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What did we do to deserve this.
We will won't correct and it's actually going to six figures with the next 30 days. What a time to be alive. BTC always wins.

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The bullrun basically ended on January 8th/9th. The big decline began then, in early January. The two Elon-related pumps created a sort of illusion that the decline wasn't happening. In both cases, BTC was about to fall through very crucial supports -- just in time, Elon's green dildos came and "saved" the price. If it wasn't for his first green dildo, BTC would've been below 30k a few days later, and by now in the low 20s.

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The first sell off is coming, but it won’t last forever and mania will hit later in the year

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How do you explain that the price movement mirrors the start of the 2017 bull run much more closely than the whole run? Looks at>>29164146
its identical in terms of percentage increase v previous ATH, whereas your comparison is not identical in time period or percentage of ATH.

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Are you uys in tether right now? I obviosuly don't feel well. I didn't sell in early 2018 and instead rode my portfolio all the way down. I don't want this to happen again but I know I will fear missing out once I sell and it continues to rise and rise

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The crash (if it will ever happen) will not just go in a straight line down to zero. You will have plenty of time to close your position. Just stick to daily time frame instead of intra-day panic.