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There is no doubt that ETH has the most devs out of any crypto project, yet they still can't fucking scale. Why? Can't they literally just copy one of the 1000+ tps blockchains?

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Also can't they literally double the block size like BCH or BSV?

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Vitalik got rich and stopped caring

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yes, but that introduces a host of other problems.

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They still have millions of people working on ETH. It's not just people working on ETH 2, there's millions of devs building dapps and L2 shit. Why hasn't Uniswap or Curve or some other shitcoin figured out scaling already?
how do those 1000+ tps blockchians work then? I'm not a cooder.

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Well they already increased the gas limit or something like 5000 times already. Why can't they increase it more?

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>t. gay EE id
when is this shit going to release and how do I invest in it? is there an optimism coin or something?

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every dapp on ETH can port over to FTM in 5 minutes and problem solved?

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well then, why can't ETH just fork FTM? They have more devs so they should be able to build an improved version of it,

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That's part of EIP-159, actually, but of course miners don't want it.

The reality is, ETH can scale right now through optimistic and ZKSNARKS roll-ups, but it's a matter of getting smart-contract developers and users to USE those.

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>how do those 1000+ tps blockchians work
They don't. It just takes years until it's clear they don't work.

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Did Vitalik have a spasm during a speech kek

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How do I invest in optimism? do they have a uniswap shitcoin?
is this true? are 1000 tps blockchains impossible? didnt vitalik say they were going for 100000 tps?

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vitalik started playing wow burning crusade again
>quit wow BC and starts ethereum
>15 years later
>quit ethereum and starts classic TBC
jump ship

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like what?
actually working correctly?

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they still have more devs though. Why can't they scale after 5 years

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well, cauterizing a small flesh wound works too anon, but sutures would probably be a better bet.

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I think they all fap all day, and post memes on imageboards watching the price pumping for no reasons

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Can one of you faggots give me a good reason why ETH can't scale despite having the most devs?

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>are 1000 tps blockchains impossible
If it's possible it's impractical and dumb. You can get infinite tps with second layer solutions like rollups. If your use case needs tps more than robustness don't use the hardest settlement layer known to man.
It already scales, the devs making apps are the ones behind the tech now.

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At some point throwing more devs at a problem only makes it worse

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Because the greedy fucking miners are more interested in making a buck today instead of 5 tomorrow.

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how does it scale right now. I still pay over 100 gwei every time.

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when is uniswap going to one of those chains. loopring doesn't have the shitcoins i want.

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where else are the miners going to go? only eth supports gpus right?

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>how does it scale right now
With advanced cryptographic math magic and stuff that nobody knows how to use because we live in a fallen and decaying world.

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how do I trade for 5 cents then. i want to use loopring but they don't have as many shitcoins as uniswap.

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>how do I trade
Don't. You have no idea what you're doing.

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I still haven't received a good answer. Can someone tell me why ETH can't scale but other blockchains can?

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Do the research , its all there. You cant have all three: security, decentralization and scalable. The other chains might say they accomplish all three, but very few chains actually can check those three boxes. Bitcoin is one, ethereum is two

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Because it carries the burden of a bad concept and will never be able to lay it off. It doesn't matter in the long run anyways, as ETH will get completely BTFO'd by the upcoming regulations.

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15 second average block time makes increasing the blocksize as a scaling solution almost impossible. Miners need to be able to sync up to the latest block quickly otherwise they waste time mining something the network can't accept.
Layer 2 scaling can't work unless its centralised due to routing issues. The only way to scale is onchain but thats hard to do. you cant just bump up the blocksize and call it a day, you have to optimise the node software to process the increased transactions, it needs to communicate with other miners quickly and it has to scale with hardware. parrelelisation would require a full eth code rebuild and the money skelleton just aint that smart

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What is scaling?

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>decentralized and scalable
the 60% chink monopoly mining farm yielding 7 transactions per second at top capacity begs to differ.

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>where else are the miners going to go? only eth supports gpus right?
they will go to ethereum classic.

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the 1000+ tps blockchains are sacrificing decentralization and security for speed and ethereum isn't willing to compromise on those things. they are losing market share though, because traders don't give a fuck about all that nerdy shit.

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Ethereum was literally a russian autistic kids retarded digital school fair project and coding playground, that was successfully monetized by his father.

You guys are retards for holding ethereum, it's an inflationary shitcoin.

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This board finds something new to hate every week what's gotten into you people? Why can't I own more than one coin? Jesus the elitism is getting suffocating on this board.

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Go back

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Rollups are already scaling ETH.

Loopring has been active for months (ZK rollup).

SNX is running Optimism (Optimistic rollup).

UNI is almost up and running with Optimism as well.

Polygon and Immutable are scaling a lot of NFT projects already.

Etc, etc.

Dumb niggers just aren't paying attention because faggot "influencers" are chasing DeFi pumps on CCP chain.

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Isn't the scaling issue about not centralizing the network? I'm a brainlet when it comes to blockchain tech but isn't that why they refuse to scale?

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Or should I say chasing CCP wash trading on BS chain...

None of these dumb faggots have been writing or talking about scaling at all, despite scaling sector pumping hard for the last 18 months. Buying Loopring, the premier ZK rollup with an inbuilt DEX and mobile wallet, has gone 25x since March 2020 and now processes more transactions than any other single ETH killer.

The reason all you retards constantly lose money is because you don't fucking pay attention.

Why do you want to stay poor? This was supposed to be the greatest wealth transfer in human history, but you're all too fucking stupid so the institutions are beating you all to it.


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insanely based. 100 ETH and not selling until $20k.

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Make a thread on this anon. Give it the attention it deserves.

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This deserves more a screenie.

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so when will I be able to trade shitcoins on uniswap L2?

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Wrong, your on chain fees are still sky high. Nothing has been scaled and the network shits itself at the first sign of heavy traffic. Remember when crypto kitties pushed fees sky high? Guess what, now the fees are always high. This KILLS all of the business use cases for ethereum. Why would developers waste their time on a project that makes their business idea unprofitable through fucking fees? They won't, they'll just move to a project that actually scales on chain.

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Why VISA could with just a punch of paid devs, but ETh can't with worlwide devs? Same questions come to me OP

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The miners rule the network. They are lead by one of the devs, Vinay Gupta. He is also leading the transition to ETH2.0. The idea is to turn the miners into stakers, so that things stay as it is, with very high fees.
The right thing to do with EiP1559 would be to kick the miners, but instead they will be turn into stakers and everything will stay the same, with fees going to $5000, and those who cant pay are poorfags who need to be colonized by the new redcoat eth army, because they are "working class scum".

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It will.

But lukso (LYXE) will implement Ethereum scaling before Ethereum does. And it'll use all the same tools.

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Blame Uniswap. They’re

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Fork the chain, send Vitalik and the Jew stakers to fuck off

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You're too retarded, you will stay poor and you will thank the hedge-fund Jew for his benevolence as he rapes your children.

Dapps can be built on rollups (many already are), which can then be interoperable. Ethereum is a finality layer.

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What are your thoughts on zk vs optimistic rollups? Which one has more potential in the short term and long term?

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I still havent received a satisfactory answer.
ETH fags say ETH scales already despite it being 16TPS and no Uniswap L2.
ETH haters say ETH doesn't scale because of the miners, even though the miners literally have zero leverage because there's nowhere else to mine (ETC is literally a shitcoin with zero development or dapps). If the miners try forking they'll make another worthless ETH classic.
based, wondering the same thing.

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Should have used BSV. It does everything ETH can do, but it does it cheaper. Average fee is a tenth of a penny.

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Short term both co-exist, long term everything will be ZK.




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I cant trade shitcoins there faggot

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Yes you can. And they are even shittier.

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ty king

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cuz miners get rich as fuck with high fees

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what if a miner had to stake a certain amount of ETH in order to publish a block. So they just sign a transaction saying what the hash is for their latest block using their private key, and all the other miners take it at face value and start using that hash to mine even without downloading the block. They can download the block later. If it turns out the original block miner was lying then the network could confiscate the staked coins and burn them. Everyone would resume mining from the last confirmed block. If not then all is well. That way you could do blocks crazy fast without even having to download them right away.

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>wallet only for cellphone
>no wallet for desktops
>go to exchange option
>try to connect to metamask

>Failed to connect to MetaMask!

And this ends the shilling.

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You are absolutely autistic, if you think people need to "learn to code" just to trade ethereum for shitcoins for a $1 fee. No wonder the chinese won.

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Not to mention he’s severely anti white. A poor human in every regard.

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i was able to connect to loopring using metamask but it doens't have my shitcoins.
don't use the mobile wallet, it's shit

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Oh, it connected now.
There seems to be in beta. Sometimes it connect, sometimes it wont.
It also request to deposit the tokens in a layer 2 address. But where are the private keys? This looks fishy.

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never used it because it doens't have my shitcoins.

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Where is the documentation? There is no information about the layer 2 address. Do it work like LN? Do I need to "fund" a channel? Is it the same address, or it use a extension to indicate its L2?
You see, this is the problem. Metheads think we need to already know everything, when we are just investors, not developers. And if we dont know, we are "retarded".
This "learn to code" meme is a american thing. Nowhere else in the world people expect the user to know code.

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Because it's like Bitcoin less it scale more the fee you have to pay to use it.

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blockchains have to update slowly, especially ones which carry this much data. we can't rush into this
until then, the demand will make it improve into compact l2 txs
when PoS begins validating txs, its over. by that time ethereum will be full of compact l2 txs with scalability of PoS. We're talking within 2 years it will be absolute game over, and you'd with you didn't believe those maxis
bitcoin has stayed this shit forever. ethereum is the indisputable future.

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You can use your existing ETH address with the desktop exchange...

Just sign from your wallet (free) to activate L2 with same address.

Metamask works fine, never had a single problem and I use multiple addresses regularly on the rollup.

No-one needs to learn to code just to use a rollup you dumb bitch. Of course dumb nigger roasties will never make it, lacking the cognitive faculties to parse simple sentences, let alone utilise DeFi... Probably think coding is a form of witchcraft... Such a dumb bitch.

Your crypto never leaves Ethereum, that's the beauty of a ZK rollup. Ethereum level security guarantee, 10k+ tps and if the rollup goes down, you still have all your assets on L1. You literally cannot be rugged unless Ethereum gets turned off.

Another black... Jesus fucking christ if you cannot use a search engine to find the fucking website and read the words on the page then modern civilisation isn't for you. Good luck jogging for a living I guess.

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>Should have used BSV

dude the confirmation requirements of BSV is like 1 week.

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I fucking hate this motherfucker... thank god the chink won and a new age of degenerate gambling is possible with the low fees in BSC

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Exchanges are stupid, they can use merchant api to accept instantly. Merchant api allows you to talk to all other miners to detect a double spend and because BSV operates on a first seen first mined basis, it's safe for this to happen. Basically, as soon as your transaction is broadcast to the mempool, it's guaranteed to go into a block.

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all GPUs with under 8 GB of vram become obsolete

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ITT: mEth heads desperately trying to stem the bleeding while shitting on the very people they need to win over

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>There is no doubt that ETH has the most devs out of any crypto project
the absolute state of ethtards

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Already bought more BSC in the last minutes. Already up 5x initial investment, 3.2x the medium-term.
While ETH just SITS, incapable of moving due to high fees, and L2 "solutions" are fishy to say the least.
ETH is a scam, BSC is the true deal. China will rule the world, its inevitable.

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Thank you, Satan.

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Imagine betting against CZ and his merry band of chinks