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Buying reef now is like Link in 2018

1 mil to make it

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this FUD is unreal such a good spot to accumulate rn.

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sold bnb to buy reef I might be retarded

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same, this coin is a FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT

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This shit is a scam the more you put in the more they take out

>Price manipulation

Elevator down

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Please... I can't take it anymore... I want green
I need a green
reef is all red

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This is a long hold you retard

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This won't take off for another 1-2 weeks, wait till later tonight when it is up again and cash out and move into a different project.

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yeah it's a very long hold because when they delay the client and start printing past 20 billion you won't be able to give this away

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Delusional nigger faggot, no suprise

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The absolute state of projection
This crap is going to zerooo
>Insider trading

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Listening to the AMA and hearing Denko say
>We don't want the price to skyrocket
>We want stability
>We are countering market manipulation (by manipulating the market with the billions of hastily minted tokens)
it felt like he was tying a noose around my neck

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you are literally dumber than a nigger

this has $1 eoy potential

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Someone bought 3,3 m reefies

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>Open mouth

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this shakeout is beautiful isn't it, thank you for your cheap bags and I hope you sold at a loss anon

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>might be

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dude its a cult
its a fucking cult

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>Doge lingo
>Reddit tier IQ
Oh you're getting rich with your diamond hands you're going to own trillions of reef when it goes to the price of the zimbabwe dollar
>Zero actual dollars
But at least you hodled hard baby lmao

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In Denko we trust

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Enjoy staying poor

What do you hold

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Thanks for the cheap bags paper handed faggots

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heard that before

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uh huh sure thing bro i believe you 100%

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He's hungry to make it

has those killer Adam Lanza eyes and knows once REEF takes off he can upgrade women

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Reef is a wild ride.

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How to win either way: Sell your reef and put it in BNB. Wait for BNB to move up 5 dollars and sell. Put winnings back into reef. Wait for BNB to move down 5 dollars and repeat.

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Shitcoin desu

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Louis Vuitton around his neck
Monopoly money in holders pockets
I dig this guy pretty based
The girl looks kind of challenged if we're being honest but good start

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I’m feeling more confident every day

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Isn't there 10 billion of these in circulation now?

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yes, I was hoping for a dip to increase my bags.

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Im still green, but fug, these bags are getting heavy watching everything else moon.

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Zero effort flailing

Enjoy your new harmony partnership very big news much wow

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So sell and buy back into reef with the winnings

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Why the fuck would anyone buy a coin that the founder literally admitting to manipulating the price for their own benefit?

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>yahoo article
>worlds first cross chain defi operating system

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Sold with $400 loss. Couldn’t give a shit anymore.

All in CTSI

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this is why i dont want to miss out

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As a swingie that gas been swinging this every day since .02 I know for a fact that in the next 5-10 hours it will over .042

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this. it will never moon, just drag itself across the market floor to 0.5 in 2024

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am loving the fud so goddamn much.

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Swingie bro here, idk, its been under .04 for 12 hours or more, it has never dipped this long, a lot of fags in twitter are selling at loss already

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way too early to sell

twiter fags looking for a quick gain scam like bao

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True, been around 12-14 hours since the dip started. Not worried though

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How could this possibly get to $1 if they keep minting coins to keep the price down?

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don't expect that to continue

If they deliver on q2 promises we're in for a treat

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How much of a treat though?

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Chance of litigation

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Q2 ends in the court
You have to be absolutely blind to not see what's happening

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i solded swingbros, i think its going down to .030

Red candle too strong

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hurry and sell before its too late

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Demo starts at 9 minutes. Tell yourself this isnt a multi billion dollar client. Already has meta mask and binance integrated into it. Do you really think binance will let this fail after they have been shilling the fuck out of it>

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>Binance integration
Deals with ETH gas ($90 to stake) instead of BSC onloading, farming, anything of value really

Lazy vaporware, good marketing

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No one cares dude, this guy chinko or whatever is his name no one trust him anymore, he said yesterday he is dumping the coin to keep the price low (where is the money going?)

im here to make money no to call myself an "investor" and fight with some pajeet called kumar in telegram.

I think this was the last straw and normies dont want to buy anymore, there are some comments in spanish too that plan on dump reef today

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are you guys part of the pnd discord too?

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yeah I just swapped my 10k stacklet.

It's been negative for most of the time I've bought it and kept going down. If it's 'MeAnT tO sTaY lOw" then what the fuck is the point?

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no dude you dont get it, we're in it for the TECHNOLOGY

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lmao what a simp. The technology is a means to make profit.

This is designed to never pump.

I'd donate to little timmys lemonade stand if I wanted to support someone's business without making money along the way.

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Can someone please explain the Penis thing. Why was this nigga's name Penis on that one site

This is the biggest FUD for me

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You tell us, binance bought a smaller Reef stack that I have?

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nope just love seeing weak hands

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Binance is top holder has 2 billion

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But we are going to make really good money along the way, not just in the pnd way you are hoping for with your food coins

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>not just in the pnd way you are hoping for
Yes you will make really good money in this new innovative ecosystem called

>dump and dump

This could have been 14 cents but they manipulated the price by minting and dumping for profit

>7 Billion unannounced minted dumped tokens

I hope you're at least paid to shill, it'd be sad if you hold and promo without any reward whatsoever

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such potential that AMA goes offline when they ask him about the token circulation and the mcap

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Now you're just lying. He was having powercuts throughout the AMA but he came back and answered the question. Said answer has already been posted in this thread.

That said, I would still sell to enjoy some of the other pumps today and buy back in later

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bumping for interest. this is honestly the only stupid fud I've seen

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was the denko dump meant to protect late investors by preventing big boy pre sale whales from dumping on us if the price reached 14c for their 20x? I think I'm understanding his reasoning now and I'm not mad.

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Essentially he created a small dump by releasing coins ahead of schedule to prevent a large pump and bigger dump. He wants the coin to have stable growth.

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Stop limit put at .029, would never be able to sleep otherwise. Please let me wake up to greens tomorrow daddy Danko

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hold 1 more weeek

>> No.29167280


So he manipulated the price for his investors... got it. Why are reefags OK with this?

>> No.29167295

That's what I thought, thanks for clarifying it. Never selling my Reef bags.

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lol, already 0.035

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Anytime i see massive levels of redditors panicking i try to buy.

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Exactly why I sold once I checked the telegram.

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Hoky shit im so ested

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Well, I bought 20k at 0.026 and now have 44k after swinging, so I would much rather the price drop to 0.030ish now and then steadily rise than it rise to 0.07when I'm not looking and then immediately drop to 0.01

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Guys its stable growth what do you mean the rug is gone

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I threw 1k in yesterday because it looked like it might bounce. It's only 1k so idgaf if I lose everything, going to double it or lose it all
>Probably lose it all

>> No.29167678

stable growth downwards

>> No.29167693

Should clarify - this said, I have still sold and put into BNB until the drop is over.

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I can't take this any more... I feel like throwing up

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Lads, this might be a great time to buy REEF (or maybe in a few hours if Euro's sell, even though this is a whale coin) since everyone is focusing on BNB

>> No.29167950

Throw up your sick profits?

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he doesn't want Reef to become RBC 2.0 just look at rbc's chart it a 25x in 2 weeks and now getting rugged, it looks disgusting. No one wants to invest in that shit anymore. Reef was gonna suffer the same fate but instead based Denko is protecting us against manipulative /biz/ whales HAHA get fucked.

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bro, if it goes to 2.9c, it will rise again, and you would have lost reef's

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Classic bn manipulation. Makes no sense dipping in a bull market when all bsc projects are mooning. Be wary, you have no control over the price action.

>> No.29168464


So what you are saying is to avoid natural market manipulation, he is doing insider manipulation.

There's no way to shine a positive light on this no matter how hard you reefags try

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I'm back ma niggas
64k sitting comfy
HODL and you will gain.
move/swing/sell and you lose.
Though I did get into some BNB, sheesh the FOMO was too stronk. Already made chunky gains on it too

>> No.29168603

yes, insider manipulation, which is why he got online and publicly announced that he'd been doing it whilst explaining in detail his reasoning why

>> No.29168714


so buying into a 25x and getting rugged is worst than buying a coin that wants to stay stable for a little while before moon mission ? got ya.

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>manipulative /biz/ whales
No we love manipulative reef whales instead!
Literally stay poor while they ride on your backs
>Open wide

From yesterday

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This. Move into BNB while it's mooning. Set a sell at 400 and go to bed. Buy back into reef tomorrow if it's recovered somewhat, otherwise move back into BNB and wait

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is better*

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>We are making you lose money by radically changing the tokenomics of the asset you invested in
>And here's why that's a good thing

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fuck all /biz/ whale niggers that cause fomo on this board yes

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Only ones who are complaining are the people who want a short term moonshot to dump and take profits then forget about it. With that in mind Denko did the right thing for the survival and future of his project and I would have done the same. Personally I am rooting for him and for this project, I want it to take off and give him the chance to deliver on the promises, because if he does this will take off way beyond the top it would have reached if idiots had treated this like a PnD.

>> No.29169559

I followed my advice, only bought a small amount, but it's going up again, feels good to buy the red candles

>> No.29169733

>this will take off way beyond the top it would have reached
Exactly our point, he made sure that won't happen by pocketing a cool 250 mil before the project even launched
Why don't you blow him while you're at it, holy shit that level of delusion

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and why does the shape of the fucking chart matter so much to him? certainly, in due time, the product would speak for itself, no? No. The only inflow of income into REEF is new investors, literally textbook ponzi. Unless the project leader does not know or care about the price, it's a pump and dump, and should be treated as such.

>> No.29169960

>made a good profit on reef even if I sold now
>ETH went up with it so I basically get the exact same amount of ETH back if I sell my reef
haha this is epic
I'm gonna hold my 100k stack until thisoons eventually, even if I have to wait a year.

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>> No.29170365

rather him pocket the pump to 14c and ensure a successful launch in DeFi space or some random fucko whale that will do nothing but use his wealth to pump other shitcoins

>> No.29170550

Same, tax in my country is fucked pre 1 year holding period anyway.

>> No.29170982


1 hodling this minimum for tax reasons also and cause I believe in denko's vision.

>> No.29171563

-15% and it's not even correction after big pump holy fuck

>> No.29172557

It sounds like you'd rather he fuck your wife too, unimaginable cuckery
Instead of fair market movement I prefer insider trading, massive price manipulation, hidden supply out of schedule, fraud and major economic crime under all European jurisdiction to the magnitude of 250 million embezzled dollars

This will be major fun to watch

>> No.29173051

>fair market movement

all your whale friends coming together to pump and dump coins isn't fair market movement, I'm sorry to hear Denko has successfully absorbed your funds to ensure a successful release of his product rather than you slowly rugging us.

>> No.29173199

Calling me a whale I'm just a fucking norman

Reef on the other hand: insider trading, massive price manipulation, hidden supply out of schedule, fraud and major economic crime under all European jurisdiction to the magnitude of 250 million embezzled dollars

Which of the two do you think is actually the corrupt whale?

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Can i talk to penis

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