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>Cardano and SingularityNET - Ben Goertzel on Cardano, Ethereum's Shortcomings and AI on SingularityNET and Cardano + DeFi

>Catalyst Round 4 LIVE -- $1 Million Funding for DAPP Developers

>Where to Get Inolved in Catalyst - Vote, Comment, Submit Proposal for Funding

Where to Get:
>Exchanges - World

>Exchanges - USA

>Welcome to Cardano

>Comfy Hoskinson Interview

>Charles' Latest AMA

>Why Cardano (Official page)

>Also formally verified - see future of DeFI section below for a bit more on formal verification

>The Most Decentralized Cryptocurrency
>Over 1,600 Stake Pools participatign in Consensus
>100% of all blocks will be produced by the stake pool community by March 31
>Anyone can run a stake pool with any amount of ADA &/or Delegate to a stake pool

Should I Stake my ADA? Yes!

How to Stake:

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>Million-dollar baby: Project Catalyst DAPP developer Fund 4
>$200,000,000 On-chain Treasury for Funding DAPP developers
>$1,000,000,000+ in funding will be available in the future
>$1,000,000 Round 4 underway now -- focus to DAPP devs. Full Daedalus Integration for Voting this Round!
>10 total rounds of funding to happen this year

>Decentralized Identity - Cardano's Atala PRISM

>Atala PRISM Demo

>Cardano to onboard 5 million people

>Native Tokens

>ERC-20 Converter:
>Video Demo (start at 10:20)

Smart Contracts in April
>Solidity, Javascript to Marlowe, Drag & Drop via Marlowe, Hardcore Haskell
>Solidity Smart Contracts 100% Ethereum compatibility via Cardano's KEVM
>Drag and Drop smart secure formally verified smart contract creation via Marlowe

The market is waiting to be captured.
Intro to this video (first 2 minutes) ...provides high-level context preview for the next section on multiple programming language support:

Multiple Programming Language Support for Smart Contract Creation

The future of DeFI requires formal verification (start at 33:00)

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Media Channels that Cover Cardano:

Projects Coming to and Moving to Cardano
>SingularityNET moving to Cardano and fully focus on Expansion into Cardano - ETH token to have low importance

>DNATags™ full conversion to Cardano

>Celsius Network to Cardano - Losing Millions of USD each Year in ETH Fees (start at 26:15)

>BeefChain (only USDA approved blockchain for tracking Beef & Sheep - Multi-billion dollar food-traceability market in the US)

>Stablecoin AgeUSD algorithmic stablecoin

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Cardanobros assemble

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gonna raise tons of awareness

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got my 1k stacklet at 0.7

feels comfy :)

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What's a good price to buy in now?

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this sundays dip probably

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It's risky to hope for a dip as we will break out any moment now

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I'm waiting until Sunday because....

>How long has it been? 3 Days? 4 Days? It's crabbing at 92 cents just like this is still CG #1
>Look at this attached chart for Cardano just crabbing over an entire two weeks
>No smart contracts still after 4 years. deadlines keep getting pushed back and back despite muh April deadline (was December before)
>No projects being developed for it (Polkadot already has ~360). no one can post a link to any projects
>Scaling still 2 years away (phase 4 of 5). everything is hypothetical
>Governance still 3 years away (phase 5 of 5)
>Only 40,000 transactions on it currently a day. Ethereum does 1.5 million.
>My wife is leaving me
>Literal ghost chain, Tron and BNB have more utility. charles is spamming transactions with high volume to make it look like people are using it
>Almost certainly a security
>He had dinner with Shatner, a fucking leaf
>This will crash the chink gpu farms in favor of white countries to virtue signal for Africa
>Charles did a cock tribute to Lush Rimbaugh. He's boomer tiered alt-light
>Prove you're not white supremacist and sell your ADA now. You're not a Cardano holding NAZI are you? Antifa will doxx all your wallets.
enjoy alt season as this pumps with everything else but those bags are going to be heavy afterward

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Looks rosey from here unless BTC shits the bed. Price has stabilized since last pump. BNB gains will trickle down.

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I bought 1.3k at 0.37, at this point unless it crashed down to the center of the earth it's more of how much I win, losing money isn't an option anymore

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>No smart contracts still after 4 years
building things correct the first time vs launching with garbage. Smart contracts live in April. Retard-tier-fud.
>No projects being developed for it.
Lie that has been pointed out before, yet you keep posting it.
~100+ projects being developed for Cardano.
Public projects include, SingularityNET, DNATags, Celsius Network, Beefchain, AgeUSD Algorithmic Stablecoin and the list will keep growing.
Project Catalyst round 4 fund for DAPP developers at $1,000,000 in funding is going live now. Keep cope-posting this retardation though. It's quite bullish.
>Scaling still 2 years away (phase 4 of 5)
Cardano is already 150 TPS and with tuning it'll be 1,000 TPS on the base layer before scaling. Scaling beyond that is simply NOT NEEDED AT ALL right now on any chain.
Ouroboros Hydra development is already underway and will take Cardano into the 1 million+ TPS range. like all your fud, another great meaningless point.
>Governance still 3 years away (phase 5 of 5)
Governance already up and running. Cardano is ALREADY OPERATING THE WORLD'S LARGEST DAO through Project Catalyst. Get your basic facts straight retard.
Governance will continue to evolve going forward, but it's already more successful than any other project in crypto history, and larger than any DAO on earth ALREADY.
>Only 40,000 transactions on it currently a day. Ethereum does 1.5 million
and smart contracts are not even live yet, what a stupid-ass comparison. are you retarded?
>Literal ghost chain, Tron and BNB have more utility
Rank #2 in on-chain activity behind Bitcoin... without native assets (tokens) or smart contrats. TOP FUCKING KEK.
>Almost certainly a security
More mongloid-tier-limp-fud. Launched in Japan, Most decentralized project in crypto.
Sorry you're priced out anon.

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true. on the off chance it doesn't, sunday usually dips for all coins :)

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Sorry Ethbro but your time has come.

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how does 1.6MM sound?

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Based. Big couple of weeks coming up.

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This copy pasta FUD is not funny anymore. Come up with something new

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Guys the 0.94 resisrance is gone
prepare your butts for $1

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pretty sure theres a sell wall at .98

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Don’t fucking sell! We made it boys, let’s become a 1.00 stable coin now .

>> No.29181344

1 dollar now

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did we break 1 usd yet or what?

>> No.29181546

there was, you mean kek

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We just did >>29181531

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115k stack here
never selling
just wanted to say that

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Fellas... it's been an honour serving with you guys so far, we really are GMI

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Cheers boys.

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2k short stack. Let's go!

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wew, I want this massive green dildo up my ass right now.

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This is only the beginning gentlemen

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I finally ponied up and bought 1k ADA yesterday
Feels good

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idiots.. there's a huge sell wall at $2, you're all never going to make it

>> No.29181870

I chucked my pitiful savings into this when it was 4 cents because I believed in Charles and the vision for Cardano, 6000 USD.

I have 150k cardano and making more every epoch staking... Guys... I'm so happy, we're ALL going to make it.

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>> No.29181894

Welp $1.05 now.. does ADA ever dip after the staking rewards go out? I want to buy but keep thinking there will be a dip...

>> No.29181899

Looks organic

>> No.29181923

Good. Get them out now so we can proceed.

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Charles has won.

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sold as soon as it started dipping. When to buy back?

>> No.29182002

Just market bought more ADA at 99 cents even knowing that it will dip back down but not caring because of the fact that I have supreme confidence in the coming establishment of world financial dominion by cardano and I know that the price will appreciate much past .99 cents in coming weeks and years. Big time laughs at all the doubters. I expect intensified autistic screetching from the doubters and FUDers and for them to become more shrill during cardano's ascendancy.

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>I bought it because I believe it's going up.

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Dips are inevitable, moments like these are often worth more than gains because in the end what drives prices is investor confidence, the more the merrier

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>> No.29182099

me and my 2200 ADA wish you good luck

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>I bought it because I believe it's going up.

>> No.29182139

Cardano gets me fucking high

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>> No.29182198

but how can a coin this mainstream make it? Won't reddit niggers ruin everything again?

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i should've bought more during last week's dip
I'm so mad at myself

>> No.29182311

ADA will unironically be worth more than 100 dollars within 2 years

>> No.29182319

>getting to $2 tonight
pls i can only coom so much sirs

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you're here and that's all that matters

>> No.29182379

you had no way of knowing anon. Still ripping your hair out that you didnt buy bitcoin at 1$? No, because nobody knew back then.

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>> No.29182479

I have a 300 stacklet. I have a stop loss in at .996 right now. Hoping I can buy back in at a lower cost if it crashes. Am I a retard?

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>> No.29182546

if that's true my networth becomes 5 millions at 22

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very organic growth going on here

>> No.29182618

No. It's probably going back to 0,94~0,91 during the night.

>> No.29182623

So is there anything specific driving this spike? When last I checked we were at like 90 cents and now we're pushing 1.10 USD

>> No.29182645

Let's hope so friend
I only have 2200 ADA but with 200k I'll 100% make it by investing more

>> No.29182674

Look at it go

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In fact, regarding this>>29182002
I see that ADA is already up to 1.07 USD. A double fuck you to all those of you who have fudded this obvious sure shot of an enterprise. You lacked the foresight to pick the eventual world champion financial entity. If you had half a brain you would have immediately zeroed in on this project. Big time fail on your part.

>> No.29182719

Charles pretty much confirmed the Ethiopia deal on livestream

>> No.29182752

should i sell my 20 something XLM to buy ADA?

>> No.29182800

will it ever dip below a dollar again? Serious takes only.

>> No.29182827


>> No.29182871


>> No.29182891

Is just buy some potatoes and butter if I were you

>> No.29182919

maybe while it's backtesting support? but if it does test $1 as support and holds close or above it then watch out. that's a crazy bullish sign that it's going to pop even harder and probably go straight to ATH

>> No.29182921

90 cents by EOD

>> No.29182922

Yes but probably not below 0.90

>> No.29182924

Given what is coming up in the next weeks, likely not. But if BTC takes a big shit, then yes.

>> No.29182939

cool. I bought in at .52 or so. So if it drops and I buy back in at that range I should be good.

>> No.29182940

I'm not going to predict this top but if I'm being conservative I'd say this and it'll be this weekend for a day or so

>> No.29182979

>tfw bought at 7 cents earlier this year
>tfw im the smart money

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>ten coins are currently pumping harder than us

>> No.29183090

someone redpill me on ren

>> No.29183136


>> No.29183213

The whole market is due for a correction or BTC will fly and all the alts will go down for a bit including ADA until it cools down. That's my thoughts...

I bought ADA at .17 and planned to buy more at that time (December) but kept getting stuck in KYC processes and wire transfers I'm so pissed!

>> No.29183291


[email protected] anyone who would do this

>> No.29183295
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Who here 100k stackchad?

>> No.29183345

Lurk more or your NGMI. You need more capital to invest. 20 XLM is peanuts.

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File: 482 KB, 640x480, ADA MOON.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29183398

Sold at 1.09. Hoping to buy back in below a dollar

>> No.29183403

How many to make it?

>> No.29183432

about tree fiddy

>> No.29183442

Swingers get niggered

>> No.29183473

Most likely yeah, but the "conquest" here was the fact that it broke the 1$, it'll create enough buzz for more people to buy in on the next upward trend and maybe we'll go past 1.5$, maybe even hit 2$ but that's overly optimistic imo

>> No.29183488

It’ll be below a dollar again now. Rope yourself

>> No.29183528

sold half of it to get into BNB lol
made some nice gains, but of course the moment I do it, ADA fuckin moons as well

>> No.29183680

I sold a part of mine at 1.04. I hope your right or we'll have to invest in $ROPE

>> No.29183693

Mary is out soon, this thing is gonna hit $3 provided bitcoin doesnt end the market prematurely

>> No.29183903


>> No.29183962

Cardano has won.
Imagine being an ETH maxi right now. Jesus

>> No.29184082

Stop this bull run. I need to scrape some funds together before we proceed.

>> No.29184198

we did it broa.

>> No.29184332

I've been trying to get funds into Binance to buy more ADA for days now, and now it pumps before I got the chance to top up my bags
>tfw only 400 stack

>> No.29184333

We are going to retest 0.95-1.00

>> No.29184396

To the moon we go....what a fucking day. You niggers are the best

>> No.29184448

WTF IS HAPPENING. I'm holding my 1k stacklet but this is so comfy.

>> No.29184471

not so sure about that, that last big buy to push us over was tremendous...not worth it in my opinion. We know where this is going

>> No.29184629

Maybe, it was a purely structural assessment. Not that I care, I've bought ages ago. It would be a chance to add to the position upon confirmation/breakout however.

>> No.29184650

>moved btc into my kraken account today to buy ADA moments before it spiked

I just paid like $10 in fees for absolutely nothing

>> No.29184672

tell me you're holding bro

>> No.29184746
File: 106 KB, 400x623, 1471901347965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Gogen hasn't been put in place, no statement has been made on the Africa deal, it still hasn't been put on Coinbase, and nothing suggests it was a pump and dump, then this is just the beginning of the Cardano great crusade, and being a weak hands now is the dumbest shit you can do.

>> No.29184787


>> No.29184830

Eventually I'll be taking some profit, but that point is still far away. Not like it would change the price action in any significant way.

>> No.29184897

Yeah I was lucky enough to enter sub .05 but I just dont think swinging in this environment will give you what you are looking for, this market is fucking insane

>> No.29185005
File: 3.34 MB, 1635x968, netero heart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29185052

I've swinged GRT successfully 3 times now, but I generally agree and it depends on how much time I have on my hands to stare at charts.
All I know is I won't be left holding excess bags after this season, this is what the last bull run 3 years ago taught me.

>> No.29185080

Same, honestly I just want enough money to hire an assistant game dev to help with the parts of my project I don't know how to do (and also some cosplay shit). Hopefully the $1 wall holds.

>> No.29185348

So what are you saying. Stare at charts? This is my first bull and any tips to not get fucked would be appreciated.

>> No.29185497

don't get emotional over numbers on a chart, sometimes it's okay to hold

>> No.29185598

Greed is the number one destroyer of portfolios. People get paper rich and watch the entire thing crash down again, in denial. Nobody went broke from taking profits. Take them in tiers, and have an exit strategy in general. Also manage your risk properly.

No, I don't meant looking at charts literally. If you put sufficient time into learning TA, you can swing successfully, but it's laborious as fuck and takes a long time to get experienced.
If you're not willing to put that time in, just hold without letting greed take over (points above).

>> No.29185713

Just set limit orders so you only have to occasionally look at the charts.

>> No.29186192

That's the single most retarded financial decision you'll make in your life, and you'll dearly regret in the coming years... And decades

>> No.29186376

this kek

easily $100 this bull run and $1000 during the next

>> No.29187075

kept telling myself i'll buy some later
kinda wanna noose

>> No.29187223

Same, man

>> No.29187290

Its still super undervalued imo, so go for it.

>> No.29187458


>> No.29187637

264 stacklet astronaut here.
Let it rip

>> No.29187844

300 at between like .55-.75 cents so I guess I'm cool considering I started this year

>> No.29187882
File: 385 KB, 760x443, EuojjeTXAAAGH_9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right now, profits are about 550 Britbong bucks, was about 630 at peak, I only bought a little at around $0.69, and kept buying when it dipped.

>> No.29187930

>1k stacklet
bought in at .50 and more every 20 cents or so
only regret is not getting in sooner but this ride is coomfy

>> No.29187965

only got 2.4k, first grabbed some at .59 then grabbing some at .7 then .9

>> No.29187966

Two more weeks. Trust the plan. Two cents.

>> No.29188295

What happens EOW

>> No.29188300

good you. gonna be rich kek

>> No.29188363

813 stacklet. I'll be extremely grateful if we see a x100 by the end of the bullrun.

>> No.29188364

>doesn't do anything
>top 10 project
basically sums up the market's intelligence

>> No.29188400

This is gonna dump this weekend though. weekend dumps. Especially Sunday. Hopefully it bounces back next week though.

>> No.29188654

I want to but Binance keeps rejecting my ID verification for reasons I can't understand

>> No.29188721
File: 613 KB, 1024x768, 1613000222688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5k stacklet, I'm a broke student and this is my only crytpo
Bought around 1.8k at 0.38
Bought around 2k at 0.45
Bought 1.2k at 0.93

>> No.29189223

Shit, I have that same problem, as shitty as they are, Etoro having ADA was a godsend.

>> No.29189391

Can you deposit fiat on Etoro without ID verification?

>> No.29189435

make sure you retards are staking your ada
may as well make some more money while youre on this coomfy ride

>> No.29189459

Seems like it's starting to slip now. Weird that it jumped up and then would just slide off

>> No.29189519

Around 3,500. It sucks, I feel like I didn’t get enough in time.

>> No.29189533

No but they weren't as slow, overkill or rejecting with theirs. that being said, the fact that they take bites out of your investment everytime you buy is a major turn off.

>> No.29189537
File: 97 KB, 1024x768, 1612994144465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happy for you anon.

>> No.29189642
File: 577 KB, 3314x1864, 1613687105171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cardano desktop wallpaper for my fellow ADA frens.

>> No.29189720

Damn, that's a shame. Apparently you can deposit fiat without ID on KuCoin, but the fees there are ridiculous. I just want to buy some ADA for god's sake.

>> No.29189891


>> No.29190009

You could always prep in advanced for the Coinbase wave, but nobody knows when that will it'll be added.

>> No.29190054

Will be on coinbase soon but probably hit $5 by that time

>> No.29190194

Can I buy ADA with fiat without ID verification on crypto.com?

>> No.29190301

good job anon wgmi

>> No.29190574

swap from atomic wallet

>> No.29190792

ADAbros be honest with me, is it too late to start buying in or am I just FOMOing like a fag because I'm proud of the success you've had

>> No.29190978

The whole market is gonna crab for the next week.

>> No.29191091

then staking still gives me more purchasing power.

>> No.29191165

It's late but it's still probably a safe bet but don't expect anything crazy.
$2 maybe $3 over next several months is not unlikely if things go well.

>> No.29191380
File: 1.34 MB, 1920x1080, ada.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's mine

>> No.29191405
File: 20 KB, 490x586, 473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been waiting for over an hour for my ETH to exchange to ADA.
How long does one have to wait usually? I'm a hodler but want to get out of ETH for the time being.

>> No.29191512


5,600 at .05 cents

>> No.29191663

If cardano reaches $5 by the end of the year, I'm making a bodypillow of ADA-Chan

>> No.29191752
File: 322 KB, 591x716, 1415457332381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everytime I open up daedalus and the minotaur icon appears I get a little spooked because I grew with constant fears of "the mark of the beast".

Lads what if charles succeeds and ADA becomes the global currency, but then he gets epstein'd, and the decentralized paradise we are promised is turned into the ultimate inescapable all-encompassing prison of centralized authoritarian rule.

please convince me that I'm a retarded schizo

>> No.29192032

Use another wallet

>> No.29192051

>all-encompassing prison of centralized authoritarian rule.

You'll be fine. We already live in an inverted authoritarian world and you haven't even noticed.

>> No.29192074
File: 3 KB, 203x209, 1384075998897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you've been here long enough to know you're a retarded schizo

>> No.29192188

Youll never make more.than.x20 with this. Fucking stupid that he put 45 b coins this couldve been higher than dot.already witjout this retarded amount of wupply

>> No.29192686

not sure if /pol/ or /x/

>> No.29193483

bitcoin looks more likely to a mark of the beast since it is the target of the ones who want to keep the rigged system going and centralize.
ADA is supposed to be decentralized to make you free of the rigged system.
Mark of the beast is a point of no return and if you have ADA being a mark of the beast makes no sense, as well any other crypto, because you can just stop using it.

>> No.29193499

It means you didnt get in early enough faggot

>> No.29193564

Honestly how fucking stupid are you? Do you think if the supply for ADA was 16mil the price would still be $1.10 right now?

>> No.29194865

Whats the APY with Daedalus wallet?

>> No.29194977

I wish i wasn't such a poorfag or was able to get in earlier, ive got 1241 ADA right now and even with these small gains i feel amazing

>> No.29195277
File: 275 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210220-062038_Blockfolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29195308

just use atomic wallet

>> No.29195336

Best if you get out of this market mate

>> No.29195717

$5-7 end of this bull run!!!!!

>> No.29197279

Why is Daedalus such a memory hog?

>> No.29197332

it downloads the entire blockchain

>> No.29197379

then use yoroi. it is a light version.

>> No.29197465

I see 22 dollars. MBA Harvard hedgie intern here

>> No.29197573


explain pls

>> No.29197575
File: 175 KB, 966x1288, Photo 2020-06-27 14 41 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

huh? whats the price point for that??

Surely Cardano cant actually go above 100$.... can it??

>> No.29197830

It can't go above 4

>> No.29197845

its garbage because its centralized. Great idea but prone to rug pulls. I really like the idea though, great concept

Try looking at $TRDL, its REN but better developed (ex-Sushi dev is on the team)
Its REN but below 10M Mcap (REN is at 900MCap) and its decentralized. The farming APY is crazy high right now too

>> No.29197888
File: 188 KB, 966x1288, Photo 2020-06-27 14 41 26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im at like 65k, trying to put most my income into ADA so i can get to 100k

>> No.29197973
File: 1.17 MB, 1242x1257, Photo 2020-10-11 4 19 47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its going to hit 50$ just buy more and hold for 10 years you'll fucking make it

>> No.29198094
File: 172 KB, 966x1288, Photo 2020-06-27 14 39 17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you pick a good pool like 5-6%

>> No.29198352

Sounds great. Wish I was not a retard and knew which one to pick straight up as a 13k stacklet.

>> No.29198565
File: 299 KB, 900x1347, Photo 2020-06-27 14 33 31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its not hard and honestly kind of fun, just YouTube "pick Cardano pool" and watch a few vids.

>> No.29198801
File: 291 KB, 889x513, 1613700848420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw only 100 ADA

>> No.29198845

How does $10k sound?

>> No.29199462
File: 182 KB, 1090x631, the_reefman_cometh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29199480
File: 261 KB, 1000x631, 1611505429927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds great brother.

>> No.29199611

better off looking for moonshots in other smaller market cap coins bro

>> No.29199637

>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply
>45,000,000,000 supply
45,000,000,000 supply

>> No.29200100

>was getting prepared to pull the trigger on this shitcoin yesterday night
>wake up
>it spiked
Welp, better prepare myself for the ten days of crabbing around 1$

>> No.29200643

How about never?

>> No.29200679

That's gay, just like capitalism. Give me your money.

>> No.29200906

Sunday is almost always a red day

>> No.29200976

Today I learned that small lips look like puckered buttholes

>> No.29201002

Do you think it could break today's high before then?

>> No.29201130

Just a guy who’s balls deep in BNB passing by expressing my genuine happiness ADA made it past the $1 mark. Congrats faggots, you fucking deserve it.

>> No.29201572

Wait until you find out about big lips.

>> No.29201591

Bought 2.5k @0.12c.

Not the smartest money but still pretty smart.

>> No.29201998

I bought 100k at $0.03 back when /biz/ said it was a shitcoin. Never listen to /biz/

>> No.29202129

You had three years

>> No.29202211


>> No.29202294

Probably a 2-4x by May so yes you’re late but no you’re not too late.

>> No.29202640

Any Australians here do staking with ADA? Do you have to manually record the date you receive the rewards + AUD value on that date? Sounds so tedious.

>> No.29202800

you should be doing that anyway just to keep tabs on what the fuck is happening to your money
t. euro

>> No.29202823

Me too senpai

Yeap cucked by the ATO it gets taxed as normal income, then when you sell it at a higher price they come back and double team you for the gain. Makes my blood boil

>> No.29203224

I keep the simple tab of "current portfolio value must be greater than total deposited fiat". Anything more is too much...
Yeah, fuck those guys. This (tax shit) is literally why I haven't started staking. How much ADA do you have? Do you think it's worth staking with only 10k ADA?

>> No.29203330

Don’t care. Still gonna 3-5x this run

>> No.29203343

write down every transaction with date, value at that time, and total spent
this is your money you're talking about, retard
do the homework and become more skilled at trading and holding

or don't. I'm a fucking autist so that helps me

>> No.29203385


If your holding it long term stake it asap, I'm pretty sure the deadalus wallet had a downloadable CSV file that can show you all your rewards which helps heaps

>> No.29203386

Possibly, but I I wouldn’t be overly concerned about a cent or two difference when this thing is 3.50-5.50 at the top of the bull
Show me senpai

>> No.29203423

ADA and BNB are frens. Charles and CZ confirmed. We both wanna see each other make it.

>> No.29203450


>> No.29203859

better swinging

>> No.29203867

This sounds like best practice, but I doubt I will ever do this since I don't want to devote my entire life to money and recording it and all that shit. I want money to live, not to live for money. Thanks for the advice though, anon (100% SRS).
>deadalus wallet
I've got the online wallet (Yoroi) atm. If your computer which has the Daedalus wallet on it breaks, would you lose all your funds? Or is it remotely accessible?

>> No.29203930

You get a mnonic seed that can retrieve it, double check though

>> No.29204041

Ok thanks bro. Getting the wallet as we speak.

>> No.29204309

buy ada on kucoin you newfag

>> No.29204330

>write down every transaction with date, value at that time, and total spent
I did that for a while, it's too tedious if you're doing a lot. I just go back through transaction history every once in a while and record everything and keep track of it that way.

>> No.29204689

98k checking in, WGMI

>> No.29204815

Like every bull market. So it is organic, just like it's organic when the bear market starts again.

>> No.29204958

Yes, but only to .70 at the lowest I think.

>> No.29205118
File: 385 KB, 1046x915, 12697332348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what are mixers
Ergo has a functional mixer and token mixer that Cardano can use/adopt in the future.

>> No.29205226

if btc corrects a huge amt, expect a dip

>> No.29205248

Bros, what is the advantage (if any) of using the Daedalus wallet over the Yoroi wallet?

>> No.29205276
File: 740 KB, 800x1024, 1606511242013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've got the online wallet (Yoroi) atm. If your computer which has the Daedalus wallet on it breaks, would you lose all your funds? Or is it remotely accessible?
No, only if you lose your seed phrase at the same time. Write that shit down, NEVER share it with anyone or they can steal, backup. Do not screenshot it or write it in a text file.

I have had an idea to store words in old games or minecraft, but write words with blocks on the ground or something. Or even below ground at some random location, then just need to remember the coordinates. Now you can just keep at save file of a game with you.

>> No.29205319

it gets features faster vs yoroi

>> No.29206438
File: 25 KB, 463x347, 5AD68A14-40EB-4EB9-A777-2DEC588EC620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>creeper spawns right behind you when you teleport into your seed cave

>> No.29206604

Congratulations to all those who already made it, and those who are one step closer to making it

>> No.29207195

You think there will ever be a halving or burning of ADA?

>45B circulating supply

>> No.29207308
File: 289 KB, 980x742, 1612782740857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, and doing such a thing is retarded. we're probably not going to see a $1000 dollar ADA, but I see $100 as possible. crypto is still an incredibly small (mcap wise) asset class and has still a ways to go. we haven't seen shit yet. trust me

>> No.29207639

Shut the fuck up you retard. If it flips ETH (which it will btw) it will go to 6+ easily. You're retarded, kys.

>> No.29207781

Btw, what is the best crypto wallet in general. I have coins other than ADA, currently I have them all stored on an exchange which I just learned is super risky. I don't know where to store them though. I have Daedalus for my ADA already...

>> No.29208626

Daedalus for desktop and yoroi app for mobile.

>> No.29208685

Just get a Ledger, works with Daedalus too.

>> No.29208715

You staking your ADA on daedulus bro? Why are you looking for another wallet

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