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>privacy token in of itself
>makes any ERC-20 token private
> ethereum bridge
>low fee (built on cosmos), private (fuck front-running), uniswap clone out

We’re going parabolic.

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complete scam

monero, bucc or tornado cash are better

>muh high council
>muh bridges
>muh secret, shh, shh

it's the rebranded enigma machine that has been sued by the SEC for fraud. the same scammy people that never accomplished privacy have created a giant unused tumbler.

what a fucking scam. sheesh.

and as for you prajesh, you can go get hit by a train in mumbai

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>he’s still living in the past, talking about “muh SEC”
>he thinks this is a monero copy
>he thinks nothing in secret network has been accomplished except mainnet came out ages ago and they have a usable, private dex out now

Anon, you’re a moron.