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No TA bullshit or insider faggotry just good old supply and demand

- Chainlink's twitter continues to release more and more bespoke feeds
- This anon was right: gas price per feed is decreasing in some instances despite continued high overall eth gas costs
- In the aggregate chainlink, despite adding new feeds nearly daily is falling in the ranks of eth gas use and is now using half the monthly eth gas it did last month

Chainlink feeds are now cheaper, which makes more use cases cost feasible
Lower eth gas costs mean less node incentivization fund needs to be used and less sell pressure
The first phase of Sergey's virtuous cycle is beginning
Buy Link

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Literally a board full of absolute shit tier food tokens and this goes un bumped. New OCR feeds too, but no one saw that.

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w/e man just make me rich, asshole.

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Checked, quality post, will get buried.
I can honestly just feel it, top 10 shittokens making cash grab runs because they all know link is about to make its move.
This is why I felt comfortable going long at ath last night, only to wake up to another ath.

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>Buy Link
No. Fuck your cult

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Why does it all matter? He's still dumping the same or an increasing amount on the market. Gas fee decrease 8x, data handled increase 10x, increases token dumped to pay for growth. Price of token continuously pushed down, or struggles to increase.

Value of a project vs the price of the token are 2 different things.

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Ok there will be less sell pressure. But the question is, will there be more buy pressure?

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I get the feeling this is them deploying OCR across all users that want it without announcing anything
The way they work they'll announce it as a secondary offering after they have several projects successfully using it in production for a period of time

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you are not allowed to shill/fud stinker until you’ve swallowed at least 6 colossal breadcrumbs leading to absolutely fucking nothing

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The number of wallets holding link is over 400k and increasing by nearly one percent per day
You tell me

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Less expensive to use links services.
Link therefore increaseing depth and breadth of offered data.
Therefore more requests by already existing customers (100x cheaper service enabling 100x more requests).
Moreover attracting new customers because of increase in depth and breadth of offered data.

It is happending right now.

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I'm one of the main reasons this board knows about link
Most crumbs are bullshit, but this is an objectively verifiable technical advance that both increases potential userbase and decreases sell pressure
It doesn't get much better than that

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whats OCR?

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Just fucking /anhero/ yourselves already, oh wait, you don’t know what that means because you’re fudding candyasses from discord or too new/retarded to invest in the final piece of the crypto puzzle. And thanks for the bump.

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>decreases sell pressure
Selling intensifies. Every dollar mark crosses over like getting a root canal.

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off chain reporting meaning not all nodes need to submit data to the aggregating contract, but one implying massive reduction in the cost of running chainlink as a whole. This makes nodes profitable and will increase the type of data.

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post tx mr. big nig

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>saw link in 2017 but was not investing in crypto till last year
>Saw Link at $9
>damn that sure got expensive huh, wish i'd have gotten in on that
>months later
>still not buying because now it really is too high
>will i be saying this till it reaches 300$

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The post claims that this month some feeds are going to OCR and therefore more feeds are in existence with less sell pressure to keep nodes solvent
You see that the amount of link sold up until jan is increasing, in keeping with more feeds being added
Do you see that feb is way behind what it should be if this is untrue? Do you ever question why?

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checked, good thread OP

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>Do you see that feb is way behind what it should be if this is untrue? Do you ever question why?
Because Feb is not over yet you dumb ass. That's 3 million token in just first 19 days.

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>So we continue to notice the rate at which we put data on chain is the rate at which people are able to make markets and financial products and insurance products and all kinds of smart contracts around that data. And so what we are now reaching is a new chapter in Chainlink’s scalability, where we’re genuinely looking at a 10x increase in scalability so we expect that to create a 10x increase in the amount of data we’re able to put on chain as well as our ability to integrate in many different chains. So what we’re basically seeing is the degree to which we’re able to efficiently put more and more data onto a blockchain and various blockchains is the degree to which people are able to build more and more financial products around that data. And as we are seeing and are in the process of now finalizing the launch of, a 10x in the amount of data we can put on, we expect that to have a ripple effect through the larger defi ecosystem to create even larger amounts of decentralized financial products out there in the market. And then from there we continue to both increase the breadth and type of data that we will be providing, increasing the breadth of the types of smart contracts that can be made on chain, as well as the depth and quality of data that we’re providing to various use cases which will subsequently make them more reliable, larger in the amount of value that they can hold and kind of just create growth. So our goal is to continue to support the decentralized financial movement and ecosystem by providing more and higher quality data and we’ve already seen that our ability to do the allows that ecosystem to grow which is something that we’re extremely proud to be a part of.

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checked but it's likely LINK selling by operators looking to cover costs happens at the end of the month, then they know how much they need to sell to balance the book and because its after all crabbing upwards.

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I didnt read that but im never selling

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All you have to do to know link is about to explode is witness all the coordinated fud. They’re desperate to make you sell.

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thx just sold

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A-are you assblaster?

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>muh fucking technical mumbo jumbo
Whatever nerds. This shit is so fucking pathetic. Pump already you piece of shit.

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So, when was this written?

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I'll take my gains from other shit and jam it into my LINK stack pretty soon

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Been in link since $5. Never selling but this fucking thing has severely underperformed the past 6 months. Fucking joke. The biggest frauds of them all are those individuals who post their TA. Literally wrong every single time. Drawing random lines to feel important.

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What is OCR?

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SHUT THE FUCK UP. i need my stimmies and LINK to stay under 40 until then

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Is there any way of confirming this? Can we see that OCR is active somehow?

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LINK mooning is always just around the corner. Arbitrum soon, staking soon, just wait an indeterminate time longer and we'll all make it. But we never actually moon, we just crab along.

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Just like the lifting of lockdown restrictions kek

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Yeah. I wonder if I should just swing for some rope, I'm really getting tired of the world and my place in it.

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>'m one of the main reasons this board knows about link
Blythe Masters?

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This crabcoin hasn't moved anywhere in a week, you'll have another 4 years.

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Same here I was in presale and among the first shillers, maybe first 10-15 people here to post about link. Good to see you fren we’ve done well.

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Good thread anon, also checked.

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>proceeds to dump

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I wonder how much LINK Tiingo is going to buy.

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>Been in link since $5
Imagine bragging about being a newfag.
I bought in at 2 Dollar in Summer 2019 and am still a terrible latefag.

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post feet Blythe

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I applaud you for your self awareness

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Optical character recognition

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been in link since 0.5cent, 2017.
only bought 1100 link held it like a retard this long ... i regret not buying even more but that was a bit of a gamble.

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thanks I guess

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Checked and I have more than you.
We're both gonna make it tough

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I've got 2k LINK but similar feelings.

Though if I had bought with $10k to get a 20k LINK stack I most definitely would have sold some by now. It may be that it had to be this way.

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Based, I bought at the same price last March and every day I wake up in pain thinking about all the linkies I could have bought on a discount. I could easily have a 15k stack and be getting rich, instead I was ignorant and am condemned to suffer.

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Hi Ari

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Being born in Mumbai should have clued you into that, Pajeet.

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Bought £3200 worth at 0.27c ish wish i had had the balls to go all in had 14800 ish taken out 200 at 25 dollorinos and lost 32 trying to swing trade like a fucking retard.

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I dont know anything about crypto but i bought link because of the chart its clearly pointing up

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Honestly, I am okay with myself. I went in with 50% of my savings (I am a poor student) within 2 weeks of learning about Link and with the remaining 50% plus part time job DCA'ed in over the coming months. My net worth is now over 95% Chainlink.
Had I come to biz two months earlier I would have been able to buy at around 30 cent but at least I didnt hesitate when I eventually came.

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No I was living in California (east bay) and thought after the 2018 crash that Bitcoin would just crab off into insignificance. Now I have 5k in a Roth IRA from that job, which could have been a massive stack. At the time I just lurked on /fit/, now I’m basically poor and still have a gut.

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>Noyf8 ID
Not fate m8

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I sank $50k into chainlink at $4... am I retarded??

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I am also of the opinion that we have learned about this opportunity for a reason and I thank Jesus daily for the grace of clear sight and wisdom.
When I eventually make it I will dedicate my life to restoring Catholic Christendom.

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>am I retarded??
Depends on how long the time was between learning about Link and eventually taking action.

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Even $4 seems pretty cheap now...

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TLDR but i did buy more linkies hehe

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unbelievably based, it’s literally the only reason to make it. richfags are always posting about how depressed they are. Christ is the only way

>> No.29244978

New Constantinople crusade wen?

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>Roth IRA
I too fell for that. I could’ve had almost double my 12k stack back in 2018, but I fell for the diversification meme and put half my investment into stocks/IRA.

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lol 95% of my money right now is sitting in a diversified conservative mix of stocks and bonds, i got into crypto this year so i just started putting money into it.

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Unless the Orthodox manage to reclaim it without us. In that case we reunite the Churches. Otherwise we reunite first and then reclaim it.

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i worked my ass off back in the days at my first job, i only survived bc i knew i can buy up more and more linkies every month

>> No.29245420

I learned about LINK in jan of 2020, then proceeded to scrounge up all my savings to get in.

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These hands are strong. Probably one of my top 5 crypto decisions.

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>Christ is the only way
True brother

We also should pool together and bribe the hierarchy/poe to finally do the Fatima consecration of Russia. Less we end up with world communism.


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Well my friend works for Sergey directly in the landscaping department at their Cayman Islands location.

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>and am still a terrible latefag.
based man right here
you newfags better follow suit

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nice x8

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>I learned about LINK in jan of 2020, then proceeded to scrounge up all my savings to get in.
Then its good. And your stack is bigger than mine anyway. Just chill now and pray that you don't become a degenerate when you make it but use your wealth for Go(o)d (and by that I don't mean liberation theology or whatever that maybe-marxist Francis is pushing but the stuff Catholic lords did in the middle ages)

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so you have what... nearly half a million now? and you're asking if you're retarded?
yes, you are retarded but not for the reason you think.

>> No.29245861

I think earlier this week. There was a thread on it.

>> No.29245869

Does it really matter how much he's dumping? He has to dump it eventually, the more he dumps at $35 the less he has to dump at $100. The more he dumps at $100 the less to dump at $500.

I just checked gas tracker and it says Link used 700k USD worth in gas over the last 30 days, but he dumped about 5 million Link over that time, which is $150 million. So wouldn't that mean he had a profit of about 149 million last month or am I not correctly understanding the gas usage?

Either way I just consider Link fully circulating and it's still a value at 35 billion market cap.

>> No.29245944

These last few years have taught me that following the traditional wisdom has been the worst play imaginable as we move further and further from reality. I’m happy you’ve been enlightened and joined in. Hopefully we’ll get some nice dips so you can buy more.

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Why do you guys keep shilling schwabs globohomo coin?

You could have literally made more with doge or even staking eth.

>> No.29246092

a couple hours ago

>> No.29246115

Anything noteworthy?

>> No.29246202

delete this

>> No.29246220

65% of Link Is Held by like 2 people.

Everything is priced controlled to shit and the founder dumps 4 million wallets every week.

>> No.29246438

Kind of yes. You could have just bought Tesla or some shit and come out ahead.

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Calm down. Jesus has already won and the Antichrist agenda has veiled.
And god has choosen us autists to stop Schwab with his own weapons.
He cannot implement anything unless he turns hundreds of frog posters into multimillionaires. Some of them might join him like Judas but the rest are will fight for the light

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have fun getting rich in a token designed ot be worth a cup of coffee in a market based upon mindless speculation

>inb4 not on the whitepaper

you can try to hide this all day, it was written like this, whole thing is retarded. btc is on euphoria mode and this shit can't pump to 100$. whole thing is a clownshow

>> No.29246858

When whitepaper 2.0 comes out, they will adjust this figure to $1K.

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Deluded Abrahamist.
You guys will all get suicided by the SS - Schwab Staffel and you will lose all your coins.

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begone tranny

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Nice stale FUD, mate. Seems like English is not your first language or you’re just retarded, probably both.

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I ... anon ... you didn't know?

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holy shit you fucking newfags are unbearable. Sergey dumping is still constant at 1.5mill link per week. Just look it up on etherscan, here's the wallet

>> No.29247445

>you didn't know?
you didn't know about LINK in 2018 now you desperately shill your schwab crap in every thread

>> No.29247465

yes bitch, i've been DCAing since 14, who gives a fuck if it goes higher i'm just happy i have 42 links now so when they are 1k i wont want to rope as bad

>> No.29247527

Chad Big dig Yahwe VS virgin tranny Baphomet/Lucifer (which you praise)

>> No.29247577

I bit the bullet and ended up getting a stacklet of a few k a year or so back. You need to buy in anon

>> No.29247666

sergay kept dumping

>> No.29247714

explain for brainlets?

>> No.29247880

can someone explain what OCR is?

>> No.29248062

Obsolete crypto retards, which is what we’ll be when the dev wallets have all dumped and the project collapses.

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Btw, why is no one checking the trips of trinity?

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just sold my link stack. thanks anon

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Are you retarted? OCR is cheaper.
Look at how many OCR feeds we have right now, last week it was just ETH/USD.
Chainlink the product just scaled 10x.
No tweets, no hype, just progress.

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very comfy thread

>> No.29248485

No problem friend, happy to help a fellow victim of this obvious scam.

>> No.29248536

I thought this too but I just looked it up on google and found out that a week is actually a lot shorter than 4 years

>> No.29248540

i don't want to ruin my dollar cost average by buying above $4, so i will just hold

>> No.29248910

I work for an analytics firm and have access to some non public information about node performance with this and other upcoming performance improvements

This anon is incorrect in that he is understating the case
The value chainlink can add and capture is going to go up by significantly more than a factor of 10 in the coming 2 months

>> No.29249066

Nice to revisit some old fud fren

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>TFW You remember when there was under 10,000 wallets

Holy fuck it’s been a ride.