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It's going to dump. This will be the 9th time it's dumped at $35 today.

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false quints

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n... nani was that?

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Dubs of truth

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we are going to 40 , bye bye 35

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How the everliving fuck is it still going up?

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kek, who the fuck knows now.

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>$36 stablecoin

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pee pee poo poo

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i guess we need that 40$ to get those fudders back to link

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DOT going to $40 before LINK

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literally looks like a shill, stupid pajeet scam

> do u think we are dump retards here?
>I bought bot ocean coins and wait for full platform for dex trading release

clever boi knows what instruments to use for best trading

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LINK marines actually have the best meme

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Dollar value is really meaningless right now, when we hit 80k sats faith will return to link.

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this. USD is a fucking joke, that shit is about to implode.

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HUGE 4% gain

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I visualised a kamehameha as I saw it going up
And now you posted this
Channel the schizo energy /biz/

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Well yes there's the massive inflation but i was also just meaning we're in a bullrun - everything is mooning purely as a result of btc momentum. If you're just being slightly pulled along you can be in a bad position even if you're gaining USD because when BTC inevitably dumps you could end up well below where you started.

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Dakota anon's rent is down to 13.8 linkies!


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but muh we are over $36 so we pump to $42

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>below 36 already


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>when we hit 80k sats faith will return to link
pure truth

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Yuck yuck yuck. We are unironically going down. We cannot sustain a pump if all our lives fucking depended on it.

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lmao cant even hold 36 fucking SHITCOIN ahahahaha fucking linkies missing out on the GBR. market sell your stacks, immediately.

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I'm also being really generous even calling this a fucking pump. The whole thing is a fucking joke compared to the rest of the market.

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time to learn in real time that your TA is meaningless

$40 by lunch

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It's so fucking ridiculous really. You need to use the 1m chart to even see any kind of pump. It's like a boomer stock already "pumping" 3%. What a fucking piece of shit. Bullrun started at like October. We bled from August until January missing out all the fucking bullrun. Then finally pumped from like $12 to $22 in a couple of days and then slowly fucking crabbed up to $30+ while absolutely EVERY FUCKING SHITCOIN in top 50 went 3x in a month. We have basically missed out the whole fucking bullrun holding this shit. Sergey keeps tweeting those fucking videos and I can't understand what he means by those. Is staking close? Is Arbitrum close? Whitepaper v2 that he talked about in fucking August? I've been all in since 2018 June and this has been the most frustrating period even though I have almost $600k now. It's so god damn ridiculous.

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Slow and steady wins the race, faggots

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it. is. fucking. over.

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cringe shut the fuck up loser

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In the same boat as you and with you 100%. 2018 bear market was a fucking breeze compared to this. We knew what we were in for in 2018. This year though? In 2018 we were all talking about how we were going to make it in the next bullrun. Well look, it's here and I'm genuinely shocked at how badly LINK is doing.

I honestly had high hopes I could make it this year but I'm really starting to think pretty much nothing will happen this year. I've lost all my confidence in the team to actually fucking DO SOMETHING. Release OCR you lazy pieces of shit, you've been talking about it for so long and it's been in "testing" and "security audits" for so fucking long. Sergey's really starting to piss me off with the amount of bullshit he says in his appearances. Apparently Chainlink is now 100+ people. Would you even know that if he didn't tell you? Based on the output from them no fucking way. Nothing has changed.

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My working theory is that they got absolutely fucked by oracle pulling out. Maybe due to throughput issues. They likely had staking planned to coincide and when that fell through had to sit back and replan. They then focused on L2 and OCR. Which for their own reasons have been slow, especially arbitrum and that's not on chainlink, offchain labs are just really inept and amateur. Eventually Eth 2.0 will come around to help.

What i don't have an answer for is what has happened with the second whitepaper, DECO, tsigs and mixicles. Maybe as the team has expanded it invariably had to hire the sort of talent you generally get in crypto. i.e. lazy morons who yiff on the weekend.

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The previous slumps were kind of easy as we had everything ahead of us. The project was fledgling and we had some belief there were huge integrations coming. Remember 2019 when we had PSD2, sibos, trufflecon etc? People might say otherwise but I at least genuinely believed we were going to see large industry incorporation that had been being worked on.

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Fuck you man I just want to retire

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Yeah pretty much, the hopium fueled so much optimism back then. But we've been brought down to reality in the last year or so where literally none of the large enterprise integrations happened. A massive pivot has been made into DeFi since it's the only thing actually happening in this space, and Chainlink is literally just providing price feeds. Which do provide value, yes, but we've been seeing their price feeds for over a year. Like you said >>29213241 they've announced a lot of things like DECO, new whitepaper and stuff but it's literally no where to be seen. It's insanely frustrating. I honestly get really bad feelings about the fact that they're now growing into a larger 100+ team because so far I'm not seeing any benefits coming out of that. The only thing I can see is Sergey's required to sell more tokens so he can pay useless employees.

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In 2018 after LINK hit bottom in July I think when it was at like rank 124, it started going up in rank even solely on the fact that every other overbought shitcoin got absolutely massacred. It went to like rank 30 while still being under $0.5. It was simpler times since mainnet wasn't out we knew that there's wasn't much to expect any time soon so you weren't constantly thinking about how you just need a 5x or so to make it, but now I'm literally 2x away from starting a complete new life by selling even only 10% of my stack which will last me at least 2 years in my country in Europe. And that's living very comfortably. It drives me fucking crazy that here we are with massive amounts of money flowing in with the whole DeFi thing going mainstream and yet nobody pays attention to the only fucking project that enabled all of this. It's at god damn rank 9.
Honestly I think Sergey and Ari know exactly what they are doing at all times. Sergey especially only does calculated moves. The "problem" is that he absolutely gives no fucks about short term price action even though he dumps every week. It's like a fucking curse and a blessing. What I hate the most is the obvious price suppression and I know Sergey knows about it. Relying on Ethereum 2.0 is a pipe dream those fags have been saying 2.0 for 3 years now. Sergey probably wants to make absolutely sure everything works perfectly. He doesn't want any kind of big hack/bug happening since a track record of 0 hacks/bugs over the years will show the boomers in enterprises that it is indeed reliable.

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No one gives a fuck about you flipping link into fiat to "make it"... your ends are meaningless. At some point you will hopefully "cash out" and realise how fucking stupid it was.

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Yeah I remember those times. It felt like all the SWIFT and Microsoft were ready to use Chainlink once mainnet was out, that Sergey wanted the Mainnet launch to be big so to start the whole smartcontract hype. Turns out the initial mainnet was basically a testnet and maybe even is to this day. When he just released the ETH/USD price feed, that really fucked me up. It's also the constant shill and fud on biz that is most likely 50% by whales to just fuck you up mentally. Feels like this whole god damn token is a massive psyop.

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The idea that swift or such was anywhere near suddenly moving over to link was, in retrospect, pure and utter retardation. These are trillion dollar companies with decades refined, high value infrastructure. They won't move over until blockchain is already an everyday industry fact. It will happen but i can see it being over a decade, not a couple of years.

Defi is a good starting point really, legacy systems won't pay anyone else for a service until they have absolutely no choice and having your own profitable party gets us there.

As for the rest of the announced features they all seem good but having not seen any i wonder if it was basically feature creep to maintain interest and value in the project to support the token sales and they knew they were years away not weeks or months. I still really hope to see something before next smartcon. I won't log in to watch if it's just going to be the exact same.

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Literally no one tas on minute charts

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Even now what LINK is doing isn't impressive at all, it's barely just keeping pace with BTC at the moment. And soon enough it'll just dump anyway. It just feels so absurd to me that LINK is unironically one of (if not the worst) performing projects in the top 100. I don't get it. And I'm like you, I don't need a massive pump to make it. Just something beyond these pathetic 5% pumps every week or so.

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Lol you can forget Arbitrum, that shit has been cringe and a huge letdown. The next update will be OCR.

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Yeah I know sergey is committed to a working project and not primarily concerned with token value, especially given the XRP SEC events.

Nonetheless the development on that project has been disappointingly slow and token value does matter regardless as he requires it to fund the sales to pay operators. I don't want any hype announcements, i don't want the team to talk about token price, I would just like them to basically say "this is where we're at, this is when we think this might be ready, this is why oracle didn't happen" etc.

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should i buy more linkies?

>> No.29214099

>barely any celebration
What happened to the marines?

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I actually don't mind the FUD, almost nothing could ever make me sell. It's actually the braindead shills who annoy me more with things like "hmm all this fud makes me think a pump is coming!" The community here has slowly been replaced by teenage indians and everyone else went over to link twitter which i also hate lmao.

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This. They don’t have to be specific, they just have to say we are now working on this and that, and this % goes to hiring, this % goes to funding the network and so on. Instead we get NOTHING. I mentioned this in the telegram chat and they always just say refer to the blogpost. Fuck these guys seriously.

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Everything is at ATHs and BSC just 4x’d in a week. Link underperforms, simple as.

>> No.29214204

Nobody's excited when they could have predicted the future and gambled on absolute shitcoin for 200000% returns this coin is fucking pathetic just sold can't believe I held since ICO think I'm just gonna jump off a cliff

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Arbitrum really has been so fucking cringe with their soon tweets like some chink shitcoin.
Yeah the fact that they have given these vague "Whitepaper v2 soon", Arbitrum soon, DECO, Tsigs while absolutely fuck all has happened is so disappointing. Just tell us about it when they are ready or when they are expected to be ready.
We have fallen from rank 5 to rank 9. That's what happened.

>> No.29214296

Yes, in hindsight SWIFT, PSD2 etc was really fucking dumb. And ultimately DeFi is sort of the antithesis to legacy financial institutions so they will not bother with this until they're forced to. And even then the legacy institutions will probably fight and try to destroy DeFi before they bend the knee. Fighting won't work, obviously.

I've also got some big concerns with how much they've announced and what they can realistically commit to delivering in a reasonable amount of time. When you combine a team that is notorious for NOT communicating and multiple ambitious announcements it's a really terrible combination.

>> No.29214305

Don't mean to fud but basically these:

Everything is pumping a lot more and i expect a massive market retrace any day now. For most projects that's fine because they could dump 50% and still be up previous ATH but we'll end up below last summer lmao.

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my prediction is $1 by march I'm hopping into DOGE instead

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Twitter is so god damn cringe I just can't browse it at all. Same with Reddit and Youtube comments. The most normie friendly comments get upvoted which will always be absolute shit and cringe. It would only work well if third worlders were banned and under 18 was banned as well, then maybe.

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kek, pretty much. BTC will shit itself and drag the whole market down and I guarantee you LINK will dump harder than everything because that's just what LINK does.

>> No.29214452

anyone who is making fun of link price action atm is a huge, giant cuck faggot
sell your link, you do not deserve it, you are too retarded

>> No.29214483

Very nice set work

>> No.29214553

Shut the fuck up, calling other people cringe when you're posting a DBZ Chainlink meme. Jesus Christ.

>> No.29214574

Yeah ok.

>> No.29214600

Yeah that shit is very promising on paper, but I'm thinking it will be a huge disappointment

>> No.29214602

This garbage scam shitcoin can’t pump for shit. What a waste. Don’t get why this board thinks it’s worth anything.

>> No.29214610

Also most , if not 95% of chainlink employees work from home or another country and do fuck all. You shouldn’t take the “100 employees” thing seriously. The only people that count are Sergey, Ari, John, Steve and Thomas

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every single post of yours in this thread is crystallised cringe

literally how old are you to react this way to link price action

>> No.29214841

>cringe cope seethe cringe cope cope cope
Very based contributions to the conversations, kys you dumb piece of shit.

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>cringe cope seethe cringe cope cope cope

you are describing your own posts yes?

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How many LINKs are you holding and since when?

>> No.29214941

Imagine thinking this centralised piece of shit is the answer the oracle problem.

Link fags will seethe when this falls back to sub 10 dollars

>> No.29214952

Fantom says “you’re welcome”.

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>>29211369 You were the retard last month saying it was a 24 dollar stable coin

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holy shit I expected this thread to be full of positive thoughts and green wojaks but you fags are still bitching. did you unironically fall for the demoralization posts and got demoralized yourselves? you do realize we post those to keep the newfags away, right?

>> No.29215137


You are happy because link underperformed in this bullrun?

>> No.29215158

I mean look at the link/btc its just normal crabbing

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Are we supposed to be losing our minds because it's up 6.7% which is pretty much just because BTC is pumping? Are you stupid?

>> No.29215226

you are not supposed to care about the price till staking dingus

and? why didn't you sell when it went parabolic during the summer than if you care about that ratio so much?

>> No.29215243

Bull run is just starting though. We've got a few months to go still. Look what eth did in 2017. We're gonna see some firework soon.

>> No.29215286

yeah, you fell for it. when did you buy your link stack?

>> No.29215323

Uhh, when did Oracle pull out of Link?

>> No.29215356

63000 satoshi stablecoin

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>here's your bullrun bro

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the brainlets in this thread are not capable of anything other than
it's quite pathetic

>> No.29215418

see >>29215226

>> No.29215441

>why didn't you sell when it went parabolic during the summer than if you care about that ratio so much?
taxes my friend I'm not going to pay 6 figure tax before I cash out

>> No.29215474

I think there is genuine concern that when (if) bitcoin shits the bed thenwe will lose any gains up to this point. It would have been nice to have pumped a little more now to have acted as a buffer for if things do go south.
Dont get me wrong ive got no intention of selling as i believe in links long term prospects but it would have been a bit more reassuring if we had followed the market a bit more ...

>> No.29215582

At this rate staking isn't coming out any time soon. Staking is one of the most imporant factors of Chainlink. It also needs a huge amount of usage/demand for it to even make sense. It's probably gonna come out in 2022 Q3. How the fuck should any of us have known that during the DeFi bullrun in Summer, that the backbone powering it all will peak at just $20 while Smartcon was still 2 weeks away. Swingies made mad bucks this time.

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Wish i hadn't inverted the chart to have a look. My gut if anything says it looks like it's going to continue.

> in b4 'why didn't you use tradingview invert function'
Not making a good goy account.

>> No.29215607

you could have held BTC then buy the link bottom, why would you think of cashing out?

that's fair I guess but the price is pure speculative at this point. If you are not thinking of selling, why care? If you care why aren't you selling?

>> No.29215697

Exactly this. If i were in BTC i'd be thinking of selling right now. It could go to $100k but there is a 100% chance at some point a crash will take it well back below 50k.

The problem is we haven't pumped nearly enough to really make me happy selling but we're still going to crash dutifully when BTC does. I'm also trapped in the abused wife idea that any day the team could announce something.

>> No.29215705

The worst thing are those delusional lunatics saying shit like yea just wait brah it’s going to be fine. I’ve been waiting since 2017. Inb4 durr why are you complaining about your ROI. Because literal scamcoins have pulled way higher ROI in just one year.

>> No.29215752

you are just pulling dates out of your ass my brother, nobody knows when staking is coming just like nobody knew when mainnet was coming.

Like I said if you care about the BTC ratio so much and willing to bet that staking is not coming soon, why not sell? Constantly bitching about the price is bad for your mental health.

>> No.29215806

This. Combine this with the fact that some of us have been living like absolute poorfags for the last several years and there's a real desire to realize some of the gains we've made this year. I have no intention of selling off a significant part of my stack, but the DUDE, JUST WAIT 10 YEARS UNTIL STAKING IS OUT meme is fucking retarded.

>> No.29215856

This thread is probably the most demoralising thread on link since gravel coin

Holy fuck it really makes me feel like we can still totally fail

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Just would have been reassuring to have pumped with the rest of the market. No intention of selling im hoping that running a node will be profitable so i can retire before i hit 50, so ive sort of set myself a timelimit of four more years..
>inb4 boomer

>> No.29216039

>you could have held BTC then buy the link bottom, why would you think of cashing out?
because I have $1 in my bank account so I'd have to cash out to pay taxes

>> No.29216062

No shit I'm pulling dates out of my ass, but I know for a certain that with ETH fees like this and not enough demand for high value contracts, LINK staking won't be launched. I'll be really suprised if it happens this year and the initial staking will most likely be available only for LinkPool holders since I doubt the ROI on staking would be so great that other node companies will be willing to accept more LINKs to earn more LINKs since it would most likely dilute the rewards rather than earn more LINKs. There's no point in selling now when everything has mooned except for LINK. I sometimes come on these threads about once a week to have a more deep discussion on LINK's situation since I seriously can not logically explain the price action any more. I understood the bleeding for 5 months, but this absolute shit performance at these times is something illogical to me.
We have been with almost no technical announcements for like 7 months now so it always feels like "something" real is going to be announced "soon".
Ikr the whole "dude we are up 2x since start of January bro!" meanwhile we are also in the biggest bullrun we have had since 2017.

>> No.29216078

Because some of us are getting really sick of this bullshit. The more time that passes with these pathetic "pumps" the more it's going to sink in that we're getting fucked in the ass. But don't worry, you have masochistic retards who are more than happy to get fucked and tell you to just wait for staking bro! Despite the team providing absolutely no evidence that they can deliver that anytime soon.

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>> No.29216185

Me. Screencapped this to post it to your face in 2026.

>> No.29216230

Yuo need a hell of a lot more like volume, rsi, MAs etc to make informative similarity claims. Especially when if you're just going off price action the preceding price action to both those formations is totally opposite.

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>> No.29216312


Oh wow, more useless hopium. Every little pump we have is brutally sold off immediately.

>> No.29216364

The best part is that you dont need to sell any of it. Just stake and live off from yield. Even now nexo.io and crypto.com gives 4-6% return. Why would i sell 10% when i can stake and earn 4-6% every year? And the real staking isnt even out yet.

>> No.29216394


>> No.29216442

Lmao we've seen those fucking link/btc hopium charts since September. I remember anons being so certain that 70k sats was the bottom. I wished it was, but deep down I knew we were gonna break through. I have never swinged due to the fact that if I get left behind, the amount I made from selling LINK is so insignificant. However if LINK was at $100 and I sold 10% without being able to buy back in, then that would be ok since it would be about $200k.

>> No.29216485

Making hundreds of thousands with every pump isn't too bad. Could be even better, but I don't want to get greedy

>> No.29216486


I remember everyone posting the log chart, and then when it broke through suddenly link/btc didn’t matte anymore it was all about link/usd.

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the new fags and the moon chasers who haven't done any research are cancer and I hope they all sell and drive the price back to single dollar levels

>> No.29216560

We're not that far off from the log trendline. If we pump 40% in sats we'll be back sitting on it.

>> No.29216644

ITT: faggot ass newfags

just added another $quarter million to the net worth with this "paltry" pump



now watch this next leg up FAGGOTS

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>> No.29216707



When I see this word again I’m gonna shoot myself

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Yeah exactly. I remember 2018 all the link threads posting the sats chart left and right. Fudders saying haha 30 cents and OGs saying usd doesn't matter, we're up in sats. But now all the nufags say sats don't matter, only because it hurts their feelings. They could just say yes we're underperforming but I have hope it will reverse, this would make sense. But no they just use some sort of censorship like we don't discuss sats. How low have we fallen really

>> No.29216725


>> No.29216822

And I swear, if it does and you all start posting the sats chart again. Fuck you. Fuck your hypocrisy. I thought we weren't like that.

>> No.29216832

eventually there WILL be big news released, we all know this. When that happens, there will be a pump

>> No.29216857

I seriously thought that no way it's gonna break the log chart that the whales want it to have a perfect parabola against btc so by the time January/February hits, that LINK is gonna have a massive moon. Welp turns out those faggots dumped it down to break one of the most beautiful charts I have seen. Worst part is that it was probably artificially broken down. Whales really think in years. They can all sit comfily in their villas accumulating LINK for years.

>> No.29216927

$37 waiting room.

>> No.29216948

There's absolutely no guarantee that it's gonna pump on news. What is "big" news even? Wasn't the WEF news the biggest fucking confirmation already? It literally dumped on WEF news like -2%. Fucking Sergey co authored a WEF paper and it had no bullish impact on price.

>> No.29216952

Me dumping 300x bags for more sweet Bella waifus and ARPA before the MPC bubbly

>> No.29216977

Low energy post. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.29216989

Thanks, just sold entire 50k stack

>> No.29217073



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You didn't notice the class a bullish divergence last week, did you? Exact same thing happened last summer.
If I'm right, you'll unironically want to do it.

>> No.29217206

Sats never mattered anon. It was linkies coping. Now it's the same anons seething. A lot of weak people got in on link early. It's not like it's some kind of a merit. Most of the link OGs just happened to be at the right place at the right time. If you really were there you'd know it was a handful of anons doing the research and having discussion and as a side product ended up spoon-feeding the rest of biz.

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>If we pump 40% in sats

>> No.29217314

What fucking bullish divergence last week? Show the chart and I'll maybe show something else that might be bullish even though it's probably gonna end up a big disappointment like always.

>> No.29217338

This. He just outed himself as a newfag. Chainlink does NOT pump on good news.

>> No.29217379

I'm not saying you should sell. I'm just saying I don't like this attitude of not discussing things because they make you feel uncomfortable. That's the whole point of the chans. I don't want to see this attitude creep over here

>> No.29217407

i feel nothing any more on any link ath

>> No.29217537
File: 74 KB, 1054x526, 63546534643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29217672

we have a consistent up trend and a recent downtrend that met each other

>> No.29217685

Holy shit that looks like exactly like btc dump to 3k and rise to 10k 8$ dump was our 3k btc

>> No.29217699
File: 459 KB, 3672x3840, apcb4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, because LINK's ATH's are like +1%
ADA is +23% and link is +8% :D
Linkies are so fucking stupid

>> No.29217795

>How low have we fallen really
I agree its impossible to bring up the link/btc chart nowadays

>> No.29217801

past performance does not indicate future results

>> No.29217896
File: 9 KB, 206x117, keeeekk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>LINK is "pumping"
>it's actually down in sats
Fucking kek, and that dude seriously thinks it's gonna pump +40% in sats?

>> No.29217954

stop it. stop it. im in tears

>> No.29217988

kek have spoken, we going to 35$ eoy bois

>> No.29218694


>> No.29219000

I can't believe how pathetic some of you are. Good to know that you feel for my fud and became demoralised. Holy shit you are retarded kek.

>> No.29219065

This. Bunch of fags itt.

>> No.29219086

Why don't you just hold until summer when LINK goes up like it does every summer

>> No.29219368

it is really sad to see ... after everything we know about Link ... after numerous big dumps ... after all the good news ... these retards are still demoralised. Seems like not all of us are ment to make it.
>muh short time price movement
Go sell Link and buy your shitcoins.

>> No.29219525

fuck elon, elon tweeting about LINK would be the worst thing that could happen to it

Doge is fucking hemorrhaging in a golden bullrun

>> No.29219621
File: 84 KB, 233x261, 0b3[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checked. fuck yeah sergey just fuck my shit up.

>> No.29219706

>still thinking we need bunch of randoms to know about and buy Link

>> No.29219888
File: 46 KB, 506x460, 1613770935532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you stupid new fags cant feel the energy building around LINK. let me give you a fucking hint, this shit is literally about leave earth's atmosphere.
sit back and watch the show faggot, its about it begin

>> No.29219971
File: 182 KB, 500x375, 1612799099978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and there it is hahahahahahaaohaoahoahaoahoaho

>> No.29220095

You made 600k and you’re still bitchin like a little girl. Money wont make you happy faggot.

>> No.29220197

i hope so. after this brain numbing crabbing if it breaks downwards half this board is going to need serious therapy.

>> No.29220790

>linkes finally getting paper hands
Huge pump signal

>> No.29220886
File: 1.56 MB, 3103x1454, 1593040642587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29220902

put me in the screencap

>> No.29220938 [DELETED] 
File: 1.59 MB, 2096x1570, m61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, guys. I wonder whether binary platforms are better than crypto trading? As I get, it is much easier to predict price growth or falling for such indices like Apple, Tesla, Disney.

Came across Baex (#baex), a defi binary system, and I am interested in their referral system and mathematical algorithm for regulation. Does anyone know about this project?

What options do you use?

>> No.29220951

oh fuck oh shit

>> No.29221339

And here comes the dump, Jesus fucking Christ.

>> No.29221729
File: 20 KB, 238x225, 1592623113012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29221812
File: 228 KB, 1517x692, pieceofshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at how much goes into something that can barely be considered a pump, and look at how quickly and violently it all gets undone and dumped.

>> No.29222048


>> No.29222144
File: 201 KB, 1936x1066, fuckingbtc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking btc made everything shit

>> No.29222271
File: 16 KB, 552x496, 1594590311994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29222354

It will be slow and steady until it isnt

>> No.29222375
File: 69 KB, 945x936, 1571892255774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29222466

Holding Link is mental torture seriously. So much hope followed by quick and violent cope and rope

>> No.29222480

ITT: 3fig BAT stacklets

>> No.29223224
File: 42 KB, 474x474, 1613822588916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29223309


>> No.29223381

Does anyone feel like, links price is heavily suppressed? I always feel like, every momentum we get loses track... After 1-2 bucks

>> No.29223453
File: 94 KB, 750x920, IMG-1754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this honestly the first time you're considering this?

>> No.29223473

should i move all my grt to link anons?

>> No.29223487

And with that all the "but we're up in fiat, sats don't matter!" fags got absolutely spanked until they liked it once again.

>> No.29223538

......yes, obviously it is dude, we've been syaing this for months

>> No.29223580

>Everything is pumping a lot more and i expect a massive market retrace any day now. For most projects that's fine because they could dump 50% and still be up previous ATH but we'll end up below last summer lmao.

>> No.29223607
File: 160 KB, 670x960, 1598936054542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god I hope so, would love to double my stack.

>> No.29223662

Not really, there are sell walls getting placed but there isn't much volume on the pumps. If it was price suppression you'd typically see volume and price spiking when sell walls are breached. Instead it just limps up and a new one is easily placed half a dollar above. There just isn't a tonne of buy pressure.

>> No.29223683

Months? LINK stayed well under $1 for over a year initially. It’s the most suppressed coin on the planet and has been since its inception.

>> No.29223694

How can a sponge bob meme be so relatable

>> No.29223772

People will say the same about Dogge next year.

>> No.29224008

Pretty sure there is a demoralization campaign going on. Either that or people are salty about having missed out on LINK. Anyone bitching about mediocre gains obviously wasnt here for the 2017 bullrun when LINK only went 6x while everything else did 10x+

>> No.29224858

We will have to find a way to filter these price manipulating whales from the yacht party or they will get thrown overboard.
They are increasing the costs for Sergey to run his oracle network just to accumulate more...

>> No.29225114

Should we start to make a list of groups doing paid demoralization campaigns?
We could then pay them to disclose the name of their clients who paid for these fud attempts and give them a media exposition treatment to make them known worldwide and make them regret their price suppression.
I am sure they hate being seen and would like to keep their secret life hidden.

>> No.29225548
File: 55 KB, 634x677, paypalarbitrumconnectionhiddeninfile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao I can't fucking believe it. I can't comprehend it. IT'S BACK TO $35 AND IT EVEN WENT BELOW IT. It's just amazing the way LINK is performing in a FULL OUT BULL MARKET. It breaks its fucking ATH and it dumps right back down like a sad sack of shit. Meanwhile all you niggers are saying
>wow so bullish
>its gonna really blow up soon
>bro look at my meme lines its about to pump hard
>pumps 3%
>dumps -5%
>bro just be patient bro this is a 10 year hold
>continues to bleed -20% in sats
>bro sats don't even matter
>continues to bleed -10% in USD
>bro think about the frens we've made
Last night I made a larp thread and I can't believe how many of you fags fell for it. You're all fucking delusional.

>> No.29225725

aaaand we're dumping again. The question is why? What is the sabotage that's happening to the coin exactly?

>> No.29225742


It's not a campaign dumbass, it's Link holders being demoralized seeing everything but Link moon. The last time Link mooned was in July 2020. Now it's just following bitcoin.

>> No.29225835

Adding to there are retards who think there a paid demoralization campaign going on. The delusion is just fucking unreal.

>> No.29225900


This, I'm embarassed at this point to be 100% in link topkek

>> No.29225961

The fucking retards can't make a distinction between real fud campaign which is mostly just dumbed down spam like "haha imagine holding shitlink lmao" and real linkers being fed up with the absolute abomination that is the LINK's price action when COMPARED to the rest of the market or just even the rest of the top 10 crypto "bluechips".

>> No.29225983

The sentiment is clearly different.
Also LINK made me a millionaire the last couple months so your July 2020 comment is bogus.
Blow me

>> No.29226029


It has made me a millionaire aswell but you gotta be absolutely delusional if you can't see Link is performing horribly. It should be at 70$ MINIMUM already.

>> No.29226169

nice song

>> No.29226325

Ironically this may prevent weak hands from selling when the next mini BTC dump arrives.
BTC is going up too fast and there is an increasing probability to see a quick -30/40% crash.
This would take everything else with it, but because of Link's price suppression Link will only do a -30% instead of a -60% like other altcoins because of the suppressed price having less potential for a dump.

>> No.29226353

That's actually the reason it can't won't crack the 30B cap club. DOT, ADA, BNB don't have legions of poor fags that want to buy a car, some land, and a life. They have whales and a few poor fags playing with one or two paychecks.

LINKies would crush the liquidity of the space before the DOT parachain auctions and ADA ICO craze and BNB DeFi MMO LARP really get going.

And so LINK is allowed to be 10-20% ahead of the #11 cap so that it doesn't get arbitrarily flipped and it is kept there. If it doesn't slide, you don't get a horde of capitulation profit taking. If it doesn't rise, you don't get manic profit taking. The #9/10 position is for purgatory and we will see scam wicks slapping us down or picking us up and stringing us along. Probably for the duration of this run.

>> No.29226406

This is unironically the first time I’ve ever felt embarrassed holding LINK (100% all in as well). These deluded retards make the sick feeling I have inside me even worse, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this whole year.

The thing that drives me up the fucking wall are the morons insist that LINK can’t pump until staking is out. These fucking retards are literally living in their own world with LINK, completely disconnected from everything else. The value of just about everything in crypto is fucking speculative, it’s all fucking hype and bullshit. Yet you actually have Chainlink that have done important things and support one of the only genuine use cases that have happened after years and years of complete bullshit and it’s just fucking ignored. Fuck off with this dumb fucking idea that LINK’s price action is entirely dependent on staking. What about all these bullshit governance tokens? What fucking utility do they have to justify the 10-20x they’ve done? It’s fucking bullshit and these retards just ignore everything that’s happening around them.

>> No.29226426

Reminder that these dumps happen every weekend, but most top-10 cryptos are dumping less and less hard. This is a very good sign. Dumps are like 5-7% but shoot back up immediately. Remember back to last weekend and compare. Night and day.

>> No.29226673

Unironically this.
But also on a serious note, link is gonna pump so fucking hard when arbitrum / ocr are actually live. That’s not hopium, it’s facts because your node operators aren’t going to have to sell so much link they get from jobs to cover eth gas fees if gas fees are gonna be anywhere from 10-100x cheaper. It’s unironically being suppressed thanks to eths incompetence and CZ doing his gas inflation attack on eth to migrate fags to port their smart contracts over to the centralized BSC which ironically also uses link.
Anyways point is, just hold on and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Arbitrum is supposed to be live next month according to offchain labs.
>t. 2017 30k link oldfag

>> No.29226722

LINK will literally crash to within 15% of the cap of the #11 coin. That is the floor. The one thing that could break the trend is if CZ gets retarded and tries to pump HT to #10 to pay them back helping out with DOGE. This would crowd #12-10 and force the thumbs off the scales to let LINK settle comfortably at #9. It'd result in us being swept along at higher baseline.

>> No.29226769


They said arbitrum would be live eoy 2020. I really don’t believe anything these cungs have to say. As for OCR, yes that will be very bullish and I have faith in that.

>> No.29226777

Don’t believe it. LINK has always disproportionately dumped harder than everything in these kinds of situations. I fully expect us to go back to to 50K sats on the next correction.

>> No.29226819

Explain this "Sergey is fat" meme, please. He is not skinny, but he is far from fat.

>> No.29226839



>> No.29226876

LINK typically recovers on weekends. More than 70% of the time it recovers. This week the positive sentiment only blipped on Thursday and was crushed and so it looks like we're in a double negative cycle.

>> No.29226975

Offchain labs have all the professionalism and trustworthiness of a 13 year old girl on mdma. We may eventually see arbitrum but i no longer even have any trust in it's quality or likely adoption.

A lot of anons think it's somehow just going to release as the de facto eth solution but there's a good chance no-one uses it.

>> No.29227027

Yeah that’s fair, but if I do remember right they said arbitrum 1.0 would be in beta as of dec 2020. Anyways idk wtf takes so long, maybe it’s the audits but regardless like you said, OCR is around the corner and that by itself can reduce a lot of this pressure for nodes providing link feeds. Arbitrum would from there reduce it another 10x which is great but not necessary in the short term

>> No.29227058

Is OCR bullish? Moving data communication off chain to mitigate costs is probably the worst development of the past years.

>> No.29227162

Yeah again that’s fair, I totally agree. But like I just mentioned in my last reply to the other anon, one of either OCR or Arbitrum would be enough to significantly reduce the sell pressure in the short / medium term. OCR would pretty much gain adoption near instantly for any node providing link feeds since if I remember right it’ll happen automatically? Correct me if I’m wrong on that last point

>> No.29227169

After no public appearances for many months, Sergey appeared at Sibos 2017 seemingly weighing much more than last time he was seen. And his presentation was right next to the toilets.

>> No.29227269

I don't understand this as well. It's a useful project that is needed. It's in the top 10. We are in a bullrun. Do investors not research at least all the top 10 projects? Aren't people at all curious what that "Chainlink" is? How is the Oracle Network which enables smartcontracts not a huge hype factor? Literally 5 mins of research and you could become so fucking bullish on LINK. But for some fucking reason it gets absolutely 0 attention. I get it in 2017 it was at like rank 30 or something so it wasn't as visible plus no marketing. Now however how the fuck don't we get any kind of speculation gains? It's like every other crypto can "justify" their billons of $ in marketcaps with absolutely 0 usage while LINK has to be this perfect crypto with its price directly reflecting usage. This narrative is so bullshit. ADA is still just a fucking whitepaper at this point and yet it's at $34bn cap. With that kind of extreme speculations, LINK could very well justify a market cap of $100bn even, because of its "potential" in the future.

>> No.29227363

100% agreed. I’ve lost all faith in those clowns after they keep delaying shit and the way they run their Twitter account just gives me a bad vibe, very unprofessional with a “typical” crypto kind of character.

OCR is the only real good thing we can hope for this year. And I say hope because who the fuck knows when it’ll even be out. It feels like it’s been “around the corner” for a long time now. Even then, a part of me just feels that OCR will be done and then nothing will happen. Hell, LINK will probably dump a bit.

>> No.29227367


They don’t. Things moon purely because of hype. Nothing else.

>> No.29227449


Yea especially when they opened a new twitter account and said some shit like “watch how big this will be”.

>> No.29227486

>15 posts by this id
>27 posts by this id

Seems like the pro demoralization posters are here. I’ve never seen anyone complain about something that has 10x’d in 6 months. You should’ve bought more and earlier if you wanted to cash out. Just hurry up and sell your link and go buy CZs rug pull rodeo.

>> No.29227545

According to the law of attraction you just made this a reality through your beliefs.
Prepare for the next -80% in the following weeks accordingly.

>> No.29227606

mmcrypto was bullish about link/btc yesterday. 50% pump against btc.

>> No.29227612

are you fucking retarded? you despicable faggots fudded this shitcoin to death. even if they think it might be a big deal at some point they won't invest out of spite. you fucked your own coin over and now you're living with the consequences.

>> No.29227647

I know. Pamp eet

>> No.29227679

im convinced there the same person.

>> No.29227680
File: 919 KB, 1258x777, link-exactly_as_predicted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.29227722

p much this

>FUD everything outside of /biz


>> No.29227731

It was some cringe "hello world!" tweet. Then back into endless "soon...iykyk" posts. I actually have more faith in Eth 2.0 sorting it first and we all know about the eth team.

>> No.29227739

>wow did you just have discussions in a thread? What a shill
>10x in 6 months
Seems like you're the misinformation shill here. 6 months ago was August 20 if I'm not mistaken. Price was about $18. It has done a 2x in 6 months DURING A BULLRUN. Dumb nigger.

>> No.29227740

Dubs in ID

>> No.29227746

>if they attempt to have a critical discussion on the token I’m invested in and not just post memes then they’re from a demoralization campaign
You are fucking insane.

>> No.29227868

This. Any "you posted x times" arguments are just totally bizarre. As if engaging in a thread with the number of sentences you would have in a short conversation makes you LESS reliable than someone who posts one image meme.

>> No.29227918

100% all in

>> No.29228068

On top of that you can throw in a schizo who thinks “there” the same person.

>> No.29228072

listen to the entire album straight through anon, you wont be disappointed.

>> No.29228144
File: 120 KB, 1251x775, 7BADC209-22F8-4B9F-A15C-0BBCA0154315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This time it's different

>> No.29228148

>fuds own coin constantly

you idiots were never meant to make it and you know it. That's why you self sabotage. You are worthless retards and I hope it goes to zero just to fuck you idiots over.

>> No.29228162

Ok then sell so you can participate in the bullrun. Dilate

>> No.29228176

Newfag here could someone tell me the story of link and how biz pushed it

>> No.29228198

can you imagine wasting these trips by being an insufferable newfag?

>> No.29228285

>cope seethe dilate cope cope cope
The absolute fucking state of you retards.
Guarantee I’ve been here longer than you. MUH REPEATING DIGITS

>> No.29228334

no, lurk for 4 years before posting

>> No.29228358

link is some scam fabricated by biz to constantly build new generations of bag holders and dump coins

>> No.29228365

oh my. and it's not even summer yet

>> No.29228389
File: 3.29 MB, 365x498, 1604833286147.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29228517


>> No.29228543

Retards like you don't get it. We are already 6 months into the bullrun. Everything has pumped like crazy. It's already too risky selling LINK which basically hasn't pumped and buying shitcoins that have pumped.
Basically swift toilet burger sergey russian scammer backpacking in vietnam no news dump dump bleed pump dump bleed shill fud shill fud mainnet?no same slides mainnet? no same slides same slides same slides same slides new slides?no same slides saleforce its happening tonight no same slides dump bleed mainnet announced pump bleed dump pump pump pump pump pump dump bleed

>> No.29228583

It was just something pushed hard in the ico craze. It's just a crypto with an actual use case in the future so /biz/ got extremely bullish

>> No.29228639

>see thread
>wow link must be doing amazing
>36 dollar


>> No.29228717

Btw does Sergey have enough support for his project or does he need /biz/'s support for the development of Chainlink?
Some of us are software developers and could help with a few weeks of training.
Are there tasks we could do to help with with a few hours of free time each day between wage slaving instead of shitposting and fuding here?

>> No.29228843

how fucking new are you?

>> No.29228907

>the story of link and how biz pushed it
some fatty that is addicted to big macs invented a coin worth the price of a coffee cup and it had the best memes

>> No.29229090

Old enough to have paid for your mother before you learned what 4chan was if she wasn't a disgusting whore.

>> No.29229175

you see, i am here since oct 17 and i did not buy link for measly 0,20$. i will never forgive myself.

>> No.29229249
File: 138 KB, 615x638, 00705E2C-1156-4524-9F30-72A45F9FCB73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sergeysama, I kneel

>> No.29229609

>Are there tasks we could do for free
what kind of faggot are you?
you definitely are from reddit larping

>> No.29229633

He needs the 1000s of 5-6 digit LINK wallets to not crash LINK. Essentially we need to stay long and simp hard so he doesn't end up in a situation where tokens are $10 and ETH is $2500 and he has to dump exponentially more to subsidize the growing network. If you do the math on 0.5M additions to the dump size every quarter, the weekly dumps get so large that the developer wallet dries out in less than 2 years.

>> No.29229927
File: 48 KB, 909x937, link-slink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Asked in a different thread but no replies - anyone using the curve link/slink vault?

>> No.29230500

When did you sell?

>> No.29230679
File: 11 KB, 537x480, link rewards 02202021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29231152

where from?

>> No.29231281
File: 284 KB, 738x705, Sergey-Nazarov-CEO-Chainlink-on-Insureblocks-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop spoon-feeding newfags you nigger.

>> No.29231341

Just spent my entire life savings of $20k to buy around 500 LINK. How long until this stack is worth $100k?

>> No.29231399


>> No.29231413
File: 48 KB, 859x523, Roastie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this roastie is their hiring manager. she was a hiring manager for fucking applebees for god's sake. i dont expect this cunt to be able to find talent, let alone know it if it smacked her in the face.

>> No.29231502
File: 391 KB, 534x407, DE9BC35727444E57850713F00D7A17A1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two months

>> No.29231518

I don't know.

>> No.29231526
File: 3.56 MB, 1775x904, indian ceos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sentinel is an anti great reset coin

>> No.29231572

Those jagged fucking drops every time it starts climbing
Tired if this suppression

>> No.29231598

She's on the team to suck dick obviously

>> No.29231607

>Aren't people at all curious what that "Chainlink" is? How is the Oracle Network which enables smartcontracts not a huge hype factor?
they don’t. if you are an oldfag you should remember XEM, it’s hotshit in nippon that’s why it was in the top 10 but considered a shitcoin everywhere else.

>> No.29231658
File: 215 KB, 1440x944, Screenshot_20210220-093919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29231667

12 years.

>> No.29231854

who cares if that makes 2x every month

>> No.29231986

What do you mean $20k for 500 links?

>> No.29232081

Link's bullrun is over. Hurry and sell so you can participate in the real bullmarket.

>> No.29232223

This board is filled with retards. ~500 link x ~$36 = do the math brainlet

>> No.29232403

its 18000 retard

>> No.29232580
File: 53 KB, 1080x505, 20210220_125220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29232742

What part of around 500 do you not understand? Anon never said “I bought exactly 500 link”

>> No.29232772
File: 90 KB, 887x1024, 1590506048891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did not read a single post in the thread, fuck niggers, fuck kikes, fuck nolinkers, fuck stacklets, fuck crypto twitter, not selling.

>> No.29232814


Holly shit never realised how priced out normies were

>> No.29233135

Straight up won

>> No.29233312

Just did some defi research and my god i hadn't realized how much better every fucking other project is doing. You can't find a project that hasn't 5x minimum...

>> No.29233453

if i didn't know you guys were all just larping i'd feel really bad about holding link

>> No.29233463
File: 9 KB, 219x230, 634303794.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that was alt-season officially on sir

>> No.29233515

unbelievably based

>> No.29233527

paul walker cucked rory sir

>> No.29233580

yeah. i'm getting pissed off

>> No.29233596
File: 36 KB, 513x353, 1613483419023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29233616


>> No.29233708

I had kind of been judging against eth and btc, which hasn't been great but not terrible. Acutely painful to see that further afield everything else has been fucking rocketing.

>> No.29233902

If you thought normies were priced out now, wait 2 years lmao.

>> No.29234163

Sure, but they are entering now. Have you seen the board lately.

>> No.29234322

LINK/BNT pool just opened more space

>> No.29234778

That's had space for ages, don't try to create false urgency lmao.

>> No.29234937

>38 rejected

>> No.29235360

Got in at $2.
Up 1800%
guess im winning

>> No.29235452

I have a 1k stack, and I looked at adding one sided liquidity earlier today and they could only take ~550 of my 1k

>> No.29235499

I sold all my link weeks ago for AVAX.

>> No.29235512

Trickle down memeonomics. Might be too late for a change in strategy to make it to Twitter and Reddit in time.

>> No.29235596
File: 210 KB, 363x363, 1582737989457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek I rolled trips in your thread but you're spot on. LINK was such a comfy hold pre bull run but I never thought it would get cucked this hard when we entered one. Picrelated is not so relatable anymore lmao.

Based and sensible anon. I've been slowly diversifying my LINK to other shitcoins, it's really the only way to stop feeling like absolute shit.

>> No.29235621

>if you stupid new fags cant feel the energy building around LINK

That's confirmation boys, Prepare thy anoos.

>> No.29235743
File: 268 KB, 1280x720, 1613795606651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok dump you tomorrow

>> No.29235803
File: 153 KB, 529x480, 1534032094242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29235928

hope this shit dumps on you ungrateful faggots lmao

>> No.29235990

Sorry bros, I sold my 2k stack to participate in the bullrun. Hopefully I can come back and triple my Linkies.

>> No.29236217

>Link's price suppression
It's very easy to "suppress" the price when no one is buying.

>> No.29236886

will it go down or do i start buying at this price? newfag here who lost concentration three months ago when you told me to buy. i know i'm adhd retard.
i'm europoor but thinking of throwing half of this month's salary into it
halp and advise please. not in it for the short term btw

>> No.29237163

or when the CEO owns 65% of the supply and dumps tens of millions in USD every week

>> No.29237205

How else are the node operators going to make any money?

>> No.29237307

It was like this in the last bullrun. I think that the team dumps tokens during pumps to keep it stable.

>> No.29237494

Jesus christ please tell me this isn't real? I don't even want to google it. What the fuck was sergey thinking? This is one good fud jesus fuck.

>> No.29237952

wow wow wow wow wow

>> No.29237994

Wow I want learn cards now, so cool

>> No.29238090

Kek I do remember it. It was like rank 7 and nobody had any idea what it did. I did check it out and it was basically another blockchain.
unironically based no read poster
yeah haha... I'm just larping like I'm frustrated at LINK's price action h-haha...
Eric holder lied paul walker died
lmao that thread was some fun, but yeah LINK was really comfy before everything else started mooning. I can deal with crabbing, dumping etc, but if everything else is massively outperforming LINK for almost half a year then that's just depressing.
I don't understand why Sergey doesn't want the price of LINK to be higher. I'm sure he can call CZ and tell him to stop the bots for some time.

>> No.29238179

Link to hindi HD kro

>> No.29238400

>sergey doesn't want link higher
that's an assumption you've made, nothing more

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