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Welcome to BUDZ!

Seeding an innovative decentralized platform offering high yield options. Utilizing a symbiotic relationship between burning, staking and farming through DeFi to maximise growth and sustainability!

Website - https://budz.finance/(question mark goes here without parenthesis)r=0xe809968423551135675f38Ca77d9595C5D225918
Telegram: t. me/budzfinance

The dev made the code himself, this is not another sushi copypasta. The developer is a developer on hex (mcap 1.5b)

You can confirm this by going into the hex telegram, and asking the admins(or just checking users)

Ref code benefits us both(5% bonus)

400k mcap last I checked

!!THIS IS HUGE!! The Apy's shown on the pools do not go down as the pool grows in size. They only go down if budz price goes down, and goes up as it goes up. I've never seen these pool mechanics before. The staking pool is underwhelming 42% but the focus here is on sustainability, not a 1 week foodcoin pump and dump. The dev is open to increasing staking rewards in the future if staking/burning goes underutilized.

Liquidity is locked - https://bscscan.com/address/0xc9348ecfaec993aa9f9da202f20a0d2027fe0fd0#code

buy here


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name 1 farming coin that satisfies these 2 conditions

1)not a rug
2)a bad buy at 400k mcap on launch day

ill wait

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>200 holders

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>buying early is a bad thing

highest risk highest reward. dyor this isn't a rug

sailormoon did a 25x and unique code farming code from an established dev cant?

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Based OP is based

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reminder to all my ref bros - you MUST stake/farm with your address before your ability to give refs is enabled.

this referral bonus thing is again something unique that other farming coins aren't doing, theoretically should make this spread like wildfire once it picks up

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bookmark website, it shows the mcap. put a reminder on your phone to check back in 1 week and cry yourself to sleep.

then remember to DYOR and hone your skills to separate the wheat from the chaff. this is a 10x minimum

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damn we already have memes already?

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Many, many memes are on the way. I've never been this early on a project before. It's going to be big.

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you can be up 25% if you bought instantly in this thread. or my 2 previous threads.

mcap is now 500k


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Bought 12k, hoping for a 4x

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It's going HIGHER than that my friend

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based meme creator

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600k mcap

+50% to all the homies that bought in immediately, or my last 2 threads

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moon mission is on

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>sailormoon did a 25x

jesus christ, I almost bought day 1 from the coomer bait posting but didn't have an bnb lying around and it looked like a G I A N T scam

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they are all a giant scam, post your tg or discord and ill buy in

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ive been watching this project for 2 weeks, DYOR'd and bought in huge, im now the #1 holder. this is not a rug. the only risk here is smart contract failure/exploitation.

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literally a pointless meme

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alright OP, I'm in. Can I start farming yet?

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yes. i would recommend not staking, as the apy isnt worth it. also pressure the dev to up the rewards staking. staking/burning is where the deflation will come in

i have passed so many moonshots because of this mentality(wynaut being the most recent)

but this "pointless meme" has unique code(not sushi copypasta), a referral system, and VERY LOW MCAP

here's a tip - don't ever say "NO IM 100% OUT" on a coin that has ANY potential. instead simply reduce your position size until you're comfortable with the risk. you can throw 1 bnb im sure

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it's rugging kek

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This is actually a really comfy coin, thanks op.

Site is super polished, partners section made me kek. Gonna hold for some sweet gains

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read the thread. the dev has been working with hex (1.5b mcap) for over a year

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>DUDE, WEED! the coin.
No, thanks.

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Spoken like a true non-weed smoker. You don't understand how HYPED weed smokers get when they see marijuana on ANYTHING. This is guaranteed to x100 to $4.20

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>dude sailor moon! the coin
>proceeds to 25x

this market isnt rational. grow up and take my advice and simply reduce your position size

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>maximise growth

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800k mcap

Grats on the 2x whoever listened

fudders that dont DYOR aren't gonna make it>>29190404

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Jesus Christ. shades of 2017 again. Remember the Ross Perot coin????

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Where are you seeing mcap? I want to watch

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wallet must be connected, and on bsc

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Weed is for loosers.

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I feel like a winner

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i will explain my method of vetting and getting in projects BEFORE ANYONE for 100,000 budz.

im the #1 holder of this coin. i have no affiliation with the dev. I will be making a budz thread every day, this offer will stand, however it will of course get more expensive every day.

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Actually weed is supposed to make losers feel like winners.

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I dont smoke weed I just hold this coin

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approaching 1 mil mcap. well done apers, and serious DYORs alike. you did it

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Where are my budzbros at

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Do you just lurk telegram groups?

I'm a poorfag trying to make it flipping bsc coins but good job on promoting this, gonna help my stack for sure

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its mooning

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i have a very specific method that gaurantees i always get as close to the ground floor as possible. i do not look at crypto telegram gem hunter groups (except for 2 paid ones, one which costs 40k, and another which costs 1k or less)

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right here, BUDZchad

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you paid $40,000 for a telegram group?

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no, i paid 40k for an extremely valuable group that has a private telegram. there are countless benefits to the group and if you're well versed in crypto you can figure out which it is but i will say no more about my strategy unpaid

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Damn, well I hope you make it OP thanks again for shilling this.

Gonna head to bed and wake up to gainz

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aight man, not knocking at all, wish i had 40K to throw around, thats like half my portfolio kek

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I can only imagine the telegram where igor and pajeet are talking about scamming /biz/ muchly for indeed best new gains

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i work alone.

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Get bored of shilling everest and need new money from naive /biz/browsers?

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If you guys invested half as well as you made coin specific memes you'd all be billionaires

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never shilled everest. missed the ico by 5 minutes (was transferring money to buy it as it sold out)

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what are the suicdide

what are the make it?

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>you'd all be billionaires
soon, anon. oh so soon.

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you're lucky you're early. suicide stack is on sale, only 10k budz

make it stack is 200k(must not sell a single one before 10mil mcap or ur ngmi with those paper hands)

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anon kun where can i see market cap bb

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price/mcap here - https://budz.finance/#about your wallet must be connected and on bsc network

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nick dubs but i think u r lying and might be scam i cash out at 9mill marketcap pajeet

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Actually I don't feel sorry for anyone dumb enough to buy this. I thought the stock images on the Everest website was the most lowtier scamshit I've ever seen but this takes the cake. I'm sure I'll your pajeet friends posting low effort Pepe templates are being paid in tokens for the rugpull in exactly three weeks and two days

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check them jeet

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this anon gets it

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>weed sign
>weed name
>high yield
>posts in the thread like "wow i cant believe im in this so early wow this is gonna make it"
yeah i think ill pass

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Then why does it look and smell like a shitcoin designed to market to low IQ redditors to be rugpulled instead of a serious project?

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i posted the thread at 400k mcap. its not 1.2mil

guess what you're still early. this is going to 5m mcap EASILY

excuse me? copy + paste sushi clones with 0 innovation blow up to multi million mcaps. unique code from an established dev with a unique website design with its own unique hook isnt gonna break 5mil mcap?

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it's been proven that memecoins EXPLODE in this bullmarket. People are suuuuuper into weed. On top of that, it's an actually profitable DeFi protocol with 2300% pools.

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dude if u made this coin i feel like we can work togehter on a cool project ive been doin im not truing to dox you but if u trust me we can make billions

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i didn't. i stated earlier in this thread i have no affiliation with the dev. i work alone and hunt shitcoins with the best methods possible to guarantee im on the ground floor. im selling my method, read the thread if interested

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wow!!!! this is definitely a new coin and definitely not made by brothers rasheed and kumar that also made hodl!!! we gonna toke up boys!!! loading my bags full of hodl- i mean budz!

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My business secret? Buy BUDZ

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link hodl, never heard of it. ive never seen a rug thats put more than 20 minutes into their website

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was just looking for a budz thread, hell yeah already up 3x on this coin.

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you've come to the right place anon

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*naruto backflips away from you and madara teleprots away* heh... sorry! it was just very confusing because the hodl OP was almost exactly the same as this one! same shilling about liquidity and no rugpulls too!!! *bows and tips his aqua picture at you* sorry master, this is clearly the right coin to buy... i have just cashed out of hodl and went all in on budz!!!!

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already took out my initial and im riding on a huge stack to the moon.

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was hodl created by a confirmed dev of a 1.5b mcap coin?

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>Welcome to BUDZ!
>ou MUST stake/farm

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if you stake or farm 1 budz you can then get bonuses from ref links. you cant get bonuses from ref links without interacting with the contract

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*taps into my ultra instinct nine tail jitsu form* *unsheathes 20ft long katana* look buddy.... i dont know where you get your sick kicks from fudding another man's coin... *growls wolf-style* but this ends TODAY *grows 20 feet tall*

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