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this fucker is about to get pumped so fucking hard holy shit

the suppression is insane rn. 100 GRT says this is going +15% tomorrow or tonight

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I hope so. Even if it pumps to $5, anyone with half a brain wouldn’t sell. This is the next LINK.

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my dubs confirm

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to the fucking MEWN

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Been hodling this since 0.40

I've been following the charts every fucking day. The level of bot suppression for this specific coin is unreal, even when compared to general artificial movements in ETH and similarly large caps.

The price is extremely suppressed and we're due for a bull breakout anytime now. It's gonna rocket like a Chernobyl blowout.

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>red ID
>no dubs

It's over

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I have 1 ETH which is doing nothing. Should I dump it into GRT?

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get fucked and checkem

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Ohh good morning buys, my whole portfolio just 2x again. I'm eating them cakes, how is the google of crypto doing :)

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If the cultists have ready reached the point where a mysterious force must be behind their shitcoin's lackluster performance, them GRT really is the next LINK.
Enjoy crabbing at $30 in 2025 .

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This is going to be the next Chernoybl, it’s going to blow up and there will be no survivors except for those who HODL, those who sold are going to fucking kill themselves

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fucking witnessed

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If my ID is green we will be at $3 come Monday morning.
If my ID is red we visit the $1 handle for the next 7-10 days.
If my ID is anything else the EOY price will be the exact price it is right now (2.12)

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Hey I’m cool with $30 I’ve been holding since 0.8

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>only 15%

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don't be a russian faggot

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I’m fucking stumped rn should I sell my NU and go all in on grt or should I just keep my portfolio 50/50 between them

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>GRT investors

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Checked GRT symbol looks like a subtle merchant fuck that

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sorry bros I had to sell and buy cake to buy more GRT later

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It’s ok, don’t look at your account for at least of year and then you will have enough money to buy a new 2022 Toyota Camry

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google of blockchain you idiot

you fucking buffoon

retard the graph could never be the google of crypto that's completely absurd

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>mfw poorfags will save the GRT run because they don't fucking sell and expect 10$ EOM

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Well what's common in the stock market is when some big boy/institution is loading up on some stock, they'll somehow manipulate the price to crab then all of a sudden there will be regular big spikes in volume and then the stock will crab down in volume. I'd say GRT is prepping for launch.

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$10 EOM.

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lol I’m laughing my ass off at this thanks for putting that stupid bitch in his place anon

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I'm sorry for your people - they didn't deserve to get bogged so hard. NGMI

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brooks was here

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GRT will be getting whitelisted on bancor pretty soon

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whats that mean

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I already knew this but I KNEEL

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Blessed by whales and the bancor community
Also grt will be staked in liquidity pools
Basically there will be buy pressure

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Hey Brooks

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Okay listen up GRT bag holders. I sold 5000 grt for a profit around 2.32.
This coin is literally the reddit of crypto. The marketcap, supply, inflation doesn’t make any sense.
In reality there’s a small to medium size of developers who use The Graph as a utility software. The tokens are utility tokens and that means that the price has to be affordable for the turbo nerd virgin developers to afford or else they can just do shit manually as they have been doing FOR OVER A DECADE.
This token is literally the Linux of computers. Ask yourself how many people you know that own a Linux? Compare that to the people who use Windows and you have a clear picture.
No normie will ever be interested in “The Native Token of the Graph Foundation” lmao
The Graph Foundation: it already sounds like a non-profit org for flood relief work.
This token is not a good “Long Term” hold. This token may reach 5 dollerinos and that’s me being optimistic. Please dump these shitcoins like GRT, ALGO, HBAR because nobody’s interested in them but turbo nerds and virgins, aka the Virgins of the Crypto World.
Find a coin that interests normies and whales.
You can thank me later

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People legit said the EXACT SAME THING as you when it was crabbing at 0.55

So many threads with detailed arguments proving your points wrong.

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ok how about this anons. Should I wait or buy now?

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>screencapping a bagholders ramblings


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I’m poorer than you but that’s okay I’m not looking to get rich just a nice hefty payday :) wagmi

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It's actually pumping 233% over the weekend my nigga

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what's the exchange fee on GRT?

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Is holding The Graph the ultimate bagholdery?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than holding GRT. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are buying, holding, staking, and losing money on a token for at least 5 years solely so it can go and get ravaged by the indexers. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little stack - doing due diligence and research before bedtime, picking the right indexers to delegate with, making sure it's a healthy percentage of your holdings, watching it grow, not selling it. All of it has one simple result: its price will ultimately become more enjoyable for those who will eventually pump it and dump it.

Built the perfect stack? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the project, who buys the dip. He gets to swing it every night for easy gains. He gets the benefits of its perceived stability and notional value that came from how long YOU held it.

As a man who has a stack of GRT you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 5 years of your life simply to hold riches for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL bag. Think about it logically

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Seriously, yes. I dumped bitcoin into it. It's gonna see some good growth this spring as web3 projects increase. Get it and be prepared to hold at least 6 months though.

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>Enjoy crabbing at $30 in 2025 .
With 100k in delegation, I will.

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Lol I would love it at $30 thanks for the hopium.

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wut up brooks

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hi brooks

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Holy fuck Ill be a millionaire if it goes to 30 in 2025

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Shoulda switched to REN today like I did

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>t. Just downloaded kikebase

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That guy on the left is pretty jacked ngl

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I had about 1k of each then sold nu at .53 because it was crabbing and I was afraid to miss the train on grt. I went all in on grt at 1.09. Im glad I did because I still got good gains on nu before i sold and then got a x2 on grt. If i wasnt a poorfag id hold both but I'm happier having a 2k stack of grt.

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Ok we’re gonna do duh countdown...I know you wan dis GRT pump daddie so we goin to dah moon when I hit ten..now don’t pump til I say.

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please respond

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you have time to wait

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Guys brooks is just a script that crawls for grt threads and makes the same post. He isnt real. He wont respond. Sorry guys.

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thank u

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Lots of money pumping into BTC right now which is why GRT is staying stagnant. Once BTC starts dropping in the next day or two you'll see a lot of that money flow to alts, and this is one of the most popular ones right now - 5th most held coin on Coinbase right now. Basically what this means is a pump is coming in the next 48-72 hours so BUY BUY BUY

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what are your arguements besides "cringe bagholder"?

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Enjoy your Chinese dogshit faggot

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I am up over 100k with this coin, avg. buy price 0.24, but watching the daily and weekly charts has been fucking maddening.

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nuh uh. brooks will respond, you're lying

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>This token is literally the Linux of computers. Ask yourself how many people you know that own a Linux?
I'd certainly hope so considering so much of the internet infrastructure relies on linux servers.

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dubs le go

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This is my first crypto and I bought for 10k at .77 Are we bleeding out. Were the fudders right about there being too much supply ;-;

I'll go down with the ship regardless o7

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i have 200K GRT. how much money will i have EOY?

>> No.29181278

How does 20000000000K sound?

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GET IN HERE: >>29176703

GET IN HERE: >>29176703

GET IN HERE: >>29176703
GET IN HERE: >>29176703

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what we at

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Holy fuck, glad I didn't buy this shitcoin.
You cucks can keep on holding it while I ride the Rubic rocket to the moon.

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How many people are holding GRT and betting the house on it?
Oh no, making long-term investments because you happen to see the future of finance is bad!
Stupid people throw big momney at short term projects. Smart people throw money at a bunch of long term projects that could potentially become monopolies.

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dubs brah

>> No.29182330

i mean price wise

>> No.29182997

>calling people cucks
>getting rug pulled by rubic

>> No.29183072

Would BTC dumping be good or bad for GRT?

>> No.29183126

$4 eom Guaranteed. Fill you bags now anons

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brooks was here
-brooks ;)

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It won't fucking MOVE

>> No.29183596

So was Red.

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that move is so fucking good, it made me almost wish I went to prison.

>> No.29184213

I'm happy crabbing along but I'm also greedy. MOVE

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I sold all my NU for GRT last night after I saw NU about to dip and the thousand cup and handles GRT had that went nowhere.

>> No.29185417

fuck this makes me watch it again

>> No.29185472

10000 GRT says it goes -15%

>> No.29185551

Probably not, it gets volume bi-weekly when normies get their shitcoin drops.

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This shit is dead on arrival. It's been hovering between 2 and 2.17 all fucking week and I'm sick of it. I'm still going to hold because I don't need to use the money but God damn do something coin. Fuck

>> No.29187249

Have patience faggot, good things take time.

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My mom just divorced my dad and she's begging to move into my place, I love her but I like my freedom, that said I want to buy a home for the both of us because currently I rent. All it would take is grt hitting 80 bucks a coin and I could buy a fixer upper with an acre cash with money to spare for repairs. I could quit my job and work part time and have more free time to learn the violin, travel, and find a husband. I need this coin to pump to free me from wage slavery. Grt is my chance to salvation

>> No.29187582

fuck your mom

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my lack of dubs and red id prove that it will go down to 2.00

>> No.29187654


>> No.29187659

I didn't realize this was on coinbase ... may throw in $2, $3k. plan to hold for 5+ years.. how does that sound /biz/?

>> No.29187732

If you need the money ASAP you'd have better chances at a casino, blackjack is where you can make money.

>> No.29187791

fuck off tranny

>> No.29187796

Once you get older you will value having your parents in your life.

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>> No.29187933

ill be your husband

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I'm still 70/30 GRT/Nu keeping the faith for both

>> No.29188042

No i mean literally dick her

>> No.29188064

>BTC mooned
>ETH Mooning
Patience frens. It's our turn next.

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>> No.29188139

O fuck alright we pumping bois

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>> No.29188215

Holy fuck alright tipple 7s J A C K P O T

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You sure you wanna date a pol tard tranny?

>> No.29188258

I'd stick my meat in between those

>> No.29188259

Do it faggot

>> No.29188316

You're probably crazy but shit I don't care. Post more.

>> No.29188324

show dick

>> No.29188336

It’s never too late Anon

>> No.29188347

Would you cum inside me and cuddle after while rubbing my belly saying you got me pregnant?

>> No.29188388

Is this why your parents are getting divorced??

There would be a lot of finger pointing if our son turned out to be a gay.

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It's my step dad who got back with his ex wife behind my mom's back. It wasn't messy or drawn out, they just sold the house and took what was left over from paying the note off and went their separate ways. She's staying with a freind but she is super institutionalized from being a housewife forever and I don't want to see her buy a trailer.

>> No.29188509

Maybe I'll send you some money if you do me some favors.

>> No.29188585

That's against the first rule of this board and I don't wanna get banned. Thanks for the offer though.

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>> No.29188689

You will never be a woman you wide shoulder, bump neck, hairy nigger faggot

>> No.29188692

Post belly

>> No.29188713

How about you tell your friends to hold, I tell my friends to hold and we all agree to hold till at least 100 bucks a coin. If wall street bets did it why can't we? Why is this coin going down down down? It's because paper handed straight faggots like you.

>> No.29188778


>> No.29188804

of course this attention seeking tripslut has daddy issues

>> No.29188830

Holding until $1000 per GRT.

t. 10k stacklet

>> No.29188898

Man 800 bucks a coin would make me a millionaire. I doubt this shit will ever see that since it's now at 2.06 a coin

>> No.29188941

Why are people so scared of holding, I mean I stand to lose 3k or some bs, I could cash out what I got right now 19.5k but for what, it’s more exciting letting it run and see how far it goes. I would hate myself more if I cashed out and it ended up mooning to like 100 dollars per coin. Once you throw money on this shit consider it most, that’s what I do.

>> No.29188990

I'm obviously holding but what's the time frame here?

>> No.29189020

When did you even buy in?

0.66 is very comfy

>> No.29189026

Who cares, let it run, it’s up to our destiny to decide.

>> No.29189069

This is a shitcoin that went 10x in a month. Why the hell would anyone hold it when there is plenty of potential other shitcoins that will 10x over the next month?

>> No.29189071
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Literally exact same chart after first pump on the yearly...crabbing will last another month

>> No.29189124

.30 - .50 cent range mostly

>> No.29189132

That's a man.

>> No.29189205

Swingies get the rope or whatever they say, I’m not into that plus I don’t wanna get taxed for converting crap..

>> No.29189224

>only getting 800% gains every month

yeah im out

>> No.29189240

My fear is I let it ride and forget about it, it jumps to 200 a coin and I never hear about it, everyone dumps all at once, and it falls back to what it is now. That's my fear.

I guess I could check it once a day and stop obsessing about it. This is my first investment and I guess I'm super impatient because literally money can buy me happiness. All my hobbies require time and money I don't have from wage slavery.

>> No.29189279

Post hand

>> No.29189328

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

>> No.29189331

Or flip to other mooning coins for a month of gains instead of wasting a month of nothing

>> No.29189359
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Pol thought I was cute enough to include in a collage

>> No.29189387
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Set a price alert nigga, go live your life

>> No.29189397

Well check just don’t sell, thought of selling never crosses my mind at this point cause 20k is not that much when you think about, I need at least like 100k for it to make some sort of difference for me. I don’t know I’m a newbie too, don’t listen to me.

>> No.29189401

We don’t take kindly to non Asian girls here.

>> No.29189426

That’s fucking surreal

>> No.29189440

You can set price alerts on coinbase???
What should I set it for? 10? 20? I just don't wanna be caught holding empty bags

>> No.29189451

I got three hundred in this but I kinda want to put more should I?

>> No.29189468

What’s your Instagram?

>> No.29189504

Literal deep brain chain 2.0. Hope you idiots do your research before getting raped by this dogshit

>> No.29189508

GRT crabbing for 6 months minimum before a sell back to $1.20

>> No.29189547

should i buy moar

>> No.29189583


>> No.29189596

I don't use social media because I'm super hard right wing. I do post on an info wars forum though besides 4chan.

>> No.29189608

Yes dude always, whatever you go, until you get at least a suicide stack and even then, more is always better

>> No.29189621
File: 268 KB, 1420x1188, 1612371372901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1700 GRT stacklet here, sold 500 at 2.10 , took profits and put it in 40% ren 30% Nu 30% OXT , already gained 156 GRT, seeming like a megabrain move more and more every day now

>> No.29189624

brooks here, this guy is a bitch

>> No.29189671

That’s rare, well good for you
Buy one of his filters when you make it

>> No.29189702

How big of a stack do i need to be a millionaire in 2023

>> No.29189733


>> No.29189744
File: 112 KB, 1242x934, 6uhf34t7krz51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29189788


>> No.29189819
File: 1.36 MB, 2044x2048, 1612021078031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

try 5 - 10 k delegated for 2 - 3 years

>> No.29189833

What Infowars forum
I love Alex Jones

>> No.29189834

I don't buy his snake oil, I just like the non pozzed content. We literally live in a dystopian nightmare where bill gates and klaus shwab and greta wildthornberryburg decides our fate.
Live in a pod, work in a pod, eat the bugs goyim.

>> No.29189884

I need to do that, just been lazy to move my coins and all that crap, I’ve been partying too much these past days.

>> No.29189889

I sold enough to cover my initial investment at $1.5 mark from 0.5. im good to hold till 2025 as im not gonna lose a dime

>> No.29189913



>> No.29189963

Don’t forget to gulp it all down with onions milk

>> No.29189989
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yea get on it bro, your literally missing out every single day you dont have it delegated

>> No.29190027

>pumped so fucking hard
anon, this has been doing a 15 percent dance for days

>> No.29190061
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you made my day brooks

>> No.29190111

Don't forget we're not allowed to have cars eventhough bill gates has a warehouse full of Porsche's and literally owns a controlling stake in a Japanese oil company, oh and has 6 private jets that burn 490 gallons of fuel an hour. Take the bus peasant

>> No.29190219

If this cunt never goes up another cent, I still make my initial investment back every year through delegation. I will never sell my initial.

>> No.29190263

Don't forget to get like 200 dollars of ETH for gas fees. I royally screwed myself for not having enough when I delegated.

>> No.29190372

See honestly, why do you feel the need to post this? Just journal it or meditate on it and it would be a hundred times more useful than writing it on a board where no one could give a shit

if you reply to this then you're obviously too fucking retarded to explain anything too

>> No.29190398

Mentally ill trannys hold this coin. This should be a huge sell signal GRTards

>> No.29190417

Dude. Just wait until its a lower price for gas thats literally it. I delegated some last night and it was 5 bucks

>> No.29190489


>> No.29190519

you have tits AND a dick! you're complaining about dystopia? kill yourself, faggot.

>> No.29190566

He's such a raging faggot

>> No.29190624

Nu is run by trannies and pajeets. Nothing lost by selling.

>> No.29190647

ffs guys stop feeding the tranny (you)s
that's 90% of what it's here for

>> No.29190727

I'm literally the best thing in bed ever lol, stfu. I was engaged to a guy I met off /fit/ for 2 years after literally giving one blow job. My head game is unbelievable, guess it helps having one to know how to please one.

>> No.29190779

If youre receiving this trannymission, you’re part of the resistance

>> No.29190838

You follow sam hyde? He's the one who got me into crypto, dude is a modern day Jesus

>> No.29191136

gross dude

>> No.29191218

You a crazy as a goat. Do you wanna be my friend? How can I contact you?

>> No.29191256

Why do you think you're a woman?

>> No.29191293

I dunno, I do kinda have a bf rn though. Are you hot at least? I'm only into uncut guys btw

>> No.29191314


>> No.29191378

>The price is extremely suppressed and we're due for a bull breakout anytime now. It's gonna rocket like a Chernobyl blowout.
It's like teasing my penis while I watch Reiko Kobayakawa slurping cocks and gargling cum. I'm stroking it tenderly, my penis becomes rock hard, no, diamond hard. Waiting for the moment where I release the impatiently waiting loads, together with Reiko cumming from having dicks creampie-ing her pussy one after another. It feels great. It's satisfying. The waiting is worth it, every fucking time.

>> No.29191389
File: 6 KB, 162x312, 37C5072A-6B56-442C-86FF-95158E00EB13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GRT is the holocaust of genocides.

>> No.29191403

where are you located?

uncut here, would plow your boi pussy

>> No.29191485

I literally just want to be your friend. But whatever. You can see my pics on telegram. If you contact me there

>> No.29191566

I don't think I am one, I just like the perks of normies thinking I am one. I haven't been mistaken for a male in 4 years irl. That gets me:
>doors opened for me
>people give me their spot in line
>people carry stuff for me
>never buy my own drinks or dinner
>get random gifts
>everyone is welcoming and warm towards me
>cry my way out of trouble
>if I fuck up at work "oh well she didn't know any better" again crying helps
Before transition i was treated like a fucking animal or human forklift who was disposable

>> No.29191567

B, bearish

>> No.29191633

Could someone please post the “that’s just the way it is” pasta

>> No.29191830
File: 129 KB, 363x380, u.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That title goes to Charls.

>> No.29192017

Bro. Wtf. Lol, thank you.

>> No.29192100
File: 88 KB, 400x400, 1613184096093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Purple ID's are blessed in GRT threads.

>> No.29192157
File: 279 KB, 1000x993, 1613261361977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh. I am 6 feet, uncut and jacked. And honestly pretty handsome even if its coming from me. But I am also mexican so I guess thats a o to the friendship. Oh well.
I just love meeting unusual people.

>> No.29192165

This shit is still at 2.12
Do I set my alert for what number? I want to forget this coin exists for a year

>> No.29192228

Oh it's not personal, I just don't befriend people off 4chan anymore, I've been raped at a meet up.

>> No.29192261

I'm very happy for your success. Now please shut the fuck up forever and let me jack off to my GRT charts in peace

>> No.29192309

So this is my first venture into crypto or investing other than when I sold weed. Anyways I put like 350 on this shit If it pans out I’m here with you faggots forever if it tanks fuck you niggers I’m going back to /pol/ because I’m retarded. Wish me luck fellow graphies

>> No.29192372

Somebody salty about being treated like a male in a society that hates white males?

>> No.29192389

>I've been raped at a meet up.
You should probably lift more, bro. Sell 500 grt and buy a rack, bench, bar, and weights.

>> No.29192414

It's ok. Also about price predictions, there are two tipes of coins. Those that pump and dump forever. And those that follow the 3 year bitcoin cycle and get exponentially high each time like ETH and LINK. GRT is one of the second group. So don't worry about missing it.
Worry about increasing your time preference.

>> No.29192510

Do you March in fag rallies and shit like that?

>> No.29192537

Do I set the alert to 5? 10? 1.90?

He gave me pharma dmt that lasted 8hours

>> No.29192564

Have you not tried being a faggot? That would probably help.

>> No.29192566


>> No.29192580

I am saying if you wait years you can set it to 500

>> No.29192615

Not really - my presence and opinions are generally met with respect and interest by most people I interact with. But then again, I don't insert myself into social situations where I'll be made a subject of ridicule or derision.

>> No.29192616

God know, irl only my doctor, the courts, my mom, and my partners know about it.

>> No.29192627

Bro thank god someone said it
Kyle fuck off and go back to posting your boipussy on /b/ please never come back

>> No.29192680


>> No.29192716
File: 919 KB, 2000x2000, 1612315188845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've been raped at a meet up.
Sorry babe, you had it coming though with that bussy.

>> No.29192749

This is exactly what this shitcoin does. NOTHING IT WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME

>> No.29192758

How does 350 million dollars sound?

>> No.29192760

I would let myself get raped by every grt chad if it went up to even 50 a coin

>> No.29192794
File: 105 KB, 639x928, FUDCON2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29192859

Don't take drinks from dudes, bro. Didn't they teach you that in finishing school?

>> No.29192867
File: 5 KB, 175x175, KAYLA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29192911
File: 196 KB, 1035x1035, 1611120001161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29192928

Cry more, im in this picture >>29189359

>> No.29192942
File: 29 KB, 428x304, 20210219_233616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek pls be real

>> No.29192973

Well thats good. I wouldnt mind trannys at all if they kept to themselves like you and put in the effort to pass. I hate the gross faggots with a beard and a dress screeching to be called a woman.

>> No.29192996

>kinda not a shitcoin

t. delegating 1.5k since bought at .6c - poorfag - never selling

>> No.29193043

Yeah bro column 1 row 3

>> No.29193047

>far left, 3rd row.

>> No.29193056

Yeah same, those people literally are a detriment to earth. The whole lgbt thing is beyond mega cringe and then some. It's literally globe homo as Academic Agent calls it.

>> No.29193117

I'm in the yellow floral dress and holding a stuffed giraffe

>> No.29193133

Some time you gotta just go full Chris Farley. Because life is too short to be the respectable type.

>> No.29193146

Haven’t watched much of him. But his “congratulating OLP class of 2018” video had me dying.

>> No.29193216

I am cooooooooooooooooming

>> No.29193249
File: 8 KB, 299x168, download (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29193253

He's on gumroad, top notch shit with such a low budget. Too bad adult swim fucked him for saying goy

>> No.29193353

That's pretty hot, ngl. I would consent to raping you.

>> No.29193392

Well it's still crabbing at 2.13 a coin
I'm going to forget about this board and the coin for at least a month

>> No.29193395
File: 104 KB, 720x1011, Peg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29193518

What's wrong with a busty trans milf?

>> No.29193529

What's that ass look like?

>> No.29193585

Dude, get out more.

>> No.29193602

Good enough for a 2 day ban lol. I'm done until this coin stops crabbing. Ni ni ladies~

>> No.29193635

wow literally everything is pumping but this shit coin...

>> No.29193902

May I guess? Third row, all the way to the right

>> No.29193951

Are you a real women?

>> No.29194322

prove it

>> No.29194435

No he's a tranny

>> No.29194548

>My fear is I let it ride and forget about it, it jumps to
You just need to pay attention this year. Bullrun will likely be over for bitcoin around Dec. Then alts around same time. Dump it all and come back in a year and see what's left standing.

>> No.29194646
File: 36 KB, 640x454, EuIYnOAXIAscthH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's time

>> No.29194796
File: 3.70 MB, 2471x3035, 1586734294140.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my lil grt doin sum

>> No.29194811

No fucking way this is actually it, I guessed midnight EST based on some MSpaint meme triangles

>> No.29194849

Meme triangles never lie.

>> No.29194909
File: 15 KB, 661x510, grt-the-gurt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.29194933
File: 63 KB, 976x549, 1607644544742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29194970

What is stopping Google from becoming the Google of blockchain?

>> No.29194988

here we go 3.00 tonight boys

>> No.29195012
File: 11 KB, 227x222, 1611964587473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29195021

>Decentralization means they can't sell your data because it would be public.

>> No.29195093

When they buy graph they will be. Look at what they've been doing lately. They don't build, they buy

>> No.29195104

Eventually someone will figure out how to monetize decentralization.

>> No.29195105

Checked for truth

>> No.29195113

ur hot. would date

>> No.29195200

2.25 incoming with the volume steadily riding

>> No.29195238
File: 49 KB, 780x825, yeeeeeet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like when number go up

>> No.29195240

it stopped crabbing bitch come back

>> No.29195252

it's ending in the summer. don't baghold till december

>> No.29195267

new general bake

>> No.29195287


>> No.29195292


its a tranny and you are now a gay man sorry anon

>> No.29195297

red dildo straight into poverty confirmed
just bought more

>> No.29195311

Please trip those $2.80 sell orders I want more time to accumulate.

>> No.29195329

Should I stake my GRT or is it better to just hold?

>> No.29195391


>> No.29195494

nice wagie ID

>> No.29195524


>> No.29195615
File: 1.30 MB, 1200x800, 1611778238524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29195634

Official GRT Army Ranking System

>0-999 Cannon Fodder
>1k-4,999k Private
>5k-9,999k Private First Class
>10k-14,999k Corporal
>15k-19,999k Sergeant
>20k-24,999k First Sergeant
>25k-29,999k Master Sergeant

>30k-39,999k Second Lieutenant
>40k-49,999k First Lieutenant
>50k-59,999k Captain
>60k-69,999k Major

>70k-84,999k One Star General
>85k-99,999k Two Star General
>100k-114,999k Three Star General
>115k-129,999k Four Star General

>130k-149,999k Commandant
>150k-169,999k Chief of Staff
>170k-199,999k Supreme Commander
>Above 200k Commander in Chief of the GRT Army

Rank up and grab your spacesuit boys, we’re going to the moon.

>> No.29196246
File: 219 KB, 556x554, 1513109851211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29196331

What the fuck is that huge sell wall from here to 2.40 every .01 has another sell wall what the fuck

>> No.29196417

The Chinese bots really don't want us to take off yet. Actually bearish on this clear manipulation. They're holding it down to accumulate.

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