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Alright guys, I dumped all my life savings into BNB. It's been 30 minutes, when do I become rich?

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You don't. Heavy crypto regulation just around the corner and you invested into the native coin of a Chinese exchange. You might be able to ride the pump for a bit longer and make some change.

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WHYYYYY.... buy other exchange coins!

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You will be alright if you hold until monday

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how much is it? 300$?

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This is like buying GRT at $2.70

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>buying an exchange coin at ATH during mania
>expecting life changing gains

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No, because GRT could actually rise above 3 dollars. This is like buying TRON or EOS

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what do you take me for a poor person?
I invested $1400

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this is like buying link at $35

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hahahah you're FUCKED anon. Not gonna get that money back.

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At least buy CAKE, BAKE and BRY too.

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why would I invest my hard earned cash in stupid meme food coins

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google yield farming

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great so I can lock up $10,000 worth of internet money for 15% APY and in 3 months when the market crashes my coins will be worth $1500 and my yield will implode

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He was talking about BNB price you tard

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who the fuck cares? if the bugmen let me on their rocket, im gonna take a ride. money is money.

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>He doesnt know

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