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Feeling good right about now

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>tfw only 100k HOT
i've been accumulating since 2018

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$1 EOY

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Sitting on 1,000,000. Its not much, but if >>29206848
is right, Ill be happy.

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desu, i've had my eye on this for years, was gonna buy in and heard the team went to shit. what's driving the growth atm?

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the chat works

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Holoports finally shipped

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Breaking all time high

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aGGGHHHHHHHHH porno bros I can't take it

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still early. A Mil will only cost you $2,300 atm

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>aGGGHHHHHHHHH porno bros I can't take it
kek wtf

1$ when?

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>that green dillydoo

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We have experience with dildos here at Holo HQ

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holding holo since 2k18, holoports were a scam for over 1 year and now they release a shitty chat app as proof of concept - 3x in price. Just imagine how a real product would impact the price.

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Uhm way can't wait for decentralized Grindr

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Haha luv it this organic growth, no scam promotion hype bs

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been holding for years. god speed anons.

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I'm not feeling so good, no-HOT bros

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comfy at the moment

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I can't believe I bought the FUD.. a-at least I'm not making money!

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Someone post Mary's pictures

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This is the most obviously pump and dumb,
probably Mary wants more money for her bondage studio. I hope newfags doesn't fall for it

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Uh guys did you see what Mary just posted in Holo chat?

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I'm not even in the tg dude I'm just waiting for 1$

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I want $1 eoy to happen, but is it realistic? If so Ill never have to experience 6 figure hell.

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>I want $1 eoy to happen, but is it realistic?
Look at this and tell me with a straight face that it's not going to $1

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If they come out with something normies find cool then yeah it could reach a dollar quickly.
But we'd have to launch on coinbase first

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Those are disgusting tits, Ill give you that.

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Mary will be VERY AGRESSIVE about marketing the project.. iykyk

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>tfw 41k stacklet
I was shilling this shit a couple of weeks ago but /biz/ would not listen

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>shilling while accumulating

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How fucking poor are you

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Someone shilled it to me and I picked my million up at about $0.0014. If that was you, my thanks.

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sir do your needful

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kek and checked. How do you know about this for that long at rock bottom prices and have so little? Its a fair question.

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Let me redpill you newfags about Holo and Holochain. I've seen some of you are complaining about your 100k or 1 million cocklet stashes.

Take this from a guy who has known about Holo since 2017 and bought at ICO. This has the potential of being the project that makes blockchain obsolete. I don't know how much research you faggots did and don't know how strong your hands are, but I'll say this: don't be retarded and sell everything in this bullrun. If you do sell everything, rebuy later.

HOLO WILL PROBABLY NOT MAKE YOU RICH IN THIS BULLRUN IF YOU DIDN'T BUY AT ICO LIKE ME, BUT IT WILL MAKE YOU RICH IN THE NEXT BULLRUN (5 years from now). Make sure you hold at least 1 million as your suicide stack.

I'll leave you with pic related. It's an older pic, but still holds up. Consider this the minimum of DYOR when investing in this god-tier project.

Good luck!

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not reading all that sir but when 1$ please?
Genesis ETH wallet news is good hopium though

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>not reading all that sir but when 1$ please?
you are the dumb money and you will be shaken out by kikes

1$ is not for this bullrun. It's simply not realistic. On the other hand, fucking XRP reached a marketcap in the last bullrun that would equal 1$ for HOT if it reached the same marketcap. I don't think that will happen because it's unlikely that a project can pull a 100x in a single bullrun. They usually do 10x-20x. You need 2 consistent bullruns for Holo to reach 1$ and that will only happen in 2025. I personally don't care because this bullrun will probably make me a millionaire, but I'm talking to you faggots that have small stashes. Do your best to have at least 1 million for the next bullrun.

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hmm well ADA has gone 50X since last March, so I don't think it's impossible for HOT to go 100X by the end of this bullrun

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>it's unlikely that a project can pull a 100x in a single bullrun
Where were you last month?

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I don't know. There's 2 problems with Holo:
1. it doesn't yet have the notoriety of other projects
2. it's hard as fuck to understand. It goes beyond the understanding of the average normie and there is no simple way to explain it to someone.

These 2 reasons are why I think it can't pull 100x in a single bullrun. At this moment, the only people who hold Holo are OG whales who knew what they were buying, some /biz/faggots who caught this early and also understood it at that time and maybe 10-15% are newfags who bought this for the memes, without understanding wtf they actually bought. For this to pull 100x, you'd need the percentages to be reversed: 90% dumb money and 10% OGs. That's gonna take a long time.

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people understand web apps. as more apps like junto and kizuna start launching, people won't necessarily need to understand ceptr to get why holochain is amazing. otherwise normies also see "cheap" coin and think it could go to $1!!!! there's a reason that there's a contingent of retarded XRP holders who got excited about holo

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Fuck biz they can choke on their link bags

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