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I have 5k LINK and I'm starting to doubt whether I'll make it or not

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Fuck off. I have 637. How you think I feel? Just be happy you have enough to get a good leg up in life

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Fuck off. I have 2k How you think I feel? Just be happy you have enough to get a good leg up in life

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You could have made it long ago already if you didn't get emotionally attached to coins and sold into other trends the when the link hype cycle obviously ended last year

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I thought LINK was going to have a run like ETH did in 2017

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Fuck off. I have 30,000. How you think I feel? Just be happy you have enough to get a good leg up in life

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Why? Have a look

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Just as I thought. OP is a faggot

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been obvious a while now that aave is the best performing defi out there. cope chainshit schizo

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You will not. I have 48k linkies and I’m not sure if I’ll make it desu.

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1M this bull run is making it for me desu, I'm a young third worlder.

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You need to see $200 link. I think max link is 100 or 40b this bull run if lucky.

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I'm starting to think the same. Wish I had diversified earlier but oh well.

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Ya just hold and be happy 100 is a massive milestone if it happens. You’re looking long term like 3-5 years you might get lucky and see $500 link. Problem for link is that it’s just a price feed right now the future aspirations are strong and it’s worth holding for that but imagine releasing staking just for price fees no fucking way that happens

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this guy is just a FUDer, OP. i think you'll make it with 5k. :^)

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You know what's the worst part? I've been posting my thoughts about LINK potentially underperforming since December and I was called a retarded faggot. I posted it many times that there was not much reason for whales to let LINK take off. I contradicted myself by holding on to my bags. I had doubts for the beginning but maybe I just am a retarded dumb faggot and those anons were right. I mean fuck I just learnt that I could put my LINK on lending platforms and borrow money to diversify into other shitcoins. I really have no one but myself to blame for being such a fucking idiot.

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It takes a lot of fucking research. In the bull market like this it’s impossible to lose money tho so the more leveraged you are the more you’ll win

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As a 48k link holder it is massively frustrating though. If I had sold the $20 top and flipped to btc I would have had 75BTC which now would be like 4 million. At least I’m close to 2M now but hot damn that’s a massive difference. Would be amazing to see link pull a bnb

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