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*solves Crypto*

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get fucked ethkike

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He's ripping the soul out of crypto. This may well be a turning point. Gone will be the days of golden.

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Get fucked, Bnbitch

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Fuck binance is slow now

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Guys.. What does the second B in BNB stand for???

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Rent free

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As an Australian, I can confirm that chinks are the scum of the earth.

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>He's ripping the soul out of crypto.
nah is Paolo Ardoino

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so much hostility

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centralized chink scam

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More like ruins
If you can't understand why China manipulation taking over is bad news for everyone

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>22 validators

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i laff

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Jesus that's only ugly chink mother fucker

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Stay poor tranny. Or buy bnb when its cheap and dont. You're call.

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i went to sell cake on bsc then the network was down but somehow bots were able to dump it while the network was down wtf

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Then whats the first B???

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Fuck this chink

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BNB actually stands for Binance Nakadashi Bitcoin.

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Trannyswap or CCPnance
I can't decide /biz/ both are trash

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Stfu bastard is this your first 10% income ?
don’t be a faggot who says shit here
share what bot r u using for it
I am smart enough to realize how it works
Bot Ocean - the thing you need

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The app doesn't work wtf

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He just copied DPoS from EOS. Difference is he has a scary amount of influence as the CEO of the biggest exchange. DPoS simply trades trustlessness and decentralization for tx speed and lower fees. In the case of BNB there are literally only 11 validators that control the entire network. 11. No suprise to anybody with half a brain that it is cheaper and faster when only 11 entities have to validate txs and be rewarded.

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