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>Current decade

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Smells like GME in here

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They've unironically showed their hands now, but mouth breathers don't care they just want to be able to buy $200 in shitcoins without getting charged $50 in gas so it doesnt matter

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Gas fees

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fire up the LOIC boys

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Isn’t this good for ethereum? BNB taking volume so there’s less congestion and the price can grow?

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>still hodling ETH with current gas

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Yup. Until Ethereum can provide better prices and accessibility, they will continue to lose. Only autists care about de-centralization, you will never get normies to care enough about it to pay a day's wages for a single transfer.

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The stench is STRONG too

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There's not even a BNB-ETH pair on Binance, they have hundreds of BNB pairs, but not ETH lol

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>Only autists care about de-centralization
Fuck off and die. It's the only reason crypto exist.
Go back to trading stocks boomer normie.

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Why would they? That's like a McDonald's selling BK chicken fries

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people only want cheap, de-centralization crypto is about to die because of poor people

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yes, this fucking faggot has also blocked all comments on his shitty tweets

fucking kys
there is ZERO value in any crypto if it is not decentralized

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Fuck off and die. That's already the system of the old banks brainlet.
Crypto is supposed to kill the banks and it's the only reason.

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What the fuck are you even talking about

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can literally use bridge to get your ETH out fag

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Well time to get out of binance.

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sending money from my centralized bank account costs nothing

only fucking stupid poor newfags think that some binance shitchain is a good thing

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>implying eth and uniswap didnt already lose the war
just look at the uni vs cake charts. its over.

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i'm sure the people trading on uniswap are all trying to "kill" the banks and create "value" for a better world

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this, decentralization is the entire fucking point lmao

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The thought of crypto was certainly not that only the rich are able to use it.

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It was definately worth paying $30 to withdraw my ETH stack last week. Im gunna make it.

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yeah turns out you can't kill banks with $200 fees for every transaction
you ideological faggots need to join us back here in the real world - if your products sucks then fix the fucking product instead of complaining about people choosing one that works

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I don't know if you guys are new but a centralized shitcoin called ripple was in the top 3 coins for about 5 years, this at least has utility. centralization doesn't matter to 90% of money coming into crypto right now. intrinsically you might be right but extrisically the market is literally a clown world dictated by tweets, telegram groups, and the most centralized asset managers you could imagine

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Imagine being this delusional

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They tried to cuck AVAX as well. Fuck chinks.

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Name one thing the Chinese have done better for the sake of being better. I'll be waiting over there.

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That’s all though, it might “kill” the banks. In the end the tyranny will still be there just not by the banks. And honestly the banks are probably fine with this, we’re off towards new paradigms, even banks have to evolve and change.

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Why would you lie on an anonymous image board?

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ETH maxis DDoS'd them first

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Killing the banks by stealing 200 dollars from every transaction LOL

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>tried to cuck AVAX
Double cuck spend them

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Nah just incompetence. These retards crashed their entire exchange an hour ago

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Yeah, how does that oppose what I said?

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Yeah, turns out you can't kill banks by FOMOing into every PnD shilled by street shitters with your minimum McWage. It's almost like you need to invest in projects that are conducive to your vision.

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desu both parties whiteknighting are faggots
how is this different from eth
eth is centralized as well, Vitalik changes protocol and rolls back ze chain as he pleases
Just a different flavor
If BTC was asic resistant it could be as close to decentralized as it gets, still not fully decentralized

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Can Vitalik steal all of your money? Binance can. I have no idea why I'm still using it and I'm genuinely scared that these retards will steal everything and run

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that piece of shit has already shown to the world that he has no morals, no honor and no good values, does not care about the legality of anything what he is doing.

he pretends to be this "crypto guy" but in reality he doesn't care about anything else than making himself even richer than he already is. It would not surprise me if he will exit scam one day

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If you actually care about decentralization it should be obvious, that ETH has been an absolute disaster for DeFi. Shit fundamentals and gas fees choked innovation and widespread adoption for years. Chinks are simply exposing these flaws and clearing the way for better alternatives.

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This morning, I tried moving 12 bnb to my wallet... got email confirmed it went through and all. But my wallet still doesn't have it. Shit's gone from my binance account too.

I got chinked.

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If you cant afford $6958393749 fee to withdraw $10 of ETH, you are working class scum, and a mixture of nigger, chink and faggot.

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there are no better alternatives

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it literally costs less to trade on eth than it does on bisexual finance chain
and this has been the case for months
your inability to use L2 and your greed for scam shitcoins are not a protocol issue, only your personal failings

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>doin anything instead of just stealing the idea/tech and trying to make their own shit chink version
yeah nah m8

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scaling is an issue because ETH is actually decentralized, which is the entire value proposition of crypto in the first place.

What Chinkshit BNB is currently doing is exactly like Craigwright spamming transactions on his one server in Antigua to make it look like his network can support high transaction load, but of course its easy to do when you have such a small number of nodes (which yuo control all of them).

I could host a blockchain on my Desktop and it could support billions of transactions, but it would be a worthless piece of shit because it would be only a single node and therefore a single point of failure.

tl;dr The downside to having more nodes is you pay for the security with higher transaction fees. There is no way around it without sacrificing decentralization and security.

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Crypto is decentralization, retard. The reason you funny internet coins are worth anything is because no one can take them away.
On the other hand, if the scummy chink wanted to, he could empty all your BSC wallets. Or watch you and report you to authorities, since BSC is public, no mixers allowed and the only exit node is Binance.

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DeFi bubbles/speculation looks exactly like ICO retardation of 2017, there's no rush as it's not like real value outside of pump and dump speculation has been achieved yet. ETH might be flipped by something in one year or three, doesn't matter. Something going a slower more careful and thoughtful development approach than ethereum has could easily eclipse it. Obviously won't be Binance's thing but its recent mooning shows the hunger for an alternative.

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fucking glow in the dark exchanges won't let you withdraw to xDAI, matic, loopring. wonder why?

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Lmao, what'chu gonna do little man? Write an angry tweet at them?

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>the only exit node is Binance.
Wrong. Like the rest of your post. Are you even trying?

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are you really that new
a random faggot killed/destroyed entire wallets on ethereum blockchain
so yes, no fundamental difference between eth and bnb

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For some reason, some pairs sometimes don't show up on the trade view pages, but if you go to the "Market" "homepage" (click "Markets" on the top menu bar) and look it up on the search, you can find it and by clicking on it, go to the trade view.

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we need major exchanges to support onboarding directly to l2, instead of going through ETH first. L2 is also limited by a weak ecosystem and no liquidity, which is not a problem with binance smart chain, since binance controls it so it has a fuck ton of infrastructure/liquidity. Metamask also won't make L2 networks default options, and bridging is hard, and scary since it takes forever and your funds disappear for a few minutes.

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Use a DEX twat

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Im making a fuckload of money off this coin I don't care either way, just pointing this out

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>a-at least gas is ch-cheap

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>Anon is willing to pay ridiculous fees to rich nobodies who own mining farms JUST so he could stick it to Warren Buffet.

The absolute state of you niggers.
Aight lemme break id down for you, retard:

BSC succeeds not because CZ is some fucking genius, it succeeds because MORE AND MORE people start using crypto.

Sorry, but because of Vitaliks slavcode ETH chokes itself to death and crypto becomes some sort of "elite" club where you can enter only if you have a spare couple of thousands USD to pay for fees.

There hundreds of thousands poor indians, chinks, slavs, afrikans who can't wait to get in on the action and i'm sorry to say it but their demand for CHEAP will always outweight your demand for some decentralization or other faggotry.

Do i trust CZ? NO! Did he make me riched during past 24 hours YES!

I also don't trust Bill fucking Gates - that doesnt mean i'll stop using Windows and opt for some gay linux shit.


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>gay linux shit

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i'm a racist ayy lmao but this pic is emblematic of humanity and hope
i'm drunk but godspeed to this 3rd world anon and his shit bottle

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>Wow dude you're not using peepee ubuntu v9.88 Horsecock edition? NGMI

Ok retard

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>I'm partnered with the sneaky cheating team

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>gay linux shit

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Then Money Skelly needs to fight back or it's RIP for him!

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they're scalpers. They and their shitcoins are meaningless to crypto as a whole and would not exist without bitcoin and ethereum's actual decentralized networks. Anything that isn't advancing decentralization is a parasite clinging to real projects real success. Bnb is a natural extension of shitcoin gambling, and it will succeed for that market where the only point of crypto is scalping shitcoins for a quick 2x. Thats not sustainable, it won't survive, and its a step backward that will be forgotten. That said, grats to the fags making it on bnb.

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Fuck off ameritard, shouldn't you be taking hormone pills or smth?

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>Nonono dude you don't understand! The real point of crypro is not making money! Its about giving a fuck you to Warren Buffet and buying all graphic cards in your town!!

Yeah okay dude whatever.

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thank god summer fags will be gone when they get rugged, as will inevitably happen when you buy copycat centralized tokens with no innovation going forward
see 2014, 2017 and so on...

>> No.29172574

>There's a serious problem with the system if it charges you $50 every time you want to invest
Nice argument. I'm sure all the people new to crypto who paid $50 just to lose the $100 they invested into some pajeet coin definitely aren't beaming at the prospect of paying pennies instead.

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you dumb nigger

>> No.29172577

Name 1 coin that started on BCS that isn't a yield farm

>BitConnect was known for its yield farms

>> No.29172654

Kek this happens every cycle. Just be smart enough to get out before the rug pull.

>> No.29172677

the real point of crypto is about creating money. Real money. You're crowing about making fiat, not money.

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Agree with everything up to gay Linux shit. TRIGGERED.JPG

Seriously, a mainstream distro like mint or unbuntu is virtually foolproof and has virtually no lost functionality vs windows. .

>> No.29172723

this is fucked up

>> No.29172770

>a random faggot killed/destroyed entire wallets on ethereum blockchain
Quick rundown?

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forget BNB
forget Binance

The next exchange token:

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oh that's what the downtime was a few hours ago.
i was worried cause my funda was showing 0 btc 0 usd 0 alts
then i remembered its not coinbase.
so i knew my shit was safu,
and when it came back online..
it had more funda.
and it was safu.

>> No.29173814

the reason that story is important, is cause when coinbase does that shit, my funda is not safu.
and when it comes back online it's down like -60%. or some fucked up shit.
man. fuck coinbase.


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this is literal market manipulation

>> No.29173892

unironically neck yourself. all you shitters have to go back to wherever you came from.

>> No.29173927

So this is why the BNB is so high

>> No.29173979

>he invests in it for the tech.
>for him.. it's the tech.

>> No.29174110

it was pumping for about 24 hours before the downtime happened.

if anything, means eth will bull to 2.5-3k
next week.

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It's funny actually. It was a kid who deleted a function in the wallet through trial and error. He was just curious. The chat log is priceless.

>> No.29174299

ok im not gonna shill anything but avax and algo both are chains that solve the trilemma.
t. bagholder of both

>> No.29174327

You are investing in the past. This project will give you returns in the short-term, and that is fine and I appreciate that most of you are only invested to make quick money. But there is no difference between a centralized exchange and the ledger at your local bank. This is 2000 year old technology with a fancy top layer.

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CZ is such a fucking chad, he provided us with so much seething in a single day
All those autistic faggots talking about muh decentralised is fucking hilarious, I can't get enough of it
Talking like nocoiners cause you missed out on BNB because of your burger disgustingly low IQ

>> No.29174499

>deleted a code library inside of a wallet it belonged to
>The wallet and people on the wallet get fucked
But the entire ETH blockchain is at fault? Okay retard.

>> No.29174623

Actually the only reason crypto exists is so I can use it to make money.

>> No.29174628

See autistic faggots that's why you always lose you can't see passed your moral high ground and that why the Chink over lord will takeover.

He provides better product.

>> No.29174699

this unironically

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de-centralization crypto is about to die because of Jews

>> No.29174774

It's hard to say how this will play out. Most of the sentiment seems to be "fuck you IDGAF about fundamentals, I'm just here for a quick buck in the next 24hrs!" which reminds me of the people who jump into blatant pump&dump schemes hoping they're able to hop in and out before the music stops.

But at the same time, I don't see CZ pulling the same kind of blatant rugpull as a pajeet scammer does with a P&D shitcoin. I can see them manipulating everything in their power to keep the price pumping higher and higher, no different than how the fed keeps the money printers brrring to keep stocks going up. So who the fuck knows. Personally it's too risky for me. I'm already mid-six-figure-hell and I'm just playing it safe

>> No.29174926

>Fuck off and die. That's already the system of the old banks brainlet.
>Crypto is supposed to kill the banks and it's the only reason.
this is and always was the peak midwit take
Banks have hundreds of times the funds of retail investors
They could take control of literally any crypto at any given moment
This would have absolutely never fucking happened, only larping faggot low IQ mutts (reminder mutts are barely above niggers) would unironically believe in that

>> No.29175062

Don't care, getting money.

>> No.29175097

that's hilarious

I admire CZ's moxy.

ETH says BNB BSC MUH centralized

CZ oh really?

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Fuck off faggot, even if BSC is not the answer to ETH problems it still :
1)makes people money
2)makes you mad

Maybe if you suck Vitaliks cock hard enough he will make ETH2.0 faster and you'll be finally happy.

>> No.29175182

there isn't really a problem with something being centralized as long as that party is actually trustworthy (or acting trustworthy). CZ can probably keep up the facade for a few years, but if there is a single point of failure then all you need to do is influence that single point. CZ will eventually rug or be influenced to give control to a government. In the mid term it's probably going to make some money just because the gas fees are so fucked on eth right now, but its not a real competitor because it's not even really crypto.

>> No.29175193

itt: seething ethards

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just bonus block your way out of it

>> No.29175241

yes its called the DAO fork.

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So if Binance sucks then what exchange should I change to?

>> No.29175318

>scaling is an issue because ETH is actually
total fucking shitcode developed by absolute incompetent dipshits. ETH IS KILL

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File: 31 KB, 489x469, 1613694504461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29175628

If your solution is centralized, how is it any better than the banks? How is it a "bank killer" when the banks do it for free?

>> No.29175638

Makes only rich people richer chink bot

>> No.29175761

>Banned in the US

Kinda glad now if they can just go ahead and freeze your wallet

>> No.29175816

Eth is literally the oil of crypto

>> No.29175820

Hence the diamond grip on ADA, despite all fud

>> No.29175860

Yeah thats why all BSC threads are full of salty fat ameritards who cry cause they are apparently in some sort of crusade against their own govt. and SEETHE at the prospect of people from countries with lower wage jobs getting richer through crypto.

Just like the fucking banks that they hate so much.

>> No.29176034

They're not banned in the US dude, they just have a US only version since their international version is barred from US users.

>> No.29176080

Banned in my state

>> No.29176113

The seething from nochinkers literally never stops
Fucking amazing
You're all foaming at the mount angry typing trying to comfort yourselves

>> No.29176132

U.S. regulators put pressure on binance, the exchange to shut down access to U.S. denizens.

Why was this?

>> No.29176153

Banned by a state? That's some weird shit.

>> No.29176185

>oil of crypto
sorry, that spot is already taken by digital dogshit

>> No.29176195

Binance is banned in 10 states

>> No.29176263

>Until Ethereum can provide better prices and accessibility
plot twist : it won't

>> No.29176332

Really? I didn't think it could be banned at a state level like that.

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Laughing to the bank with you faggots WAGMI

>> No.29176548

nah i disagree with this. the point of crypto was decentralization with the possibility, if you choose, to give up custodial access for benefits. i don't know much about this binance shit going on but it looks to me like it's purely dependent on binance, as a company, to survive. this is going to probably run cz into some trouble with regulators.

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File: 140 KB, 704x709, 688D2D4C-DAC3-4AB1-BA36-B64DD0BD26DA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brokeasses are gonna get burnt on chink chain

>> No.29176644

In New York coinbase pro wont let us buy most shitcoins that arent from 2017 or older

>> No.29176736

I bought BNB in US without their CEX. Also banned in my state.

Clunky route, but it's gotten the job done. Currently up Ξ1.5 swinging BNB.

I disagree with the premise of this coin but seeing 2017's PnD figured I could increase my ETH stack

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