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let's be serious for a minute here biz bros. BSC is now handling 70% more transactions than ETH. is BSC the real ETH killer?

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No. It's a centralized chink coin

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it will be $500 EOM

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CZ is faking transactions. Do not fall for his lies

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people here trying to make money and nobody gives a shit centralized or not. except ethwankers

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no paypal is the real eth killer
or maybe mastercard

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>BSC is now handling 70% more transactions than ETH

lol pic and link related


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transactions mean literally nothing. its why ethereum does more txs and value transferred than bitcoin but isn't ever going to be morevaluable than it. you cant compare cross-blockchain stats, especially comparing centralized and decentralized.

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Probably a ethfag. We dont care go back to /pol

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No wtf is wrong with you
It is the antithesis of decentralized finance
They took ETH, decreased the mining difficulty and the block time and voila.
They eventually will hit the same L1 bottlenecks as ETH has anyway.

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t. got into crypto in 2021

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>go back to /pol
Go back to plebbit

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Yup and growing, it's over for ETH.

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late adopters getting tricked into buying the next EOS, yeah. theres a reason bitcoin stands far ahead of altcoins when shit like this is always happening

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This is what happens when poorfags get into crypto. You start acting like everyone else has always been an unprincipled piece of shit, even though you’re too much of a newfag to know what you’re talking about. Here’s the deal:

BSC will take all the low IQ investors who only care about low fees. This will relieve the pressure on ETH, bringing gas fees back down. Eventually BSC will rug and everyone on the chain will come crying back to ETH, at which point we will moon straight to 15k.

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seething ethcucks trying to ddos BSC

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My based CZ bros, get into JulSwap. 70 million market cap and BSC is just getting started. Also CZ follows them on twitter

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>is BSC the real ETH killer?
Yes and no. It’s capitalizing on ETHs weaknesses and showing that people won’t stomach ETHs fees and inability to scale, so they’re happy to look elsewhere. For all ETHheads who are in denial and are defaulting to the “muh centralized chink chain” argument, what does that tell you about how shitty the state of Ethereum is right now?

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You remember when EOS had some insanely high usage stats too? Yeah that was all fake bullshit because it costed virtually nothing for anybody to spam the network. You can see the real usage now on EOS on full display: nobody is using it for anything at all.BSC is just a copycat of ETH using a sort of voteless EOS governance model. It costs them virtually nothing to fake activity on the network and cz is totally not above doing that if it means making him literal billions.

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I think this qualifies as fapfiction

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Yeah, the new eth killer. We've all seen this before.

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>They eventually will hit the same L1 bottlenecks as ETH has anyway.
people dont get this. the same thing happening on every chain uses the same amount of energy/cpu/memory. if some chain can do it for less than another, there's a reason why, usually because they're not actually performing like a blockchain, and just like a database instead, like bsc, or eos, or tron

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its just a centralized 100% copy of ethereum. if those retarded chinks actually knew what they were doing they could have even done a better job of what they ended up with. all they wanted was the evm but they weren't smart enough to get it working without the rest of ethereum and all the decentralized blockchain part they're not actually using on bsc

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>Eventually BSC will rug and everyone on the chain will

migrate to Avalanche

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>BSC will establish itself as an ETH competitor/replacement, with rug pulling being their end goal

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yeah, its just free money for him. premined token and a few aws servers a few thousand a month, and he can literally rake in free money

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No. Harmony is the real ETH killer

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No. Avax is the real ETH killer

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No. ETH is the real ETH killer.

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This has always been about making money
>muh principals
We've been making fun of "I'm in it for le tech" fags for years.

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The fact of the matter is, nobody outside of China, who isn't a newfag retard, is going to trust a decentralized blockchain that's controlled by the CCP. If you do, you're a fucking idiot.

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Honestly, I have no allegiance to ETH, I don’t have a problem with switching to a (decentralised) alternative that actually fucking works. If AVAX turns out to be the ETH killer then so be it

>21 node validators
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There’s good reason why most people in crypto are averse to centralisation.

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Even if all this critical arguments about Bsc are legit, that does not change the fact that it is "backed" by binance which is most powerful money earning engine in crypto space.
It is dumb to compare bsc with eos and tron created by literal no-names. CZ can buy celebs, use marketing, stimulate his Cex users and offer exclusive service to the projects that decide to build on bsc.

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Most of the txs are wash txs like the ones being spammed here: https://bscscan.com/txs?a=0x21fa8ca35441e70ad1137fa3c1365c994f2b7c23&p=8

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Like any other centralized scamcoin dev, CZ is pumping that chain with fake transaction volume.

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Chink coin that goes down with AWS

Only poorfags think BSC is taking away from ETH

Fucker is loading up canceled transactions, loading up MAX gwei for no reason other than to clog network

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I’m not defending them, my point really is that ETH is so shit that people are losing interest. It’s honestly sad to watch some people defending Ethereum when the fee issue should be legitimately concerning. If it wants to be the “world computer” the fee issue has to be resolved and probably pretty damn soon or people are going to continue looking for alternatives.

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>people are losing interest
>fees are at record levels because the demand is so high
pick one

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this. CZ is only gonna further develop this with the billions hes earning from binance.

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guys. why does it matter if there are fake transactions? The fees are still 1000x lower than ETH bs ... lower than even L2 ETH will be. BSC is clearly the superior product, and Binance has been around / solid for a long time. They aren't going to dump. If anything Binance will pump it up. It's going to flip ETH, just a matter of time.

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Lol bnb shills are of the lowest IQ

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wtf did you say faggot.

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I have a feeling ethtards and ethkiller shills are going to end the buil run before it's even started...
nobody that matters cares about pancake and unicorn ponzis. just buy btc and xmr and use leverage if you want larger gains nufags.

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Interest is high in DeFi, not Ethereum itself. It has become the go to platform for developers, but not because of superior tech, simply first mover advantage, which is about to run out. If somebody can provide a better service, many people are willing to switch now.

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People who were in for the tech already made x1000 or more because they bought before 2017. Greedy idiots bragging about not understanding how it works are always dumb money.

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Wrong, interest in defi specifically on Ethereum is high which is proven by the gas fees.

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bnb $1,000 is inevitable

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banks handles millions of tps. will they kill bitcorn?

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your moms ass has handled just as many

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I wonder what happens to centralized coins market price in the long term. If only the same has happened before with other chinese ETH killer...

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It is the proof user experience is important, who would have known? But yeah it's not credible long term. At least it kicked some skelly ass who deserved it.

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Yes, yes, yes! In just a few short months, the genius cryptographic engineers over at Binance Labs were able to solve all the problems Eth has had since 2014! LOL Get cucked Vitalik! Chinese people have always led innovation -- in crypto, and all technology!

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newnigger outing itself that easily, wsb is on the other

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It is, I am personally never going back to ETH.

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why would anyone desu? I really dont get it. Most people cant afford paying $50 fees every transaction. Im actually more surprised not a lot of people left ETH.

It is a community I guess

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Amen. I wish these poorfags would leave /Biz. I'm here to make dollaz not cry about tech.

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>controlled by the CCP
You have no fucking idea what you are talking about, I am not even going to tell you why. Keep missing this opportunity because you never had 5 minutes to do some research.

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>they wanted was the evm but they weren't smart enough to get it working without the rest of ethereum and all the decentralized blockchain part they're not actually using on bsc
They don't even want the rest of ethereum. They want a network they can milk for money. Anything with masternodes or proof of authority is always going to be a scam dead project in the end. If you remove eths decentralization yeah you get higher tx.
>here to make money not tech
If you want money go to stocks then. The only reason people use eth is for the tech to escape control.

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Centralized Chink Chain will cause CZ everything. There's a reason crypto blockchains only took off when decentralization was possible. Regulators will throw that Chink in jail soon.

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Shut up retard, we've had adequate decentralized networks since the napster days

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seethe and dilate

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>Everyone gets mad at Robinhood for sucking the dick of a high frequency trader

>Everyone loves Binance and sucks the dick of a high frequency trader

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and what happened to the original Napster you assclown? Lawsuits shut it down. Even Napster was more decentralized than Binance Smart Chain. When the regulators come they'll rape that chink.

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Why does it say failed on all of them? Is someone trying to ddos it wtf

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It's dumping and may never see $2000 USD in it's entire lifespan. ETH on the other hand is seeing $3000 sometime this year and people are still going to be willing to pay those gas fees.

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Fellas, what can you say about the BAEX system(#baex)? There are a lot of tweets about this defi binary exchange, and I want to know your opinion. Because blockchain binary can be profitable for users. I checked their referral and bonus programs, 4% of all earnings sounds nice

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It is centralized.

If this isn't enough for you, you will literally never make it

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It's a temporary answer to a real problem.

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Initially yes, but eventually Bitcoin SV will supplant it.

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Nice washtrading faggot

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What's the deal with this Uniswap pump? Heard that it's about their L2 implementation though the idea of buying another token to do transactions on another token sounds like a major pain in the ass.

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The real BSC is the Beam side chain. You have been warned.

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>BSC will take all the low IQ investors who only care about low fees. This will relieve the pressure on ETH, bringing gas fees back down. Eventually BSC will rug and everyone on the chain will come crying back to ETH, at which point we will moon straight to 15k.

That's why I'm fudding the PIECE OF SHIT every time, showing a $4000 fee for a scam token like it was a normal fee, so as the normalize the idea ETH is only for anglokikes. Then, I shill BSB to hell and back, so that newfags sell their ETH for BNB, thus relieving ETH from traffic, decreasing the fees and allowing it to gain some steam for EiP1559, which will be in June or July. All the while being a ETH holder.

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