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chadcoins only
>shitcoin swingers NOT welcome


Bancorbros - i have never been more comfy. UNI just pumped $8bn in a night. the same influx to Bancor would 10x the price to $50+. stock up on this dip and prepare for the make it train.

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why is snx crabbing so hard, I’ve been holding this shit for years

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None of those projects will probably even exist in 5 years except Link

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It just had a nice little jump about 30 minutes ago

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Wouldn't classify bnt as a bluechip. Not yet, anyway.

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based blue chip chads, am deep into the projects mentioned here.

anyone taken a look into Saffron? tranching (fixed rate yields + IL mitigation), and v2 is working on bsc + likely will work with Alpha.

there are also interesting ties if you check warosu.

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Bancor and aave are going to be the new banks.

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Bancor will hit $100 EOY

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perhaps, but im a bit more optimistic on these projects compared to the 2017 supposed top projects simply because these projects are part of Defi and provide some cash flows and are a key idea of what Sergey's visions of smart contracts always has been: trustless yields available to everyone

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bancor is pretty chill. Can someone explain how it's going to replace uni besides the fact that uni devs are a bunch of faggots?

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taking a look now anon. i'm afraid i haven't been able to stop panning around on their website yet.

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First of all, uniswap is literally a cut/paste of bancor
The uni token is at its current price is a literal manipulation of the pricing by the amm.
Uni is a gov token, ask yourself why a gov token is worth billions(it isnt). And how did it pump from 3 to 23 dollars in 30 days.

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Uni tokens has litteraly no use case.

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My Bancor is just sitting in a wallet right now. I’ll stake it if there are good enough gains to be made but I’m worried about taxes being annoying.

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I'm considering taking 1/2 of my SNX and adding it to my link stack desu.

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Exactly why I dumped it for Cosmos a few weeks back. It does not seem to have an attachment to the revenue stream, unless I'm reading it wrong....

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Gonna consolidate, bancor, atom or grt?

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How are you not rich right now?

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I like that we are reaching 60% staked again after pump. Some crabbing should be good encouragement for people to enter the pool and make gains that way

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How is bancore close to 70% sell on coin base and still going up? Is it not accurate?

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can you link to where you keep an eye on this anon?

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>on coin base
There's your answer.
Obviously the real deep liquidity is on Bancor itself. Coinbase is paper-thin orderbook wise.

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Whats a comfy bancor stack for the next year 2 or 3? 3k enough?

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BAO Is going to take out SNX + AAVE
And Bancor will still be here

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Its on their website, this is mobile UI though

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Absolutely plenty if you're in it for several years to come.
Bigger is better, though.
Set it, forget it, drop some spare change into it whenever you have extra.
It's just that simple.

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I wold go for bancor

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>these red dildos

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damn liquidity was 500 million like a week ago

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i am financially decimated

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HOGE.finance is about to break important resistance

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We're going to clap 1B in no-time, and then all bets are off.

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He said blue chip not retarded pajeetcoin

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Can BNT please dip to 5 I want to increase my stack further

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no sorry I'm market buying

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it will go no lower than 5 now. maybe tomorrow is ur best bet

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Fellow BNT chads, can someone tell me why I'm not earning fees/rewards on BNT I have staked for a couple days now?

t. 10k BNT and quite comfy

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forgot pic related

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>what is eth mixer?

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Looks like a display error. Clear your browser cache and restart your browser, disconnect/reconnect your wallet. Should fix it.

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cool ty Anon. It appears you're right.

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Ok I am out
Why the fuck are you shilling this using the chainlink memetic?

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>He doesn't know

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out of what? bancor? make sure you post your trades

>shitcoin swingers NOT welcome

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did you guys pay $200 gas fees to stake your BNT or am I doing someting retarded?

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yes, i'm afraid that is the cost of business at the moment. if you want to minimise gas fees you can try again in like 16 hours but it will still likely be $150+

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what's the makeit stack with bnt

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Thanks anon, I guess i'll hold on to mine for now and expect an inrease in the token price. The 16% APR doesn't really make sense at this price point for my stacklet, but maybe in the future it will be a better deal

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Percent staked creeping back up,

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little banclet, the lowest i see is 74%

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5k if you're okay waiting a year and stake all the while
2.5k if you're okay waiting 2+ years, staking all the while.

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Damn I was looking at the APR column. What's the difference between rewards and APR? They could do a little better with their website

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rewards are the rewards you get from liqudity mining, the percentages you see in the rewards column are the apy for what you put in to the liquidity pool, APR is what you get from fees. its says it if you hover over the "i" information bubble in each column

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So if I put 1000 BNT on 100% rewards I can reasonably expect to double my stack within a year? Sorry for the stupid questions I've never done any staking before and thanks for the answers anons

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yes, as long as you are in a pool where rewards dont end (so probably like link/eth/stablecoins).

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Is it even worth staking 1000 BNT with these high gas fees?

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fwiw stable coins are probably less likely to have the rewards extended. i would stick to link/eth/wbtc if you're focused on the rewards multipliers

>> No.29227416

just curious, why are they less likely to have their rewards extended?

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>out of what? bancor?
yes because you shill it with link meme power
you ar etrying to sel lsomenthing here
>t. high EQ

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I am entertaining the thought of getting a Bancor stack, and today I discovered the founders are all Jewish. This gives me more of a reason to buy. What is everyone’s price predictions for EOFY?

Also gibs memes for me to shill BNT

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to sell*

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end of fourth year? end of financial year? end of fifth year?

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What do I swap my ETH for lads? AAVE?

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Well even assuming that bnt price stays at $5.40 and you pay $200 gas fees both ways you are looking at a $5000 profit at the end of the year.

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End of financial year

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congratulations on doing zero research and basing your purchases and future on low quality understanding of memetics on the four chan dot org business and finance forum
bancor is not some pajeetery that requires "shilling" newfaggot

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>So if I put 1000 BNT on 100% rewards I can reasonably expect to double my stack within a year
Based on my experience so far, you will double it in a couple months

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remember to vote to whitelist GRT. Only 29 hours left to reach quorum

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hello anon. in my opinion BNT has a much higher potential short term return than AAVE. i would also consider link.

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Sold all my AAVE weeks ago and I’m sad now.

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>low quality understanding of memetics
I have been here since 2018
When they put link + project X is because they want to create hype TO SELL

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Not shilling, but I personally don't see any reason not to Vote yes for Iexec whitelisting.


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Which LP to put my bancor? Does a larger one have less APY volatility?
Should I just pick the highest %

>> No.29228758

anyone have AMP In the pool yet?

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yes anon in general you are correct, but i'm afraid you're too foreign to have been able to notice the subtleties within that observation

>> No.29228838

Add $FTM

>> No.29228886

How long does it take between whitelisting to active pool? I need this ROOK pool

>> No.29228957

Usually live same day or the day after.

>> No.29228962

Probably ETH, wBTC or a new one with really high APY
Rewards are creeping down as more whales enter though

>> No.29229190

I already have LINK

>> No.29229404

I swung some gains and got a tiny 400 stack of this at market price. We’re gonna crab aren’t we? I think its promising we didnt dump after the pump though

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we are starting to moon after the dip

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How are you anons doing on yield? I'm doing

-$169 a day in BADGER sLPs(WBTC/BADGER and WBTC/DIGG)
-$200 a month in SUSHI rewards from aforementioned Badger sLPs
-$1k a month in DEXT
-$25 a day in BTC/ETH from some russian ponzi crypto casino dividends(im honestly amazed that they havent exit scammed)

I hurl all my yield into new shitcoins/growth that will hopefully be revenue producing assets in the future. Right now I'm aggressively building positions in ROOK, BUILD, and 2 others I'm not going to mention yet since they're too low cap and I haven't taken my position.

What are your revenue producing assets and how much are they providing?

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careful swingie. you're not prepared for what you've just gotten yourself into.

i just liquidated $9000 of DEXG into more BNT. my portfolio now contains solely BNT, LINK and INJ.

well anon, my first question is of course, are you aware of current bancor rewards?

>> No.29229786

you are seeing these returns on bancor?
how much are you staking to see these returns?

>> No.29229993

I'm just getting into Bancor, i bought about 700
should I throw it into the wNXM/BNT pool?

>> No.29229998

it's been a week on bancor and ive made over
800 from fees and rewards, I don't even have the 2x multiplier

>> No.29230209

$125 from blockfi until btc crashes
$140 from celsius, I think Link will be prettty stable
$1500 in bnt + eth from bancor, wondering if going all-in is worth the risk of single failure point

>> No.29230238

Does the multiplier I've accrued by staking link apply to BNT I stake, if I choose to add to the link/bnt pool? The bancor faq is kind of vague as to how the multiplier works

>> No.29230418

They will be on separate timers, it's retroactively applied though so it's all the same 5 week in

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there's aave
there's no need for bancor

>> No.29230601

Voted no, its digital dogshit dude

>> No.29230698

no you didnt

>> No.29230706

I'm making 500-600 bucks a day on bancor

>> No.29230814

how much BNT do you have to see those returns?

>> No.29230901

i'm making 3 woot woot

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Holding SNX is hell. BNT is comfy af though

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I have 35k staked and i am in the 5-600 a day range.

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I'll ask in this thread - can't get an answer anywhere.

Anyone using the curve link/slink vault?

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i'm afraid you have no idea what you are talking about viswanathan

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Why does this shit look like windows 93

>> No.29231263

Every defi site has to come up with its own quirky interface seemingly. I actually quite like this one, but im unsure on the vault.

>> No.29231279

for the aesthetic. Why does Synthethix look like the Blade Runner 2049 of finance webpages

>> No.29231329

i like the attempt although i think they could have done much better with the idea

>> No.29231394

Lol aave
Default, loose all.
Its there all your collateral and all your rewards which never stop accruing, they are yours.

>> No.29231655 [DELETED] 

About a 5K stack roughly

>> No.29231785

Has anyone here sold their VBNT for more Bnt yet? I have a few questions and I can’t find answers anywhere.

>> No.29231848

Still no answer, im just going to have to post non stop to catch the one anon who might be in this aren't I... Not chucking in link until i get an answer.

>> No.29231920

75k bnt staked, havent hit 2x rewards yet so it should be 1k+/day in 20 days or so not counting potential price appreciation

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Thanks for all your help anons. Got my 1000 banclet pooled and scheduling my circumcision as we speak

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Im not in Bancor rn, but have been alt tabbing between this thread and some research on it and im heavily considering it now

How much are you providing in LP? Hows the multiplier work?

Are those numbers daily/weekly/monthly for bancor? LP or singlesided? I really like the single sided liquidity because then I'd be able to take a better ETH position

Single sided BNT? how much?

Thats very good, just about enough for me to pull the trigger. Is this with multiplier/any caveats to this? So if I buy around 15k BNT and provide single sided liquidity BNT I'd be yielding around $250 a day?

>> No.29232136

I did but swapped back shortly

>> No.29232158

Only do that when the peg is 0.9 or above unless you hate your money.
vBNT prices are heavily supressed atm.

>> No.29232206

Answer to what? You asked a binary question. What do you actually want to know?

>> No.29232302

Does anyone know if the "total liquidity" stat on bancor includes all tbe BNT thats staked when BNTs price fluctuates? If thats the case, BNTs recent pump is jist pumping that number no?

>> No.29232386

Is anyone using the vault - and then i'd probably ask what's the APY, fees? Value against bancor etc.

>> No.29232387

post your questions.

many whales have bought vBNT at a low rate from all the retards selling their vBNT for cheap, and are waiting for the protocol to return the rate to 1:1 or whatever in a month. free money.

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>> No.29232482

>Single sided BNT? how much?
yeah 75k bnt staked in bnt/eth

>> No.29232610

Multiplier, usdc pool

>> No.29232676

Oh nevermind I thought you guys were talking in USD. I think Bancor is great, but Badger is a lot more bang for your buck right now. I'm only LPing around $50k USD to get $169 a day on Badger. I think the growth outside of top 100 is better as well.

I'm going to go ahead and secure a Bancor bag right now though, they seem to literally be the only ones doing single sided liquidity and IPL mitigation other then Alpha.

>> No.29232705

>Is anyone using the vault
Volume of less than 4k, so the answer is probably no. it's brand new, isn't it?
> i'd probably ask what's the APY, fees? Value against bancor etc.
the ETH/sETH pool has an APY of 0.51% and average CRV rewards, so expect even less on your synthetic stinkies

>> No.29232827

Thanks for the help

>> No.29232838

Sorry but Bancor is on a completely different compared to Badger, I mean I like how they positioned themselves as the premier wBTC pool farm but the development depth/scope is not even close to Bancor's.

>> No.29232866

Sorry under APY i was also meaning the rewards, just basically if it's profitable enough.

>> No.29233013

that sounds cool anon, hope it works for you.
however i am going to use my 10 second look at their website, their name, and >>29232838 this anon's post to disregard the app.

>> No.29233034

Its bouncing back up now. BNT just had a moon mission the other day, then UNI today. I'm hoping SNX explodes next, either tomorrow or monday

>> No.29233386

? It's over 5x in a month.

>> No.29233711

holy fuck more link space now

>> No.29233856

The price went from .8 to .7, when do you think it will recover?

>> No.29233959

>Rewards are creeping down as more whales enter though
so why do you shill it?

>> No.29234051

/biz/ really doesn't have much volume. It makes no difference at all talking about these things here. Just keep it off twitter.

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get in now faggots

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File: 146 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210220-111430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm heavy in shitcoins. I'd like to maybe move over to some blue chips but not sure if I should get more BTC and eth or try some other coinbase projects. I like the value proposition of bancor and algo. Seems ripe for a dca. Any suggestions? Not sure if I should even bother because feels like this hysteria is gonna drop eventually.

>> No.29234252


>> No.29234316

I've got 870 BNT, 110 AVAX, and $1500 to invest. Should I put it all in BNT or go for something like SNX? Are Sundays usually a good time to get in price-wise?

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it didn't even make it's way to twitter yet

>> No.29234388

It will rocket above .8 when the pool deepens and the burn function of the protocol is implemented. ETA 2-3 weeks.

>> No.29234392

How safe is it to swap my bnt for vbnt? What is the chance that bnt = vbnt in 2 months?

>> No.29234398

Also if I put it in BNT should I stake it it I go up to around 1000?

>> No.29234468

Thanks my bad double posting, just excited

>> No.29234498

Unironically I’d recommend consolidating into one or 2 of LINK, ETH, BTC, SNX or something like AAVE

>> No.29234499

I want to put my 1k in but I'd rope if it somehow got lost or a vulnerability was found

>> No.29234667

Not really, they're doing very different things. Bancor is a generalized liquidity platform while Badger is a BTC targeted one with unrivaled yields. They have a great DAO structure and aggressive development, there's a reason Andre jumped in. In terms of raw yield no other platform comes close right now, including Bancor.

There's no need to lash out and be insecure about your investment. As I said, I have nothing against Bancor and plan to buy some. Competition is for losers.

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If you can buy below .75 it's a great deal.
If you can buy below .6 it's a no-brainer
If you can buy below .5 it's free money

Likewise, if you can swap vBNT to BNT at above .9 it's a great deal.
At or above 1.0 it's a nobrainer since you get to keep your ENTIRE stake AND you get the same amount or more in unstaked bancies

>> No.29234722

BNT is audited. Sure it's not an absolute guarantee but they have a good track record.

>> No.29234775


dude how indian are you? we are here to shitpost with frens while we make it. if you think what is posted here has the slightest effect on the price action of anything with an mcap above $100m then you're completely retarded.

>> No.29234807

This thing has been around a while now, it's not popping up out of nowhere.

>> No.29234859

i already put my 5.5k REN in, and ill probably get like $5 a day from what it appears, I could stand losing my REN, but the thought of losing my Link is fucking terrible

>> No.29234910
File: 64 KB, 640x640, 1613674834262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, you misinterpreted the tone of my post. i just meant i personally am not going to spend my time looking into it because of the judgements i made about it. i genuinely wish you success.

>> No.29234915

Beyond that anyone deep into a defi thread is hardly some passing pajeet. Always hate that mindset.

When it was the foodcoin summer i made sure to spam the token everywhere if anyone ever posted like that.

>> No.29234997

Don't get me wrong the safest thing is to keep your link on a ledger and put it away. All defi brings a risk, even depositing on aave.

BNT vaults also bring issues like fees and impermanent loss, however it isn't some scam either.

>> No.29235044

Thank you. I’m planning on waiting.

>> No.29235082

wtf am i looking at

>> No.29235112

*oh also it's rare to see an exploit remove everything. Even Andre's "test in prod" vaults tend to only lose a portion when shit goes south.

>> No.29235197

While that means there are reduced odds of my shit getting taken in the event that a vulnerability is found, I just don't know if I have the balls to put $35k on the line

>> No.29235255
File: 175 KB, 2048x1614, 1612995328952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty sure it goes by amount of traders selling. 10000 people with 5 bancor who bought the top are selling, and 2 big dick whales buying. Too bad I bought so much silver earlier this year or I could have doubled my bnt stack.

>> No.29235318

Fair enough. I get that, i was throwing around a lot in the summer farming frenzy and quite honestly the yield wasn't worth the sleepless nights and stress.

>> No.29235409

I’m trying to figure out if I sell my vBNT for Bnt when the peg goes up and then I restake that Bnt, what happens if I don’t have all the vBNT needed to withdraw my initial stake? Can I then withdraw part of it according to the percentage of vBNT I do have? Or do I need to have all the initial vBNT for even a partial withdrawal?

>> No.29235550

You can get insurance at a very reasonable price from Nexusmutual or COVER

>> No.29235564

Ya dont risk your entire suicide stack anon

>> No.29235634

>40k bnt
Feels good going from 5fig to 7fig this bullrun

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File: 74 KB, 1024x768, D290E00C-C2B9-4549-B84B-C645ADC6D28E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I envy your balls anon

>> No.29235866

Nexus doesn't cover bancor

>> No.29235900

damn that is a lot of space
>Can I then withdraw part of it according to the percentage of vBNT I do have?
yes you can do this. not percentage wise, but you can withdraw staked BNT at a 1:1 ratio to vBNT

>> No.29235986

I didn't even realize there was a bonus multiplier for bnt rewards kek I'm winning on so many levels I can't even keep track

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Dangerously comfy.
Based "what whitepaper I just like the memes and posters" investor

>> No.29236229

Thanks- do you know if I can transfer vBNT between wallets? And will my vBNT show up in Metamask? I haven’t tried to add it yet.

>> No.29236242

>What is the chance that bnt = vbnt in 2 months?
0. Any ratio above 1 creates an arbitrage that any bot would snatch up as well as literally free BNT for any existing staker

>> No.29236304
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Yes to all of these.

>> No.29236326

yes and yes

>> No.29236349


Almost all BNT maybe some GRT. GRT us unpredictable since its supply is about to 10x per the token release schedule. That being said GRT and BNT are likely both up & coming blue chips.

Tokenomics on Atom meanwhile are ass.

>> No.29236357

Bancor LINK pool has space now
Very comfy :)

>> No.29236358

Thank you

>> No.29236367

>Uni is a gov token, ask yourself why a gov token is worth billions(it isnt)
>Uni tokens has litteraly no use case.

I wondered myself why it pumped so much. It has zero value capture method. There is no reason to accumulate?

>> No.29236371

Is there a lock up period when staking? And what are the actual risks? I have about 4K and I want to put them to use

>> No.29236414
File: 50 KB, 653x564, 1612913733539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is the rotation back in DeFi starting? Time to buy SNX and AAVE again?

>> No.29236802

Where do you see it? I don’t see it. Do I have to do something. I just put into the pools for like 4-5 days ago

>> No.29237297

Withdrawals have a 24 hour wait period, and impermanent loss protection kicks in at 30% after 30 days, 1% a day after that until 100% so 100 days for full protection

Until then the risks are impermanent loss same as any other liquidity pool and catastrophic failure of the entire protocol which

>> No.29237376
File: 8 KB, 250x250, 1581804408828s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

elaborate FUD to get you to sell your link for so-called "blue chips" (aka junk).

i know some linkies are making bank with bancor, but that isn't going to last forever.

>> No.29237405

How do we feel about Linear (LINA)? I think it has potential for some nice gains considering SNX is at 3.3b so I could see it reaching 1b at least.

>> No.29237446

It's not displayed, but you accrue .25 bonus rewards every week for a max of 4 weeks. So If you withdraw your rewards after 4 weeks it's x2. It's max comfy.

>> No.29237594

If you really want to multiply wealth you can withdraw your rewards after 4 weeks for the x2 multiplier, and dump them into another pool to start accruing a new multiplier. You're entering exponential growth at this point.

>> No.29237660

is it a $200 gas fee when you pool you rewards again? Or just the tx fee

>> No.29237732
File: 103 KB, 750x617, 38-kousaka-reina-anime-screenshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

PRQ is the best long term hold right now. In terms of growing awareness, room to rise in price, and technological potential, I don't think anything is as well positioned to moon.

The whole project has been unfolding flawlessly and it's still only at a $144m market cap.

>> No.29237856

I'm going to swing my big orca dig leverage back into vBNT now as bnt starts to moon and and vBNT starts being favored on the bonding curve again.

>> No.29237886

it's called speculation. having a say in how their system works might prove valuable in the future

>> No.29237969

It's based
Ok I'll start accumulating a bit.
I probably will when we reach a huge peak. I'm still quite bullish. But I think I might add more eth and link.

>> No.29238216

Why wouldn’t you dump them back in the pool that already has the multiplier? I guess it’s the same thing after a month so it probably doesn’t matter.

>> No.29238401

Other than the Bancor site, is there any other place to check the bnt to vBNT ratio that you know of? I’d like to keep an eye on it.

>> No.29238440

Just restake them into the same pool and get to keep the multiplier from the start lol

>> No.29238522

yes. if i could, i would hold grt and prq as well as ftm, qnt, many more promising coins that may play a big part in the future. since my ammo for making it is finite though, i choose to stick with projects which directly involve lots of money, ie DEXs. i agree that others will succeed but at least in the short term (1yr) i don't think they'll moon as hard as BNT

>> No.29238626

I have 500 doges. 19 Nano and a fraction of BNB

Am I welcome here

>> No.29238721

I have never seen an answer. The price is totally fake. The votes dont mean shit, its all bs.

>> No.29238900

I'm actually not 100% sure but I think the multiplier is based on pools. Meaning once you've reached x2 on a pool you've exhausted the multiplier and have to find a new pool. Dunno tho I'm just a retard that aped in without even being aware of the bonus multiplier

>> No.29238925

Coinmarketcap says it just went over 30.
Totally organic,.its not at all the protocol literally marking itself up.
Holy fuck lol

>> No.29239092

Pretty sure you get the 2x multiplier forever so long as you don’t unstake. Any coins added will also get the multiplier.

>> No.29239123


Around 120 USD daily on the graph
Around 160 usd daily on yaxis
Around 480 usd daily on Bancor

So around 5300 USD weekly. Current portfolio is around 910k usd. Would like to get to 3/4M and then just split between LINK and USDC with some BNT/ YAX

>> No.29239618

can someone point me to a tutorial or something, i have 20k linkies to throw around

>> No.29239899


No room on Bancor at the moment fren. Some space might open up, but it’s filed fast. Yaxis won’t allow LINK deposits for maybe another 2 months or so.

In terms of tutorial it’s pretty basic. Go to Bancor network app, head to protected column. Click stake, and pick the link/bnt pool. Like I said, you won’t have room for 20k link as people waiting to snipe.

>> No.29239912

You should probably hire a personal assistant to do it for you with that amount of cash

>> No.29240042

Every post you've made has been retarded disinformation. Just stop talking.

>> No.29240142

There's loads of space of bancor link pool. Don't know why everyone is saying otherwise and it's never been full whenever i've checked.

>> No.29240154


>> No.29240160

Sure, use bots to attack publicly available addresses and liquidate their positions (like they even knew they had them, for all they know they just got hacked) in order to make themselves look good. Ie liquidity

>> No.29240631

It just opened up for A SHITton of space, someone should make a post informing Linkmarines

>> No.29240700

How do you see how much time is left until 2x rewards?

>> No.29241032

How high you think it'll go anon?

>> No.29241045

there's an IL timer next to your position, anon

100-28 isn't a hard math problem

>> No.29241141

>Multiplier, usdc pool
how does it work?

>> No.29241372

does anyone have word on when automatic restaking gets implemented, will the automatically restaked BNT yield you vBNT?

>> No.29241513

of courshe

>> No.29241581


>> No.29241625

Let’s think this through logically. Mass adoption will require a CeFi on-ramp for the majority of normies to consider crypto legitimate. Who’s filling this role? I can’t think of a project more well suited to capitalize on AltSzn than PointPay. When we’re looking at BC projects in 5 years, it’ll be close to the top of the heap. Yes I’m biased, and yes I have a bag.

>> No.29241809

so i get 140k per month only by parking my linkies in this funny app? why did nobody tell me earlier

>> No.29241823
File: 1.15 MB, 1242x1233, 1612736150059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bancorchads, read this. posted 2hrs ago. fresh analytics. get in now.

fuck it boys. i just liquidated the rest of my holdings into BNT. i'm all in. (except link of course)

>> No.29242480
File: 93 KB, 220x220, 1111.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good read anon. I'm ready for take off.

>> No.29242545

How much GRT do you need for those rewards/what is GRT apr?

>> No.29242642


>> No.29243166

Been a blast catching up on this thread bancor chads

>> No.29243300

only 3k i need more, still cozy tho

>> No.29243338

kk you pajeet shills i might chuck some of my link in the vault.

Anyone insured their tokens?
What sort of fees are expected? I just cleared up some aave loans the other day and got absolutely rekt on various costs involved. Think it cost me about $500 all in all to exit all positions.

>> No.29243781

Stop diluting my rewards faggots

>> No.29244021
File: 35 KB, 289x300, 499A11BB-CE5D-4B47-9F9B-84A517F0ACB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more fees though
We can't lose

>> No.29244081

>Think it cost me about $500 all in all to exit all positions.
this is why im staying clear of this shit with the eth gas prices so insane and fluctuating. imagine putting your stack in one of these smart contracts only to get literally priced out of the gas needed to get them back

>> No.29244321

Is there any L2 workaround for the vault entry cost?

>> No.29244429

*i see they're on the arbitrum test net but i assume that can't actually be used.

>> No.29244593

Yeah it's trash. Sure i can swallow the cost but spending thousands a year on moving around contracts is just burnt money.

>> No.29244779

you just got to make sure that contracts earns you more than the gas costs. simple as

>> No.29244833


Are you serious? Bout to ape in if so

>> No.29244911

there is 146k link space available. an hour ago it was around 250k

>> No.29245005

No, and there is no eta. The lead dev actually sits in the discord channel is responsive, he was asked recently about arbitrum and said there is no eta and implied that an l2 solution might not even be arbitrum, just that there was a plan in action to move to l2...

>> No.29245621

I thought they said April >:/

>> No.29245688

It's shrinking fast, if you want to get in with bigger stack now is the time

>> No.29245902


Wow thanks. Just aped in. Appreciate that fren

>> No.29245975

Fuck off poorfag

>> No.29246145


Thanks. Had 5k LINK on aave waiting around. Appreciate the notice boys! Wagmi

>> No.29246340

Based. Welcome to comfytown.

>> No.29246624

its just made a cup with handle pattern
here we go boys!

>> No.29246799

I hope you're right.

The reason I ask is because yesterday i think i fucked up a bit.

I swapped my initial vBNT for BNT, staked it, swapped it again, staked it, swapped it again, staked it.

So now i have a fraction of vBNT compared to how much BNT i have staked. But my hope is that accumulated BNT rewards over time, automatically restaked will eventually yield me enough vBNT to be able to unstake my total BNT position someday.

I'm in BNT for the long haul, but I just hope in a year or two ill have enough vBNT to unstake if i wanted to.

>> No.29246898
File: 275 KB, 554x554, 1588923945810.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me why I shouldn't stake all my linkies on Bancor?
What are the odds they will all disappear?

>> No.29246922

fud. arbitrum is scheduled for March-April

>> No.29247045
File: 16 KB, 536x250, stackletprofits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was just trying to calculate
the wNXM/BNT pool is offering 136.96% APR
I have 5000 worth of BNT
If BNT doesn't change, and the APR doesn't change, then for the 75 days left, I should be looking at around 1500 if I restake my rewards each week
Minus 200-300 in total gas fees, if you have to pay them each time the timer ends
I found this calculator, I'm not sure if I did this right

>> No.29247118

I aped into Bancor and the price, of course, immediately started moving against me.

>> No.29247359
File: 24 KB, 657x525, 1613402801089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, i...

>> No.29247382

250 replies and no one mentions noia?

>> No.29247691


This is the main issue lol. People thinking they’ll get unlimited BNT. You’ve just played yourself fren. You’ll earn lots of fees + rewards, but you’ve lost out to your price appreciation on your main stack. Thanks for locking up your BNT for the rest of us

>> No.29247722

you will never unstake your total position without buying vBNT. For example:
>now you have 20k bnt staked and 4k vBNT.
>16k in rewards gets accumulated
>stake rewards
>receive 16k vbnt
>final figures: 36k bnt staked, 20k vbnt
so a part of your bnt will always remain locked now, but with rewards it should not be hard to make your initial stack back + everything else will generate fees for you forever

>> No.29247893

they can get it back by buying vbnt, right? Might be a bit of a loss but at least not a complete one.

>> No.29247918

if he was not planning to sell soon then it does not matter. actually the only good time to leverage bnt is now while lm rewards are still high and in the end he will make back his original stack and much more. leveraging makes sense if you are holding long term.

>> No.29248088

and to add to this - guys who are leveraging are actually diluting the rewards for those who do not leverage

>> No.29248103

>you just got to pour in enough fiat to make sure you can skim something off the top after giving all your money to miners
lmfao. people still falling for this bait?

>> No.29248244

wNXM pool has drastically less rewards allocated to it however so keep that in mind. The pool has gone from initial 600% APR down to ~130% in just 2 weeks where as the top pools have maintained theirs much better even having more than doubled their liquidity

>> No.29248265

that is some low iq posting anon. if your feelings get hurt that miners are making bank now and you use your feelings to stop you from making good financial decisions you are ngmi. while it is all relative the stack needed to outperform fees is not that big

>> No.29248271
File: 69 KB, 694x980, 1600603301197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 5k link on the bancor pool. Is it worth the risk to stake the remainder of my stack there while I have the chance?

>> No.29248305

Don't auto stake
Take the rewards and you can choose the best move at the time, vBNT stays dumped at .6 and you can scoop up more by selling your rewards

>> No.29248319


Yeah, at a loss which is beneficial for Bancor holders due to the pressured buys.

Wrong. If you’re playing the peg game, you swap your vBNT for BNT at >0.8. He will be waiting much much longer now. Also he has lost the ability to jump into the vBNT/ BNT pool, which will be opening up very soon.

Leveraging to that extent (multiple times) is best done if you plan on exiting without gas fees and have some trickling in. Holding long term, you want to leverage max 20-30% of your stack at a high peg.

I can sell all mine at a 0.85 peg and rebut when it falls and easily outpace him for rewards + profit on the swing + risk and general comfiness.

A little bit of patience would have been given him the vBNT/ bnt option too. They’re opening it in stages very soon

>> No.29248503

Ohh it's moving back up thanks God

>> No.29248597

where can I see the price of vBNT?

>> No.29248598
File: 46 KB, 650x350, 1612826586752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29248655

you dont know where vbnt/bnt will stabilise and your ability to outpace rewards is based on presumption that you will be swinging and there will be options to swing. I am not sure why everyone gets bent out of shape so much when they hear about someone leveraging. it would be interesting to hear from the guy what is his final bnt staked/vbnt ratio and we could calculate how much it will take for him to make the money back

>> No.29248661

So link and snx started doing tesla but didn't do any marketing about it? Why?

>> No.29248795

Does staking vbnt in the vbnt/bnt pool earn bnt or vbnt?

>> No.29248802

>if he was not planning to sell soon then it does not matter. actually the only good time to leverage bnt is now while lm rewards are still high and in the end he will make back his original stack and much more. leveraging makes sense if you are holding long term.
I think this is right, he is basically assuming a leveraged long on BNT.
I have not touched my vbnt and probably never will unless they can just be staked directly at zero risk. I am not smart enough to understand the peg/burn/price curve and I just know I will end up stranding my bnt..

>> No.29248822

>you dont know where vbnt/bnt will stabilise

Literally designed to peg around 0.88. The burn is just not in yet. You people should read into what you're holding lol

>> No.29248926

t.eth miner

>> No.29248928

This was my thought, i will never be able to fully unstake without straight up buying the difference in vBNT, but if BNT appreciates greatly over time, I won't be so bad.
The guy here, Interesting hearing different takes on how fucked i am or not. But the stats of my position are..

4k initial stake
10k leveraged stake now
1.3k vBNT remaining

>> No.29249048

please return to your rubic containment thread

>> No.29249135

its not fud, its facts.

>> No.29249136

Depends how long you want to stay in. If you plan to get out early then better stack up on vBNTs while they're cheap

>> No.29249215

looks like BNT might be about to break the resistance at 5.70?

>> No.29249222

Yeah - let's say you leverage at .6bnt/vbnt and it stabilizes at .9. That means you need to earn 50% in rewards/fees to be able to buy your vbnt back. At current reward rates in the big pools you'll get there in a few months. Plus your original BNT earns the entire time.

This is pretty much the worst case scenario, (not accounting for any moves in the price of BNT, of course)

Am I missing something?

>> No.29249237

planning to stay in at least 1 year

>> No.29249294

you overstaked a little and got fucked by fees.
But just a very rough calculation: to be back to 4k initial you need 2.7k in rewards and fees, that is 27% from your staked. lets assume 85% yearly return - that is (2700/10k*0.85/12)= 3.8 months + 3 week until rewards catch up + week to make up for the unstaking fees. so you are probably looking at around 4.5-5 months to be at 4k liquid. but after that everything is pure profit for you

>> No.29249364

I’m waiting for it to hit 100$ so I can be a millionaire

>> No.29249395

yup, ready to break out. Green 2.5x red on depth for hours

>> No.29249460


Anon I had the same problem, talked to support a few times. No one knew anything. I even restaked 2 times and got raped in gas fees but it didn't fix it.

Anyway apparently if you stake at a time of high volatility the UI just fucks up. It wi eventually fix itself, took about 5/6 days for me

>> No.29249462

You should look into it in the next few weeks

>> No.29249503

smart, just make sure you don’t sell for 2 days after buy the following year to fall into long term cap gains tax instead of short if in US. I’ve seen a lot of people fuck themselves by selling same day a year later

>> No.29249612

Yes it has fucking got to twitter.

>> No.29249769

Thanks for the rough calc. Honestly not too bad of a timeline. I did swap vBNT at .69 and I am staked in the LINK/BNT pool which is in the high 80% returns right now, hopefully it stays around there as liquidity increases. I'm hopeful everything works out in my favor. Definitely learned a lesson from this at least.

>> No.29249864

dont worry anon, bancor future looks to be bright so you will be fine

>> No.29250081

True, definitely will wait for the right times to pick up vBNT instead of auto restaking.

>> No.29250111

I have $15k to invest and no positions, what is my best stack at current prices?

>> No.29250137

I got 78k BNT, excited to make my first $1M soon

>> No.29250185


Ask me how I know you’re new. Ffs. Leveraging is fine, but people need to know the risks. Go read Marks proposal on Bip9 before you do ANYTHING with your vBNT.

It is literally curve bonded to stabilise around 0.85. Anything from this will be forced back buy a combo or arbs and protocol purchasing vBNT and burning it to increase it back to the peg. Fucking read

>> No.29250281


You’ll be ok. Good you learned. You didn’t fuck up, but you didn’t pick the most profitable option and you’ve locked yourself into this path. Again, not the worst, but not the most optimal either

>> No.29250380


That’s a chunk. Are you active on the governance? If anyone here has over 5k BNT you owe it to yourself and to others to vote to whitelist legitimate projects. Yeah gas sucks, but these will increase tvl and most importantly volume swaps across the board, which increases both your earnings and the value of BNT. A little bit now for a lot later. Wagmi

>> No.29250413


>> No.29250797

Any idea on the timeline for opening up the vbnt/bnt pool?

>> No.29250836

If rewards aren’t extended, does the APY from swaps go directly back into your stake or do you have to restake it?

>> No.29250996

you have to pay that much gas WEEKLY

>> No.29251039

All in

>> No.29251071

you have to choose to re-stake or withdraw rewards. they aren't 'yours' until you do one or the other. automatic rewards staking and one-click pool swapping are coming soon.

>> No.29251194

>That’s a chunk. Are you active on the governance? If anyone here has over 5k BNT you owe it to yourself and to others to vote to whitelist legitimate projects. Yeah gas sucks, but these will increase tvl and most importantly volume swaps across the board, which increases both your earnings and the value of BNT. A little bit now for a lot later. Wagmi
I have has as much, i haven't voted on anything yet, considering voting yes on GRT but i partially think its a scam coin that is hysterically overvalued and am tentative.

>> No.29251203

suicide stack?

>> No.29251226

I realize that you have to restake the rewards but what about the APY? Are you counting that as “rewards” in a more general sense?

>> No.29251423

And what are liquidity mining rewards?

>> No.29251517

I’m asking because I’m curious to know if you can’t access your initial stake due to having sold your vBNT, can you still access your “earnings” (apy + rewards). Or can you only access rewards not apy? The second scenario makes leveraging much much more risky.

>> No.29251746

You have no positions anon? If you are entirely new to crypto you need to not listen to people in a thread about where to put assets. Educate first.

That said, if you want to get in, as always, it depends on your goals, timeline, and risk tolerance.

>> No.29251870

yup you can access your earnings, some people are building their vortex strategies around that. you get locked out of a certain amount of BNT but it keeps generating returns

>> No.29252066

SFI is good. Barnbridge is doing something similar but SFI already has a working product whereas Barnbridge does not yet. BADGER and SFI seem to be the most promising to rip in the short-mid term.

>> No.29252110

Okay great. Thanks for all the help. I’ve been trying to figure out how to maximize all of this in a way that makes sense both long term and short term.

>> No.29252119


>> No.29252170

Should I dump uni for bnt? Kinda want to because uni seems like SJW trash - not sure if being autistic though.

>> No.29252193

keep reading/lurking, I've seen people posting their strats and napkin math etc.
I'm too pussy for that shit so I'm holding my vBNT for votes I guess

>> No.29252368

How much longer is liquidity mining going to last? Why does it only last for a limited time?

>> No.29252459

Also where do these rewards multipliers show up? I haven't seen any.

>> No.29252862