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Please explain to me how the crypto madness is different from the beanie baby madness that preceded the dot com bubble pop. I'll wait. Protip: you can't.

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Bitcoin is literally unstoppable.


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Please explain to me how the crypto madness is the same as the beanie baby madness that preceded the dot com bubble pop. I'll wait.

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You can manufacture an unlimited number of beanie babies to satisfy demand.

You cannot mine an unlimited number of bitcoins to satisfy demand.

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Yeah we're well into the mania stage now. The bubble is gonna pop or maybe it has already started.

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tfw made so much beanie money was drivin beanie lambo and gettin beanie baby hookers left and right...eventually it all came crashing down and that's when I had the idea of bitbean...fucking hell imma be rich nigga...silk road nigga sheeeeeeeeiiiiitttt

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Great segway, anon!

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Before the dot com bubble burst there were some beanie babies that were limited run or made with imperfections. There was literally a TV channel devoted to trading beanie babies. People were paying hundred of thousands of dollars for "rare" beanie babies. Before a bubble bursts risky and nonsensical get-rich-quick investments are common and no one seems to notice how ridiculous they are until its over.

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You can make an unlimited supply of crypto currency why is Kekcoin worth $5? Explain please, I'm waiting.

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>Weakhands over here is bumblasted cause he didn't hodl his beanie babies collection for the long haul

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Yes we're all familiar with Beanie Babies. Now explain how they are similar to Bitcoin.

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Nigga I got my felt antennae Inch the Inchworm in safe deposit

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Both bitcoin and beanie babies are given an insane valuation solely because of speculation when they are a product that can be made by anyone with a bit of technical expertise. Outside of niche cases they have little use besides speculation. 99% of BTC holders have no designs on actually using them other than selling them for a profit. When the real market goes south everyone will dump bitcoin and it will be a meme for years to come.

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Ty Inc are going to make a beanie baby cryptocurrency, BeanieCoins. You heard it here first folks.

Screenshot this.

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Last time I checked I still cannot pay in ships with BB. I say by this alone crypto is more useful as you can trade goods for it. Than again I don't think that all the coins will survive for years to come. It's more likely that the market will concentrate only on few of them

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Did retailers ever accept beanie babies as payment?

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lol inch teh inchworm was a shitbean, bro

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>Outside of niche cases they have little use besides speculation.

kiddo you could never buy things with beanie babies like you can with crypto

low level FUDDIng

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Hypocrite fucks, you guys are the problem. Investing in coins of no value whatsoever. No you guys complain. It's like the inceptionism of moronism.

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Bitcoin actually has a purpose you fuck

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beanie babies were created by a madman recluse who knew how to manipulate suppy and demand to create near hysteria for every beanie baby released

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Bitcoin will survive the bubble like Amazon did.

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Ask 1000 boomers what a bitcoin is and they'll not know. We're far from the bubble popping and you're a retard if you actually believe that.

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People who spout this nonsense really have no idea about the technology. Unlike beanie babies or tulips crypto has an actual use and many of us are in it for the long haul. Did beanie babies have a fucking research paper on it detailing it's use? I think not. Dipshit fudders.

Look at me I'm an old geezer who doesn't understand the technology CRYPTO IS JUST LIKE A USELESS TOY. FUCKING KYS OP.

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Anon pls calm down you're scaring me

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No fuck that. Ramp it up further anon I like the intensity
Fuckin boomers

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You cannot buy stuff on DN markets with Beanie babies.

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it doesn't hurt to ask, rebecca.

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>i know nothing about blockchain technology or (((central banking)))

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Can you buy groceries with bitcoin?
Sure, but you can buy drugs with cash too.
Blockchain is to Bitcoin as the factory is to beanie babies. There is use in the technology but the product is equally as worthless as beanie babies.
In the morning.

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Beanie babies don't solve the two generals computer science problem of distributed ledgers using the blockchain.

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And that is unique to Bitcoin or is it intrinsic to all shitcoins? Where is the value of Bitcoin over BitBean besides adoption?

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You are asking the wrong questions. Ask yourself what can BTC do and what are the advantages, not "what can you buy with it.

Widespread implementation can come later, but the pros are all there for you. Again you don't really understand what you're talking about.

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>>2917588 (checked)
I understand bitcoins capabilities full well. I'm asking you to take a look and consider the fact that the it's a scam run by mining cabals at this point.

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>too simple to understand the difference

Why bother anons?

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THIS is the question I want to see answered. If BTC itself becomes too expensive to the point where normalfags won't buy it, why not switch to any of millions of coins that use the blockchain and serve the same purpose?

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>too expensive

This is a meme. 8 decimal places means you can always buy tiny fractions if whole coins are unaffordable

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>That will be 15*10^-6 BTC please

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The currency is measured in sats. And sats are really, really cheap.

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I understand this part.
My point is, say you buy a videogame today for 50 bucks, equivalent to 2 sats. Next minute, BTC moons and is worth the double. The same game will now go on sale for 1 sat (or people will just fork over the 50 bucks instead).
So, if in a given minute, the value doubles, the demand for BTC itself will have to halve at the same rate. So what is the point of holding this in a long-term perspective?

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for that to happen bitcoin market cap would have to reach like a quadrillion dollars, satoshi wasn't retarded

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Why not say that there are "only 21000000000000000 sats ever going to be created" then?
It can't be divided any further...

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I read that too fast, are you saying the volatility is too high? It will go down as bitcoin grows

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What I mean is that I don't understand the point of holding bitcoin for anything other than speculation. If, in the future, all normalfags jump ship and adhere to bitcoin for transactions, they'll just buy as much as they need for equivalent in USD. No one will care how many sats it gets them, so long as they can buy the videogame for 50 USD-worth.

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Tulips its all about tulips buy cheap sell high!!!!

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So no real reasoning? Just "You don't get it bro?"

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What it boils down to is that people with money trust the technology enough to put more money into it. The people who put money into it believe that with time there will be more use cases and it will grow in popularity and therefore value.

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Shame, man. Expected a serious answer at least.

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Crypto currencies actually solve problems while beanies don't

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Still used in the same purpose. Buy low to sell high, boys!

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>What I mean is that I don't understand the point of holding bitcoin for anything other than speculation

I buy shit with bitcoin all the time. I buy shit on newegg with it. I buy usenet accounts with it. Hell I bought fucking flowers for my mom on her birthday with bitcoin. Why? Because I like pointing my phone at a qr code and hitting send and having a payment completed without the jews tracking every fucking thing I buy so they can improve their advertising AI. It's faster and better. That's why I fucking use it.

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Bitcoin is cryptographically backed by a decentralised network capable of over 6 EH/s, you dimwitted scrotum.

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> It's faster and better. That's why I fucking use it.
Sounds great man. Would love to have a way of stuff suddenly costing 107.849 one day and 540.321 the other. The future, guys!

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Holy shit you might actually be retarded

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ask an economist what the value of a dollar is, and ask a politician what the value of a dollar is.

value has no intrinsic meaning. it has applied meaning. make your money, and walk away.

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>Can you buy groceries with bitcoin?

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Beanie Babies are tangible? I don't know people have made money, why are you still whining?

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he said bitcoins retard

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