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>it’s a rugpull!
OH NO NO NO NO 3c waiting room GET THE FUCK IN HERE!!!! MCDC moon mission has begun

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No other coin can make /biz/ seethe so hard

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Fuck it, just threw $1000 into this. Not missing it again.

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I'm trying to launch a coin how do I pay you faggots to promote it

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Send me a telegram

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just name it after some shitty food item and watch it rocket

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>falling for this AGAIN

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You never believed in the McPlan. McTiaga will take this to the McMoon.

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McTiaga and the Mcfamily are one of a kind

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if you want a moonshot buy BURGER, don't waste your time on scams

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Lfmao git rekt

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How do you even launch a coin? I honestly never bothered with making tokens and there’s limited actual info I can find on the process, just people that’ll do it for a charge

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I was on the OG telegram when this was just an idea. got in late and then sold at a loss like a fucking retard. now I'm back in with a few eth and I shall never doubt you glorious bastards again

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as I hit post that fuckwit dumped 5 eth. hold me please

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welcome back mcbro