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I’m in the talk too, anon. Amazing.

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>solves your crypto problems

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CAKE TO $200

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This guy will steal your money

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Imagine selling a 20% dip after a 300% rise when the network is backed by cz
This shit going to 1k eZ

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He also said once BNB is more established, it will become more decentralized

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imagine not taking profits to buy back in the inevitable dip

not everybody is clueless when it comes to trading

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holy based. solving problems in logical ways as technology and progress permits, and not just going full retard and pumping out a shit product that literally cannot scale like ETH.

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holding is just as profitable as swinging but less risky.

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doing that is risky but im glad you got lucky bro. ill take the less risky bet and just hold until it flips eth in a few months.

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god i love this china man

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BNB will overtake ETH in less than a month. Mark my words. Buy the dip.

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if you don't have suicide stacks of at least two of the top 10 BSC tokens, you will hurt yourself in two weeks.


Just loaded up on more CAKE & EGG myself, weekend dip is in and easy 3-4x within a month. CZ and his chink army are going to pump all these tokens over the coming weeks, this much should be obvious. Also, buy BNB _NOW_ if you have at least two brain cells left.

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Not selling till rank 1 or 2 death to eth

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post proof fuccboi

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upload to youtube?

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Holy fucking shit...

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Is there any place you can listen to the clubhouse session?

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he said Binance will invest in multiple new projects so BNB can grow

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how the fuck do you watch this as a nonapple fag?

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only on apple store and you need an invite from someone. Im guessing most people on biz are friendless lmao

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Its all coming together BNB brothers

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You can’t. Rest assured the talk was quite impressive. CZ is just getting started. He said that he currently sees BSC to be at the very earliest stages, and that a lot of money is going into it.

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Yes and he will mainly focus on BNB now. $280 dollars is so fucking cheap right now. $1000 end of year at least

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also keep in mind binance, the biggest cex on the planet, holds bnb as their networth. ultra incentive to invest in it and make it succeed. he also said bsc 2.0 will come out before eth 2.0. ultra giga bullish.

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~$400 Monday and even that will be cheap in comparison.

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Someone needs to upload the talk somewhere, want to hear.

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downloading Macosx and will try with virtualbox

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should i worry about polkadot and cadano?

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wtf is this clubhouse niggery someone sauce this shit already

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are you CZ or something? lmao
there's money to be made in all three, anon. enjoy it while it lasts

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Where do I buy PlayMining Puzzle?

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CZ my man

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fuck this shit is not working, can a mac/iphone Anon upload it?

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hey guys, how much do you make shilling? i wanna shill too, i don't have a job, can you direct me to some website where i can sign up? i'm american and write good english and have no principles

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>the most developers
Anon, I...

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you must buy a 4chan pass to get this kind of jobs

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Come on some apple anon upload the talk

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At this point it's probably beyond obvious that the established finance industry (and central banks for that matter) have completely missed the crypto train.
(((They))), at some point, will probably not shy away from murder and slaughter to defend their grip on the world.

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anyone paying attention would know these things already but I'm glad the hurr durr chinamanbad mongs are priced out

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checked no BNBers and ETH maxipads seethe harder