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>DOT is now nearly TRIPLE Chainlink's marketcap
We live in a clown world don't we?

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Do you know what either of these coins even do?

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No one cares

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wait they actually do something?

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If you genuinely believe a blockchain is more important than LINK, you're hopeless

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>on a market based upon mindless speculation sergay had the great idea of claiming the token must not go above a cup of coffee

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For the newfags, this isn't actually in the whitepaper.

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classic fud

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Chainlink is KYC centralized oracles with barely any users so sounds about right

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It is lol. Why would you lie about something that anyone could look up in under a minute?

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Believe it or not. Most people won't look that up if they don't know the answer

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Lurk more. You'll oust yourself as a newfag if you don't

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Actual newcoiner here. Teach me of your strange traditions, I've looked up the actual whitepaper and suddenly feel the urge to repost the fake excerpt every couple of days or so for fun. Is that how this works?

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This past 5 months have been worse than the 2018 bear market by far. Because back then we had these huge in depth discussions about how big Link was going to be when mainnet was released and the smartcontract revolution in 2021. But here we are, at rank 10 while chink wash trading scams have a higher ROI than link in only a few months. It's really getting to me lads.

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>link is a ERC-20 token like millions of its clones
>DOT is a world computer that can absorb ethereum at will
Yeah. I'm thinking DOT is still undervalue.

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The absolute state of LINK maxipads.

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Department of transportation?

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Staking won't be released until the bear market, and by then no one will care because we will have already dropped 90%. Sergey will scramble to salvage what's left of his life's work, but by then it will be too little, too late. We literally won't have a bull run.

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But where's the lie? Half the reason I'm in on link is the fact that any one of several different chains/tokens, or a dark horse we don't know about yet, could ultimately win out over the others as a de-factor currency actually used in trade and LINK would still be relevant.

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bunch of crybabies cant stand to hold a 2x a month coin

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Lol he's right though.

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>DOT is just one among so many ETH and BTC wannabes
>Link is the first, biggest, and pretty much only bridge between real-world data and any blockchain you want


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DOT is more than three times better than LINK. Gavin Wood is top Chad compared to Sergei

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coin not needed

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>10^27 link tokens
>each one a few bucks
I'll take it

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Chainlink is centralized KYC oracles. It wasn't the first, and there's like 100 competitors.

If it was decentralized that would be a different story, but it still requires Sergey to KYC every node manually to get jobs, and they literally have no plan to change that since it's been 4 years and they haven't even hinted at a technical whitepaper that would explain how they actually do sybil resistance.

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Meanwhile the patient people with diamond hands will make it throught the tunnel.

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>Chainlink is centralized KYC oracles
Chainlink was decentralized from day 1.

> and there's like 100 competitors.
Oh god yes, each more hilarious than the last.

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>but it still requires Sergey to KYC every node manually to get jobs
Sergey is the contract operator you dunce.
Of course he gets to pick the nodes, that's how it works.

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LINK is dead.

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No, Chainlink required KYC to get jobs from day 1, and it still does.

If you require KYC to be a USEFUL participant, you're not decentralized.

I recommend you learn to code brainlet

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>No, Chainlink required KYC to get jobs from day 1, and it still does.
1) that has nothing to do with being decentralized or not

2) Sergey is currently the only contract operator, so of course he gets to pick the nodes.
Every contract operator will get to pick their own nodes.

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And that's 100% centralized, and there's countless centralized oracle competitors, most of them released before Chainlink.

Chainlink is the biggest scam in crypto, the holders are just too dumb to know that it's fully centralized.

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yes, KYC equals centralized.

If you disagree, you are incorrect, and you have the IQ of an ape. Extremely bearish for Chainlink that their holders don't even know the definition of decentralization.

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>And that's 100% centralized
No, that's a centralized contract picking the decentralized nodes it wants.

>and there's countless centralized oracle competitors
Oh yes anon, thanks for continuing to remind me; I could use a laugh.

>yes, KYC equals centralized.
"Decentralized" means not under centralized control.
Sergey doesn't control any nodes other than Chainlink's own node.

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Even Vitalik argues that Chainlink is centralized.

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Vitalik has a seething hatred for Chainlink, almost from day 1.

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they make number go up?

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No doesnt hate it, he is just indifferent.

That doesnt take off the fact that it has a centralized model to prioritize the node jobs.

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>>DOT is just one among so many ETH and BTC wannabes
just stop, buddy. You don't know DOT if that's all you know. Name one clone of DOT? there's no other parachain competitors. meanwhile Link is token #721321 with token #218321 as its competitor

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Hahah it’s amazing vitalik is going to get blown out of the water. Arbitrum just around the corner

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Vitalik always tries to stay neutral to stuff built on ETH
the whole 'sergey vitalik rivalry' is dumb /biz/ bagholder shit

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Let's assume it's 5 bucks.
That makes one full sticky chain link a quadrillion worth!!!

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>No doesnt hate it, he is just indifferent.
lel, no he actually hates it.

>That doesnt take off the fact that it has a centralized model to prioritize the node jobs.
Vitalik said the "security model" was centralized. Not whatever you're saying.

>Name one clone of DOT?
Holy shit you have the reading comprehension of a brick.

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I see this announcement, "BAEX is a new gem," almost everywhere. Did you see that? I checked this exchange, this is a defi binary system with different shares, indexes, fiat & crypto pairs. Does anyone use it? They also offer a bonus system to earn on the invitations: #baex

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Vitalik doesn't like the fact that Sergey is okay with on-boarding existing central entities because Vitalik is a much more full blown idealist. They differ in their philosophies. Sergey is arguably a better businessman

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Vitalik said Chainlink wasn't worth a 32M ICO.
But he actively shilled Kyber; which was another Dex among many, and their ICO happened around the same time as Link but raked in nearly double the money.

Vitalik hates Chainlink.
You're just too new to even know.

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>That doesnt take off the fact that it has a centralized model to prioritize the node jobs.

Do you have proof that he hates it other than fake pictures?

>> Vitalik said the "security model" was centralized. Not whatever you're saying.

I dont care what vitalik says or not, what you say or not.. wether its good or not.. it wont take off the fact it has a centralized model to prioritize the node jobs.

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>Vitalik doesn't like the fact that Sergey is okay with on-boarding existing central entities
Vitalik was perfectly fine with on-boarding existing central entities too, remember the EEA?

No, his hatred for Chainlink stems from something else.
Maybe it's just jealousy, since ETH is just a token dispenser without Chainlink.

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It has a few orders of magnitude more users than DOT. LINK also didn't let a twelve year old delete the withdraw function for their ICO wallet and beg Vitalik to fork ETH to get it back.

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I'm going to be real with you. The reason LINK hasn't gone up is because I haven't sold it.
I just sold Trustswap last night and it skyrocketted from $2.30 after floundering for a week to over $3.
I sold LTRPA after holding it for months and it went from $3 to $5 in two days
I sold UNI for $7
I haven't sold LINK. So one day I'll get fed up and sell LINK and it'll skyrocket to $500+
But not today bros, sorry. I have a worthless bag of ROT though if I sell that it'll go to $6.

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>Do you have proof that he hates it other than fake pictures?
The pic is accurate.

Link ICO: $32M for the first ever decentralized oracle network
Kyber ICO: nearly twice that much money for another Dex among many.

Vitalik said Link wasn't worth $32M, but he openly shilled Kyber.

And whenever oracles come up, he goes out of his way to mention every competitor of Chainlink, but he only ever mentions Chainlink when really pushed; and then he badmouths it.

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There is interview with vitalink answering this meme. Basically he tells - people take things to seriously and meant oracle not what is being build by Sergey. Sergey builds smart contract platform. Those are two different things, like signatures and other shit.

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>I dont care what vitalik says or not
Fucking lol, then don't quote him.

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Dot does 1000 things
Link does 1 thing on an outdated platform

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100k was always the make it stack retards
You could have easily gotten one of those for 20k

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12 posts. holy shit

You must be mad that your Link shitcoin is underperforming so much right? Your level of cope is insane.

Hey! Guess what! Look at the charts .. it is literally dumping right now again.

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Do biz posters really watch the 5 or 15m candles or is this some weird meme?

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>consistently up 80% over a month

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Sorry but he is right.

If dead shitcoins from 2017 are performing better than Link in this bullrun.. I dont know what else to argue.

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That would be impressive were it not for the fact that we are in the golden bull run and literal shit is being pumped up higher than this. Fucking REQ is up over 200% in a month.

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It genuinely doesn't make sense at this point other than genuine price suppression

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because dumb money is back in the market looking for xmen nodes
you don't actually think any of this shit has anything going for it, do you anon? It's a giant pump and dump

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>It can't climb as hard as literal pnd scams
wtf i hate chainlink now

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Isn't LINK part of Polkadot ecosystem?

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It didn't perform very well in the 2017 bullrun either. Although back then nobody except /biz/ knew about it and now it's a top 10 coin. The other times I've put money into something that I thought was undervalued I've found out in short order that it wasn't actually undervalued.

Yes, most of the value in the market is speculative. The issue is that LINK is gonna crash along with everything else. So instead of going up very high and then crashing down it's gonna crab at the pace of an ETF and then crash down. The associated opportunity cost is large.

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yeah but pretending they're rivals somehow is more fun

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Its not price supression, thats a stupid idea that link schizos have. Just look at the low volume Link has compared to other Top 10 coins, the btc trend vs Link, its just an underhyped shitcoins that is tailgating btc price and will dump whenever BTC crashes.

You are correct, but those pnd already made me 2x more gains than Link. Its called opportunity costs.

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Yeah you're right im going to sell half my link and start buying pnds. Wish me luck! Thanks so much for the advice btw

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I know, I need to get the fuck out of this shitcoin right now. Jesus. Why am I doing this to myself? All thse new scamcoin newfags are literally gfoing to surpass all the 2017 oldfags who have held link since ICO. They are going to make more in 6 months off scams and having fun while you sit watching like a cuck, with your heavy slow bag.

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not everyone is here for pnds. it really just depends on what kind of trader you are

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>survivorship bias says I'm stupid
50 pink wojaks call me a nigger for shilling crypto and ruining their lives, 50 green wojaks call me a retard for settling for an easy 2x-10x on my savings that never loses me any sleep. c'est la vie.

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i pay $100 for my coffee
it comes in colombian girls asshole

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Chainlink will dump hard like anything else when BTC crashes

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This is a really dark movie.

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your IQ is insanely low.

Decentralized means no single point of failure. It means open. Chainlink is a closed system with a central point of failure: Sergey's KYC.

The nodes can do whatever they want, sure, but Sergey can prevent them from getting any job, by unKYCing them.

Chainlink is LITERALLY centralized. Sergey is LITERALLY the single point of failure. Sergey LITERALLY must require to see the passport of each node that gets jobs. That is LITERALLY the very definition of centralized.

Imagine thinking that something where each network participant needs to show their passport to the CEO to do anything meaningful is "decentralized".

Please do an IQ test and report here, I think everyone here would be fascinated to see the results.

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Sell everything now it's over

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>Chainlink is a closed system with a central point of failure: Sergey's KYC.
This is completely nonsensical.
All the nodes are independent parties, and they've been blowing the fuck out of all competitors because the network is decentralized.
You're just confused because Sergey is currently the only contract operator, and contracts are always going to be "centralized".

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Why would this entire market dump like a 2018 repeat? That bear market happened when the traditional economy was thriving, traditional dollars were strong, and competitive pressure for normal people in the West to make any big changes in the way they do business or handle their money was low.

Think beyond the traderbrain and the graphs. Do you really think present conditions are comparable, or will become comparable any time soon?

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Chainstink is done for. No progress, at all just vaporware.

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For all of you in this thread, this post is literally saying nothing.

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This fud actually made me sell before link hit $8

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This whole project is fucked, cant even pump while chinkcoin is on euphoria mode.

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>DEFI bullrun
>defi backbone is crabbing
>shitcoin meme eth killer that's totally unrelated to defi is 4 times the defi backbone's marketcap

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I feel for this fud 3 years ago but came back with the vengeance and bought my stack @ .50 range

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yeah man golden bull