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See, why binance is suppressing the price ? CZ is accumulating RLC

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Im not selling into noiler faggot bot cz chink hands

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Yeah. You know who else was getting suppessed by mysterious, unkown forces? Trump people. And now they've been rolled up by the FBI after trying to start a white supremacist insurrection. Take a hint, buy something that is proven.

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>muh price suppression
Pure cope, there is just a lack of buyers due to RLC being completely invisible in the crypto space.
Retail normies can not buy a token they have never heard of. Its not hard to figure out why RLC is performing so bad in this bull run.

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This is exactly what I want. The opportunity cost does hurt short term, but long term, I'm positive this will go at a minimum 10X so not worried.

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>but long term
Problem being that after this bull run all alts will collapse by >90% again and so will RLC, no matter if its at $2 or at $20 it will also crash just like all altcoins.
RLC is probably the best hold for the next market cycle, so buying it 1.5 years from now is a good play.

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RLC cant collapse, it's a stablecoin

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haha look guys a nigger

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$2 stable* oil
*within a margin of ±1.5 usd lole

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Worse, darky lover probably.

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This piece of shit is gonna crash so hard yall are gonna regret buying it.

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Guys, can't we just cut it out with the racism? It's cringe and not gonna sell you coin.

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I dont want niggers or trannies buying my oil anyways

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That's it, I've had it to hear with the RLC community. Im selling all 150 of my RLC tokens.

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Gibs me dat feriums

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You would've got me if not for the last part

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thanks now i dont have to fud anymore

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Golem is better than RLC. Did you see Golem pump +70% yesterday? Golem #1.

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Binance was down because of AWS malfunction, if they used iExec technology this wouldn't have happened

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Is the poo leakage bug fixed now? Not fudding, just curious.

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we know

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>pump et

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Get this fag out of the RLC post. Disgraceful and irrelevant.

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