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This fucking retard is unpredictable

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Unstoppable autist

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>BTC & ETH do seem high
it's over, he's gonna sell his bags on retail

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He's just trying to accumulate on the cheap, I'd do the same if I were him.

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He did that to piss of the SEC with TSLA months ago I think and it went up 500%. He fuds his own stock and coin, one of us

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>btc is digital fiat
Is this kike lying or just retarded?

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>That said, BTC & ETH do seem high lol


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fuck this reddit willy wonka

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what the fuck is this timeline

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he doesn't even understand what eth is and does

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Oh my god we are so fucked guys... we knew we were close to the top

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Most of his projects may be retarded but this dude treats market graphs like a game, has a small auto company valued at more than the rest of the auto industry by playing the charts. kind of based

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tsla is hot garbage tho

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>that data, like all data, is subject to latency & error. The system will evolve to that which minimizes both.

So he is shilling chainlink. If you know you know

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That's pretty based if you ask me

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they are both retarded

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>has a small auto company valued

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>be elon
>passport nigger
>BTFO decades old car companies
>BTFO chinks
>BTFO boomer precious metal salesmen
Big cock. Big IQ. What more can a man ask for?

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He's in denial

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Plot twist, he tweets next:
>Monero, however, seems to be a good price

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I don't understand the love this white nigger gets from people. Don't you see he's conning you? Fuck Elon

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You do? I bet you think ETH is uniswap pajeet

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Guy does not give a fuck about anything except his own principles. I respect that.

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>however monero which is a real anonymous store of value is increadibelly undervalued like 1000 times so

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>investing in things without knowing anything but the logo
Unironically /ourguy/

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do skinny girls have tighter coochies than fat girls?

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No, there's no correlation

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Luckily it's mostly the chinks trading right now. They don't care what this faggot has to say

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This is good news you faggots it means there is going to be more room on the mission before we launch and we won't just go to the moon, we'll go to mars. Each time bitcoin has had a bubble that crashed it bounced back exponentially higher, right? It went up to 1k then dropped down below 400 for a bit. Eventually it went up to 20k in 2017, 4 years later, then crashed back to around 3k. It slowly rose and crabbed between 2017 and 2020 until it broke and held past the 20k barrier, then it rocketed up to where it is now in 2021. If past indication and my interpretation is correct, based Elon is tweeting this knowing retards will panik sell and probably crash the price down to 25k or so, maybe even lower - yes it will spell doom for the weak willed but true hodlers will know to hang in tight. When big daddy bitcoin bounces back in 2023 or so it will be past 150k easy, possibly 200k.

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What if he wants people to short so he can pump it and liquidate them.

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post tits or gtfo fattie

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I love Peter Schiff more than anything. I was hypnotized by his “I am the 1% let’s talk” video at occupy Wall Street. Literally the most entertaining and informative video on YouTube.

And of course the “The Peter Schiff was right” YouTube compilations after the 08 crash.

Schiff is well known but mostly in the business world and isn’t really mainstream. So musk replying to him is a good thing as it brings more eyes to schiff. I hope schiff replies and rapes musk.

And says something like, “The primary function of money is to MEASURE VALUE. And nothing measures values better than gold.

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He's right. The average person's understanding of biomechanics and biological scaling is nigger tier.

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Gold isn't finite
Asteroids and Meteorites have trillions of tonnes of it.
Bitcoin is more scarce.

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So am I. Still made lots money from it

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Yes. As a fatty scales in growth, the muscles stretch in coordination with the fat. So fatties in fact have wider vagoos.

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It's also on the ocean floor.

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I am a man in my 30s, fucked different types of girls and sometimes the larger, wider pussies were of short and skinny girls. There's no correlation, it's been a topic of fun conversation with friends too and they said the same. That's my experience, I'm sure you can find more reliable info online but from the pussies I fucked there's no correlation

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You have to go back

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what about like the penetration depth? i feel like with a fat girl you need a longer dick because their ass and thighs and shit would stick out more so you cant as deep in there plus it would make an average sized dick look small in comparison to their proportions

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>mfw when elon literally starts mining gold in space to drive gold to all time low to prove the nocoiner wrong

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I'd COOOOOM. Maybe he's playing the long-con to get people to realize the use of crypto.

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Bitcoin could go to 10 million dollars per coin and it wouldn’t make gold even 1% less valuable

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I still can't believe this dude has a fucking anime avatar

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Not sure man I have no actual research behind any of this, but the difference you may find with more consistency between fat and skinny girls are their pussy lips

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The currency of Mars will be crypto.

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It's almost the beginning of Spring Festival, I am sure he knows that the Chinese whales will dump.

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The reason so many here are investing in shitcoins is because you unironically can’t “make it” anymore due to massive inflation.

Why do we have massive inflation? Unironically because gold doesn’t back the dollar anymore. Under a gold standard you could drive retarded kids to work on a bus for a living and “make it” with your wife at home raising raising your 3 white kids.

If gold still backed the currency everyone here would be on their way to getting married and having a kids pretty soon.

You might “make it” with bitcoin but it will be an utterly fruitless life in comparison to 99% of the population who were living a comfy existence under a gold standard.

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I was getting redpilled on peter for the past 2 days with the whole btc vs gold fiasco. Didnt know much about him. Now that I see him as just another jew pushin gold to sell it to normies, it all clicks. The jew fears the btc he cant control.

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Gold is a real asset you fucking idiot.

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shillon tusk the new mcafee. Imagine if someone told you 3 years ago that shillon would be tweeting about doge supremacy from his bathroom. fucking clown world, we're never going to mars aren't we?

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If elon is saying that then it is going to 10x this year....

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Gold and BTC shouldn’t even be in argument with one another. Govt’s have de-monetized gold already. Gold for all intents and purposes is already mostly irrelevant. Yet here it is... sitting at 2k per ounce almost. The gold price only reflects how unstable, volatile, and lack of store of value the dollar is.

You make it with gold in a reset. The dollar value of gold is irrelevant. Gold didn’t all of a sudden become valuable when America was born and the dollar was created. So why are we measuring gold in terms of dollars? The entire point of owning gold is because the dollar is a scam, and it was gold that gave value to the dollar.

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i've made 700k off cryptos and haven't ever read a single white paper

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>we're never going to mars aren't we?
Not with Biden/Kamala/whoever there handlers are as president.

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when do you guys think he'll start posting about eating his own dick?

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Gold isn’t valuable because it’s scarce. That’s only ONE attribute that money has to be. If all gold had going for it was scarcity it would have never been a candidate for money. Also... gold is rare, but not too rare. If it was too rare it wouldn’t have been money either

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What should I be in now?

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Don't blame shit puppets for being shit puppets fren.

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It's not that hard to see what's Elon's gameplan here. He wants decentralized money, that's legit enough for the normies to use daily. 1.5 billion USD in BTC is just an intermediate step, vehicle to buy that coin from crypto market in quantity. Elon's current bet is doge. Doge's problem according to Elon is few whales, which Elon has offered to pay USD if they void their coins. If that doesn't play out, Elon's coin is going to be something else than doge. Which one that would be, I don't know, except that it is not BTC or ETH.

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now you can say you lost 700k on crypto as well

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Jezus fuck, my brain hemmorraged whilst reading this.
How can he get his giant dick erect for this woman?

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Simple reverse psychology, devastatingly effective when you're in a position of power.

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just tethered up lol

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They won't let him make his own coin. Just look at what they did to zukerberg. There's commies in office which get triggered every day when they wake up and realize billionaers exist. They will go after him if he tries to ICO. Airdrop or not

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If his dick is truly big, he probably paid for it. Dude paid for a top notch full head of hair, why wouldn't he pay for a top notch big dick?

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isn't there no limit to the amount of doge that can be mined? doesn't that make it as bs as fiat since it basically inflates to infinity

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Delete this.

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Elon is one of us now.

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Grayscale go there and buy it all.

This makes more sense.

>> No.29203747

thats what i was thinking too, i saw on like the man show or some shit back in the mid 2000s they were talking about how if celebrities had the dick extension surgery they like cut the base of the dick so they can pull it out more and if you get a boner after the surgery your dick wont stand up anymore like a normal persons so thats how you can tell if a celebrity or porn star has had the surgery

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3k was first August 2017.
Bitcoin went up 50% in just ONE NIGHT. I know this because I lived it. It was one of the most happy moments I had in crypto.

Turns out 3k was the bottom later.
I'm looking for it to happen again, so I can predict a bottom for the next bear market.

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Please leave

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That only applies if they’re American tier fat. Just a little plump makes no difference

>> No.29204479

I said this at 700 before the split and dumped my TSLA

Elon has proved me wrong multiple times, and I've missed an easy easy 5x

>> No.29204597

I guess Elon doesn't think that as too big of an issue. It's rather stable inflation, though, predictable. Personally I wouldn't have invested in doge, if I wasn't too concerned about this maniac to really start using it for something. Therefore I hold a small bag of dog as well.

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I’m starting to get really sick of Musk’s involvement with crypto

Constantly pumps shitcoins for the lulz and makes the market even more fomo-ey

Shut the fuck up and go build some rockets you fucking clown

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Thank him for 95% of your crypto grains from the last month first

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watching charts, pumping on twitter and trading crypto is his full time job now, didn't you know tesla's unrealized gains in btc are more than tsla's entire history of profits? selling cars is the side hustle.

>> No.29204860

he looks like a student explaining his own definition of what he has developed to a teacher, OP

>> No.29204920

Last time that faggot said tesla stock was too high it made a 8x

>> No.29205028

fat chicks have wetter pussies.
...maybe that's just sweat though...

>> No.29205146

Fucking love that show, not one episode I can't watch again and not enjoy.

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bitcoin isnt scarce because they dont provide resources. so dont tell me you think a currency is a resource. and also they arent destructible

>> No.29205212

Dangerously redpilled

>> No.29205417

this, fuck that gay shit, I'm literally

>number go brrrr

>> No.29205445

Does Vitalik?

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Sure about that?

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this, the price of gold just exposes the scam of debt backed fiat

>> No.29205585

i can literately go to the store and buy a meal directly with bitcoin.
checkmate jew nigger. have fun convincing your local pajeet to take your minuscule bead of gold as payment

>> No.29205653

based bobo cleanse these lands

>> No.29205689

Schiff lost all his libertard credentials by praising the Fed over bitcoin

>> No.29205742

The retard here is >>29201044. Just pick up a dictionary once in a while.

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musk has kids??? or clones?

>> No.29205857

Personally I just like fucking skinny Japanese girls and seeing my dick imprint through their abdomen going in and out of them. They like seeing it too.

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>Fiat money is any money that is accepted by a government for paying taxes or debt, but is not pegged to or backed directly by gold and other valuables
Have YOU looked at the dictionary?

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I'm gonna coom if he tweets that
Would also make some sort of sense
First the meme
Then the consolidated boomercoin
Then the actual "crypto" crypto

>> No.29206112

It's more to do with hip width than anything

>> No.29206200

fuck outta here.

>> No.29206257

wider heaps = less tight?

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>loads up short interest, pushes to 100k
kek it’s so predictable

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The other bitch is a nigger so I’m sure she’s loose

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Schiffs investments havent made any money since 2008

>> No.29206546

>thinks you marry women for their intelligence
Yeah, being a dumbass is a turnoff but if you think you’re marrying a woman because they’re “smart”, then you’ve been fooled by feminism. Men don’t need wives who can do complicated quantum physics equations. Men need women who can take care of the household and care for the children while the man provides. If you want a woman who acts like a man, then just marry a man instead

>> No.29206565

Saylor closed off on the 1b raise to buy bitcoin today, so he’s helping his friend out stalling the price
it’s all by design anon

>> No.29206599

I love it. Musk will own Jigstack too, indirectly. Few,

>> No.29206637

you're a retard

>> No.29206657

Dangerously based and redpilled, men make the decisions and the basis is attractive feminine woman > some phd/stemtard

>> No.29206664

max keiser was just on infowars making fun of him
>i told him at 10 dollars
>I told him at 100 dollars
>I told him at 1000 dollars

>> No.29206667

yea go suck his cock with the new nuero cuck

>> No.29206690

Lol this dude is FUDDING his own investments I wouldn’t even be surprised if he lurked here considering he’s an autist and seems to be uncomfortable around normal fags.

>> No.29206764

I thought I was the only one who did this, I’ve been fudding link for years and posting sirgay memes and I hold 12k stinkies

>> No.29206779

Nope hes part of the club. Why do you think there is a push for global warming and climate change intiatives? You really think they haven't planned a tacky rebelious guy like elon to pimp teslas to reddit cucks to make electric cool while cost of living will go up by hundreds of percent.

>> No.29206787

>is not pegged to or backed directly by gold and other valuables (fiat money systems have no gold standard). Fiat money does not have significant intrinsic value or use value (inherent utility, such as a cow or beaver pelt might have).
Read further, faggot.

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He is just anti-jinxing you dumb nigger

>> No.29206904

Intelligence is highly heritable. If you want smart sons you need a reasonably intelligent wife.

>> No.29207037

This is true and should not be ignored. If you want to build intergenerational wealth you need to find yourself a >130IQ woman.

>> No.29207101

I love this image

>> No.29207144

Goes both ways. If the man is intelligent then your offspring most likely will. Also there are varying degrees if intelligence, it’s not limited to autistic math equations, logic and pattern seeking

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File: 894 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210220-113310_DuckDuckGo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29207275

>Dumb + Dumb = Dumb
>Smart + Smart = Smart
>Smart + Dumb = Average
If you want kids that are as smart as you, then their mother needs to be around as smart as you are or smarter.

>> No.29207439

Reversion to the mean is a factor also though. If one or more of the parents is already a significant statistical iq outlier it is highly unlikely the offspring will be an equal or greater outlier.. they will likely be higher iq than average though

>> No.29207468

calling it now this niggeroid will kill this bullrun by being the biggest faggot there is

>> No.29207578

>thinks smart + dumb = average
Genetics outcome is not math you dumbass. Either your offspring inherit the intelligent side of you or the dumbass side of your mother. And again, intelligence isn't limited to autistic pattern recognition. There’s also social intelligence (charisma), street smarts, athletic intelligence, verbal intelligence (wit) and intelligence to react in given situations appropriately (luck). It’s like human beings are human and complicated and not some one pony trick where we’re all just a bunch of autists

>> No.29207624

It’s a crapshoot

>> No.29207743

Intelligence isn't one SNP and g is real.

>> No.29207746

Genetics and all life is literally math, retard. ala the universal outcome, not human subjectivity. You'd have to be an idiot to want your babies incubating in any stupid or average woman who has a history of averages in her family line.

You're probably brown skin.

>> No.29207882

>fell for the space meme
Ngmi goyim

>> No.29207921

>an email saying you have gold isn't the same as having gold

This is such smooth brained cope, he was right when he said he's not an investor

>> No.29207939

Money is not just data, governments forces us to use money, that makes money more than data, governments can make something valuable by forcing us to have it. Think driver’s license, passport, certain insurances you have to have in order to own something, for instance in Sweden you have to have a basic insurance to buy a car, that enforcement makes car insurance valuable even to those who don’t want to ensure their car. Fiat is valuable because governments forces us to use it. Btc meanwhile is purely data, with no material backing to make it valuable, which is why Btc is worthless, unless you expect everyone to pretend that Btc is valuable, without having any use for it, or government enforcement pushing us to use it, which is a stretch. Now gold is not money, you can’t buy anything with money, it is simply a commodity. It has had a history as money, but those days are long gone. But gold is an interesting kind of money because it too wasn’t just data, it had a real life utility that made it valuable, which explains why people accepted it for barter. Elon Musk is totally wrong in thinking money is just data, people will never accept something as means of payment if there is no real substance making that means of payment valuable. Money has to have real value. It can’t just be ”data”. Why would I for instance exchange ”data” for my car, something that has value/real use for something that is just numbers? That makes no sense.

>> No.29208152

I like Tesla, but not for the price. I'm buying tangentially related assets. Silver, Copper, Nickel, Antimony, basically resource suppliers that Tesla will rely on to meet their industrial needs. Much safer than betting on TSLA directly

>> No.29208160

>thinks genetics is math and not random sequences that can go either way in the offspring
>marry a woman who chases careers instead if taking care of the home goy!
Yeah, and I can tell you’re a kike.

>> No.29208228

Crypto isn't finite either. Look at all the PnDs on biz

>> No.29208269

Why doesn't he also say TSLA seems high?

>> No.29208301

Peter doesn't want to replace Govt Issued monopoly money with digital monopoly money, He wants to replace it with real assets

>> No.29208333


>asteroid mining

I hate you faggots. Are you investing for your grandkids or yourself?

>> No.29208335

Okay then genius, then tell me why you’re in 4chan all day in /biz/ instead of ruling the “dumb” stupid masses with their low IQs. It should be easy, right? After all, intelligence is just limited to autism.

Oh, wait. It’s like the post you replied to is correct and there are other factors of “intelligence” as well.

>> No.29208399


You have no idea what you're taking about

>> No.29208579

You're an idiot. Since you can't change the mind of an idiot I'll just let you know that you're doing nothing to fight the kike you so helplessly hate. Part of the reason you're failing is because you keep marrying stupid whore women, lmao. Sad.

>> No.29208614

Imagine a gene with variants I (big brain) and i (You). If you have II (I on both chromosomes) you are smarter than average if you have ii you are stupid. If you have Ii you are a midwit. If you have II or Ii and you reproduce with a woman with ii it is impossible for your offspring to have II. At best they get the midwit variant. The real genetics of intelligence are composed of many known genes like this and likely a great many more unknown. You want your sons' mother to have as many IIs as possible. This is the very basics of eugenics.

>> No.29208648
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He is so based holy fuck

>> No.29208649

I can tell from your salt and cope that you are low IQ.

>> No.29208653

gold is a jewish scam.

>> No.29208661

>do skinny girls have tighter coochies than fat girls?

>> No.29208678

SEC would gently fuck his asshole again if he did that

>> No.29208697

You can't convince stupid people they don't understand something, it's akin to arguing with an animal. Instead you just should focus on yourself and stop trying to enrich retards lives. I intend to marry my 3sd gf. Find one too brother.

>> No.29208743

Offspring having the average of their parent's intelligences is a gross simplification, sure, but it's broadly true.

>> No.29208776

these faggots that shill gold are clueless, jews want gold bc they can horde and control a finite resource thus controlling the economy via boom and bust cycles.

>> No.29208809

>money is just data
>food is just data we give our cells instructing them to not die

>> No.29208845

fucking based, I'm shorting since yesterday

>> No.29208897

>food analogy
Did I accidentally click on /v/?

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>these faggots that shill bitcoin are clueless, incels want bitcoin bc they can horde and control a finite resource thus controlling the economy via boom and bust cycles.

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File: 51 KB, 333x600, 1565813605772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The tesla insider warned us

>> No.29208927

Who is pumping bitcoin at this point?

>> No.29208939

kek checked

>> No.29208950

He is an imbecile spreading fud

>> No.29208956

gold is a boomer investment

>> No.29209001

what about the IQ of kids?

>> No.29209040

I think Elon should stick to physics and cars cause he don’t know shit about economics. He’s even himself he’s not a businessman. Gold is money anyone who disagrees a fucking retard.

>> No.29209075

Lol hey banker

>> No.29209111

>worlds richest capitalist
>YCNfLnoG thinks he should stop talking about economics
You're right man. You changed my mind with your brilliance. You got a patreon? I really want to paypiggy for you.

>> No.29209158

Gold/BTC pair would be 200x less valuable

>> No.29209235

next he'll tweet: Chainlink, however, should be valued at above the current price of bitcoin

>> No.29209249

Yeah I know. But they had to take us off a gold standard first retard before they could hoard it all and control the economy. How fucking dumb are you?

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>all the Elon Musk praise and "Schiff BTFO" in the first reply
>then the absolute seething in the second

>> No.29209269

Hes wealthy because he owns a lot of the worlds most overbought stock of all time.

Both these faggots can die. Gold is cool but its unpractical. Crypto is not FIAT because you can't print it, well, at least hte good coins you cant

>> No.29209299

Who said he’s a capitalist? He’s gotten more government money than all welfare niggers combined

>> No.29209337

Can you shut the fuck up retard?

>> No.29209373
File: 216 KB, 1024x768, BB56719A-C9B6-46AC-A90C-BC4C04AA255D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29209396

Gold is impractical if it’s not backing the dollar. A gold backed dollar is the same fucking shit Douchebag except the more digital and easy you make monetary transactions the easier and faster you will get jews pushing fiat. I’d rather pay for shit with actual silver than to use toilet paper currency that’s responsible for 99% of the shit wrong with this world. Fuck fiat and fuck all non sound money proponents. Shitcoin is trash and will collapse with stocks.

>> No.29209433

He is a capitalist under the current social acceptance that is called "capitalism". I see you're butthurt and moving the goalposts though, if anything his use of milking the government for gibs is smart. Niggers are good at one thing, being leeches. It's their best trait. What are you good at? Being a jelly retard who criticizes a guy who got to first place.

If you'd like to have a conversation about the Rothschilds and Rockefellers we can, but you should really just be quiet with the semantics arguments when someone says "capitalism". It's indicative of a low int highschooler.

>> No.29209464

it doesnt MEASURE value. it FACILITATES A TRANSFER of value.

>> No.29209522

A bunch miseducated communists declare this system capitalist so therefore billionaires who get subsidies are capitalist. Got it. Fuck off retard and enjoy your snowstorm during global warming.

>> No.29209575

I own 500 acres of farmland eat my cow pies lmao. He's a "capitalist" due to the social acceptance that every person functioning in this society agrees by, even you, you stupid anarcho cap reject.

Truth is you're just a retard who thinks semantics arguments are valid. Graduate highschool/college and get back to me dipshit.

>> No.29209591

>and it was gold that gave value to the dollar.
and it is the dollar that gave value to the crypto. which, if it worked as intended would be as cheap as water or electricity, providing a frictionless transfer of value facilitating the trading of goods.
make your money now boys but once it's adopted no one will be making money with anything ever.
we are speculating our way to the end of speculation (and it's glorious)

>> No.29209621

>Gold is cool but its unpractical.

Nobody is fucking saying let’s go back to buying shit with gold and silver coins you fucking retard. We are in the mess we are in now because we went off the gold standard. The dollar used to represent GOLD. Everyone here would be well on their way to having kids and mowing their lawns on the weekend if we still had gold backing the dollar. Gold was de-monetized by governments. Massive fucking debt and inflation since. And that’s why you have incels here hoping to make enough off cardano while jerking off to anime porn. Because the only other alternative is stocking shelves, and even if you have a good job it’s near impossible to have more than 1 kid. Gold didn’t fail. There’s no argument against gold. Bitcoin isn’t competing with gold.

>> No.29209660

You keep saying social acceptance like that means anything. Just because “society” declares something doesn’t make it so. You sound like a total fucking normie how’s that social science college degree faggot? The most retarded people in society are academics.

>> No.29209729
File: 269 KB, 1199x893, shrug0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Elon's current bet is doge.
buying a doge mining rig for each of his Seven Sons is the equivalent of buying a puppy (in our virtual simulation world)
tweeting about puppies doesnt mean he's staking his future on it.

>> No.29209740

>doesnt realize the truth is meaningless
>doesnt realize power is the only thing that matters
What's it like being a dumb wignat retard who has no White children? The truth doesn't matter to the material world you dumb baby. Grow the fuck up and recognize power structures.

>> No.29209756

Maybe it will. I don’t know. But how does this benefit everyone? I mean everyone’s about to go on UBI. When gold backed the dollar you could be a lowly mechanic and have 4 kids. So you make a shit ton of btc or link. So what? You’ll still never have a productive meaningful fulfilling life like people in the 50’s did. You’ll be bored as fuck.

>> No.29209757

Also mid 30ies here, 1,88 German, fucked over 80 girls in my life so far. The fat ones nearly always had tighter pussies due to the inner fat pressing on the vagina. Just felt better. But also small skinny asians have very tight pussies. My rule of thumb so far is body size and bmi to determine the pussy tightness. My current girlfriend is pretty tall and had to train her pussy muscles to satisfy my 22 cm dick. Imagine that.

>> No.29209801

Imagine getting a government education and thinking you’re smart

>> No.29209846

Was that allocated towards peter?

>> No.29209876


>> No.29209974

Bullshit. My girlfriend is a lawyer and saved my ass multiple times as an entrepreneur in IT. Kys unfucked virgin incel.

>> No.29209992

Oh yeah

>> No.29210019

Keep flipping burgers or trucking across state lines, retard.

>> No.29210054

Holy shit lmao

>> No.29210134

Can you not deepthroat cock itt?

>> No.29210140
File: 2.06 MB, 300x258, 1568318696932.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's just a person on Twitter with opinions. If you can remember that, it makes his account much more enjoyable. There isn't always a conspiracy behind things, even if sometimes there is.

>> No.29210199

I’d rather be a smart trucker than a retarded geologist or whatever meme job you’ve got.

>> No.29210319

You're not smart though if you can't even realize your opinions don't matter. :)

>> No.29210330


>> No.29210537

So I better join the kikes, get a government degree, embrace socialism and pretend like I’m smart? You’re not smart because you’re not smart. You’re a fucking normie idiot who thinks he’s smart because he can read books to pass a questionnaire to receive a piece of paper taught by a person who is required to teach the exact fucking same thing to every other student across the country. You’re not smart enough to see that you think you’re smart because you’re good at taking tests based on reading material approved by the same people who own that currency you use to buy your boyfriends aids tests. Congratulations you learned the exact same shit every other student in the country learned on that same subject lmfao. This country is fucked because of retards like you, thankfully there’s people out there who can think for themselves and learned the truth about what’s going on, you sound 12 if you think your opinions don’t matter. If your opinions don’t matter why the fuck are you on this board or alive at all just kys. You’re right your opinion doesn’t matter because millions of retarded sheep think exactly like you.

>> No.29210744

He's gonna bury BTC and move everything into DOGE lmfao

>> No.29210872

This, Elon is just trolling and winning internet points over 9000 all day.

>> No.29211067

I just saw your post and I snickered and am huge smug right now and I thought it's best not to reply cause I obviously made you mad. But - This is probably the best way to explain to you on why the "truth" and your opinions do not matter:

You wrote an inflamed, emotional reply to an argument I made up of pure lies. I didn't go to University, I invested in buttcoin and LINK and have a highschool diploma. I don't own a farm I'm living on my own as a young adult. I've been shitposting this entire time ragging on you and blue collar work and now you're emotionally upset over what is equivalent to fart huffing. It's entirely lies, and it's why lies are much more in focus right now than any "truth" you believe in. Yet you won't see you just lost an internet argument because you romanticize your hatred against your perceived (((enemies))). That's not how life works and you need to realize the truth doesn't matter right now, at least, not spiritually. Materially - the lies are the only thing that will remain, and the truth will always be shunned and hidden. It's in your best interest to obtain power, and if that means supporting investment opportunities or subsidies from the government then so be it. If that means picking and choosing what semantics to use then so be it.

Your purity spiraling will be your downfall. You don't realize what truth even is, you're so blinded by others opinions, both for and against you that you will just preoccupy yourself with frivolities and the banal dance of "politics". Idiot - you're losing at life and still thinking you matter. Until you realize what this post means you're ngmi. Good luck though!

>> No.29211316

Have you forgot?

>I think tesla stock is high

Has like 10x since.

>> No.29211622

All this comments about elon' strategy make me laugh. He clearly doesn't give a fuck, he just does what he likes based on if it's funny or not. Unironically, /ourguy/

>> No.29212331

You have a poor imagination and understanding of the curve of history if you think people alive today won't see asteroid mining. We already have all the pieces of the puzzle in front of us. Space access. Robotics/AI. Nuclear power. Once big powers realize that there are huge upsides to harvesting asteroids (or the moon) the advances will happen faster than you can think. I am very confident that I will go into orbit and probably stand on the moon before I die.

>> No.29212510


you are retarded

>> No.29212890

YES, they smell nicer too. Pretty much common sense if you think about it

>> No.29213228

No, only height matters.

>> No.29213301

First time he talks about ETH? Bullish

>> No.29213537

>could it be so simple?

>> No.29213598


>> No.29213757

he's right right about btc and eth being so hgih lol

>> No.29213776

Imagine thinking fractional reserve banking aka fiat isn't 'digital' just because some of it is represented by a fucking piece of paper lmfao
Ok everyone go pull your cash out of the bank at the same time and let me know how that goes

>> No.29213985

Sailor is literally killing his company to prop up his BTC bags. He’s going to get sued for this in the end

>> No.29214073

jews are literally the one race that always chooses the ugly nerd to breed and look at what it has done for them.

>> No.29214546

>Money is just data which allows us to avoid the inconvenience of barter.

>That data, like all data, is subject to latency &error. The system will evolve to that which minimizes both.
Literally what is that supposed to mean. Just sounds like he makes up pretentious shit to appeal to engineering fags. Also reddit spacing

>> No.29214772

this is literally two retards arguing with each other an neither one of them understands what they are talking about. Elon sounds like a fucking edgelord, "U just got email! that not real gold!" And Schiff apparently doesn't even know what the word fiat means.

>> No.29214835


>> No.29214849

No one does. Which is why its doomed to fail.

>> No.29214859
File: 211 KB, 327x316, 745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29215129

>the worlds richest man is now dunking on peter
this is just sad at this point. and he spends half an hour every day on his podcast talking about how btc will crash any day now to 0

>> No.29215171

The question is???
When is bitcoin going to crash???

Imo 65-75k
He’ll make his money then elon will put his money on Dogecoin

>> No.29215256

Once Elon doubles his money, he’ll pull his profits out of Bitcoin then it’ll crash
it’ll happen between 70k-80k

>> No.29215421

It means that bitcoin developers and layer 2 is solving and will continue to solve the issues of bitcoin as a currency or even as a store of value.
Gold has already ran it's course.
>use physical gold itself
>use silver, use copper for fractional representation of gold
>too cumbersome and dangerous to carry it around everywhere
>just use a certificate instead, USD is essentially a certificate redeemable for X amount of silver/gold/ whatever
>fuck it let's just go off the gold standard and make this shit up as we go so we can manipulate everything however (((we))) want
Gold is a better currency than fiat but bitcoin is better than both. If you think we are ever going to move away from technology in light of an extinction or near extinction event you are medically retarded.

>> No.29215491

>fudding his own coin
Saying 60k BTC when it was 10k 4 months ago is FUD?

>> No.29215556

Why tf would I want to build intergenerational wealth?

>> No.29215636
File: 33 KB, 442x446, KEK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29215661

What else do you do with $500k?

If you want to fuck bitches, you just need to get lean.
If you want to do what you want, you only need to switch jobs.

Spending 3+ hours a day 2x'ing your money is just pathological gambling

>> No.29215673

kek, literally me

>> No.29215935

>schiff predicts crashes for his entire life, even in bull markets
>market crashes once
>wow, he's so smart! so true!!!
fuck off retard, even a broken clock's right twice a day

>> No.29216004

>just find the wagecuckery that makes you happy bro

>> No.29216305
File: 168 KB, 519x526, 1586394514107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29216558

Call it work if you don't like the word job.
Has nothing to do with waging for money.

>> No.29216658

He has to take a step foward and another back.

They will hunt him down if he goes 100% positive on crypto.

Read between the lines

>> No.29216664


>> No.29216703

Holy shit careful now


>> No.29216931
File: 31 KB, 500x530, 45471ac20fc3fa19af919bd57244a777b4756db71074bd01a21b374370ad19b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29216981
File: 15 KB, 251x242, 1610441724383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29217343

How is this not a problem? If this retard tweeted “sell BTC” the price would drop $10k instantly lol. Manipulation nation

>> No.29217831

The only intelligent comment in here.

Look into the true reason why there's a semi conductor shortage.

>> No.29217932

>an e-mail saying you have gold
wtf is this stuttering pot head even talking about

>> No.29218064

I think it's a jab at the GLD and SLV etf's. He's not wrong about that. If you don't hold it in your hand then you don't hold it.

>> No.29218111

jesus you need to go back doge is meme coin do you know how many coins are mined daily?

>> No.29218138

It's much more complicated than that once you factor in genetic recombination, mutations, and epigenetics retard

>> No.29218180

no one says to buy anything but physical

>> No.29218234

doge inflation rate is around that of fucking physical gold retard. it’s not high. inflation is required for a currency to function into the future due to population growth.

>> No.29218351

this guy is a typical midwit holy shit. Textbook example. Or 160iq troll. Pick one

>> No.29218556

pretty sure most smart genes come from the mother. Dr Dutton talked about it.

>> No.29218607

>Just sounds like he makes up pretentious shit to appeal to engineering fags

Pretty much nailed it

>> No.29218659
File: 65 KB, 720x405, shrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

intelligence = pattern recognition. side effects or symptoms or applications are not unique versions of intelligence.

>> No.29218738

elon isn't even particularly intelligent. he's probably 120 IQ. He was born into wealth and groomed to be what he is now, nothing more.

>> No.29218793

it means elon is a pot head conman who tricked the world into believing he was actually intelligent

>> No.29218829

all of the asteroids on earth are the size of a quarter. ngmi

>> No.29218900
File: 182 KB, 750x593, da0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You have a poor imagination and understanding of the curve of history

>> No.29218915
File: 34 KB, 500x500, 5bbc99a99fae6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.29219139

there's only one intelligence though.

>> No.29219311
File: 14 KB, 320x318, shalom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

make money while you can. hoard it, protect it, implement it, whatever. UBI + ledger + IoT + survelliance state = neofeudalism. and a thousand years of peace.

>> No.29219480

intelligence/energy/problem solving comes from the mother, character/emotions/stress resistance comes from the father

>> No.29219513

>and it is the dollar that gave value to the crypto
but the dollars value was due to its gold backing. the rug was pulled from the dollars gold backing, so saying bitcoin gets its worth from the dollar is just saying bitcoin is worthless as well.

>> No.29219550

putting 1% of your net worth into a play is a hedge not a move

>> No.29219634
File: 226 KB, 1908x1146, 13081522-0-image-a-8_1556966216765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in light of an extinction or near extinction event
he doesn't know...

>> No.29219738

he said >masks are dumb
and >these tests are bogus. I took 4 and got 2 different results.
and nothing happened.

>> No.29219905

what a legend.

>> No.29219956
File: 1.99 MB, 782x440, troublebrewing.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and gold's backing was due to the kings authority over trade routes of tin. or w/e tf.
'progress' marches on. the C people's are already halfway through their Bronze Age Collapse Electric Bugaloo.

>> No.29220081
File: 2 KB, 120x125, 1587957277517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im getting trips all over this website today. LINK energy is stupid high I can literally feel it.


>> No.29220236

>bitcoin is worthless as well.
what is wealth anyway? what is value? a measure of work?
bread is a store of sunlight. muscles are a store of bread. a stone wall is a store of muscle energy.
tell me sincerely - what is worth? what is value?
bitcoin is a proof of electricity, a coiled up battery, a dense bundle of previously burned coal.
sincerely. pretty please.

>> No.29220328
File: 74 KB, 220x176, chainlink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29220471
File: 3.21 MB, 3000x4000, princeharry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. real schizoposting hours.
wish someone could fill in the blanks for me though. too many gaps

>> No.29220751

>BTFO's schiff

in what way? we didnt even address his comment

>An email saying you have gold is not the same as having gold.

wtf is he talking about? when did schiff mention emails and gold? schiff is an advocate of owning PHYSICAL gold

>> No.29220800
File: 341 KB, 2444x1626, m7 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see this announcement, "BAEX is a new gem," almost everywhere. Did you see that? I checked this exchange, this is a defi binary exchange with various indexes, shares, fiat & crypto pairs. Does anyone use it? They also offer a bonus program to earn on the invitations: #baex

>> No.29220966

Yes, it's hilarious. He keeps doubling down. It's going to end with microstrategy bankrupt with btc at 30k and average cost of 70k per coin. What the fuck is he even doing.

>> No.29221077
File: 115 KB, 1536x864, 45CA4AC0-0E70-46B0-BF3E-364C6C6C2FE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I FUD my own coins too. We enlightened people tend not to give a fuck.

>> No.29221285

>what are the chances, 1 in a million?
>more like 1 in a billion

>> No.29221337
File: 107 KB, 960x868, saylorbasicfinance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he is a fucking retard who doesnt understand basic economics. cant wait to see him get rekt.

>> No.29221413

he has learned how to avoid SEC violations after his previous incidents.

>> No.29221548
File: 339 KB, 447x371, 1417589254894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29222184

Thanks kaku-sama

>> No.29222276

It's also fungible, small enough to carry, doesn't decay or deteriorate like paper money, and most importantly it can't be printed. While I know this, in a shit hit the fan situation unless you're the 1 pct, gold is effectively useless. You're better off having ammo, anti biotics, insulin, etc. Even lighters to start fires. All those things would be easier to trade than hold. Gold will only get you killed when people know you have it in a shtf.

>> No.29222478

Sounds like his pitch to other companies to buy his bags must not have went so well

>> No.29222619

What in the fuck? How can this guy be that stupid and still be where he’s at?

>> No.29223420

How did we come to the conclusion that there's no limit? I remember the dev saying it had an arbitrarily high amount, many many multiples of the amount of Bitcoin, but not infinite.

>> No.29223529
File: 91 KB, 400x400, 1514258032183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reddit willy wonka
truer words have never been spoken

>> No.29223671

I don't get the joke. Could someone spoonfeed me?

>> No.29223764
File: 42 KB, 828x706, 1613746857621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

r*ddit moment

>> No.29223868

>Gold will only get you killed when people know you have it in a shtf.
SHTF can arise from a million possible catalysts, and result in a million different scenarios.
But the way things are going, there may be a window, between fiat shitting the bed and total economic collapse, where PMs can get you that ammo and land.
As for gold (or silver) getting you killed, go on PMG threads and see what kind of boomsticks anons include in the amateur shiny rock porn they like to post.

>> No.29224029

Based... best laugh i've had in a month

>> No.29224049

as soon as you can mine gold in space gold is finished. you cannot have more then 21 million bitcones.

>> No.29224120

I base my decisions purely off what /biz/ tells me to do and I have done very well for myself.

>> No.29224172
File: 1.76 MB, 360x203, 1596736158081.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29224180

>as soon as you can mine gold in space
Got a time estimate for that forecast happening anon?

>> No.29224320

me neither

>> No.29224336

Elon has 7 kids. The guy is horny as fuck and will likely plow anything 6 or higher

>> No.29224372

big girl, small pussy. small girl, all pussy.

>> No.29224491

>Arguing with the literal who that is Peter Schiff

LOL Musk unironically goes on biz without a doubt. I bet he has a folder of pepes he wants to post but he can’t since he’ll be outed

>> No.29224511
File: 59 KB, 760x792, you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This post reeks of onions and r*ddit.

>> No.29224512
File: 55 KB, 378x566, 1605415591578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck man lol that was good

>> No.29224541

About 3.50

>> No.29224575

LOL it’s true.

If this fucker hands out golden tickets for a factory tour through Twitter it’ll be the cherry on top. Good laugh anon.

>> No.29224693

Don't worry it wasn't funny, probably just samefag or really dumb people thinking it's clever replying with le funny pics

>> No.29224695

Who is Peter Schiff?

>> No.29224856

gold maximalist. he will be right in the end.

>> No.29224910
File: 46 KB, 551x820, 1612402499302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Peter Schiff doesn't do what Peter Schiff does for Peter Schiff. Peter Schiff does what Peter Schiff does because Peter Schiff is... Peter Schiff.

>> No.29224938

>it can't be printed
But it can. It's called mining.

>> No.29225004

BTC is based off code, which can be changed. There is no limit to BTC in a true sense. Just look at the thousands of new coins that exist. They move much higher than BTC percentage wise and compete directly against btc

>> No.29225045

Lol He kinda is an irl willy Wonka you right

>> No.29225160

I've never fucjed skinny girls so idk

>> No.29225214


>> No.29225238

Nice powers of understanding Charly. Bitcoin IS a valuable in the same way as gold. It is scarce, as is gold, and is owned directly, as is gold, rather than the implied ownership of a derivative. You probably think that bitcoin being a digital asset means it's the same as the little numbers in your bank account. That's okay. Not everyone can think good like normal humans. Just remember that you're wrong, and every time you try to speak about complicated things it lets everyone know how small your brain is.

>> No.29225404

seconding this
have a haunting suspicion it's one of these things for anons who pretend not to be normalfags but are much more on the normalfag spectrum than the rest of us

>> No.29225830

youre so fucking dumb. Schiff's companies never send you the gold you tard

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