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Ok whats with all the hate for this guy? There is a correction today after yesterdays pump and everyone is calling it a rugpull. It has cheap fees unlike eth and its centralized so what? arent we all here to make bucks

First /biz shits on AVAX and now this? whats next?

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he intentionally sabotage eth network to raise fees, community dumping.

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Never undestood why there its a cult arround some degwnerate fat russian dude that necwr ever wash or change clothes
Since allyhe faggets are in love with him they bough his scam coin named chainsonwthing maybe cause it sound like chan i sont know
Well that shit ultra useless coin its tied to dead to the other sperg coin named etherium so..
Long atory ahort they qill be against anything that gives light over the useless piece of crap that etherium and chanlink are even if that means lose money they are that in love qith the fat gay bear

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I dont think it was intentional. binance occasionally has server issues

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mmm that sounds based to me

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sold at $330, buying back at $120

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Downloaded my CSV file from ethscan and I paid about $750 in gas money trading on uniswap. Moved over to BSC the last two weeks, and I only end up paying $5 for all my trade so far.

I'm moving to BSC and never looking back to ETH.

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he da boss

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unironically $450 EOM.

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let the normies panic sell then post their wojaks when it's $1000

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lol @ retards trusting their money to a centralized exchange controlled by the CCP just so they can (best case scenario) gamble it away on food shitcoins

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Additionally, I paid over $200 just this morning to move and sell off all my ETH altcoins to move everything to BSC. Th'at really high but those are money I'm willing to lose if I never have to use Uniswap again for trading.

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"muh CCP"
That's why I'm trusting the CCP. Chinks just want their shitcoins to grow no matter what.

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It's in malta retard

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Binance is not based in china. Crypto is banned in China. How dumb are you?

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So you don't think they want to rugpull Americans for their stimulus money?

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>and it's centralized so what?
You have to go back you fucking retard.

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Fuck i hope it goes that low again, this shit is going to pump up to 1500 by the end of this bullrun. Imagine the bagholders when bitcoin shits the bed and alta bleed for a couple years again. Might make a 3d wojak for the salt

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note how bringing up the CCP made the shills all agitated, kek

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>Chinks just want their shitcoins to grow no matter what.
Honestly this. China loves money just as much as me and they don't waste time with proposals about which trannies to hire. It's clear as day BSC is gonna come out on top here. I just hope /Biz bros make it in.

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>implying redditrannies don't care its centralized

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kek, it's going to be back to $300 before monday morning

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They will Rugpull someday, just no now, this is the beggining of the Beartrap, expect this to $450 EOM, might jump to $550 and go down to the mean again who knows. Do you think the chinks actually do care about Joe's money?

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bnb $1,000 is inevitable

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they don't give a shit, but a broke joe is an angry joe, and the chinks want to destabilize america

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AWS failure

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a billion dollar company rugpulling? highly doubt it

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Hello fellas, did you come across the BAEXplatform(#baex)? Found their advertising, didn't know if defi binary systems work. What optionsdo you use? I am thinking about Tesla and Amazon but still not so many guides and videos on how to use them profitably

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Ok why should I care if its centralized or not? I'd take not having to waste hundreds any time i wanna move crypto over "decentralization" any day

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because for example they can turn off eth withdrawals at any time and blame it on an AWS outage?

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I want to believe that kek.
They are destabilizing America with Tik Tok and other bs already, why bother with random crypto shitposters.

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why not?

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Yes they are fucking Joe's with this DIP, meanwhile other Johns won't fall in the trap and buy more. My point is: This is not a rugpull just a fucking dip for a rising coin.

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Lmao you're so fucking dumb if you think it's going back to $120 again

It's going to $500 this week

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It's centralized. Nobody going to stay there long term.

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> Buying back at sub $200
You will regret not buying back at $255.

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I cant bag hold, i sold at a loss

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"Anon check out $MCM
They are gonna rock soon.

> No investments
> no ico
> team volunteer"

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Centralized shitcoin. It's dying in 3 months.

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anon it's been around for years

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>arent we all here to make bucks
Apparently not, we have some holy crusaders here, who would rather get fucked by gas fees and clog up the industry for a few more years because of muh decentralization. If the ETH ecosystem was so healthy and wonderful, Binance couldn't touch it, but there is clearly a huge problem and they're providing a solution, even if an imperfect one at this point.

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So glad someone like you is on here spreading the good word. Thoughtful , and articulate. You get a start anon!