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I shorted at 30k. I got liquidated.
I shorted at 40k. I got liquidated.
I shorted at 55k. No, I won't stop. Yes, it's dumping this time.

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did we literally dumped from 41k to 30k?
you should be in massive profit boborino

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first step
stop getting liquidated.

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>needs dhedge to keep him from making idiotic mistakes

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get help

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whats the point of shorting? isnt the most you can make 100% if it goes all the way to zero? thats chump change im up 800% on graph in like a month

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Liquidation is a great tool when used on isolated margin positions. You define your risk per trade as % of total cap you have, open a margin position and you are done. If it get's margin called - you just literally loose the value of your initial intentional stop-loss, which you would loose in any way if you ever get stopped-out. If it profits - you make good gains thx to leverage.

You see those liquidations not because all traders are too dumb to manage their positions and fail to avoid liquidation, you see them because people literally use isolated liquidation as an efficient and easy to use risk-management tool.

Say you have 10,000 USD account. You chose to have something like 2.5% risk per trade, which is 250 bucks on each trade. Instead of opening a large cash position and having a 250 bucks as a stop-loss, which can be affected by slippage and uncontrollably increase in size during high volatility, you open an isolated position with 250 bucks as initial margin and pick the leverage suitable for your trade style. You may now expose to multiple assets and you have exact rock-solid risk on each trade.