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Should I be using TrustWallet for Smart Chain transactions over Metamask? I'm getting gas fees of $6 - $10 each transaction. Is Trust Wallet better for this?

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change the network fee.
You only need 15 GWEI.

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Thanks - Metamask just wildy over estimates the fee by default then?

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not even that, all my transactions going through with 10 gwei and 180000 gas limit

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>> TFW you've wasted $$$ using 150 gwei default fees

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So, if I want to have less fees I need to transfer Gwei to my wallet first and than change the network fee?

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Edit Network Fee > Advanced > Set GWEI value to 10

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I'm new to the whole Metamask BSC pancakeswap thing. I just wanted to transfer BNB to my wallet for swaps, but after seeing OPs post I wonder if I also need ETH in my wallet to pay the fees in GWEI and not BNB. Which seems weird to me if you are on the BSC network.

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>can I spend eth on binance smart chain?

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Ah, I see. So you basically just have to tell MetaMask what the actual fees are because it doesn't know the fees for BSC and overestimates them. Thanks

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you can use bsc wallet too. its better than mmask for bsc stuff imo.

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just download the binance smart chain wallet. it works exactly like metamask.

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You don't and can't put ETH on BSC. It's gwei, but it's still done in BNB, not ETH.

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But still saved hundreds unironically

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Is this true for Uniswap Ethereum swap too?

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I went from loving metamask to hating it. Trust wallet is so much more advanced. Metamask is dead to me.

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Same thing happened to me OP. Trust Wallet is much better. Well worth the effort to swap. It also natively supports BSC coins, so if you deposit EGG to your wallet for example, it automatically shows up. You don't need to manually add it or fuck around with swapping ETH/BSC networks.

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say ETH one more time faggot.

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Yeah seems a lot better, going to pull my coins out of Metamask over to Trust Wallet

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holy shit i wish i knew this stuff a few hours ago

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