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Chainlink in this bullrun is dead

Most underperforming coin in the Top 10 this year

Ridiculous amount of low volume against other Top 10 coins

Many OG Marines are cashing out or at least diversifying. (Yes I know some retard will say "I am not selling" you are minority)

Staking will most likely be released next year.

Literally NO hype. There is nothing attractive to newfags and normies to get in here. Everything works as a backend

Every attempt to pump gets absolutely destroyed.

BTC only needs a 2x to reach its popular 100k likely top valued price and Link has not even reached a 2x after its ath,

Link will just dump after BTC is finished. Every BTC dump has been a crash for link.

There is literally no hope for this project in this bullrun.

Opportunity costs are ZERO.

I dont feel bad because I am diversified, so I have the guts to say it objectively since I know many people here are coping.

Just the hard truth.

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Im not reading this and im also not selling. Ever.

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Not selling lmao faggot nigger you wasted your time.

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You sadly prove OP’s point

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Chainlink has literally created DeFi and you are telling me that we should be bearish. The entire value proposition of every single crypto except for BTC,XMR will be dead in a few years if no one solves the ''oracle problem''

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What part of not selling didn't you understand? Filthy kike

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oh look its that faggot who's suppressing the price to pay himself 100k a week and ruin the bullrun for everyone else. i always knew crypto would never succeed at revolutionizing society because the same faggots who preach "wealth transfer" and "leveling the playing field" would fall prey to their own greed in the end.

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Desert semitic trash detected.

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Arbitrum is coming next month. Retail payments powered by Chainlink oracles are coming this quarter in the US, they’re going live in Korea currently. It hurts right now but I’m not selling.

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What is it that you fudders don't understand? If LINK goes to $0.01, not selling. If LINK goes to $999, still not selling. You can pry these LINKies from my cold, dead hands.

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It will obviously have its moment later. The problem is the logjam of projects the team is working on. It will go parabolic soon. 100%

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>Slow and steady wins the race

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its just retards fucking with newfags. The only people who are on biz and don't own link stacks are literal niggers.

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>reddit spacing
>priced-out redditor tier logic
>no actual knowledge of chainlink, because he wasn't here for the 2018 threads since he obviously only found out about biz a few months ago
>telling people who are mostly 7 figures in profit that they are "coping"
We all know where you came from - so go the fuck back and stay there, "fellow biz anon."
S And H

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I wish bro. 35 is a dream when you keep getting smacked down to 34.

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i missed a lot of obvious moon missions holding link
it's like being the smart sheltered kid incel kid in college all over again
somebody fucking kill me because i'm missing out on life AGAIN

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We always get this level of fud right before a big pump. Hodl on brothers.

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is arbitrum a new coin?

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>is this
the top???

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arbitrum is a service which provides something called optimistic rollups. Basically they take ethereum transactions that you want to do, and create poker chips to represent those transactions. They do dozens of transactions with the poker chips, and then at the end of the game when you want to cash out you bring it back to ethereum. This is called "settlement". All these transactions which would have cost thousands of dollars on ethereum are actually just one transaction because you used arbitrum. Beta users like bancor are seeing 50x price reductions for gas fees.

Now, the issue with this is its not decentralized. Arbitrum takes these transactions off the ethereum blockchain, so how do you know it's secure? You know its secure because all the transactions are validated by chainlink node validators. I'm sorry if this sounds complicated but i'm already dumbing it down.

the tldr is that all of these gas fees that people complain about are going away, and a fraction of it will be paid to chainlink nodes instead of ethereum nodes that are getting fat off all this waste.

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Buy band then u retard

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I mean sure why not bullrun is already over anyway, not like there can be any redemption anyway. Fag

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