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what is going on with goose? every time i try to unstake i get this its not even showing me my nested amount

24 egglet reporting

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did i just get egged?

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You will lose everything for buying a copy paste 4 day project with literally in-credible apy

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anon u r scaring me

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This happened 2 days ago, BSC was congested. Just wait
Goose is unironically going to be what 1inch is to Uniswap but on BSC, so PancakeSwap

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Why did the supply suddenly increase by 100k?

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holy fuck it has an unlimited supply anon......

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Save what you can I'm not fucking with you, I know it looked exciting but this is the kind of scam you stay far away from and watch, I tried to warn in the official threads but the hysteria would not be reasoned with

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but i like eggs whay should i buy

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Then why the fuck would it ever increase in value HAHA

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should have bought BAKE

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Everyone is now aping on DONUT
Website: https://donutdefi.com/

BSC address : 0x9359732b2821585f9cfc00e53ce9cdc5a8b5cce0

Enjoy 3000% APY

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get out of here! scram!!

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Do you not understand how deflationary tokens work moron?

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just wait for the update next week

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explain it to me like i am child anon i have ur full attention

they have unlimitied supply so more egg less BNB for egg right

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yeah but no ppl will buy eggs to stake into the incubator to get good apy in the oldest layers ( new layer every 14 days ) and the fees for staking are used to buy eggs and burn it

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what is suicide and make it egg

when do u think they rug my pajeet fren

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putting the eggs in the incubator will burn them

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>explain it to me like i am child anon
try again, and maybe also include why the devs buy back

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why is egg tanking oh my..........

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no but for real, sushi dropped ten fold before taking off and it had many 50% correction.
Plz sell so i get more eggs from the farming

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im sccrareed anon kun

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We are still above the price of 2 days ago.

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Ama tomorow for the chad eggmasters

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Sell more so I can stock up at 50$/EGG

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idk anon kun :3

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Swapping 2/3 of my EGG rewards for CAKE and BNB, still at 22 EGG and climbing. Even if it becomes a >$50 stablecoin I will happily continue making $500+ per day.

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donkey here, can't I stake the rewards i get from the nest? What does clicking compound do?

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It takes the your egg reward and stake it with the rest in 1 transaction.
Btw eggs will stop being minted pretty soon

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Compound adds the nested award to your nesting stack.
Harvest pulls them to your wallet

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I have to pay fees whenever i do that right?

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Audit preliminary report out in 3-4 hours

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Top 3 dapp on bsc, i can keep shiling, no one listening anyway

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Commence comfy egg nesting

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I'd be cool to keep crabbing for a long time, means my other assets lay more eggs

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I'm curious about that incubator thing

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Goosers can stake Eggs (Genesis Layer) into the incubator in any layers to generate the corresponding “Layer x Goose” Token PERPETUALLY. The number of Eggs able to stake into the incubator WILL BE FIXED AS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Also, the Eggs WILL BE BURNED.
This fixed amount of staking ensures the benefits of Goosers who staked Eggs into the incubator, in other words, to prevent more people staking into the pool diluting the APY/Goose reward.
These layers will be on FOREVER, therefore, you can stay in the oldest layer to farm as long as there are profits.
The farms and nests will be similar to eggs, where you stake “Layer x Goose”-BUSD LP token to generate more “Layer x Goose”, or single token. Layered farming WILL NOT generate Eggs.
There will be Goose House where you will be able to stake the “Layer X Goose” to get ACTUAL TOKEN (Currently decided as BNB). This BNB will be purchased automatically through 75% of the 4% of transaction fee in the layered farms. This is to bring actual value to “Layer X Goose”

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"Layered farming WILL NOT generate Eggs"

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Apparently the audit has some issues bros.....
Do we exit now and re enter when (if) it is actually confirmed

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i heard same thing anon, thay why they dumping

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>1 post by this ID
what issues?
all bnb shit is dumping. starting to see a trend here. whales are trying to accumulate your eggs for the infinite farming hacks, get wrecked newfags

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Holy shit I finally understand. Nice

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