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No dApps at all.
Minimal contribution on Github.
Only person doing ANYTHING with Fantom is Andre, but ONE man won't be able to pull the whole project.

Ethereum got a shitload of developers.
Polkadot too.
Even projects like Uniswap which isn't even a smart-contract platform has MORE developers working on it.

The partnerships the post with governments etc. just looks like marketing tactics without real usage.

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Fantombros don’t bother arguing with fud anymore. We’re mooning and they’ll never shut up until we ignore them

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Fantom 1$ by end of the year

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Yeah, but good luck reaching any long term success without dApps and developers.
If you're LUCKY retards pile into a dead coin without any developers because it sounds good, but then it crash 99 % like all shitcoins did 2018.
Only the real ones survive.

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I hodling. What can I expect EOM?

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The fud stage is over didn't you get the memo?

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he still wants more accumulation, as all of us do

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FUD is suppose to mean that you're spreading false facts.
But what I state here are simply FACTS, not false ones.
It COULD do 10x, IF retards pump and dump it.
BUT then it will fall 99 % once people realize no one use it our build dApps on it.

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You're a bunch of retards.
If you want it to succeed, help them on-board developers and/or build dApps.
At the moment this shit is pure vaporware, I haven't even seen ONE dApp built on it with even 100 daily users.
No way this shit is worth $700M.
Sure, some shitcoins had multibillion valuations past bubble, but they all DIE unless people actually adopt it.
Pumping and dumping is not a long-term strategy.

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Yeah, killing your hopium clearly is obviously considered delusion.
None of you have countered with a real argument so far.
It just shows how little you have thought through your "investment".

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why are you so interested in FUDding this coin anon? its a speculative investment, if its a sure thing it would be $10 already. so if youre gonna shit on fantom reccomend something with a smaller market cap thats doing what fantom tries to do but better....oh wait you cant.

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How’s $1.50 sound?

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Fantom is a pure scam project. They have a dedicated spam group that spam on biz every single day 24/7 and this makes the sheep of biz to believe Fantom is the new Link. Tech wise, Fantom is an utter trainwreck of a badly foked Ethereum Virtual Machine with 18 tps.

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[farts in your mouth as you try to talk to me]

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These are some high IQ takes.
Well done Fantom-hodlers, the optics are great!

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holy shit this is new but fucking hilarious fud. fantom is not an ethereum fork, there is nobody dedicated to spamming on /biz/, we're just bored and know we have a good product. you are likely a retarded avax or ada shill who is seething over the fact that Fantom Opera is the largest non-ethereum DeFi chain as far as TVL is concerned. link just gave us a grant to port their tech to Fantom Opera, which is likely necessary for the REN bridge launch. two governments announced that they're launching pilot tests using fantom tech and the fees are sub 1c, the transaction time near instant because it's something like 500 - 2000 tps. this is limited due to EVM. FVM will exist in ~3 years, and we will be able to go to 10K tps minimum.

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fantom rippy mode yes yes... feed him milk watch him grow hmmm

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I'm not even fudding.
I hold 1M FTM but when I see the lack of development and how the average hodler is reasoning I kind of want to dump my bag now even though I initially indented to hold for the long run.
I'm just trying to be constructive.
Instead of spamming some retarded shit, people here could help on-board developers and/or build dApps.
Spamming is a low IQ, low time-horizon tactic which has a low expected value, but I guess the average Fantom hodler on /biz/ is in the 65 - 83 range anyway.

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Ok, show bag.

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I keep them in two addresses.
But I can post one, sure:


I'm currently staking that's why all of them don't show up in current balance, just go back in the transactions to see.

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at the end of the day we are just gonna have to hope people will want to build on fantom. being bullish on ftm i think a lot of devs are gonna hop on when the fantom virtual machine comes out and crushes ETH and everyone just starts porting everything over to FTM but its a big risk.

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Finally good thread

Fantom is one of the most obvious scams in crypto.

None of your "papers" are peer-reviewed. Any idiot can upload them. Your government "partnerships" are exclusively with the most corrupt officials and nations in the world, where you can buy any statement. Proof that they are all false is that NOTHING has happened. NO development, not even a small beginning, despite Fantom having their crashed tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine for over a year. NOBODY is building on that shit. NOBODY. Every dev knows it's a scam.

ALL among the most corrupt nations in the world. ZERO development. NO dev building on Fantom. It's ALL lies and scam.

Every potential investor can see that the Fantom scammers are totally unable to defend their scam and utter shit tech trainwreck.

Scam. Whole chink team exit scammed long time ago. Now they only have hired devs from Russia and a tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine. All their "partnerships" are paid for and made in some of the most corrupt nations in the world.

They lied about 300 000 tps dag

They lied about transaction speed. Their "test" of speed was on a "testnet". ie on a computer and not Fantom's blockchain

They lied about central banks

Partnership with Oracle is fake and only a sales rep contract with Fantom's Korea division. ANY seller of Oracle have that "partnership"

All you have is empty statements from some of the most corrupt nations on earth, in partnership with a PROVEN Fantom scammer team.

NOBODY is using you shit tech trainwreck of a badly forked Ethereum Virtual Machine. Even after having been out for over a year. Not a single dev will touch that shit

ALL from some of the most corrupt third world countries. Not a single company or government entity from the West will touch that shit.

Worse, ALL you have is emty statements from corrupt thrird wold leaders and a proven Fantom scammer team.

also grt and link are shitcoins

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The culture on /biz/ truly is counter-productive though, hope they are a non-substantial proportion of total hodlers.
I've sold about 80k FTM over the past few weeks since it started mooning.
I still got 1M+ FTM and I've already 3x the money I put in by selling those 80k.
So I don't care that much what happens.
I like the project, but the lack of developer interest is alarming.
Instead of spamming this board with retarded memes to try cause FOMO they could have done something productive like onboarding developers and/or building dApps themselves.
I'm going to have more time the next year and I might do this myself.

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You wont need developers when every eth project ports over for the better tech. There will be literally no reason for them not to do so. When the obvious becomes obvious the exodus begins. Then the developers come.

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If you say so.
Having developer adoption sure as hell ain't negative anyways.
Spamming retarded FOMO shit, kind of it.

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The higher the eth fees go, the more ftm makes sense. A layer 2 like this will fix the 50$ fees

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He doesn’t realize speculation is what drives crypto, not adoption. Where’s the banks using xrp or xlm? Where’s the developers for eos, neo, nem, etc.? They’re still around. Fantom isn’t going to replace eth but it will find its own niche in the market place like anything else. It’s focus now is DeFi and using blockchain to solve problems with real governments, it’s obvious what is happeneing and we wil only expand from here. Go ahead and dump if you’re not confident in the project. 1 million isn’t even a lot considering there’s many long term holders here who bought millions for 1c.

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Does it matter which validator i delegate my precious fanties? Is there different APY?

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that's my adress nigger

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No it's not, I can even send 1 FTM just to confirm that it's mine.
But I think I'll do that for another thread.
I'd appreciate if all the Fantom hodlers began focusing more on adoption, especially from developers and less on spamming retarded FOMO stuff.

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>speculation is what drives crypto, not adoption.
In the short term yes...
NOT in the long-run.
No coin has survived in the long run without steadily increased adoption.

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>Fantom hodlers began focusing more on adoption

When's the last time you've clicked on Fantom's twitter account, you stupid fud-ing whore ?

No adoption, bitch ?
Afghanistan government and Fantom
Fantom in Health - https://forbes.com/sites/lukefitzpatrick/2020/07/06/fantoms-blockchain-tech-is-being-trialed-in-afghanistan-to-solve-a-surprising-world-health-organization-who-problem/?sh=350264aa3844
Fantom in Energy - https://finance.yahoo.com/news/blockchain-firm-fantom-unveils-pilot-193717908.html
Fantom in Chamber of Commerce - https://fantom.foundation/blog/acci-fantom-pilot-program/
Fantom in National Standard Authority - https://fantom.foundation/blog/ansa-fantom-blockchain-issuance-program/

Dubai government and Fantom
Fantom in Smart Cities - https://cointelegraph.com/news/smart-dubai-initiative-receives-a-boost-as-dag-platform-comes-on-board

Ukraine government and Fantom
Fantom in CBDC and IP https://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/ukrayinska-delegaciya-pid-golovuvannyam-volodimira-zelenskog-66549

Korea government and Fantom

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no, adoption, you stupid whore ?

Fucking Chainlink paying to be integrated into Fantom

Also, what's this ?
Flashloan Wrapper deployed on Fantom https://ftmscan.com/address/0xa89a83890cc5d43d710846cefcb4a41007a37347#code
DAI will deploy on Fantom - https://ftmscan.com/tx/0x483876ba9d5132272397a51de82499fe465a1a5f67e4e63979ef91052c71983b
Keep3rV1 launched on Fantom -https://ftmscan.com/address/0x7aeb9634c4e7b30ffa169ef17d0be29c86ee82f0#code
Cover Protocol contracts were deployed on Fantom - https://ftmscan.com/contractsVerified
UniLend integrates FTM and Fantom synthetic assets - https://fantom.foundation/blog/unilend-integrates-ftm-and-fantom-synthetic-assets/
yearn.finance and all of Andre Cronje's multi billion dollar projects are coming to Fantom

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Well maybe once the whole yEarn ecosystem ports over to Fantom (as it’s doing now) people will be more interested in developing on Fantom

>> No.29226690

Post some working dApps with a lot of users and I'll be more impressed.
I'm not that impressed with all the partnerships without any actual users.

>> No.29226763

This is better.
But Andre is doing like 90 % of it.
Where's the wide adoption by developers, like Ethereum or Polkadot have?

>> No.29226863

FTM fud is bullish. Makes me want to buy more

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Fantom is the new XRP screencap this

>> No.29226895


Entire nations will run on Fantom's Opera Chain and these dunces keep coming with this low tier FUD. It's fucking unbelievable

You are literally talking shit while everything is in progress. Dapps, Development, User adoption

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Hilariously, 99% of the polkadot “projects” were launched as ERC-20 tokens... most likely to milk it for the hype because most wont be able to afford parachains and parathreads are pretty fucking useless

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>muh developers
ah yea a few shitcoin swaps and aave, both of which can be and will be ported to ftm

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I hope you're right.

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The supply unlock on Avax will be some hilarious shit in the next weeks

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>cries about adoption
>fantom literally overflowing with contracts and government pilots
You should probably sell your bag and go play with the AVAXniggers, they seem to be your speed when it comes to pipedreams and memes.
Sorry fantom is making it off of actual projects instead of discordtrannie pnd groups.

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This is a scam. I'm surprised it pumped.

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>fantom is not an ethereum fork
>this is limited due to EVM
Do you idiots ever read what you write? EVM = Ethereum Virtual Machine!

>e it's something like 500 - 2000 tps. this is limited due to EVM
No. 18 tps and rapidly falling with more nodes. According to your OWN documentation.

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DAG scales horizontally, meaning more speed with more nodes. Die in a fire, tranny! University of Sydney is working on FVM

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Thats how this scam works. It scams you more money. Even goverments are part of this scam!

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>you stupid whore

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Look at the data, moron >>29228379
Rapidly falling with more nodes. A GOOD dag architecture will scale horizontally, a bad tech wreck dag will not.

>> No.29228625


Free Fantom education at:


Come back when you understand at least 10% of this, dumbass tech illiterate tranny

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>University of Sydney is working on FVM
They got a grant from Fantom scammers. That's it.

>> No.29228876

"Every instruction processed by the Fantom Virtual Machine (”FVM”) will carry some overhead, as it has to verify
signatures and track gas spent. The below gives an estimate:
• Assume that only 10% of processing power is available for executing transactions and smart contracts. Also
assume that a single multiplication by the FVM costs 100 floating-point operations.
• FVM can process one billion multiplications per second (i.e 5 billion gas - utilising Ethereum’s gas pricing
as a guide).
• 5, 000, 000, 000/21, 000 = 238, 095 basic transactions, which are simple transfers of value from one address
to another.
• A basic transaction has, on average, a size of 120 bytes.
• This would result in a data volume of 230, 095 ∗ 120 = 27 MB / second"

>238, 095 basic transactions per second. Die in a fire tranny!

You could have made tens of millions had you not sold 35M Fantom at $7M market cap like a stupid schizo shemale

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I still don’t understand what a Dapp is. I know it’s an app and it’s decentralized. But why is it good for the world? Is it like an app on your smartphone but can be non-globohomo.

I just want to make a million and people ask me how did you make it? And i can respond and say “I don’t know.”

T. 300k holder

>> No.29229111

How much will my 300k be worth?

>> No.29229137

lmao you still use this shit
I’m not a bastard who believes you and go for shit
I am longing for bot ocean launch to trade with safe

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even with tens of millions of dollars the tranny would have still commited suicide a few years down the road. Being a tranny is mental illness. And mental illness leads to depression, regardless of wealth. And depression leads to death, especially when tied to being a shemale

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still waiting on pajeet support staff to come in and tell my why my wallet still hasnt received the ERC20 Fantom i sent through last night, feels good boys

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What kind of app would you like me to develop for it?

>> No.29231736

nah, I was shitposting with full bags of FTM bought on 0.15, today I was happy to sell it on 0.26

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Make an app that interfaces with the wireless card scanners at stores so we can use our fanties to buy shit directly from our fWallets, that would be fucking insane.

>> No.29232097

>0.15, today I was happy to sell it on 0.26
you will regret that decision

>> No.29232144

Flappy Bird, with blockchain high scores

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Hey all. AVAX roach here (not turkish thank god) I'm slowly siphoning from AVAX while keeping my PNG mine up and putting it into fanties. So, a few questions for you all.

I see EOM predictions of 1.5, eoy $10. Is there any announcement that could back this up? I've been looking everywhere for an answer on it and can't seem to find it. I think fantom will be top 5 after the next bullrun when we have more news of developing smart cities and different infrastructures being built on fantom (traffic control, supply chain, etc.) but what is the ETA on these features?

Trying to quit waging to learn how to code and develop so I can try to help this project in the future, so the mid term price movements are important to ensure I can comfortably work on this.

For all those who've been lurking FTM threads for a while like I was, this is it. This is your next bluechip. Just take your time, do research, and figure it out for yourself.

>> No.29233759

To begin with:

- DEX that can communicated with ETH
- AAVE/Compound equivalent on FTM
- Syntethix equivalent on FTM

Basically all popular DeFi functionalities.
Preferably with good UX interoperability.
Those are the no-brainers, then it would also be interesting to see some projects like SIA Coin, Golem or perhaps even Dlive equivalents but on Fantom.
Any start is a good start!

>> No.29233944

>he doesn't know

>> No.29234165

Nigger we don't need RC Cola; Coke is almost here

>> No.29234293

Are you talking about this:

The usage of the DeFi-functionalities are very low.
I think people prefer a separate coin built on FTM, not in the FTM wallet.
Moreover I don't know how well they take advantage of ETH interoperability.

>> No.29234389

>he really doesn't know

>> No.29235237

many such cases

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im selling 5% of my fantoms at 10, then 45% at 100 and im keeping the rest till maybe more.
Rate my plan

>> No.29235821

is that a boy or a girl

>> No.29235944

Sounds like an amazing plan.

>> No.29236017

believe it or not
>+$20 EOY

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Fantom log chart.

Yes, this one will create a lot of millionaires

>> No.29236180

we're doing 2x with almost no volume

the pump when there IS volume will melt faces...

>> No.29236222

it's always a guy, my guy

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I’m 50% BNB 50% FTM. BNB is bleeding hard and FTM is crabbing. Tell me it’s going to be ok, anons. Wagmi?

>> No.29236289

Good plan, I'll sell only if it goes to 0.5-1 trillion market cap, until then I'll just stake.

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>He thinks he can cash out

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Youll be fine.
Leave your station, go for a walk, go for a drink, just be patient and do not sell.
BNB and FTM are both excellent holds.

>> No.29236919

why the fuck is it dumping

>> No.29236966

usual weekend dump

>> No.29237198

No that's sunday

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how long does it take for binance to verify my id, i don't want to miss the fantom train

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Is fantom going to be listed on coinbase?

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can Fantom get to 500 B market cap

>> No.29238281

Thanks for the vote of confidence, anon.

>> No.29238541

BTC climbing again

>> No.29238672

and no

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And why is that

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