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I'm unironically enraged.

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What do these quads mean

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Only buy more to get shitcoins off dexs, then i'm done with ETH fees forever.

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Nice quads. Why does ETH make ETH fudders so angry? I'll never understand it. Why can't we all be frens? It seriously seems like you're all about to pop a blood vessel in your neck everytime ETH goes up.

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it means i am utterly annihilated, financially obliterated
why the FUCK did we trust spaghetti code, /biz/bros? from a highschool dropout who shilled quantum mining
how many times do we have to repeat this. it. CANNOT. SCALE

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dont worry, just 4.444 more years until sharting released

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wasted quads

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the only way eth is worth

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outpriced pajeets everywhere, fuckin street shitters ruined biz. Should be bitcoin, ethereum and stocks only discussion

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The official coin of the anglo whig snob.
If you cant afford 6 gazillions fee to move $10, you are a poorfag, a nigger and a chink, all at the same time.
Impregnate a asian today. I want a korean lady, they have more ass.

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based dubs

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I have wasted so much time on this shitcoin OP I am done putting money into this garbage. Worst part is I have been developing smart contracts on this thing for years and the gas has only gotten fucking worse. I'll be back on ETH when it fixes it's bullshit gas problem but for now I'm all in BSC.

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algorand and solana dont have this problem you know.

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I put 15k into FTT/SOL/SRM today. Sam will pull a cz pump soon i think

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Just sell. I did.

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Nice quads. ETH is fucked. BTC and everything else is overperforming it.

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Do you always get mad when coins print a new ATH less than 24 hours ago?

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Quints get

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Eth always moves after BTC stops, they don't pump simultaneously. How new are you?

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what happen?

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shits dead
if you move your eth to bnb yesterday you could have 2x'd it instead you got nothing

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take the bnb pill. your shitcoin is doomed. all erc20 coins are doomed, it will teach them. buy bitcoin. and bnb. russian technology scammed you

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You're enraged because it's stopped short of $2000, right? Yeah, that's a bit annoying. Guess we'll have to wait a few more hours.

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>you could have mooned on this thing instead.
There's always some new coin that is 3x this month and is the greatest thing ever. I know how that game plays out

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>russian technology failed you
>use chink technology instead

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Would I be an idiot to sell all 36 of my ETH and put it into BTC,LTC and BNB?

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no, eth is fucked

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Probably the wrong question to be asking in an ETH FUD thread. Do what you want.

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Cardano's Solidity Devnet is calling to you anon, just sayin'

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Yes, you would be retarded

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Holy shit that id

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yeah that's a dumb move

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Checked, kinda blessed thread

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keep seething

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burgers literally can't innovate, all their effort is being put into creating propaganda for niggers and trannies.

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140+ IQ 5head shills eternally BTFO

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The ETH FUD on here is v bullish, and I’m buying more

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Yes, what these CCP retards don’t seem to understand is that by decongesting ETH the gas fees will lower again and ETH will have room to move up

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>Everything has already hit the highest peak already
So far

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sure, go ahead, i can't wait to discuss about all the exciting things that changed about this boomercoin in the last 5 years and are about to change in theforseeable future. oh, wait... almost forgot... there are none.

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All this shitcoin does is pump $30 for a new ATH, dump $100, crab for 4-14 days and repeat.

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Checked. They decided diversity and social justice were more important than gas fees and functionality. Who knew letting blue hairs into the ranks of a bunch of thirsty virgins and autistic trannies would lead to destruction. Based chinks say fuck you social justice.
Get Uyghured.

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Winner. Hiring niggers and chicks for virtue signal points while delivering on absolutely nothing. #FairFi? No. CeDeFi now.

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Will YOU EVER take minority and diversity hate cock out of your mouth Seems like everytime I come into a thread talking about a failure of some sort you start talking about diversity hires Maybe they should hire you to solve the problem

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That’s right, GayBoy.

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>haha centralized good
>*entire binance crashes for hours*
Haha I love centralization

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Yeah I don't get it. Eth isn't going away any time soon, just gonna keep going up. I bought some years back, sold some but kept some too, hardly ever check the price, it's a keeper.

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Yeah and wait for btc to remain constant and totally not dip at all thus triggering eth to crater? Lol okay shit should be worth 7k by now and here we ethcucks are trying to take pride in this shit when it can't even top 2k. Jesus.

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Jesus at least one person knows this. This board isn't 100% tarded. I'm an ETH holder but right now i'm into BTC for the profits. I'll go back to ETH when BTC hits 100k DUH. Then I'll go to link the week after that for alt season. Then to USDC and then back into ETH when it goes back down to 600$ or whatever

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No, I won't stop because this is literally crashing the US with no survivors. I will continue to shit on the diversity proponents and all the people destroying meritocracy.

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Are you arguing chinese tech is better than Russian tech ??????????????? (i'd use more question marks but you get my point)

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It used to be Russian tech. Now it's niggers and roasties.

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China is even more fucked than the US. Buildings collapse on their own, food is toxic and people are retarded.

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And yet, it will be worse in 10 years here. We are in major decline and we have our hands tied with political correctness from being able to turn it around. Literally the establishment is now hell bent on destroying the US and putting Commissar Jamaal into positions of power. China has 1.4 billion people. They have a middle class larger than the US and dirt poor lower class larger than the US. There are all kinds of crap there, but at its core, where China wants to win, they are winning. That's the difference. Where we try to win, we are sabotaged from within. Fucking NASA can't launch a man into space anymore and relied on Russia and now a private company SpaceX. And now the DOJ is going after SpaceX for discriminatory hiring practices. They want everything to crash. Boeing has had so many orders canceled because they went the diversity route with HR diversity officers. Instead of hiring the best, they hire "diverse". I'm fucking sick of every single bit of it. If this is the way we go, then I refuse to hand it over to them and I'd rather the whole thing burn down and chinkmen step on the necks blue haired roasties and autistic trannies.

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Your shitcoin is unironically dead. BNB killed ETH this week and your shitcoin is directly in competition with BNB. Imagine cuckdano going live and people asking why they should go there when literally everything is on binance chain

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Will you ever stop fetishising diversity? Go to each non white country and see how racist they are to eachother and whites. Hint: very

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BSC worked flawlessly.

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Besides, ETH is a microcosm of this. They dicked around with diversity hires and doing all kinds of social justice crap while they were overconfident. Now, they are being challenged by someone hungrier and it shows that they've dithered and did not fix their shit and now they are going to get passed by. This is what happens to every company and org that "diversifies" instead of just hiring the best and that focuses on bullshit causes instead of their primary purpose. China does not care about this shit and they are ruthless competitors. China is going to run the crypto world because faggots were too busy fucking around with this utter bullshit and not competing at their best.

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No sharding or ETH2.0 means this janky shitcoin will eventually be replaced by something that works. Nobody gives a fuck about centralization.

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>ETH at ATH and about to hit 2k


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when did eth fuck around with diversity hires? send proof because i don't want to invest in a tranny sjw coin

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Yes. And these FUCKED UP CHINKS ARE TOPPLING THE MARKET. Do you realize how retarded and pacified one must be to lose to intoxicated bug people? Are you aware that chinks never had a democracy because the only system the has ever worked for them was soul crushing autocracy? Can you imagine what they will do to non-chinks when they are at the top? Asians don't back down and don't play nice.

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Based and correct, anon. One doesn't have to like China to see that they see through the bullshit collapsing the west and are playing to win. Our problem is that we handed the keys to the car to a mentally retarded child and convinced ourselves nothing could go wrong.

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Eth built the foundations for my earnings, but I'm not touching it again until they fix these ridiculous fees. I'm not gonna pay fucking 1k dollars for sending eth around in a future where eth grows bigger

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Name one time chinks innovated as opposed to stealing burger shit? Literally their entire economy is based around it kek

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BNB is more similar to Ripple than ETH.

Gunpowder and paper just off the top of my head.

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Eth has been crashed for 2 months straight idiot

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And mutts stole everything that made them dangerous from the nazis. What's your point?

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Defeating coronavirus

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There was nothing to defeat. That shit was generally harmless unless you're old or obese. The permanent administrative state of the US collapsed the economy to oust orangeman.

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ok but if eth is dead

then all the coins based off it (i.e. most of the alts in existence) are dead too no?

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Based triples of truth.
SCORCHED EARTH is the ONLY way to go.

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cope mETHhead

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most erc20 shit tokens are dead too

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>Gunpowder and paper
There is some doubt about this, anon. Ever heard about Tartaria? You can find it in old 19th century american atlas.

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I hate this literal dogshit project.
I cannot imagine a gayer experience than having this coin in my portfolio.
I have never felt so much disgust; knowing that my portfolio contains even a single gwei.

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Yep. Unless money skelly FIXES THIS SHIT we're going to have some serious flippening and massive bed shitting.

>muh "dragons be here" map filler races probably did it

Seriously, nigger?

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quad 4s? a perfect 16? a perfect 256? bits for days. Ethereum is going to the fucking moon boys. put me in the screencap.

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Egyptians invented paper. The word paper literally comes from papyrus, which are the reeds that grow on the Nile, which they made paper from.
Don’t listen to chinks lying and trying to steal it.

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Paper from trees, dingus. "Papyrus" is a Greek term and the Egyptians called it something else.