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Aaaaand it's dead.

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Good for the future of crypto.

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That was a fun week.

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far from dead.

CZ announced on clubhouse he will actively promote it and pump billions in it on new devs. hes still calling it "early stage". This has much more potential than ETH 2.0 LOL

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HOGE.finance is about to break important resistance

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Yeah, and to what state did similar promises bring ETH 2.0 to? People are chasing bucks and not development.

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I bought the top and i don't feel comfortable holding a centralized bag for 2 years.
I don't think food scams will bail me out.

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Well BSC has a working product (low fees, fast transactions, and can scale)

ETH on the other hand... they have been sitting on their asses.

You must be a fool if you dont think BNB wont rise up

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>price goes down after huge surge and low weekend volume in preparation for monday
>it’s dead
You retards do this shit every time. This isn’t an insult. I want everyone on /biz/ to make it but barely any of you can think in time frames beyond 24 hours.

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It thought crypto was 24/7.

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Fellas, what can you say about the BAEX exchange(#baex)? There are a lot of tweets about this defi binary project, and I want to know your opinion. Because blockchain binary can be profitable for users. I checked their referral and bonus systems, 4% of all earnings sounds nice

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first weekend?

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now listen here you, cz is brilliant, he'll find a way to flip the eth pedos, just wait and watch.

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Second actually

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Decentralization shall rule supreme

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>listen to me binance bros I got your coin in a fuckin vise.if you dont tell me who froze ethereum transfers, Ill dump your coin into single digits. Now give me a fuckin name!

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If this reaches $1000 I will convert to Chinese.

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Yeah it was the same yesterday but for eth
>eth is ded
>bsc will surpass eth
>bsc is ded
>eth 25k waiting room

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how could a promise about eth 2.0 bring anything when eth 2.0 isnt real? bsc is eth 2.0 in the real world, right here right now. there is literally nothing we know about eth 2.0 or uni v3.

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I have never seen so many rug pulls in a single day, holy shit.

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>a chink scam scammed

news at 11

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This. I ll become a commie.

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>eth 2.0
I think they promised something about sharting as a solution for scaling. I don't really remember because they were talking about it 4 years ago and have made zero progress on it

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HOGE.finance has better tokenomics.

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>You must be a fool if you dont think BNB wont rise up
It already did, and it's up for a major correction and it already shows. Now's a good time to get in again, but I feel bad for people that didn't jump out around 300. I'm not saying BSC is not a good product, because it is.

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>now listen here you, cz is brilliant, he'll find a way to flip the eth pedos, just wait and watch.

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my portfolio is still 100% BNB right now. third biggest coin in the world and basis on the network that will kill ethereum isnt just going away. People said youre retarded for holding a 300 dollar ETH too.

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already am

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Just need a correction, going back in at 240$

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>there is literally nothing we know about eth 2.0
phase 0 is literally already launched and I'm literally staking my ETH on literal binance no less, check with your boss

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