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What Crypto-to-Fiat do you guys used?
I’m chasing out

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nah bro you need to stay deluded like us. eth 20k eoy

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hold retard

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Make me

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Realistically, what price do y’all think is going to reach by 2022?

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$20K as people play off of the "BTC reaching 1 trillion" meme, and businesses try to expand into DeFi. It crashes horribly once ETH 2.0 is shown to still be a gas fee laden shitshow in late 2022. Other chains cannibalize it and we see wild volatility for a few months until a victor emerges.

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either 2.0 will fail and it will go to 0 or 2.0 will succeed and it will go to the moon

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Psyop suck my dick

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fuck off idiot, eth's unironically done.

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OP is a tranny

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Someone still has balls on this board. Never selling

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Imagine selling the base currency of the god chain while its not even $1T marketcap

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I use the same kyc cex for both on/off-ramping fiat. I just withdrew $1k today which means I've invested about 5k and withdrew only 4. Wew I'm bad at this crypto thing.

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I went to sell my ETH just now, and... seems it doesn't exists anywhere anymore.
My MetaMask shows it received it and the amount, it's just not there.
Not on Binance, nor Kraken or even Gate.
I have no clue where that shit went.
I wanted to use some to move out of some of the DEXs, then get rid of it... now I have to buy more, the cheeky cunts.

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Is coinbase pro a good one for doing this? That's the only exchange where I've done full kyc

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It appears during FOMOing BNB, I swapped ETH to USDT and bought BNB and moved it from Gate to Binance at like 5am, half asleep.
Fucks sake.
Still have to buy more ETH, goddamnit.

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