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why is it mooning?

and where will it stop?

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No clue.. bought and sold some before I went to sleep, bought the last dip for a taste... feels late to go all in.

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RVN could easily move to the price of BTG

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What happens to Eth when it finally moves from POS? Where to miners go?

Do the math

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no idea what you're saying

some1 said buy birb at 12c and i did

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Shot up suddenly from 0.1 to 0.30 over a few days. Seems like some sort of pump and dump? Maybe some companies decided to announce they're using it? Miners switching from other coins to raven? It's crazy. Doge went up to only 0.11 now this crypto is at 800 increase and no one is taking about it which is kind of weird to me and makes me hesitant. Definitely too late but keep an eye on it.

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When miners can no longer mine Eth, what will they mine? all that equipment and no coin with any value worth mining, oh wait, here is Raven to save the day!

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Kawww kaww

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only talk cus of elon backing doge
raven is cute bird and good place to go to for mining

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We like the squawk.

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I'm gonna regret FOMOing at .27 won't I?

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flap harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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once upon a time i bought 5000 rvn
after months of zero price action i turned it into bitcoin
everything's fine

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What did he mean by this?

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>tfw FOMOd at .25

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bought 5.4k rvn at 1 cent each, was going to buy 100k but im a broke college student that was waiting for bidens stimulus check that never came....

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Bought a decent stack at .08 because I thought BNB would pump it.

Sold at .14 because I read the source code and it's literally nothing special. It does what it says (minus the cost savings) and is essentially not a valid way to reduce costs for training neural nets.

Crypto doesn't really seem to care about what the underlying tech is though, so maybe it'll continue to moon.

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