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BNB Wash Trading

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>chainlinkgod eth
the cope
the rope when he didnt get in and this flips eth

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>.eth twitter account
The seethe is real LMAO

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Wait what CeDeFi is real?

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What? A chink being a scammer? Impossible.

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Racist undertones in his tweet. Cope harder bro

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"CeDeFi" is some stupid term CZ made up, and amazingly it's getting traction apparently

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.01 bnb has been deposited into your accounts

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This can't be true, people can't be this stupid

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if you want to see the bots and scs search for whale wallets and strat scs on bscscan and put them into yieldwatch.net

its fun. If you want to fuck with the bots and liquidate some stupid devs smart contracts and rug a bunch of brainlets, venus.io,

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I actually dont understand what's going on but you reddit faggots need to kill yourselves. If he is wrong then explain how instead of just doing the onions "yikes my dude"

Either prove him wrong or he stands correct.

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centralized decentralized? the fuck kinda weed do they have in china

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theres nothing stupid about making bucketloads of cash. i dont care if a cedefi solution will help us grow while eth chokes.

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>implying uniswap doesn't wash trade either
Binance perfected it and changed the metrics while hiding the stats and charts.

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Someone explain what that would achieve except congesting BSC? How exactly is it pumping the volume of BSC tokens?

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you're talking to chinks

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Today a ethtard learns what a trading bot looks like when you don't have to pay $100 per swap.

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>help us grow

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It's literally the same shit all over again, insane APRs for doing nothing (not even providing liquidity, just "staking) and very rapid growth and it's going to end the same way.

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Prove what wrong? He hasn't shown any evidence of wash trading. Just a trading/yield optimizer bot on cheap gas.

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it's yin-yang my dude

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Who the fuck is going to wash trade with these gas prices you dumb faggot, you'd literally be giving miners free money with no benefit for yourself. When CZ washtrades all the fees go to himself so it costs him absolutely nothing

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I don't know about that contract but I get a lot of failed tx when compounding small amounts on BSC. Everything else works fine.

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you dont know about all the people rushing into binance to buy crypto right now? im so sorry eth boy. i have a ltitle bag of eth here for some back up maybe ill give it to you when its 1% of the value of my bnb cake.

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That's like knowingly investing in a ponzi because you think you're early. Say it out loud, centralized decentralized finance.

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Enjoy wash trading with $100 per transaction.

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based chainlink god

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go ahead and brings us the fully decentralized solution then. everyones waiting. maybe you can spend $4000 in gas to transfer once we find it.

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I love this cope
>decentralized networks are a work in progress so let’s just use centralized platforms instead

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Wow you really got me there bud

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>not a bubble
>its just organic growth
>seethe that you missed this moon
its all so tiresome

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Not much to do, wait for a week of to and enjoy the endless flood of pink wojaks while sipping a fresh beverage.

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When are fee-less atomic swaps going live? Shouldnt developers be focusing on that instead of p2p trading?

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The salt from ethcucks as their garbage tech dies off is so tasty. I dont even care that it was Binance to do it, I saw this coming. Reminder Bitcoin is dying for the same reason but will take a bit longer. When money pours out of it, its going into the #2 ATM coin beside it, Litecoin. Get in before its 3k and youre investing in a helium tank.

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>centralized blockchain has lower fees and high TPS than decentralized blockchain
so unexpected

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This along with the failed bridge makes me very bearish

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link the transaction details and I'll tell you... all this means is there's a smart contract trying to distribute something and failing. that's it!

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BNB is to ETH what BSV is to BTC

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I get a kick thinking
They will be left holding
Golden goose


The absolute comedy of the efforts to unload their 2021 eggs

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Holy fuck you guys are so smoothbrained. Does anyone here even know how EVM works? I've written smart contracts and bots that interact with smart contracts on ETH and this is not unusual activity when TX costs are low. Basically, you can scan the mem pool for transactions that either:
a. produce a higher input than output and can be called by anyone
b. call specific functions like swapping and exchanging

Then you frontrun the transaction and take profit. The failed transactions are either the frontrunner or original transactor failing. It's that fucking simple.

The shear seething by ethcucks still holding on to hopium is hysterical.

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What's going on with the drama? Is BNB trying to overtake ETH's point or something?

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a. produce higher output than input

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I don't think he gives a shit. He won't enjoy living in a rap video as the end in itself the same way you would.

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Congratulations. You are now the Canadian and Australian housing market.

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>be aware you giving custody over to a bad actor who will do anything to get ahead


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>bitcoin is a ponzi
This is your brain as an ETH cuck, literally on the same level as no coiners

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Another one: https://bscscan.com/txs?a=0x21fa8ca35441e70ad1137fa3c1365c994f2b7c23&p=8

With tons of successful but miniscule txs constantly being spammed to it.

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I'm familiar with Solidity, but what are you using to write the bots? Python or something?

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Psyops tongue my anus

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It's all wash trading you little sherlocks

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dude.. yikes

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