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does anyone know if shrimp capital is still going ahead with their token launch after all these rugs lately? haven't heard anything from them in a while, but they were always super mysterious anyway

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If you search hard enough on telegram you can find a chat that I assume is legit but not 100% sure

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sir im bilnd deaf and armless, pls let me on the list...

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gib now

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its already out ??

im already farming my eggs crazy apy

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no thats the shrimp ponzi, not shrmp capital. this was legit project from what I heard? idk tho

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I think they are planning a stealth launch. Better start scanning and looking for it to be in first.
I can't wait for this.
My father has been farming shrimps. His father has been farming shrimps. I'm just learning the ropes myself. Soon I will also be a reputable shrimp farmer.
Shrimp farming is unironically in an ironic but unironic way, the future of finance.