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BNB obviously already mortally wounded ETH but think about this. It killed ADA before ADA could even get a product out. ADA’s whole thing is solving the problems with ETH. Hard to solve a problem that has already been solved by BNB. DOT and ATOM might still eek out a small future but ETH and ADA are done. Hail Xi I guess

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Nah, ada is going to be decentralized.

BNB is a stop gap between eth and ada adoption.

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BNB is centralized, ADA will not be. That should be enough on its own to get people using it.
That being said you are right in a way, this kind of action is what ADA was going to need out of the gate and BNB has already went and stole its thunder.
I still think ADA is a good hold. Hell you should hold ATOM, DOT, ADA, and ETH.

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>Nah, ada is going to be decentralized.
>BNB is centralized, ADA will not be.
Retards Binance controls most ADA validators lol

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you will see problems that arise on bsc aswell. the more people use it the more incentive to hack it. your shitcoin wont last long and become a meme just like bonus blocks

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You retards are as retarded as the no coiners
You're bleeding on opportunity costs but at least you're protecting "muh principle" right ?
Did you also think bitcoin would replace fiat ? how's that one treating you too ?
Wagie brains just aren't meant to make it, i'll let you cut my toenails in 5 years

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I hold a decent sized bag of ADA and I want it to succeed but I’d be lying if I said this didn’t worry me a bit. Seems people want money more than decentralization at least for now. I can’t see the future

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nobody gives two fucks

if the only product that actually works is centralized then what does that say about decentralization?

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In Charles I trust. All we need to do is literally wait 8 days for Mary Hardfork

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No ada killed itself

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I am waiting but if there is a delay or some bullshit I’ll probably take my profits and throw it to btc. It seems to be outperforming half of the top ten

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BNB is going to flip ETH. I don’t know if ADA will become popular later but for now, BNB is my play. This shit is about to get big.

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Anon, there is zero point in using a centralized blockchain .
It's a meme.
You can use Google spreadsheet instead.
Binancechain is not trustless, not censorship resistant.
All the money running on it could be dissapear with a blink of an eye

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don't care, still not paying $150 per transaction

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eth fags get the rope

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I understand and agree, ETH is broken.
But Binancechain has no future as well.
Other decentralized chains of 3rd generation will take over the space.

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Lol the people with the lowest IQ’s on this board think ADA has even started. Too bad

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Fuck off with your cynicism. The entire value proposition of crypto stems from the decentralization. Without that, what's the point of even having things like DeFi on a blockchain? Why bother with "CeDeFi" lending platforms and exchanges rather than just using centralized lending platforms and centralized exchanges and forgoing the whole on-chain aspect of it in the first place?

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>BNB obviously already mortally wounded ETH
Eth suicided itself by introducing staking

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On the contrary to the OP, I believe BNB's rise, and taking a bite out of ETH, is incredibly bullish for ADA. It shows ETH is not invincible, and ADA's slow march towards victory seems perfectly timed with the stopgap that is BNB.

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They will learn it the hard way.
Every new bull cycle a ton of no tech guys appear and think they know it all.
Till they get rekted.
It will never change.

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For the last three weeks I've had equal investments in ADA and BNB. I knew in my heart that BNB was the one to go all-in, but ADA is the one everybody kept talking about. Finally listened to myself last week and went all in on BNB. Best decision I've ever made. Fuck shills.

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Here’s my fucking beef with Cardano, Charles said smart contracts would be live 2020 and yet here we are. Is there even going to be an EVM? BSC is taking the market share RIGHT NOW.

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ETH will be back. When 2.0 rolls out it's going to give a lot of old coins new life. Might be another ETH goldrush.

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They are taking shit.
It's a manipulated pump.
And the dump on you will be hard and fast.
Watch out for it.
Soon comming.

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2.0 is a pipe dream.
ETH is finished.

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Bro ADA obviously cannot compete with what binance has done with its smartchain. ADA is literally garbage until Goguen Mainnet is launched. I have gambled allot on ADA and it better fucking deliver or I will devote every waking hour to ADA FUD.

Still promising though since it has 114 projects waiting to launch on it or adopt Cardano. Wait for Goguen before you hype up ADA and accumulate.

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>Newfags that only know btc and eth

Time to sell all guys normies are here

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I don't think ETH is finished, but it would certainly suck if ETH saw far fewer gains this cycle than it should due to those lazy faggots at the eth foundation dragging their feet.
I don't own any 'eth killers', but I do hope that the pumps DOT/ADA/AVAX/BNB have all received over the past few months snaps money skelly out of his complacency and gets them moving with ways to help alleviate the issues ETH currently faces.

Like the thing with the gas fee burning proposition, apparently it's being filibustered by the miners because they don't want lower fees. But if that's the case, it's basically a suicide pact, because if they refuse to play ball, they'll kill the network, and then they won't be getting any fees at all. So they'll have to play ball.

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FUD obliterated

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>apparently it's being filibustered by the miners because they don't want lower fees
This is the future lolbertarians want. So much for muh decentralization. If that's the case, time for a hard fork. Let the ETH holders decide where to put their money.

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ADA hasn't even started, that's the problem. where are the smart contracts?
At this point ETH 2.0 is realer than ADA's smart contracts

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Umm let me ask something? What is the TPS of BSC? Should be the same as ETH right? So ETH is now being offloaded to something of equal value and speed, but this will have the same speed limitation and price issue as ETH eventually. Is this correct?
t. ADA holder

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Lolbertarianism only works in the mind of an autist with little real world experience or in the hopes of a selfish fuck. It discounts real human nature, not the kike “human worker unit” idea.

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>BNB obviously already mortally wounded ETH
so OP, please explain to me how centralized sql base is an alternative to decentralized network like ETH?

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Thats what people said about DOT when they stole ADA's code. ADA still pumps along and still is the best tech out there

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Never mind
CZ says ~300 tps atm, that's decent

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Because it works.

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And not a word about Flare. You should know the winner by now.

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Brother ETH is dead. I don’t want BSC to replace it and I don’t think it will... It seems like a stop gap desu, but even according to your own assessment Ethereum has bound themselves up with issues that they can’t solve. You can’t just unwind the system now that it’s in use. They either have to go down with the ship as is or they have to wipe the current ledger clean entirely and start from scratch. Bitcoin has the same problem but people have accepted it as e-gold. Big slow and dumb, but secure. Eth can’t make that compromise. Hoskinsoyn got a lot of shit for taking so long with Cardano, but he may actually be timing this perfectly. Better to solve scaling issues, then launch than to launch then try to solve the issues... Ethereum is looking mighty weak right now and I’d love to never touch that chain again

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What’s happening is that the defi bull market is ready right the fuck now and ETH is not. Whether CZ can pivot this into long term success, who knows. The centralization is a huge negative, but for right now, it’s 2017 ETH and is going to moon.