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we looking bullish boys

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Feels good man!
Someone help me should I dump my KTLYO stack for more BNT or eRSDL?

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soon our money printers will be spitting out $10s

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Sure hope so

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Climbing everyday on https://cryptofees.info/
Well know defi whales caught accumulating.....

It's almost as if it's being repressed for some people to accumulate more.

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Ponzi concluded for the season check back in three years

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It’s inevitable. We’d be at $8-$9 already if it wasn’t for all these scammy food tokens on BSC, but looks like people are coming back to their senses.

I wonder what the distribution looks like for 1inch, I heard a lot of their trades are now routing through to Bancor. Liquidity black hole imminent

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bnt holder here, if youre gonna sell your KTLYO at a loss and jump on this, not a good idea. maybe yesterday when BNT dipped to oversold levels. and dont get me started on oneRSDL. LITERALLY 50% up today. you want to get shit on?

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Uhhhh then what should I do? I’m probably gonna buy more eRSDL after reading this if you don’t have a suggestion. Also I already have some BNT staked.

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Holding KTLYO, ngmi

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I know this thing is shit that’s why I’m ready to dump it

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1) that's fucking crazy, this really will shoot to top 20 guaranteed huh
2) suppression makes sense, it's basically last call for whales in terms of breaking even or getting in before it reaches ATH/ICO prices

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your money your choice. just giving you the the short term insight in case you have paper hands for both coins

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you just convinced me to buy more

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I appreciate that anon, now shill me a coin so I can dump katalyo

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how bout I just shill you some altcoin jewtube channels https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiS4L2Gelx9BaOQ2UPXsDGg
If you like TA than fundamental/hype

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Actually better thank you anon, gonna check some of them now.

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I dumped a bag into $XCUR earlier. Some shopping rewards app similar to Shopping.io (SPI). Currently around $4m mcap and just partnered with a Binance-backed exchange (Binance listing probs imminent). App releasing soon, nice and easy 10-20x. All profits to be re-invested into Bancor and staked inside the highest yielding pools

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gtfo with these shitcoin trash dicussion
we're only here to discuss money printers

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anyone who isn’t a newfag can see this just by the constant scam wicks on the chart