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Why don't you own any LTO anon?

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i do

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I do too :)

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i do and its my lowest performing alt coin

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Once you do the LTO math you have no choice but to buy.

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I'm a stacklet at 2000.

Project has a good potential at reaching a 1Bn market cap.

Though they really need to start getting more clients in.

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10k suicide stack

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because it has no hype factor, its boring and all crypto just runs on hype

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except the ones running on actual use cases & contracts with clients.

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el tio wills it

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bought small stack at 0.3c
Feeling like reef, but lto has an actual usage, and reef have nothing but narco dev

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Convince me to buy this aynonce

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BC IT'S A USELESS PIECE OF SHIT...oh, wait. I own 500k+

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Proud owner af a LTO stacklet here, were gonna make it bros

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but I do

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It's already being used by a number of companies, some Dutch government departments and the UN.

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what is the math I know it's a meme but it's also true there is good juicy numbers in the math

can one of you egg heads explain the math here for us mathlets pls

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I do, but not much. It's been one of the crappiest performing tokens I hold, more so than NKN and ONE. Piss take.

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Lease your stack to a node and check back in 3 years.

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>tokens necessary for transactions made by real-world businesses
>top 20 by number of transactions, not even close to top 20 by MC
>for every transaction there's a 1 LTO fee: 0.1 LTO is burned, 0.9 is returned to the node owners and the ones leasing their tokens.
you put 2 and 2 together

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you want math ?


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Cause it’s a crabcoin piece of shit and rlc has spicier memez

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>non linear

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Go look at this fags Twitter he just got caught samefagging complaining about burn rate, they’re gonna change tokenomics watch

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have you even seen the AMA on reddit? Their targeting 20-30% uptake month on month this year. We;re already past the 100k average transactions a day and that's an APY of 8%, if you go to their calculator this shit can go to 14-15% APY easily. It's a long term hold. Never sell.

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I did RTFM I'm a mechanic it's my job to RTFM for brainlets

This gives me a rough idea but I'm still confused with /exactly/ where it's going because I'm under the impression it has maybe 10x left in it but some anons are implying it will hit a LOT more than that (which I doubt) but maybe it will so I'm curious what everyone that says do the math has to say about where they think it will actually hit and why

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not that anyone really cares but heres an fyi before anyone says dont buyed it stay hobo I am staking 5k LTO on xeno

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>for every transaction there's a 1 LTO fee: 0.1 LTO is burned, 0.9 is returned to the node owners and the ones leasing their tokens.
shills don't even know their own shitcoin

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Sold right at .419, see you at .3

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Lmao are you retarded Ranjesh?

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The math ultimately leads you to the point where the majority of LTO is sitting on nodes being leased/used by companies. Anons who did the math will sit alongside them. Companies arent going to sell their LTO back to an exchange as they will use it and also add it to their balance sheets. At some point there will only be a small amount of LTO available on exchanges ie some of the weekly payout anons get for leasing. APY will be a lot lower by then but LTO will be a lot higher in price, then add deflation. LTO is going to easily pass $100 once adoption causes a supply squeeze. Also we have price discovery to occur yet.

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Piece of shit needs to be listed on US exchanges and no, not fucking Binance

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Think ONE will hit $1?

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Too busy stacking ARPA, that's why

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I still haven't found out what LTO even stands for

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where do i buy it

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Large Titties Out
CEO is a coomer
connect the dots
do the math

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this is just a btc market boys, alt szn will send it to 5+ within 2 years

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liquid task orchestration

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This is my go to comfy coin.

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Moment this doubles from it's current volume of transactions, we're gonna be in fucking two digit APY territory.

I'm gonna coooooooooooom!