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When PRQ hits $10 I will share my true feelings about this Board and many of its members - take screenshots. It won’t stay up long and there’ll be no coming back from my lifetime ban. I hold back because of people like CLFag and Dale and Bryan... but when I burn the bridge behind me - I promise you I will napalm it.

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Anon you don't understand. We hit $10 a long long time ago... centuries ago... I'm hoping you can read this message, I don't have much time. Do not trust Analtoy and his time traveling gadgets. Things are going to get very very bad. That's all I have time for. Godspeed, hold onto your wallets.

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Jeff lol

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Time travel

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02/19/22(Fri)15:47:47 anon how did you...

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lol i love the time travelling wallet memes

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In modern philosophy, the understanding of backwards time travel, inasmuch as it exists in the real world, acts as a method for the hyperstition of real world entities of power reaching back through time to change our world. The self actualization of real world events in the future have drastic effects upon the past insofar as their existence is foretold. Parsiq, the time travelling wallet, triggers these so called "time traveling entities" through; its' existence is foretold by Anatoly, and by it's foretelling, it must come true through the hyperstition. Parsiq can exist, and as such it will exist. Roko's basilisk speaks to us through Anatoly

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Guys there's a bug in my time travelling wallet, it's been showing prq crabbing between 1.15 and 1.30 every day for a month now. Is there a way to turn off the groundhog day mode?

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I'm already living in the future baby
thanks analtoly

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$10 is just the start anon

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we just have to wait until Analtoy sends his android, Abe, Lord Emperor of Neo-Japan, back in time to us to fix it. it's been a bug for the next three years apparently so it takes sometime for everyone's to be fixed. just wait 2 more weeks should be good

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Required reading
Everything is on track, in fact the team is exceeding expectations when it comes to getting new clients and partnerships.

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I could do without the attitude.

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Who would've guessed Lithuanians were the key to time travel.

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Wtf guys I just noticed, vidanon used time travel to tell us about the timetravel meme before it was a meme

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link to doc please? image is kind of hard on the eyes

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>Drops like a rock
Nothin' personnel

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fucking kek

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If it's too weird to download a PDF just post a hosting website, and I'll upload it

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>When PRQ hits $10
see you in 2 years COPE

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shoo shoo GRTranny

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>I have to wait 2 years to turn chump change into a few million without any effort
Oh no how will I ever cope with this tragedy

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>buying a $20billion marketcap token with your stimulus check

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>buys a wallet
>thinks he is gonna make it

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I still don't even really know what BSC implies.
Is it similar to how ETH based tokens are ERC-20? What is the potential price implications of this?

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Yeah same, not really been following any of that bollocks mainly as i don’t use binance

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hahahaha, best one in a while.TOPKEK

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Can someone spoon-feed me the time travel meme? I haven't been in enough prq threads

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that’s alright, just use your wallet to travel back a month and read through the threads then

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I sent my wallet back in time to buy prq early and when it came back the entire world was coughing and wearing masks, I hope someone got fired for that or that they fix it soon

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As an actual answer, Anatoly had an appearance at ETH Denver where he started talking about quantum mechanics and other shit that us plebes can't really comprehend.
He made note that PRQ can effectively travel through blockchain time, including predicting the future because of historical analysis.

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>I will share my true feelings
>muh feelings

you have to go back.

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jeff is a fat annoying kike. fuck jeff. i’m team dale

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hi dale

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Dale is a loser

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yeah but he's /our/loser

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It’s just a wallet

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Who the fuck are these random namefags. Fuck off trannies.

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what’s your tg name? asking for a friend

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shitcoining in the age of telegram sir

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get aids you fucking telegram niggers

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Just buy more.. And wait.

Parsiq & Freeway Token.

Thank me when you drive that lambo anon.

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u should join us on tg it’s fun :)

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Fuck off tranny.

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there arnt trannies on tg it’s all white supremacist that’s why apple and google wants to get rid of it RETARD

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you literally just took that screenshot just now to send it lmao. you don’t belong here. not even funny meme.

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It's starting
The pump is here!

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stop. made me look.

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Kill yourself.

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stop timetraveling, anon

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I don't have long before the smart triggers bring me back, anons I am from the year 2200 using my Parsiq time wallet. Because of the quantum nature of time I can only stay as long as Parsiq remains above 1.5 USD- which is never very long.
You must buy Parsiq now, it is set to become the galactic stable coin for the Empire of Humanity- grandpa I know you are browsing this board between bouts of masturbation on /gif/, please see my warning and deliver our family to the upper echelons of wealth!!
Wait, this isn't Feburary 2020.. it's 2021.. I'm too late.. the pump has already come, 200 more years of stability I'm too late!!
*toliet flushes*

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*travels between every point in the past and future to clog every toilet that has ever existed or ever will exist*
Nothing personnel kid

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*flushes all toilets simultaneously in the time space continuum*
>Jabba the Shart emerges from the void
>voice booms out in the dark castle
everyone is living in fear of his massive girth and appetite

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I can't take the crabbing anymore guys. I'm seeing projects moon left and right while we're doing absolutely nothing. It's driving me insane. I can't sleep, I can't eat. This week I had to do some tests and now I'm diagnosed with psychotic disorder. I'm on fucking schizo meds now thanks to Analtony and his farm of parsnips. You promised mass pumps, mass listings. Please for all that is holy, kill the crab and grant me sleep

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never more relevant

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PRQ charts look not shabby


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holy shit its fat

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That's a lot of words I'm not autistic enough to read, I'll take your word for it

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I will tend to Analtony's parsnips, I will do it for free and I will be happy.

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That’s what unlimited crab soup does to an Estonian autist

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oh god oh fuck he's getting fatter

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Ok I'll allow a monday pump. But only if you promise not to swing.

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His temporal flesh suit is beginning to melt from the constant time traveling

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pinky promise