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Is this the beginning of his redemption arc?

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$36 hell is starting

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I won't be at all happy untl this fat russian scammer delivers a LINK/BTC ATH past 170ksats, which right now would probably be around 170 dollars I think

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I need this guy to dump another 700k link right fucking now. I just sold at 36.5. PLEASE SERGEY TIME TO BETRAY

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Dump when? No way I'm buying in at this fucking price

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>xe sold

When we reach $40

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Same t. just shorted

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>he didn't sell in january to chase 2x/3x on random shticoins

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If we hit 40 before we hit 32 I'm roping. I held since I bought link on etherdelta in 2017 and never swinged

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I will sell all of my 20 000 LINKS now just to prove that this shit IS NOT MOVING
We migh see 37$ and then immediate dump to 35$ while everything else just moons around.

LINK was ahead of ada a while ago. Ada was 30 cents and LINK was 25$. Now ada is over a dollar and link is maybe +30%. What a PIECE OF RUSSIAN SHIT

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lol, he dumped 1.5M yesterday and itbwas instantly absorbed. Get fucked swingie

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>he actually did

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Yes, so price doesn't rise.
Imagine if 90% of the total supply was released since the beginning, no problem. Now he has HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF LINKS to dump on you LMAO

LINK wont go over 50$ this bull run. Bitcoin will still 5x, litecoin will 10x, ada will 20x at least. LINK will go +25% max from this day

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Lmao he sells during the week. Why do you think the price pumps starting every friday??

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not sure if fud or trolling

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unironically my strategy this bullrun is to chase as many pumps as I can then put it all back into linkies for when bobo s out

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how do you chase them, unless they are some shitcoin pump and dumps knowing which top 100 coins gonna pump 30-50% in a day is almost impossible.

also we might have a longer bullrun but not as high peaking as the last one.

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I was early into BSC cause I figured ETH fees would fuck everyone and DeFi bullrun would move to BSC
I've been riding out Cake and BNB lately
For the rest I swing a lot and look out for breakthrough on the 5 coins I follow each week depending on what i think might move

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Then why would you sell right now? Do you not trust the plan? Retard

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do you want to post that image a few more times? Just tell me if you want my help reposting it.

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Posted it 3 times cause I'm happy waking up to that, dont have to be such a bitterfag cause you're still riding ETH while I'm riding chink dick to 7 figures

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Its in the whitepaper that this was how it was gonna happen. Holy fuck is everyone a smoothbrain dopamine heroin addicted newlinker retard?

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Another fucking smoothbrain

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down he goes
this is gonna make u reddit bastards weep
OMG it rise
then LOL it dumps
why you cry like a lilboi??
ar u lose one more time with your trash algorithm for trading?
> be genius use bot ocean for cex and dex trading, forget about scam strategies

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Lets see... Over the last month, which of these coins have performed poorly?

Better sell while you can, sergey is gonna dump again :D

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Ohhhhhhhhh swingie!!!

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