.

No matter what anyone tells you that it didnt impact anything and they implemented the security measures... what makes you think this wont happen again?

Better be safe than sorry.