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>Take $100
>Buy a bullish shitcoin
>Wait for 2x
>Don't be greedy. Don't ride it to the top. Sell
>Take your $200
>Buy a shitcoin that's feeling bullish
>Wait for it to 2x and sell. Don't be greedy
>Repeat this step
If you follow this strategy and do it 10 times you've just turned $100 into $51, 200.
if you repeat this 5 more times you've made
If at any time you make a mistake and lose your money remember you've only originally invested $100. The worst thing you've lost is the time researching and finding shitcoins to 2x with.

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beautiful man

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buy $100. add on $80 gas fees

sell $200. add on 120 gas fees

but 200. add on 120 gas fees

sell 400. add on 200 gas fees.

anon i...

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Great write up.

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>gas fees
wtf is this meme

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>not compensating for gas fees by waiting until just above 2x
i think you're retarded

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fucking genius this guy.

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apparently some people pay to trade coins
i use RH which has no coins really but i don't pay fees either

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very handsome man

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What do I do if I only have $12?

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stop being poor

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Shit works great til mid 5 figures. Good luck above there.

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Robinhood is so based

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*coin drops because you waited too long*

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Easier said than done. Way too many rugpulls out there.

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ok but there are no fees
bought and sold crypto a dozen times now never paid a fee

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Just buy two different coins, dingus

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That’s not possible at them moment. Maybe if you started last year you could do this.

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Just register to multiple exchanges

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>no fees on my robinhood kek

whos gonna tell him...

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big if true

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Yeah you succeed 9 times and are wrong once and you got to start over.

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Also, how long is too long when holding a potential 2xer?

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I'm gonna mine etherium and use my rig to do my transfers

yes this should work yes

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Get a real job. If I were to have bought a $6,000 coin that mooned to $12,000 by some miracle, but my initial investment was only $12:

(12/6000) = 0.002 of coin
(12000*0.002) = $24 total
24 - 12 = $12 profit.

But also, the coin could have crashed like a fag, because you actually bought some /biz/raeli's bags/$6,000 was the top. (Commonly happens.)

Better way to profit:
>be rich
>understand the market either through trial and error or by being an insider
>know what the people who are rigging the market are up to

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just place a sell order and wait

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Dicks don't suck themselves, faggot

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whats it like to land on the moon

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It's everyone's a genius season. Almost time to sell.

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fleeting and takes your breath away

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Also unironically this.

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You're not going to put hundreds of thousands on moonshot shitcoins

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Network transaction fees you pay to buy/sell/exchange coins.

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say that to my face bitch not online and see what happens

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cool, try to withdraw your crypto to your own wallet now

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>loses $100 once
>dies poor

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Which means nothing if you just buy BTC ETH and sell

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>A single DEFI trade is $100

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>He thinks he owns crypto on RH

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Shithereum faggot detected

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Guarantee after you 2x a few times you are going to get more conservative with your allocation

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>the absolute state of efferium

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>just keep making 2x guys, it's really easy!
>what are "tokenomics" and "defi"

i love you retards because you are just helping to accelerate the inevitable thinning of the herd. Enjoy making a 20x gain after multiple losses, it just means we are getting closer to a natural dip in which us boomers can buy the coins we want, continue to invest, and live our lives happily far away from pajeets on telegram and 4chan pushing the next shit coin.

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And this

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imagine not siding with this guy. you really are retarded if you think bnc is anything but garbage.

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Is there anywhere to buy or trade crypto where you DON'T deal with crazy fees? RH excluded

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LMB is about to 100x

50k apy pools when site starts
don't be a pussy boi its only 5c rn

on pancake swap you fucking degenerates

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this. after you get lucky a few times, you're going to be really sheepish about just tossing 5 digits into some shit coin made in a dudes basement in thailand. you'll come back to btc, etc, ltc, and the up and coming alts just like we all do when we realize betting on shit meme coins is literally gambling. might as well go to the casino, at least a cute bitch will bring you drinks and you might get your dick sucked by a drunk bitch at 3am after you make a couple stacks at the roulette table.

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or if you learn how to read indicators of growth on a graph you can see when the rate of growth and acceleration starts to slow down which then is a good time to sell. not financial advice even though it is financial advice do your research and due diligence if that hasn't been said enough

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that entirely depends and your question shows you don't know a damn thing about crypto currency or assets. did you ever stop to ask yourself what the fees are for? you probably think gas fees are something the exchange charges to skim some off of the top lmao

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gorgeous man

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80% BTC
20% BNB


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yeah it's just that easy bro, coins never dump right haha

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I hear Binance is real good about fees, but you have the downside that all transactions are made in Binance coins so they don't record the USD values of your purchases or sales and don't provide proper tax documents. I have no problem paying a 0.5% fee to Coinbase Pro in exchange for easy tax filing.

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okay? That doesn't mean shit to me. go back to /b/

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Yeah well tell us the best way to get the best shitcoins first OP

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Since december I've literally made 60 grand doing this with an inital of $400

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bsc gas fees are cheaper.

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>wait for coin to come to Coinbase
>anons on /biz/ will be shilling its release date for days
>buy it day 1
>other anons buy day 1 and think they're going to the moon
>price rises
>more anons FOMO in
>you sell at 2-3x to the FOMOers and move on
>all the others are stuck with a worthless shitcoin
>wait for next new coin to come to Coinbase

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Wow sorry bro, didn't mean to hurt your feelings

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>Take $100
>put it in red
>Wait for 2x
>Don't be greedy. Don't double down on red
>Take your $200
>now put it on black
>Wait for it to 2x and sell. Don't be greedy
>Repeat and put it back on red
If you follow this strategy and do it 10 times you've just turned $100 into $51, 200.
if you repeat this 5 more times you've made
If at any time you make a mistake and lose your money remember you've only originally invested $100. The worst thing you've lost is the time researching and finding shitcoins to 2x with.

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How often do new coins come to Coinbase and how long is that shilling period?

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>great investment strategy
fuck it I'm doing this till I die, I'm going to see how many times I can multiple it

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reporting your crypto earnings and losses.. whos gonna tell him

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Have fun with the IRS's megalithic dragon dildo buried in your ass when they figure out what you hid.

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Wait till 4x, idiot, then you can cash out double your stake and leave the rest in your shitcoin in case it does some hilarious moon mission without you

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Register for Coinbase. Do all the learning videos for free coins. Put your $12 in. Wait a couple days. Now you probably have $50 or so, maybe a little better if things are bullish. Swing your $50 around like an ape on stuff that's going up a lot. Now you have about $250 after a couple weeks. That is what I did at least. It got a poorfag like me started.

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>Do all the learning videos for free coins.
I have been trying to do this for weeks but they keep telling me I'm on some kind of waiting list. I'm fully verified but the videos won't give me crypto.

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That's weird, I had a friend of mine sign up a couple weeks ago and he was able to do them and get the coins. It was like NU, Compound, Dai, Celo and XLM I think. Idk maybe check back after a while?

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>the IRS is capable of monitoring each and every crypto transaction between coins behind VPNs
lmao. if you cash out to fiat they might catch you on a percentage of THAT, but everything else to do with this is outta their scope faggot

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Invested in Mcdonald's coin instead and now I have $2.34

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>If you follow this strategy and do it 10 times you've just turned $100 into $51, 200.
checked. that aside, you forgot to mention it’s 10 times IN A ROW. stupid nigger. Don’t know what you’re looking to accomplish posting this. The real move is buying bitcoin back in 2014 or earlier, ETH in 201-whatever it was made, etc.

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The IRS is still processing returns from 2017. They are so far behind. It’s nothing to worry about as long as you report KYC exchange gains

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Which I think is pretty much all RH offers, so this whole strategy doesn't even apply

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What's the website link you retard? Say it.

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I love those digits and I like your method op. Pretty genius to just get in on whatever the new Pajit shitcoin being shilled and sell at 2x. That’s the key, don’t let greed take over, fuck sell the top, just 2x and move on to the next shitcoin Rajit is shilling you 30x but bail at 2.

I’m going to try this. My wife and daughter need me to be rich. My sister needs me to be rich.

What is the best exchange for your method OP? Is BinanceUS adequate? Since you need 15 bullish shitcoins then Coinbase won’t cut it but does Binance list enough?

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The real issue with OP is that finding projects early which aren't rugpulls is actually somewhat difficult, as is timing their booms. The only surefire way is to get in ASAP and out ASAP.

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Yeah sounds like that’s the trick, gotta get in and out quick. It’s got to get nerve racking in the later rounds. Putting $102,000 on some pajit shitcoin and hoping for a 2x lol I’m not sure if I have the stomach for it

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isn't that time consuming?

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putting 100k on a super low mcap is retarded. Never do that.

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fucking newfags
this board is truly dead

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oh that's it?
thanks for the tips anon
for sure you're a millionaire already right?

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It's a shitcoin but you're somehow even more blind/retarded

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slippage will fuck your ass raw if you do that

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Ah yes, the new paradigm part of the chart. We are finally here.

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>if you repeat this 5 more times you've made
Do poorfags really think like this? I'm a poorfag too but obviously it's easier psychologically to go all in on some shitcoin with $100 or even $50k than it is to go all in with 6 figures. Also how new are you to think there'll even be that many more opportunities for a 2x.
you had 12 years.

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What is gas? What idiot would pay that much to trade? You are using binance right anon?

>> No.29192437

Why would you trade straight from your wallet?

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gas??? Do you actually drive all the way to the crypto exchange lmao thats retarded.

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I got 10 dollars for free from the Blockfolio hack

How do I realistically turn this 10 dollars into 10000 by the end of the year?

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40% taxes each transaction

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>apply to earning thing
>get put on indefinite waiting list
happened to me because I refused to re-upload my doctored docs

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