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Other than manipulation from its centralised nature.
>Literally just a discount coupon
>BSC is a copy paste "chain" running on a server in CZ's basement
>"D"EX is just selling pump and dump coins that hold no real value or use
>Volumes are completely falsified with wash trading
It's going back down and you won't be able to stop it.

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Yes I do.
t. 20x short @340USD

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>no reason
lmao imagine thinking the market rejecting $100 eth transaction fees and moving to an existing copy without the fees hosted by one of the largest names in crypto is "no reason"

seethe little homo

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>no reason
>please insert 150dollars to process transaction

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i made 35% in 24 hours so i don't think it really matters, does it?

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Don't forget to tip the goy miners $100 every time you want to do anything on your kike network.

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I literally dont know anyone apart from obese burgers not using it. I kid you not, everyone is fucking using it and talking about it. Fucking catch up faggot

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Cope and Dilate ethkike

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Educate yourself moron

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>market rejecting $100 eth transaction fees and moving
Meanwhile ETH is hitting new ATHs every day.

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Then why seethe? Because it presents a genuine threat is why.

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>Less visits
>Less coins
>Less pairs
>More volume?...

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Hey you are the one attacking ETH so you tell me. Why seethe?

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yea cuz that's where the big boys are trading at

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>Explaining why people are moving to BSC and acknowledging ridiculous ETH fees is attacking it


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I'm fucken tired of ethfags man

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You realize ethereum is just bsc but higher fees

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so does BNB nigger

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Pancake swap literally just released lol how can you compare with uni. Only the real ones moved so far, wait for the rest to catch up

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>you realize that this coin pumped against my unvaluable opinions?

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It pumped because Eth is shit and BNB fee's are cheaper.

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>genuine threat
kek, true its stealing all the scams away from eth

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>no reason

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we know it and we don't care because we've been holding since $6.
cry your sorries into your dirty soiled socks then ask yourself why you're not at least trying to get ahead for a chance with the APOLLO listing

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If both go up, are they really competitors then? Shouldn't one siphon market share from the other if that were the case?

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buyed 2 more, ty

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Exactly you fucking moron. It only just released and has more volume than Uniswap with less visits. Dumbass, it's manipulated.

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>for no reason
You know exactly why it pumped :^)

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Its the most useful coin I've ever owned, come to think of it its probably the first crypto I didn't buy out of pure speculation

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>ETH fees
>BSC breakthrough
>PancakeSwap overtaking Uniswap
>DeFI moving to BSC
>BNB is basically a better ETH on every aspect (nobody actually gives a shit about centralised, except the autists who missed the train)

>No reason
okay faggot

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It was clearly pumped by the CCP to seem edible by UniSwap and some other apps. It's the same old chinese communist party manipulation that literally everyone sees through.

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If your decentralized jerkoff coin can be destroyed a guy in Malta that looks like this, it deserves to be destroyed. Maybe instead of retweeting some virtue signalling bullshit, they should have been working on the protocol.

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Jesus christ you're dumb

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>created by the largest crypto exchange in the world
>used by multiple products (e.g. Just by holding you can get a 8% discount for any purchase with binance card)
>100x cheaper than eth
> billions worth of assets already on the chain....

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Ah i love myself some Clunny