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What is your end goal? To support your family? To have a big house? Drive a nice car?

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to prove everyone else wrong

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Just to see that 7 figure on the screen.

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escape the rat race

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I honestly don't know the answer to that question

All I do know is that quite literaly everything in life - friends hobbies family commitments travel - all much easier with lots of money.

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Buy a house and be reliable to myself and my friends.

Piss off the white-hating far-leftists.

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I want my time to be my own.

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I would be happy to just have a house i own and live without the stress of having to work for some one else forever. Everything else is a bonus.

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never work again

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Leave something to my children when I die

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To be able to comfortably support a wife and kids. Wageslaving isn’t bad, I just want to be around for my future spouse and children, while working less than the average joe.

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I just want to buy a van or an rv and spend the rest of my life on the road.

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To never wagecuck again. I wouldn't mind doing meaningful part time work but I don't ever want to work full time again.

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i used to have goals tied to making it, they have vanished
now i want to be one of those elusive rich guys who sit on fortunes they never spend and live like poorfags

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to get back at the jews

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I was born poor. All I want is to fulfill the American Dream. Nice car, nice house with land, and support my family sure. Hopefully then, I will give my kids the opportunities they never got when I was younger.

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I just fucking hate doing meaningless admin work for 40 hours a week for the government
23 and I already feel trapped because I missed a full decade of crypto gains

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This. The reason that rich people are so productive is because they don't HAVE to work. They have a totally different mindset toward work because they get to start their own business and be their own boss.

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Honestly It would be to live a stress free life. I'm a wagekek that works in big pharma and supporting the manufacture of COVID vaccines. Since March last year I've been under so much pressure that I am completely burnt out. I just want to have 1 year where I can just relax and rebuild my mental state

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To live rent free and to live rent free in others minds.

I may be a kind soul but i can also be one petty ass nigga.

Can't wait!

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This, simple as. I don't give a shit about yachts or lambos or any of that meme bullshit. I just don't want to have to work. Or at the very least, have breathing room that allows me to pursue things that I enjoy rather than needing to hold a dogshit job that's bad for my mental or physical health. I just want to get to the point where I've accrued enough capital to live off passive income in safe investments.

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the process is fun to me

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I just want to leave this shithole country and settle somewhere in europe, my goal would be to use my gains to set up a business there so that I hopefully get a proper visa

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help my mum have a comfy life for when she retires

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To spit in the face of poor people

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I want to piss on homeless people after my driver drops me off in the Bentley

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security, stability, and freedom

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I want a bidet. Sick of wiping my arse like a peasant

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I literally just want to sit around without having to worry about anything money can take care of. Just care for my family and friends and own my time.

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Tbh because I want to quit my job and be financially free. Maybe fuck some luxury hookers here and there.

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That's a really stupid and clueless thing to say. Absolutely false. People are productive biologically. They literally have differing amounts of dopamine released to them, rewarding them more or less for certain activities over others.

The most productive people have an addiction to the adrenaline from it. They tend to have alcohol and gambling problems too. Their brain is wired to win win win or die. They're hyper industrious. Imagine putting someone in a forest with an axe. Now imagine the kind of person who immediately starts chopping for resources without a 2nd thought. This is a literal hardwired trait.

The mindset myth is a liberal middle school fantasy that children tell themselves so they don't have to accept they will NEVER have access to the entire experience that other people may or may not experience.

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There's only one way to that goal and it certainly doesn't involve finance.

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I don't like work.

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it certainly does. but its not the whole story. there are other things to pursue too of course.

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Anon are you saying some of us where born to make it if we just focus and channel that energy ?

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Me either, I get bullied where ever I go work. I’ve started rubbing the bitcoin rally in peoples faces though

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to live a modest but confortable life without wagecucking away my youth

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To be able to afford any medical advancements that come along. I know for a fact that getting a new pair of eyes will soon be as easy as getting new teeth.

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i want enough money so i can basically live the same standard that i live now without working

since i dont spend a lot of money anyway stocks that yield me 2,5k a month would be enough

would requite around a mil in stocks i suppose

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buy my freedom from serfdom by not having to work.

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When I started making good returns, some of my friends gave me moeny to 'invest' for them.

We're all poor students and I'm only a fifth of the way to six figure hell, but my dream is to be able to take them all on holiday with every expenses paid for as a way to thank them for believing in me.

My current plan is to boost my AVAX stack to 500 by riding this BNB boom. Been making a few future trades when it was low and getting the P&Ds early before bouncing out.

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I hope you're right, even before neuraling started I've been day dreaming about the possibilities of machines/sensors interacting directly with our nervous system. Robot arms star wars style for amputees might be pretty close. Hope we see that happen.

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I want to buy a Chuck E Cheese that only I can use

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Off the grid home in the mountains.

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Wanna buy food for family pls sirs very hungry. Want to buy a football for my sons

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that's fucking beautiful anon.
I sincerely hope you and your friends all make it.

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To own enough acreage and resources that my bloodline will survive the coming hard times.

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im just bored and this game is kinda fun

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To buy 4chan and ban all the normies

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I want to be a rich soldier of God

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To make sure my parents are comfortable for giving me a good life, and to form an indie game studio to make 3rd person sandbox games that aren't pozzed.

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never work and just do what i like

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cuck the world

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I want to make £190,000 so i can give it to my mother bcos when my dad died he lied to her and said the mortgage would be paid when he was ded - but he lied, and instead what he actually did was change the mortgage to some shitty idiot plan that left her in the total shit. What a cunt

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To not be a cog in this twisted jewish machine anymore.

Literally going to fuck off deep innawoods somewhere with no niggers. Like Alaska or iceland.

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Trying to buy a house cash, I’m thinking 100 a 120k should be enough, would like to have a 100k cushion in a saving account and also to play with when I see an opportunity to invest. So that’s 220k, I guess I would need about 300k so that after taxes I will have the 220k I need. Then I’ll be chilled, no mortgage, good safety cushion and then I can work whatever job without worrying I won’t be able to pay my shit. Simple as. So far I have 24k in crypto, long ways to go. :(

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I hate wage cucking so i want to be free from it all and live the neet lyfe

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Buy some land and make my nation.

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My original goal back in 2012-2013 was to make enough money quick enough to buy at least few hundred acres of dilapidated corporate farm land before I turn 25 or so to turn it into a mostly perennial ecologically sustainable farm. Growing up in the midwest i always felt the endless corn & onions was extremely uninspiring & obviously bad for the soil & environment. After learning you can grow perennial plants that accomplish the same things corn & onions do it became a dream in my head to hoard enough land & get enough people on the same page to start switching over to perennial for a bigger percentage of our staple food crops. That was biggest picture dream , smaller dream was just to get enough to live debt free in a nice house out in the country with enough land to hobby farm & do cool projects. I could have made the small dream happen after 2017 cycle. But I've fucked my life up a lot and accumulated a lot of bitter moments since then though idk if I care enough about anything anymore to follow through with these ideas. Sadly Now I feel like I just want to make enough to fuck off forever and do nothing with my life.

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I simply live for the grind anon

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Corn & onions**** not corn & onions wtf lol

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my end goal is to be comfy

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House land and farm on carribean island. Already know which one. I have plan.

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Only based answer

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Oh 4chan automatically turns S.o.y. into onion fuck lol

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god damnit wsb go home

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So I can comfortably give my wife more white babies.
She always wants more...

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I had a shitty, unknown webcomic together with a girl I used to date. She drew the shit, I wrote the story and colored all the panels.
Of course it didn't go well and now the comic's gone. At first the comic was shit either way, but the story turned into something I actually wanted to tell. That being said, matter what I do, I can't reach the same level as her and my drawings still suck.
I want to make it to quit my fucking daytime job so I can draw the whole fucking day and take art lessons and shit. Yes, I can do that now as well and I'm grinding hard, but my job really makes me feel miserable and depressive, to the point where I do absolutely nothing once I come home from work.

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Checked at based. I want a nice modest, quiet life where I can live on my own terms 24/7. Working 40 hours minimum a week is absolutely insane.

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To get comfy , buy a house , store for future and have savings for family and rainy day medical expenses if needed.

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>made the small dream happen after 2017 cycle. But I've fucked my life up a lot
What happened?

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I just want enough to be able to provide for my family without stress. That means I need to buy a house, that is the bare minimum for me, and would take a gigantic load off my shoulders. So long as I can give my family a nice place to live, everything else can be provided for them even if I work a shitty part-time job.
FUCK the cost of living in Australia, even my nice salary is barely enough to make it.

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I just want to pay tinder whores money to smear cat shit over their faces.

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a humble dream. i hope you make it, anon.

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to move to australia with a nice house.
Goal is 8 figures or high 7

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I'll be happy to cover the deposit on a decent house, with a garage. After that, a vintage project car to put in the garage and tinker with on the weekends. Thats all, I'm not expecting to Make It off my barely-four-figure holdings.

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financial independence. I want to go back to school and learn something for real and maybe start my own company at some point.

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To buy a piece of land and retire early
also to see if I can work my way into some high class groups

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I don't care about making it I'm just investing because it's fun to watch the line go up and down

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Buy a second wire inshallah

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>so that I hopefully get a proper visa
You should get to digging into the immigration rules in various countries that you might be interested in moving to. There's a hell of a lot of relevant information on the internet. I've thought of little besides trading and emigration since this bull cycle kicked off.

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Bro you are so based. Same here, just want to have space for a nice lil vintage veihcle for the weekend drives and a nice small place for myself.


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My job is my passion but the pay is shit
I want to be comfortable but keep doing what I do. I don't care about becoming rich, but I don't care about staying poor either

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so i dont have to wageslave until the rest of my life

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I’m willing to donate my semen, fren. That way you can focus on your finances.

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inshallah brother the copper shortage in Iran is getting out of hand

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Unironicly this every time I stay somewhere that has one I tell myself I'm Gona get one myself

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All three of these sum it up.

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At least I got triple-dubs.

Worst part is I had below 100 readers so I always thought it's shit anyway, but some anon from /g/ even made a throwaway mail to ask me where the comic went.

Never even had the courage to answer that mail. I kinda want to make it for that anon /g/-fren alone.

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I want to make it to get my dad out of Section 8 housing. He had a medical event that left him a with some amount of brain damage. He's not functional enough to work and in the past two years he's been homeless, falsely imprisoned, and staying in hotels. I've been too poor to help him in any meaningful way this whole time.

I just don't want my dad to spend his last years of life in indignity bros.

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Also i am an /o/ fag and would like to have a few cars and bikes on my farm.

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forgot to attach the mail because I'm retarded

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Youre a good son anon. I wish you the best.

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Literally this, only working a job because I WANT to not because I HAVE to

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I want to make it so I can help my bros and frens to make it.

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To pull into my local town, whether through charities or by using the capital to bootstrap a company to create jobs that aren't demoralizing

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Unironically you're probs gonna see computer brain interfaces and the matrix way before we get good biotics, software and computer is developing exponentially but actual physical robotics is slow and far from cost effective and practical

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i just wanna write code for fun, see the world now and then, and not worry about the money to live a modestly comfy life

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To have sex

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To regain what the boomers stole from me. A future.

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fucking based

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To take care of my mom, who has never had much money but worked very hard for me.

To pay for strangers' groceries from time to time to see a smile on their faces.

To be able to work and not worry that if I get fired I'm fucked.

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yes this is true about the kiddos. just think though, if all you know is being poor you need to transform some thought processes so you are able to maintain your new life. I dont mean this to be a faggot. best of luck your already on the right track with your priorties and congrats on not being a selfish tool. continue to put important priorities first especially your future legacy(kids). keep up your positivity and never look back. nobody needs to remain poor. I was a homeless faggot so i know this is possible for you.

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>Don't say revenge, don't say revenge

Uh, revenge

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I want my job to be for fun, not for income. (i'm a pilot and love flying)

I want a nice contemporary style home, a few nice cars (Lamborghini, Tesla MS Plaid, Porsche for a winter car, and a truck, with a ducati and mx bike, maybe a snowmobile for the winter).
I just want the freedom to not worry about money. To travel whenever I want, wherever I want.
To go into my bank account and see 7 or 8 figures on the screen.

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Don't have an endgoal, Ill be a wagie for the rest of my life, because thats what everyone around me does.

All my friends and family are wagecucks, I don't want to be ostracized from the most important things in my life. Driving a ferrari would do that.

Am I the only one dealing with a kind of wealth guilt?

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Newfrens who make effortposts like that are welcome to stay.

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I just want to never wagecuck anymore. I barely spend anything.

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That sounds pretty comfy bro. I just want a little garage with a small euro classic car like a Citroen Traction 11 that I can achievably work on myself and chug around the countryside in.

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So I can rub my dad's nose in it.
Fuck that guy

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Ur a good guy for not trying to take advantage of my daddy issues anon, bless u

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This guy is going to make it

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I don't have an end goal because I love the game. I'll probably still be trading no matter how big my stack gets. There's nothing else like it. There will always be stuff I want to do with money. I would like to retire and move to a warmer place and I would like to get out of the US because it seems like it's ruled by an increasingly malevolent dictatorship, but even if I accomplish those things, there'll still be other things I'll want to accomplish in my new home. It never ends.

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To show my dad atleast one of his sons isn't heading towards a dead end. My brother fell for the creative freelancer meme making music videos for shitty local rappers. My dad has set the bar high, owning land and his own business so I have no excuse not to follow suit. Also big tiddy whore gf that lets me massage her feets.

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I’ve got a family. Just want them to be comfortable and afford fun experiences. Even sub-million is OK for me. Actually enjoy my job.

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I want to buy some land in the Scottish highlands, live there and build some kennels. My aim is to make the place a dog sanctuary where I'll home an rehabilitate abandoned or abused dogs. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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got into crypto mining a few days ago with my gaming PC I spent 1.4K on back when shit was cheap. My 2060 makes over 3 dollars Canadian a day and now I don't even feel like playing video games anymore because I'd rather mine like 20 cents worth of ethereum lol.

Also SHOUT OUT to the /biz/raeli last night who gave a bunch of anons 0.07 LTC, you were true to your word my man.

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These two. I want to be free and prove to everyone that freedom is attainable by anyone.

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Boy will you be in for a treat when you compare your gains to your electricity bill.

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To live without having financial problems to worry about. Buy the things I want when I want. Pursure hobbies freely and go to sleep at night knowing its gonna be alright and also to break the cycle of my family being useless poorfags

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This. You need TIME and MONEY to make it, not one or the other
jobless = all the time but also depression and poverty
wagecuck = some money but also misery and death
wealthy = time and money = making it!

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I have massive anxiety and i am scared of failing. I am currently in college and even thinking about failing a class once sends me into paralysis. I imagine it will get much worse once i get into a job, especially because i keep making stupid mistakes out of carelessness. If i make it, i wont have to deal with that shit anymore.

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To not need to be fake around regarded nor or libshits in order to keep my shorty wageslave job. I want to live the lifestyle of notch and simply speak my mind.

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lol I'm in an apartment with electricity so it's all gravy brother, plus it's winter so I'm just running my heater less.

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Based and offspring pilled

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